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South Manchester Model Boat Club by johnfastboat Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Chris, Many thanks for contacting me. You are right I will be joining a Club and yours does look to be the closest to where I am now living. Which brings me to the point of contacting you re membership. Perhaps you could contact me via this sight. Kind Regards John P Saterlay

South Manchester Model Boat Club by ChrisPSR Recruit   Posted: 4 days ago
We were established in 1980 as the Platt Fields Model Boat Club with two objectives: To promote the construction and sailing of model boats To organise, hold and attend model boat competitions In 1998 we decided to change the name of the Club to the South Manchester Model Boat Club so as to better reflect our location and the area of population we serve. The Club has the exclusive use of the Platt Fields Park boating lake and sails there every Sunday morning from 9.30 am until approx. 1.00 pm. Visitors are always welcome, but why not become a member. Sailing is permitted at other times on this water provided permission is first obtained from the Park Managers office, and a current Club membership card is produced. We have established a reputation for being a relaxed and friendly Club and currently our membership stands at 18. Although a small club, we have a very large a varied selection of models, with no specialisation or favour given to any particular branch of our hobby (scale, warship, sail, fun, fast electric, etc.) although there is a strong IOM., section and other racing interests. Our well equipped Club also has exclusive use of a large club room at the lakeside with kitchen facilities where we hold our club meetings on the first Sunday of each month at the end of the scheduled sailing period, along with IOM., race practise on most Tuesday afternoons.

Worcester Model Boat Club Open Day by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
As the first International Member of WMBC. I guess I will have to say that, I'll be attending in spirit! As I'm across the pond, but would love to be there so! I would like for all the Members of WMBC to have a lot of fun. Please post pics! Ed.👍

Private Messages by Fireboat Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi sonar, Private messages from other members cannot be deleted, only marked as read. You can delete private messages you send, which will also delete it from the recipient, but it's not advised. As soon as you send a PM an email will go out to the recipient in any case which of course cannot be retracted... You want to do this to tidy up your private messages page? Stephen

The Kent Clearview screen by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
There is a white metal ‘ring’ supplied in the kit for the Kent Clearview screen but it is too large and doesn’t look particularly ‘scale’. So after some research on the web and some help from other forum members I found enough information to make one from scratch. The outer ring was made from a narrow section of pvc pipe that I had to hand and this was cut to length in a mitre block and then sanded down to the right thickness on some abrasive paper and then sprayed matt black. I didn’t use the perspex screen supplied in the kit as the hole was too large but the small circular cut-out piece was the right diameter to fit into the ring that I made, the new screen was cut from a new piece of perspex sheet and a hole drilled through the centre to locate the rotating part of the screen. The parts were assembled onto the new screen using canopy glue applied very sparingly with a dressmaking pin. The motor drive assembly on the inside of the screen and the black triangular part that sits on the outside of the screen were made from some black plasticard and these parts were also fixed in place with canopy glue. I used a brass panel pin with the head filed down and painted black for the central bearing of the screen but when I applied a very small amount of canopy glue to fix it capillary action unexpectedly drew the glue between the two ‘panes’ of perspex 😡 Not what I wanted to happen but I decided to leave it to dry to it’s clear state and then assess the situation. Fortunately the glue is not too conspicuous to be much of a concern but it is nevertheless an unwanted blemish that I will have to accept 😭 The finished piece was then glued into the wheelhouse with a few dots of canopy glue and looks quite good as long as you don’t look too closely 😎

Stanborough Lake. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Hi Mark. That's a good suggestion, I'll try that. What I really want is the low down from members that use the lake. Thanks. Rob.

3 Footer on a very rare outing by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Martin I was just sharing a bit more info for the benefit of our members. I never said they were quick but did seek to support your view that they were not like the faster recovery vessels. I agree some models are sailed at over scale speed but each to their own and if it attracts new modellers to the hobby all the better. We can always try to interest them in more sedate models once they tire of racing round the lake. Dave

Free model boat plans sites by sonar Admiral   Posted: 10 days ago
Free model boat plans sites.. Any Members found any more free plan websites ??? Post then Here

3 Footer on a very rare outing by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Martin Crash Tenders were to be used for fire fighting and as rescue craft for Flying Boats after the war. The Comet put paid to intercontinental Flying Boats so the two boats were never used for their intended service and no more were ordered. They were only intended for inshore use so range was never a consideration and the quoted speed was 28 knots. During the War the RAF had many fast recovery vessels that were much closer to the MTB and MGB used by the Navy. One of our deceased club members Brian McAllen actually worked (as a chippy) on the Crash Tenders during his service in the RAF marine branch. He made many models of Crash Tenders and all had massive Brushed motors and were very fast. They look splendid on the water and possibly because of the Aerokits versions are very nostalgic for many of a certain age. Dave

days to sail by HoweGY177 Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
HI and welcome to MMBG. You will need public liability and permission from East Lindsey Council before you can sail with us. It is very easy to obtain PL ins. by joining The Model Power Boat Assn. Send your membership card with covering letter to the council, bring your membership card and council letter to us for confirmation of your membership. Very easy and I can supply you with forms if you wish. . Suggest you phone me for a chat 01507 475946. Regards Victor👍

