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Trying to trace a boat by DodgyGeezer Commander   Posted: 3 days ago
There are very many small remote controlled ready-to-run model boats on the market - mainly from China. Lots of shops do a selection of them. Almost all of them come in several colours - they are intended to be bought for kids in a family to race against each other. See

Ultimate Enticement by Puddle-pirate Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 16 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 30"/1700g Ultimate Enticement Capable of 12mph and a runtime of 100mins Twin Propellors (3 Blade 25mm) Direct Drive to a MACK RC 5000 (3 Blade) Powered by LiPoly (11.1v) 12Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through MACK (10Amps) ESC - Comments: Lindberg Chris Craft kit 1984 vintage. A special thank you to MACK RC, Harbor Models and my local hobby shop Empire Trains for all their help

Motor, mount & prop-shaft. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
The prop-shaft, coupling and motor mount that I ordered from ModelBoatBits has arrived so it seems a good a good time to make up a supporting wedge for the mount to fix to. I do have a rigid brass motor alignment aid that I used when building the Crash Tender but do you think I can find it in the workshop?....nope! 😡 I expect it will turn up when I need it least! 🤞 Not wanting to waste time I used a length of heat shrink tubing over the motor coupling to make it as rigid as possible, a trick I had seen done elsewhere, and this enabled me to position the motor on its mount in the desired position and measure the angle that the mounting wedge needs to be made to. I used an offcut of beech that I had in the workshop which I cut to size and then shaped it on the rotary sander that I bought in Lidl, fantastic piece of kit !!. The wedge was then drilled to take the nylon motor mount and also the fixing screws that pass through the beech block, through the balsa base of the box and into the ply reinforcing plate that I put in during early construction of the hull. After cleaning up the hole through the keel the prop-shaft was keyed with some abrasive, smeared with some epoxy and then pushed through to mate with the motor coupling. I used the excess epoxy resin around the shaft inside the hull and used some packing tape to stop it running out when I inverted the hull to seal the lower end. A quick spin on the motor confirmed that the alignment was spot-on and the hull set aside while the epoxy set. The next step will be to plank the deck.

Sea Trials and mods. by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Wow Robbob, I have just seen the video of your Crash Tender. She is amazing. Looks great on the water. I just love the way these hulls sit on the water. Virtually no roll at all, it's as if they are glued to the waters surface. The Aerokits Crash Tender was my very first boat back int 1959, it was my 9th birthday present and my father and I started to a build. But he wasn't happy about building the original kit straight outright. As our first ever build, he brought home broken down tea chests and orange boxes and he got me to draw round all the parts and he went on to cut each piece out with a nice new fretsaw. So as the first one went together and it seemed to go well then the Aerokits one followed on. He then bought me a ED Hunter 3.46cc Diesel engine for my Christmas present that year. I say he I should say my parents both bought them for me. Sadly I never got to have radio control in it. I was weird as we went on to build another five in all. One was given to my younger brother, his had a Taycol Standard in it, and I had the job of taking the accumulator to the local model shop to have it charged up as we never had a charger for it. I think they used to charge something like a shilling each time it was done. The other five that we built he actually gave away to friends and one even went to the milkman. I still have a 34 and a 46 inch still new in boxes. The 34" is an original that Was Released in 1994 by Aerokits on the 50th Anniversary and the 46" is a VMW kit. I have a 46" to refurbish and have scaled one down and built a 28" in Balsa wood. As well as a 46" PT 109 with a 26cc in her that also sits on the water the same way. Sorry to waffle on it just brings back old memories. I'll leave it there. I just love your Build such detail.

