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Battery problems by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
My knowledge of "elecy" stuff is pretty limited, but I see that the model boat world (excluding racing types) is in the dark ages compared to planes, helis, cars etc when it comes to motors, batteries etc We have to reply a lot on testing, fiddling etc when it comes to gettingn a fast electric set up, in a scale heavy old wood boat😁 as there isnt much info out there. I tried testing over a long time, with one boat inparticular, and was lucky enough to have te use of eagle tree data logging, so could measure watts, amps, gps speed, voltage drop and so on, and analyse the resultsd on graphs etc back home on the pc. Its amazing to see that sometime s the fastest set up isnt always the best when you compare run time, amp draw, heat, voltage draw etc, and what "looks fast" sometimes isnt as fast as you thought😊 This boat for example, 6kg, ply construction will do 25mph, after that torque roll is kicking in, and it want to roll over. I tested props over a long time, using cheap plastic "X" props, and with the results was then able to get a more efficient and visually pleasing brass cleaver 3 blade one. Ranging from 50mm to 55mm the amp draw went from 45a to 90a using same batteries!, and teh highest amp draw prop didnt produce the fastest speed, all interesting stuff. The boat is similar to the OP perkassa. I also went from direct drive, to a geared drive, and can change the characteristics of the boat using different cheap gears, eg., small lake, dont need top speed, so change to acceleration, big lake, lets give up acceleration and have top speed, and so on👍

Hi just word every one in world by Mataroa Captain   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi just a word to every one I am very impress with such high standard of work on model boats i see around world since i joined the model boats website in 2008 . It give me great pleasure to be on this website ever day and see all the model boat in such great detail and the hard work the goes in to model boats by ever one. Thank you so much for the help with my model boats .many thanks 👍👍 cliff

Using old motors by Westquay Lieutenant   Posted: 21 days ago
Hi Dave, many thanks for your answer. I wanted a scale speed of 25-40mh, so much slower than the real speed of that figure. As long as they just about plane I'll be happy. I've been trying to get a Bob's board for ages. My old friend has a few in his loft. He used to make all the display models, aircraft and boats, for Bob's models. My R/C gear at it's earliest is Mini Hex from 1971 or Digimac. I can't get the REP single channel I once had, but which was stolen. I should say that my old Crash Tender (which I really should finish some time 53 years later!) always ran a treat with it's Supermarine Special, using said REP sytem. The Basset-Lowke motor is a permanent magnet type so will probably be OK with an ESC, but I have no idea what sort to use as I don't understand them. All I read seems to suggest that they are either expensive or unreliable. And they need "programming", which totally puts me off! I have no model boat clubs near here, so would just use the local canalised river which has both sides accessible and is rarely used by full sized boats. But at least I don't have to worry about other R/C users. Looks like the world is much the same for old motors after all. Cheers, Martin

Closure by Gabby Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 29 days ago
Sad to announce the Closure of Model and Hobby World, in Lancaster. They have been here for 28 years and have many modellers who use there services and even just their wit and wisdom. Will be sorely missed. Have a happy retirement. 😭🤐🤔

Fiberglassing by Trillium Commander   Posted: 1 month ago
Some can do fibreglassing as easily as shelling peas. I have fibreglassed 3 models so far and have yet to master the technique. I've spent far too much time sanding the results to make them smooth. For my next project I plan to follow the guidance shown here: atch?v=ujk-wBQDUSk. He talks about 'denatured alchohol' which, in the rest of the English-speaking world is referred to as methylated spirits.

Good plans by Dainesh Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Dave, Thank you. That is a really good point what you wrote. I forward it to the owner of the website. He is my friend and he made the drawings after a lots of research in Hungary, Austria and Croatia. In some cases in Italy. Quick help: I was have some scale models like on the website. One of them is in my harbour, and you can find it among the For Sale/Wanted that is the 1st World War Torpeedoboat.That is the TB XI, but I have the TB IV as well. Above this I have some drawings Nostalgianavy here in the UK.

First post... by Midlife306 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Dave, The 1/12 Bluebird is brushless (all running gear from PMB), as it's made from balsa, I've waterproofed everything with sanding sealer inside & out. To be honest I was planning on taking it to quiet stretches of the Leeds/Liverpool canal as I didn't think any scale model boat clubs would want anything to do with my boat, but I will have a look at what clubs there are locally. The 1/4.2 will be IC powered, I want it to reach a scale speed of 300mph so if I can hit 75mph in the real world with it I'll be very happy. I hope if I can keep it light enough a couple of Tiger King S27 Evo's will get me there. I've emailed PMB as they don't have any stock at the moment, to see when they are due some in, but I've not received a reply yet. Plan is to buy 1 engine initially so I can plan the layout & while I'm carrying on with the build I was going to drop it into this eBay hull to see how it performs. I have a couple of Enya 40ss motors, I'm going to try one in the Short Stuff & see how it goes. I can't cope sitting at home watching the telly, I like to keep busy😎 Cheers Wayne

Mast Lighting by onetenor Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
Why not just use a hollow mast or masts.if a taper is needed use fishing rod sections.All sorts of sizes available. Harrisons Rods in Liverpool are actually now catering to the model world. If you Google them you can find all their details. Carbon cloth , resins atc also available from them A phone call will get you what you want Nice people to deal with Ps their regular cloth is already resined but they can obtain plain cloth if you ask them very nicely LOL 👍 😁