MFA Torpedo 850 motor by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
I do believe the link is to ESCs similar to those Mark (jarvo) referred. I have a box here with about six that have been pulled from club member's models. They all appear to work (in a fashion) but exhibit a range of problems in the model from erratic running, stopping to smoking. Personally I would not use with any motor drawing more than 10 amps. Most of mine were used in fast models with big motors and seem to have lost the designed control spread resulting in little control from stop to full. It could be there was a bad batch and Mark, I and my fellow club members all bought from the same sources as we all live in the NW. The very max volt is 12 so it could be a fully charged SLA caused the problem Dave

Scale Sailing Association by Westquay Captain   Posted: 14 days ago
The above was a big thing once. over 600 members! A nice magazine, a stand at the ME Exhibition. Then the guy who started it died and it seems the organisation with him. How can that be. 600 members? that's a lot to go quiet because one bloke dies ain't it? So, is anyone interested in resurrecting the Association? Scale sail is a pretty particular kind of boating, but by far the most satisfying. And that's from a very partial, biased person! If you would be interested in restarting the Scale Sailing Association, please let me know on here or the Model Boats Mag. forum and we'll see what can be done. Of course, if all 600 are now dead too, we're Foobarred! Cheers, Martin

Futaba antenna by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
Hi Hugh There are R122JE receivers on E-bay but if I remember correctly they came in different frequencies. 27Mhz and 40Mhz - mine were stamped on a panel at the back of the Rx. Current offerings are about £16 plus postage but that could be costly to you. A new 2.4Ghz combi (Tx + Rx) set can be had for not much more and will work with all your ESC's and servos and doesn't require any crystals. I would expect there are local suppliers to you so postage should not be a problem. Older 27Mhz equipment is becoming harder and more expensive to source and crystals are no longer easily available in all frequencies. I know there are many who wish to continue using their trusty equipment but the problem is it is entering into the collectors market and market forces are driving up the prices. As someone who started out making my own Tx/Rx kit initially with valve and all the way up to a 4 channel transistor Tx/Rx I have changed gear many times. I usually pass on my sets to new club members to help them get started but have kept samples of some so I can still test any non working kit. If you repair the aerial as suggested your set should be good for another several years and if it's working there is no need to change. Cheers Dave

info on old yachts by Westquay Captain   Posted: 17 days ago
Doug, RAF Marham is our local base. Constantly being enlarged. Next insult will be those damned F35 POS from the Yanks. Overpriced, over time and, no doubt, capable of 60% of what they promise. Political BS at work. Then they have the temerity to call the ugly blob a Lightning! But you'll know how everywhere there is water. The Kings Lynn club used to run at the Leisure Centre, but allowed themselves to be bullied by the hook dangling retards and moved to Leziate, which is miles away and hard to reach on a huge lake and at some cost. Not for me. I rode a scooter once. Front wheel went down a pothole I thought was a little puddle and I went over the top. It had been lent to me by Mike Karslake, who started and ran the Lambretta Club of Great Britain. At one point he had 300,000 members in this country alone! I used to work for him from time to time when he had a new model to make, but preferred to play scooters. His daughter was called Jo. You'd know her as Jo Wood now, glamorous granny who married Ronnie Wood of the Stones. I remember her as a rather tasty 14 year old starting out on her career as a model! Anyway, I left the scooter at the house I was visiting and told Mike to collect it, Struck me as a death trap. I have never been into riding 2 wheels. Can't see what hold them up! Martin

Where do yachties go? by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi Martin We sail a variety of yachts at my club. As well as the class yachts we have Pond Yachts, Thames Barges, Norfolk Wherry, Pilot cutters, Fishing boats, RN Gunboats, Tall ships and have our own mould for a plank on frame 5' schooner. Most are scratch built and have been built from scaled up plans. We use Posterazor - to magnify to scale. You then print to several pages at your chosen size. I have attached a few pics of some of the models. If you send me a pm I will add you to my U-tube page where there is video of models sailing on the club waters. We also make our own fibreglass moulds and hulls as do many other club's members. Must admit we have not seen any footies but all models apart from IC and fast electric racing boats are welcome. You have no location shown on your profile so it's difficult to suggest where you might find like minded Yachties. Most clubs will have yacht members if the water is suitable so if you look in our Model Boat Club section you may find one near to your location. Dave