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ESC info... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Hi Martin, The card starts at 4S because the ESCs recognise 2S and 3S themselves. You only have to tell 'em if you are using bigger batteries. BUT: looking at the manuals I see a whole load of other 'stuff' for the flyboys which is useless for boaters and would need to be switched off🤔 e.g. 'Flywheel', 'Governor'. To change some of these functions you apparently need an 'extension cable' which only further complicates the issue 😡 Sooo! Stick with the deal you found at the start of this thread and just switch off the 'Brake' function. This easy to do. You only have to select the Mode 'Forward/Reverse' or 'No Brake'. The ESC will normally be delivered in Mode 'Forward/Brake/Reverse'. I have done this with all my 'Car' ESCs only takes a few seconds😊 Cheers, Doug 😎

46Firefloat Mk2 paint by astromorg Seaman   Posted: 11 days ago
Going back to your query RNinMunich, something over thirty years of my life was as an engineer officer in the RN. Half in sea going appointments and the other half spent mainly directing ship support and maintenance. Great times!! I spent a bit more time today reading up about DF systems. Loop antenna on Wikipedia was interesting. It seems to me that a simple manual DF loop would be a feasible option for the teardrop; it was certainly that on many varied aircraft at that time (inc the Wellington). Also, thinking about the size of the teardrop, it may be small for a DF loop, but comparing it to the other navigation lights, it's really too small to be one of them! I love chasing all over the net trying to find positive solutions to little mysteries!

Robbe Smaragd by East-RN Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 22 days ago
I bought the model boat kit new from Bournemouth Models in 1998. They were the main suppliers of Robbe models and parts in the U.K. at that time. It came in several boxes and a lot of room in the garden shed. It took some time to assemble all the separate pieces into their respective components. Then final assembly as per the manual and diagrams. Yes the hand rails were there at the beginning, and remained there for the first couple of years. With the standard jib and main sails, there was very little interference with the sheeting. The problems were with the transportation, as they are exposed on the edges. The stansions would catch on clothing while lifting and walking with the model.

Robbe Smaragd by East-RN Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
Now the Manual.

Robbe Smaragd by East-RN Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
Neil I have all the documents scanned to pdf files. Could I post them on this web site, so anyone can download them. Are you able to get them printed. There are 4 full size A0 plans and two Construction Manuals. I Separated the English text, and reconstructed the pages, to be copied on A3, double sided, then put in order and Folded to make the A4 Manual.

Robbe Smaragd by East-RN Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 27 days ago
Ahoy NPJ. I can copy them and send them to you. There are 4 plans, and they are full size A0. The full instruction manual is a booklet of A4 size. A separate instruction manual for the Genoa/Blister addition. It has some good points on how to manipulate and set the sails, even if you don't have them. I did use a higher while I was building the yacht, so there are marks on the text and diagrams. However, this does not hide or cover the text and diagrams, and you will be able to follow them. It will take a few days to copy, and get ready to post. Ray

Build manual/ instructions by petec Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
speed line models do the old HFM kit now. he will have the instructions and fittings

Spektrum, new, useless... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Martin, First your last question😉 "What DO you do with a 3rd channel?" Example: 5 foot destroyer! 1 Throttle. 2 Rudder 3 Gun rotation, servo and pulleys 4 Torpedo tube rotation, servo and pulleys 5 Smoke switch, servo and microswitch (Smoke could be linked to the ESC to free this channel for the ASDIC pinger!) 6 Split into four functions (by misusing the gear down lever on my Graupner MC-10😉) for Whoop whoop, Fog horn, searchlights and signal lights, NAV lights. All switched via a home brew decoder / switch board and 5V relays! Alles klar? 😉 Re the DX5e; If I were you I'd let a (supposedly?) Spektum trained guy look at it first. With luck he'll have a service manual or at least a circuit diagram, which I don't 🤔 and should know the binding procedure backwards. I could only do some rudimentary tests without the circuit diagram, and make some educated guesses. I could at least try binding it with a variety of Rxs, including my Spektrun RXs which all work faultlessly with my DX6. Up to you, will PM my address anyway. I could at least check, with a simple RF meter, if the damn thing is transmitting at all! Just thought - if you're going to smash it anyway ........ 😉😁 Cheers, Doug 😎 PS: 4th attempt at the prop shaft for the cutter also failed 😡 She just does not want to get her bum wet!! Too long 'on the shelf' 🤔

