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Blackpool and Fylde Model Boat Club by unknowndna Apprentice   Posted: 4 days ago
From April to October, weather permitting, you will find members enjoying scale boat and sailing sessions from 18:00 until sunset generally on Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday evenings weather permitting., (Parking is easy in the adjacent car park and free after 18:00). 24 Hr Parking is free on both sides of the adjacent road "Inner Promenade" Come along and have a chat and maybe have a go yourself. Membership for 2017 remains at £10 per annum and includes insurance ! The yachting members sail mainly Dragon-force, RC Lasers and Victoria Yachts also hosting National events attracting large turn outs to the scenic location. More recently the club have use of the newly re-furbished park building positioned next to the lake complete with high quality kitchen and other facilities. The building is already used to support sailing open events and regular opening times are now a real possibility with the support of Fylde Borough Council. The active scale model section attends shows often by invitation across the North West supporting charity fund raising events for the Life Boat service and others.

Heron Model Boat Club Regatta by Carlosthepirate Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 10 days ago
Heron Model Boat Club Regatta 2018 The "Big One" for us as a club and part of the Bay Fest 2018 Programme. Clubs have been invited from all over the southeast for this day of model boating on our home water in Memorial Park, Herne Bay, over 100 boats on display and on the water, Club 500, tug towing and more. we will have our "have a go" area for children of all ages to take the controls of an RC boat. Members and visitors to set up from 8:30am no earlier please. Canterbury City Council have granted us vehicle entry to the park which can be made from Kings Road via "Avenue of Remembrance" - please note that this is a public park, strict 5mph speed limit staying on the roads and paths as much as possible please. we look forward to seeing you there. HMBC

SLOTH by Donnieboy Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
It's amazing that every club I've seen so far has problem with weeds.we use to have access to a reflecting pool with no weeds at a civic centre,But they changed the rules.Any water deeper than 2inches required a life guard be posted.When people in the condos saw us down at the water they would bring their children down to watch the boats in the water.At the end of the night they would thank us for entertaining their children.All our members enjoyed doing this.City politics is a b___h.

woodbridge model boat club by jacko Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
Some of the members boats

Hartshome membership by basilsdad Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi come down to the lake on Sunday morning we sail from about 9:30, there will be some one with an application form there, or failing that there should be details on the club web site, I am at the lake today for a couple of hours from 12 if you want to Pop down regards basilsdad

Hartshome membership by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 18 days ago
Could someone contact me please with a view to membership. Regards Bobby.

Robbe Smaragd by East-RN Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 19 days ago
Just for information. While I was browsing through the Yacht section of pictures, I came across another Smaragd yacht. The pictures were posted 2/3 yrs ago. I wonder if they are still active members, and have seen any of our chats and pages. It would be good to hear from them. Still looking through the many archived pictures. Best Regards Ray.

Winnipeg Model Boat Club by Ishmael Seaman   Posted: 20 days ago
The Winnipeg Model Boat Club was formed in 1994 by a group of enthusiasts. We build model boats of various scales and subjects, both operational and static. While not specifically a radio control club, many of our members enjoy outfitting their boats for radio control operation. We are a noncompetitive club. On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings throughout the spring, summer and autumn, our members can be found sailing their boats at the Riley Family Duck Pond in Assiniboine Park. In winter, we meet monthly and talk about all things model boat-related as well as discuss current projects and plans. Our annual regatta is held in May at the Riley Family Duck Pond. We also take part in a number of public displays throughout the year at HMCS Chippawa, the Red River Exhibition and the Mega Train Show. For more information about the club or how to become a member, please contact us. We also proudly support: Naval Museum of Manitoba HMCS Chippawa 1 Navy Way, Winnipeg, MB Canada

46Firefloat Mk2 paint by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
SLEC seem like a decent outfit to me. If they are happy to send you only what you're missing that's excellent. I might make the master of the davit and hook available as a white metal casting. I have a friendly caster literally round the corner to me! I'll put news of products on here. Happy to help. BTW, one of our members here did a superb job on the 46" version and used a textured paint from Halfords. I've not had the inclination to follow it up yet in this damned heat, but will do as soon as it cools down a bit. Cheers, Martin

