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Mtronics W-tail marine mixer connections. by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Thanks John, so much to think about, I will have to do some more research, your set up looks good, my motor's are gear drive to the paddles. They run at the same speed on one or two ESC's. If I use two sticks on the tx for tank steering what happens with the rudder. Sorry for my ignorance, multi motor control is very new to me. I'm still learning, with the help of the this site and the knowledge that the members are willing to share with us. Cheers Colin.

Modellers Exhibition Midhurst by ads90 Commander   Posted: 5 days ago
A really good turnout of Model Boat Clubs and members of the public at this exhibition today - a couple of photos if you missed it.

San Pedro by Harbor Models! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Oh, I forgot to mention. This will be my first attempt. At a fiber glass model! So, I will be learning and building. At the same time! There will be a lot of questions. Asked of the MBW members....!

Modellers Exhibition Midhurst by ads90 Commander   Posted: 22 days ago
Not long to go now - any other Clubs or forum members attending, I am sure there must be ? Alan Sec / Treasurer BMBC

Being Sociable. by Peejay Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 23 days ago
Good Morning, Gary: (It's Morning somewhere!) I have been interested in steam for a considerable time, and even have an article stashed away on making a turbine for a model of the SS Savannah, which is, after all, a steamship with a nuclear powered boiler. My own work has been limited (mostly by budget) to the Midwest Models single cylinder steam engine, and I have a "Fantail Launch" kit ready for some upgrades and installation of the steam engine. Stay with us, as I am sure, as already stated by others, that there are interested members of the forum, and you will pick up more when they see you are not just talking about a little pop-pop boat running in circles. (I do have one of those, as well. I had one when I was much younger, but it is little more than a memory these days.)

The BIG St.Albans Model Show by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Hello hmsneuralgia Welcome to the forum. Even close family members wouldn't recognise me 🕵 Neither do I when I look in the mirror sometimes....and some old fella looks back at me. PS. St.AlbansMES do far more than just model boats as you will find out at the show.

Fairmile D 1/24 Scale Build by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi John, You seem to have missed the point entirely, as you also did with your first post on this thread, in which instead of trying to help Andy and answer his question you attempt to dissuade him from his goal. Unfortunately I missed Andy's question back in March as I was embroiled with family matters. BUT, if he hasn't in the meantime been 'scared off' by the lack of constructive response I will do my best to help, having several times been down the road of multiple screws, as have many other better constructors than me on this site. Nearly all my ships have two, three or even four screws. Only the Sea Scout and ancient Billing Boats fish cutter (a restoration and conversion from static to RC project) have single screws - as per originals. About a year ago I acquired a model of a US Elco PTB fitted with two shafts. I am restoring it, rebuilding as Kennedy's PT109, and will fit the third shaft to complete it to scale as per original. Why? Because that's what scale modelling is about and because it's a challenge - pushing limits. Far be it from me to decry or put down anyone (as you now seem to be trying with me). We all have the enthusiasm (or we wouldn't be here) and do the best we can with the skills nature gave us and what the budget and state of health allows. I have often been astounded and appropriately applauded, and supported where I can, what fellow members have achieved with very limited resources and under very different circumstances from those we in the so called 'Western World' enjoy. That guy in Bangladesh blows my mind with what he manages in the back of beyond! Look for his post about his March '71 boats. WHEN I pitch in here I try to do so with constructive assistance, drawn from my own modelling experience and a lifetime spent working with navies and shipyards, to help a guy achieve his aims and dreams. NOT to immediately deflate him by saying 'Why do that? I did mine this way, it's not what you want but it works for me'. So far the Likes, PMs and mail feedback, request for assisitance I have tell me I'm doing something right. If I do boob (we're all human) I'm prepared to admit it and make amends / corrections. I have no idea what this 'Hooben' is that you yatter on about BUT - if "every little detail (is) reproduced with superb accuracy" why then ruin the overall effect by not continuing this attention to detail on the underwater ship and fitting shafts and screws appropriately? Whatever you do have fun with it, but don't dissuade others from pursuing their dreams. True there are "many roads to travel before one reaches there (!sic) destination" BUT as Confucius said "Every journey begins with the first step." If at the first step someone says 'Your destination is the wrong one' instead of offering a roadmap ..... ! Regards, Doug 😎 BTW: still waiting for the pics / videos of your 'Hooben' (?) and the Perkasa.