Spektrum, new, useless... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
I'll have to get in touch with RS then. Thanks. I'd much rather buy electrics than make! All these aftermarket Rxs claim they are compatible with other companys' Txs and hundreds of thousands appear to be just that. I'm still pretty sure that DX5e is duff. I read on an American forum they're calling them Wreckums, so I ain't the only one. And I ain't paying their prices for an Rx either when the Orange and the Storm are, effectively clones thereof. I was surprised to find the things wouldn't bind to the FlySky, but then the manual for that is crap and doesn't cover binding to any other Rx, even though it's headed "other Txs. and Rxs. So, the Rx thing has cost me 15 quid in all. The 50 quid I paid for the TX is what pisses me off big time. I take it there's no reason why the Flysky shouldn't bind to the Storm and Orange is there? If I did send you the DX5e would you have a look at it for me? I'd rather pay you than someone over here I never heard of.. Cheers, Martin

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Mornin' Martin, You don't need to cycle LiPos !!! Play 'silly buggers' with it and you might bugger it! 😡 Just use it normally and charge it when the red lamp appears on the TX front indicating low voltage. Keep an eye on it and unplug the USB charger lead as soon as the LED turns to green. You could also use your Capacity Tester to check the LiPo status, IF it will connect to it. Sounds like it has a very non-standard plug? Pic? The cycling is for NiMH batts to minimise the memory effect. Cheers, Doug 😎 PS Just checked the manual and saw the battery connector! You can forget connecting the battery to any other charger or the Tester 🤔

Spektrum, new, useless... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Martin, I bought both the DX6 and the Orange RX/Flight Stabiliser (tip from pmdevlin for the Catalina👍) in the firm belief that both were dual format. After the sad discovery yesterday I ransacked the Web for all manuals / guides I could find, no mention of DSMX anywhere for the Orange gizmo, and then the Spektrum small print for my DX6. 😡 Ho hum, what the Germans call 'Learning money' (Lerngeld). There are other Orange RXs which specify both formats - but none with the stabiliser 😭 So now I'll try the Lemon (and hope that it isn't!) That was the only reason I bought the damn thing in the first place. Got enough DSMX RXs from Spektrum, the AR610s. Bought a batch of six for a decent discount 😊 BTW: my AR610s run great on a 4.8V NiMh pack👍 No binding problems at all. I bound all 6 RXs in one go as soon as I got my stickies on them. 😉

Brace yourself! by Jerry Todd Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Trying to rig the main tops'l and mizzen tops'l braces, I found the winch servos seemed to rotate more than the 3.5 times I thought they did. Oddly, one rotated 4.5 times and the other 4.25 times. I plugged in other winch servos and got the same results, but my DX6 transmitter didn't have a servo-travel setting that I could find in the manual. So I made new winch drums - again - based on what the servos were doing. The fore tops'l brace was fine, but the main seemed to pull one side more than the other side. I mentioned this oddity on RCGroups and someone suggested the DX6 did have a servo travel setting, and I was sure I had looked for it years ago. My manual isn't where is usually is, so I found a PDF on line. Lo and behold, there's a Servo-Travel setting spelled out on page 42! So I set about adjusting my TX settings to the new drums and there you go, working as advertised! In the meantime I installed eyes in the mizzen for brace blocks to mount to, and made a brass wire ring for the main tops'l brace to tie to as noted on the original ship a few posts back in this thread. I apparently slopped some epoxy on the inside of one of the mizzen tops'l brace thru-deck fairleads and blocked it up. I need to pull it like a bad tooth, and replace it, so the mizzen braces are hooked up yet. Here's some exciting video of the separate bracing for the fore and main tops'ls.

Spektrum, new, useless... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
OK, after further research via HorizonHobby and Spektrum found it! There are some later (?) versions of the DX5e with DSMX & DSM2. (Now discontinued!) Default is DSMX, which would probably account for your TX not binding to an Orange DSM2 RX. For that you may need to switch the TX to DSM2 mode as described on page 6 of the manual. For the AR610 RX, check the printing on it if it says DSMX or DSM2 and set the TX mode accordingly!! Hope we are getting to the bottom of this slowly 😉 Now back to fibre-glassing my PTB 😲Good luck Martin.👍 Ciao, Doug 😎

Spektrum, new, useless... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Ar'ternoon Martin, Sorry but I don't see it! Nowhere is DMX 'splashed' on the TX or mentioned in the manual or Quick Start Guide (downloaded from Spektrum last week)!? Only DSM2. Neither do I see Orange receivers mentioned anywhere!? So what TX DO you have? Is there a date or issue number in the back of your manual? As mentioned before, a photo or two would help enormously and save a host of Posts back and forth. I hate unsolved mysteries 😲 Cheers, Doug 😎

Spektrum, new, useless... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
You're dead right FV 👍 Just checked the DX5e manual I downloaded and it's DSM2 ONLY.😲 My DX6 bonded to the AR610 easily cos both are DSMX. So Martin: what you need are AR500 DSM2 RXs!!! BUT: all Orange RXs I have seen so far are DSM2 compatible, usually printed on the top! So where does that get us?? Cheers, Doug😎