Lost Tamar Class Model Lifeboat by ads90 Commander   Posted: 24 days ago
I am the secretary of our boat club and about a month ago I was notified by a member of the public that he had found the superstructure of a model lifeboat on his way home in the Basingstoke area. I now have that superstructure in my possession but asked around all our members and loaclly but no-one has any idea who may be the owner. It is from a 1:16 scale Tamar Class Model Slipway boat and the build quality is pretty good standard but it has suffered some damge but I do also have the some of the parts. It appears that it might have fallen from the back of someone's trailer behind a car, bike or mobility scooter - yes some of our older members now take their boats to our lake that way. However the Model Slipway boat is 1000mm long and a beam of 320mm and with motors, batteries and ballast would weigh quite a bit. The superstucture of the boat is named but I will hold back on that information until hopefully someone can come along and identify it as theirs. So if you know anyone who might have lost it near Basingstoke, Hampshire (Southern England for those who might not know where this is) please get back to me. Alan

Guestbook Post by East-RN Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 28 days ago
A place to seek advise and help. Also, a place to join a chat and help and advise others about the problems you overcame. A good friendly place to find out what is going on around you and where you can join in. Remember, there is no such thing as a "Stupid Question". We have all had that moment. No one person has All the answers, but with all these members, someone will know the answer. 😁😜👍 May the Sun be Forever on your Face, and the Wind Forever on your Back. Love this Site.

Spektrum, new, useless... by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Do you NEED insurance to fly a model airplane no. Should you have it YES. Its not very long ago a teenager was killed in Dartford. You may take the position that this was a large(ish) model yours will be smaller. While I cannot locate a reff. I have a memory of a story relating to a child killed by a .049 powered model. This was many years ago. Your idea of a foamy probably being to light to do much harm sounds good until you consider how much mass it holds in ballast. Remember the energy of a moving object is given by 1/2 MV^2. If you have a flying site which is remote from other people and privately owned so there are no members of the public around then again your probably good to go. If however there are chances of other members of the public around then its foolish to take a risk which is not needed.

Spektrum, new, useless... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Most sensible folks these days have personal 3rd Party insurance, not just the obligatory car insurance! Like all insurance; if you ain't got it you will one day need it, if you've got it nowt will happen. Sod's Law 😲 Just look for one that covers operating RC models, or at least doesn't exclude it! Some insurers (here at least) offer it as an 'add on' for a peanuts annual premium. That's what I did here in Germany, 3rd party All Risks. Costs about €60 per annum but is not just for models. Would also cover me if I accidentally caused a disaster in a supermarket or whatever. Don't need any model club or association membership. Cheers, Doug 😎 The rise in premiums probably comes from the escalating costs of reparation, legal fees and exorbitant awards made to the 'injured party'. An unfortunate trend spilling over from the US. E.g. hundreds of thousands for folks who dry their poodles in a microwave just because the manufacturers instructions didn't explicitly say not to do that! According to new ATC laws here any flying model weighing 5kg or more has to have a fireproof plate fitted with full name and address. Above 20kg you need ATC approval.

Spektrum, new, useless... by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
you don't have to join a club . BMFA (British model flying association) will take none club members, you join as a country member. You don't actually have to take the proficiency test, but most clubs insist on it. Not only does it demonstrate a basic understanding, and basic competency of flight, electric, ic, petrol or free flight, its also an understanding of caa rules and safety. There is also the LMA (Large model association) which also carries public liability insurance. Flying without insurance just isn't worth the risk, imagine, on a nice hillside, nobody around, up on a thermal, and the tx fails, the soarer comes down, (anywhere as there is now no control) and hits an animal, or worse, a walker, would the £34 for a full year public liability insurance still seem expensive when you are hauled in court facing prosecution and possible imprisonment? Same with an rc boat, particularly a fast one, receiver packs in, boat is out of control, and little jonny has his hands in the water as it hits the bank, still don't think insurance is worthwhile? I bet a lot of people insure their mobile phone for more than £34 a year, by the way, Im sure BMFA insurance also covers other rc disciplines 👍

Spektrum, new, useless... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 29 days ago
Wingcoax, it's a soarer, a glider, it can't fly away and to get a certificate I would have to join a club and they are all too expensive. I know I can fly, I've done it before. My old chum who has designed and built over 50 model aircraft is a superb flyer and has never received a moment's "training" in his life. Perhaps if you want to do all that 3D aerobatic showing off stuff it's best to be insured and be checked out by someone who is better than you, but a bit of gentle soaring, assuming I can find somewhere in the Flatlands is just not serious enough to bother. IF I decided to go motorised I would have to consider insurance, but if it relied upon membership of a club, no, I'd have to stay with model boats, because flying clubs are just too much to justify. Martin