Fairmile D 1/24 Scale Build by bikerjohn57 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
Wouldn't call a Precident Perkasa a quickbuild, runabout or ARTR even though there isn't much realistic detail involved, the Hooben however is another matter with every little detail reproduced with superb accuracy. Life is hard enough as it is why make it harder. You are coming across as a pretentious perfectionist who puts down others who don't subscribe to your personal ethos. Not all members are talented miniature marine engineers but still have the same enthusiasm for the hobby. No one should decry them for there lack of skill, if RTR, ARTR, quickbuild or runabout is the limit of there ability, so what !!, they still enjoy the hobby and that's what it is all about. There are many roads to travel before one reaches there destination and the route one takes is up to them ! John

Park lakes by DodgyGeezer Commander   Posted: 1 month ago
"........PS I'm not sure if any other members are in the Leeds area who may be interested in sailing at Roundhay Park, please contact me........." I have a son living close to there who might be interested in model boat sailing opportunities...

Park lakes by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
You may remember I was having a long running discussion with Leeds city council about sailing on the two lakes at Roundhay Park and seemed to be getting knoware. Until a new councilor took up the challenge and it seems all systems could be "GO" I'm meeting him at the lake on Wednesday. Fingers crossed PS I'm not sure if any other members are in the Leeds area who may be interested in sailing at Roundhay Park, please contact me

Smoke generator by hammer Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
I must confess not my idea, another members work. Here is mine, it can be temperamental. May have to suck it myself, but once it starts no problems. Do not leave the liquid part connected when not in use, as this contact can be the problem. It sometimes this needs cleaning. The photo is worth a thousand words. Any questions just ask. Hammer

Pilot House Structure by Donnieboy Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Coming along nicely.That's the thing with Springer hulls.The superstructure is not confined to one style.One of our members in the club had one hull but three different superstructures.He was able to change them throughout the days sailing.

North Rock by GARTH Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
[Score: 8/10] 24"/1700g North Rock Capable of 3mph and a runtime of 45mins Single Propellor (2 Blade S Type 20mm) Direct Drive Powered by NiMH (7.2v) 3Amp/h Batteries - Comments: Got a lot of info on the Billings D.M.I. Samson tug from the members . the thing is I saw a drawing of the North Rock tug boat & thought I would rebuild the Samson & build the North Rock tug .Researched original after I painted her & found out the it was white superstructure & black hull to late

Youngs Park, Goodrington. by VFR800 Recruit   Posted: 1 month ago
The Torbay club no longer exists, the club had trouble with a rogue swan who had made its home on the small pond and was rather aggressive towards members of the public and damaged models being sailed on the water. Council were not interested in removing the problem and members started to disappear, some joined the Exeter club who sail up in the Teign valley at Canonteign Falls. Sailing on the larger pond at Youngs park is possible out of season or after 6pm during the season because of the pedal boats not operating. I don't think the council can ban the use of models on the ponds as it is a public park and signage would have to be in place. It was purpose built for the use of sailing model yachts in the 1930's.

Book on Sailing Barges by Joe727 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Chris, Thank for the information, I will look into that book. I started in RC Boating but building and racing several classes of sailboats, including several US1Meter class. Being a much better builder than skipper, I was drawn to schooners that many club members had. Got interested in working sailcraft due to the history and the slower, power of these craft. The Gaff Rigged Handbook by Jihn Leather is one of my favorite build guides. Yes, I really like Gaff Rigging. This book was great for lots of rigging details and sails... See photo example. Joe