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Fiberglassing by Trillium Commander   Posted: 6 days ago
Some can do fibreglassing as easily as shelling peas. I have fibreglassed 3 models so far and have yet to master the technique. I've spent far too much time sanding the results to make them smooth. For my next project I plan to follow the guidance shown here: atch?v=ujk-wBQDUSk. He talks about 'denatured alchohol' which, in the rest of the English-speaking world is referred to as methylated spirits.

The deck anti-slip finish. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
The original Vosper drawings state that the deck was finished in a special anti-slip finish called ‘Cerrux’ and according to some well-respected contributors to this site the best way to achieve this finish is to apply a coat of a textured paint on the areas required and then overspray with the desired finish colour. Others have used a Rustoleum product but that proved difficult to obtain but I found a product from Halfords that looked promising. As always I did a test piece using this to see what the results would be like and after the finish colour was applied the effect looked very consistent in texture. At model shows I had previously seen some lifeboat decks that had been ‘texture finished’ and noted that non-textured areas had been carefully masked off. This seems like a great idea and would serve to emphasise the textured effect and also to distinguish it from a very bad spray job! I applied a low tack masking tape to the deck areas and features where I wanted a smooth finish and very carefully trimmed the tape to leave a narrow border, I also masked the positions of the metal deck fittings. Everything else was masked off and the textured spray applied in two very light coats and left to dry. When the masking was removed it revealed a very neat defined border around the foot rails, cabin sides and deck fittings. The deck and cabin sides will be over-sprayed with a couple of light coats of the ‘BS631 RAF Light Grey’ that I have had custom mixed and will be, hopefully, accurate to the prototype. 😁

Bertha by solo1274 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 12 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 45"/2800g Bertha Capable of 2mph and a runtime of 60mins Powered by LiPoly (7.4v) 2Amp/h Batteries - Comments: Scratch built from Marine Modeller plans. One sail drum servo for the main and self tacking jib. A sail arm servo for the staysail and foresail. An extra servo to allow tension on the upper trisail. The bowsprit is an additional 10" on the overall length of the model. For RC sailing I have a 2.5kg detachable keel and rudder extesion ( shown in the photograph). All the deck winches are built from old clock parts. The lee boards are also functional and work in conjunction with the forward head sails and the sailarm servo. For transportation the top mast can be lowered and the bowsprit raised.

Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show by happysailor Petty Officer   Posted: 16 days ago
Having been to this show in the past and enjoyed everything the show had to offer I am afraid this year was not what I was expecting at all and needless to say our 2hr trip down the motorway was soon a return trip. I believe the fact that the Museum was not open due to refurbishment didn't help and maybe a postponement of the event may have been the best option! Hopefully any future shows will get back to form once the Museum has done its work.

Good plans by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
Hi Dainesh Had a look at the site and there are some nice scale models. The plans give the name of the ship and scale but don't give a picture of the actual vessel. The period appears to be late 20th century Austro- Hngarian and there are outline line drawing on the site. There are no samples of the plans which could help determine the detail, but judging by the models shown the standard is high. Have you built a model using the plans?

Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show by dennisw Lieutenant   Posted: 19 days ago
great photos, wish that I could have gone ,may be next year.👍😊 dennis

Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
Attended on Saturday and enjoyed looking round the club stands and chatting to friends. The usual traders were in attendance so I was able to select and buy the supplies I required. The bring and buy was doing a brisk trade and there was plenty on offer for those who wanted a ready to run to some nice bare hulls as well as part completed ready for restoration. Entrance was through the usual main door and there was a catering facility available on site. Plenty of boats on the water including displays by the Lifeboats Enthusiasts Socy. Hope to be attending again next year. Dave

Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show by jtdavid Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 22 days ago
few more photos from today.

Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show by jtdavid Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 22 days ago
hi, i have been today met a few members of colwyn bay club where I sail, had a great time spending money😁 and looking round the museum. there are some real old barges there👍. the model boats were also very nice to see. saw a fantastic aircraft carrier. there wasn't much sailing on the water as it was windy. david

blowing the dust off the fireboat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Paul Not sure who owns. Its not part of the Boundary Park site but adjacent as you say, and posdsibly Council, I will ask Alan Blackhurst when I next see him and let you know. Busy getting the Olympic and Titanic ready for the Universal Model Show at the end of Feb. Just my luck Bill has misplaced all the rigging and ratlines for the Titanic. Cheers dave

Spraying the hull black. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Now that the red oxide has dried and hardened it’s time to mask it off in preparation of spraying the upper hull black. First I had to very carefully flat back the ridge in the red oxide paint left by the edge of the masking tape that might prevent the new masking tape laying flat. I chose two types of Tamiya tape, the first is the very thin and flexible type to get the sharp edge and this was then overlaid with the wider flexible variety. Once this initial masking edge was established all round the hull and at deck level I could mask up the rest fully. As an experiment and to prevent any possible bleed through of solvents through regular newspaper onto my lovely red oxide anti-fouling I chose to mask with some ’Bacofoil’ which actually works very well for this purpose as it is quite strong and easily folded and formed to the hull shape. I didn’t use too much of this from the roll, and my wife never noticed it’s absence from the kitchen whilst I was nicking it …result ! The hull was thoroughly wiped over with a tack cloth and panel wipe to remove any traces of contaminants that could spoil the paint finish and then it went into the booth. The pre-warmed paint went on very easily but at one point I noticed a bit of blooming on the surface in a few places but much to my relief this soon disappeared. Even after only one coat the finish looked very smooth and glossy. I left this first coat for a day or two to fully harden before wet flatting it down with an 800 grade abrasive. The second and third coats were applied in the same way, each left to harden for a day or more before flatting with a yet finer grades wet & dry paper. With the final coat on the finish greatly exceeded my expectations 😎 The masking tape and foil was very carefully removed to reveal a very sharp line where black meets red although this will be covered with the white ‘Trimline’ tape I bought from SHG Model Supplies at the Bristol model show in the summer. After a further couple of days drying and hardening I gave the black paint a bit of a polish with some Halfords cutting/polishing compound. I’m extremely pleased with this finish and at the same time frightened to death that I’ll ruin it in some way with a clumsy knock or in the lettering and lacquering stages 😓 …

CADMA Northern Model Boat Show by happysailor Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
CADMA model boat show with lots of traders and lots of models on display including an outdoor portable pool. There is also a reasonably priced restaurant on site. There will be a Bring & Buy available. Lots of Free car parking is available. Entrance fees are Adults £5, Family Ticket 2 Adult-2 Children £12. Children under 16 £2. Adult wheelchair users + 1 Carer £7. Child wheelchair users + 1 Carer £5. Opening Times, Saturday 10am - 4pm. Sunday 10am - 4pm.

Model Slipway "Maggie M" by Flack Admiral   Posted: 2 months ago
For sale is my " Maggie M" kit which has to go to fund my next Lifeboat kit. The kit has everything to complete the model including a brushed MFA 919D series motor with a 2:5:1 gearbox, coupling and brass propeller but with the exception of paints, crew figures, model filler, adhesives, Tools and equipment. To complete a fully working radio controlled model a minimum 2 channel radio, speed controller and suitable battery would also be required. The kit has been started and the pictures show the work carried out. The size and weight of the packaged model will make insured post and packing expensive so local pick up is desired with payment in cash on collection, but I am prepared to arrange carriage at cost. The price is £200 ono plus p&p if required.

Model Slipway - Drumbeat of Devon by sailorboy61 Seaman   Posted: 2 months ago
A very reluctant sale due to a change of direction and need (instruction) to make space. Boxed, as new, un started, out of production Drumbeat of Devon kit by Model Slipway. Looking for £300. Can deliver to Ellesmere Port show if needed. Located on Merseyside.

DAMEN STAN 4207 by RHBaker Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Finished the structural work and painted the partially assembled model. Environment Canada has advised winter is now officially half over, so have decided to suspend further efforts on the detail components and focus on repairs and upgrades to my fleet in anticipation of the forthcoming sailing season. Readers may recall concerns over the weight of this model and stability. The final trial test showed the performance at 7.2 volts was satisfactory and that using two 5,000 mA NiMh stick cell sets in parallel gave a running duration in excess of a hour. After trawling E Bay found a source of 10,000mA NiMH C size cells. Unfortunately the seller would not advise the weigh of these cells, eventually decided to purchase some for a trial. After the usual delivery period the cells arrived, so made up a 7.2 volt set using plastic 2 x 4 C cell battery holders. The total weight of the assembly was 8 oz less that the two stick cells! If the duration works out this will contribute significantly to efforts to minimize weight. Think the effect on stability will be little as it was good during the earlier tests.