Rx-tx confusion by Lordgord Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks dodgygeezer, having read all that thread I am even more uncertain as to which one to purchase. There is such a diversity of opinions out there. Am I expecting too much to get a definitive answer from the inter web? maybe I will have to get off my backside and visit a model shop🤔

Styrene source by Joe727 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Ed, I get my styrene at a local train model shop, all of the other hobby shops closed down. It is from Evergreen Scale Models and they do sell on-line as well. I buy both the shapes and sheet styrene and I cut all my materials with single edge razor blades as a, sharp blade is always good. Buy bulk packages and go thru a couple a day. See photos

Railings by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
A good model shop has a rack of all different shapes and sizes of plastic strip. flat, round, square, box,channel all about 300mm long with various amounts in each pack. The model shop near me has it, TJD Models, Sutton at Hone. I have a bout 10 packs in different types I've used on a couple of models.

internet sales by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Bom dia Wingcoax, If I want something pronto I go online to Conrad or Krick here in Germany and usually get the 'stuff' in one or two days. If I order from Turnigy/Hobbyking I make sure the stuff comes from the EU warehouse. Then it's usually here within the week. Most of the stuff has reasonably understandable instructions, or I can find it on the web. Learned that the hard way with a delivery from China that took several weeks and and then cost me a small fortune in German customs duty 😡 Model shops around Munich are basically model railway, aircraft or toys🤔 Such is life today! Cheers, Doug 😎

internet sales by Wingcoax Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi All, Although i come from an aircraft background i am also into boating. I used to have a total of five model shops within a half hour drive to source my parts, before emigrating i had 1 who was mainly into cars so i had to go online. Now in Portugal I have no shops within 4 hours so have to rely on internet purchases.

internet sales by DodgyGeezer Commander   Posted: 2 months ago
We are living through a technological change brought on by the Web. During any technological change some things will be gained and others lost. We saw this with the development of factories during the Industrial Revolution, the railways and later the automobile. Each new technology brought both extensive benefits and disadvantages, and in each case they resulted in the demise of the earlier service provision. In each case people tried to stop the development, and found that they could not. I cannot see much of a future for shops in the long term - let alone model shops. There may be a market for display facilities - places where you can inspect the items before you buy - but I suggest that most goods will end up being delivered direct from the manufacturer via sophisticated logistics services. This is happening already. Advice is readily available on the Net via forums - too much advice in many cases!

internet sales by RobbieMcKennan Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
I would much prefer to purchase the items I want in a local shop, be able to gain some expert advice and look before I buy, sadly the nearest shop only has a very limited stock and the owner admits he knows little about model boats, railways being his thing. To find a specialist shop entails a round trip of 126 miles which makes buying on line far more attractive, but this has frequently meant that when the item has arrived (often after weeks of delay as it has come direct from China) it is the wrong size, not as described or there are no understandable instructions. Not sure what the answer is, perhaps moving near to a big city would help.

internet sales by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Keith, not sure I agree, I have a local model shop and the difference between online and in shop as a total experience is not that different. On line, although I do use it can have problems when a purchase goes wrong and has to be returned or is not as described, whereas in shop you can try out things discuss with experts and return things if they go wrong. I have found prices when compared, are sometimes not that different when you factor in postage plus time delay. I do appreciate I have the facility of a fantastic shop - The Leeds Model Shop PS I have no commercial connection to this company. other than spending a lot of money there.

internet sales by keithtindley Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
I have been reading about how the high street shops are suffering in regards to sales.I wish to plead guilty as i purchase most of my model boat kits and parts online ! The shop keepers have high rates and running costs etc when compared to some online retailers .I purchased online a 4 channel transmitter,receiver and 30amp esc from china for around £40 as this would cost double from a uk retailer its no wonder there are very few model shops left but as an Oap i look after the pennies.All the chinese parts are excellent and work well. I would prefer to buy local and enjoy a walk around a well stocked shop but difference in local retail prices and imported items is now too much.Model shops of my youth are sorely missed.

Tug For Sale by Newby7 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
O to live or have it be easy to get to the UK in Canada we have so few ponds or areas to sail and so few model shops most of the items I look for are sourced form outside Canada mostly UK I'm envious . Rick

Boat shaft connectors (which stuffs to use and which is good) by Newby7 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
Universal couplers work well for me any boat model shop has them Rick