Doncaster Model Boat Show by Oldtimer Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 11 months ago
Dear all, Please forgive the ramblings of a pensioner if l have overstepped the mark and the following should have been completed by someone such as Jarvo or Akelatheleader! However, here goes. Upon my arrival l was directed to the parking area by members of the local Air Training Corps. The entry fee was a very reasonable £5.00. The venue, a spacious exhibition hall was well laid out, thought having been given to wheelchair users such as myself. Access was made easy and uninhibited. First stall to greet you as you entered was Deans Marine. Well adorned with kits, including their very latest offerings not as yet in full production. Opposite was the display of club vessels owned by members of the hosts, CADMA. Excellent examples of the model builders art festooned the display, two l noted in particular were an open steam launch, complete with live steam propulsion and a Herring Drifter WY17 which paid respectful homage, to our beleaguered fishermen. Then on the rear wall a stand which sold all manner of modelling paraphernalia from mini compressors through modelling knives and table top vices to glues for every purpose. On the next aisle the Goole model boat club had set out their models for general perusal. As with CADMA the quality of exhibits was astonishing! A Police launch was the first to catch my eye not least by the splendid, illuminated array of spot lamps which were very bright and flashing blue beacons to the rear of the cabin. Bedecked in the national Police livery of lime and blue Battenberg the vessel looked very handsome. Then l met "Keith". He had 2 models with him, a "Castle" class Corvette and a 1939 S-Boat. Both models looked to be in the region of 30" in length but the detailing was breathtaking! He said his true passion in boats were the convoy escorts known as Corvettes. He had plagued the staff of "The Corvette Association" and their archives to such a degree they made him an honorary member of the association. A table toward the rear of the room displayed a cluster of large scale submarines. Awesome by their scale and sinister by association. Then came a stall with all manner of live steam associated parts and fittings. Boat fittings in resin, white metal and plastic formed a broad array of scale parts. The last stall sported all manner of scale mouldings and some incredibly detailed hydraulic lifting arms and cranes, everything for the docks and cargo masters stores. One table held a small group of true sailing vessels, propelled only by the world's fourth element. Where skippers of equal skill may win or lose, dependent upon the suit his/her charge is wearing on the day! The bring and buy sale upstairs went briskly and the open bar allowed for sorrows to be drowned when more had been spent than had been intended at the bring and buy. On the same floor the kitchens provided warm meals and hot drinks all at very sensible prices. All in all an excellent, well laid out venue where all levels of mobility were catered for. The models on display were all of the very highest quality, testimony to the diligence and expertise of the modellers themselves. Future shows are definitely worth a visit.

Help with glue. by paulbryant Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 years ago
HI Mark, I didn't see the spec sheet, I'll have a look, the fact it cures in 5 mins ( there is also a 30 mins curing version as well) and is resistant to sea water, make this a good contender for model boat making. The smallest tube is 310ml, but even that will go a long way in the model world, with the risk of it outliving it's 6 month shelf life, I have sealed the nozzle on my bottle as best I can, time will tell if it will still be usable beyond this time limit. Paul.

Help with SEA QUEEN. by colinhubbard Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
HI Dave, Yes its a TRITON, the kit was started in 1971 by the previous owners father who sadly died last year and his family donated it to me to hopefully finish and sail. The pond yacht was built by a modeler from south Wales, at the end of the 2nd world war. His son who I met at a show at easter and he offerd it to me for free plus some other bits of modeling stuff. The hull is bread and butter construction and the deck is 1/4 inch thick pine. the keel is 10lbs solid lead. but its missing a forward sail, and some rigging, so if anyone knows how it should be rigged please let me know, apparently the steering is controlled by the sails. But thats all new to me. The pictured fire boat is one of two part built models from another donor. plus a couple of kits and loads of parts, hulls of various types. The smallest of which is the Triton, and the biggest the pond yacht at 47 inches long and overall height of 49 inches. I think the total boats that my wife and I have now own is 37, but so far only 13 are ready to use, the rest need repairs or refurbs. I just hope I can keep modelling long enough to finish them all. Arthritis is catching up with me. Thanks Colin.

HMS Pandora by mrbear Apprentice   Posted: 2 years ago
I'm just getting started In the wooden model ship hobby and really like the Tall Ships of history. It seems that they are going out of favor and the RC boats are gaining popularity. You have merged both worlds quite successfully. (except for the open gun ports 😊 Get her out of dry dock and back to sailing ! Good luck.............

"Dirty Deeds" Inspired on 1970s Bertram Yachts by Krampus Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 years ago
[Score: 9/10] 23" "Dirty Deeds" Inspired on 1970s Bertram Yachts Single Propellor (4 Blade 25mm) Direct Drive to a MTroniks M500 (4 Blade) Powered by NiMH (10.8v) 3Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through 320A 7.2V-16V ESC (30Amps) ESC - Comments: Right after finishing up my previous vessel "Berrinche", I embarked In this project In preparation to this boating season. I love old Bertram yachts and especially those of the 1970s when Bertrams were the standard followed by other manufacturers. I particularly like the stylish lines of the 33 to 46 footer Bertrams. Being just neglected In the scale modeling world, It Is just Impossible to find an Bertram RC scale model to play with If you don't want to spend several grands. So I took justice In my hands and developed what you see here. Using the same type of hull as I did for "Berrinche" I came up with this. As with "Berrinche", many fittings like the seats, docking lights, navigation lights, hatch, vents and others were made on a 3D printer by an extremely talented friend In Australia. It took me nearly 155 hours (about 3 months) to complete.

Brighton by acw1947 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 years ago
I went yesterday, there was only one trade stand pertaining to model boats this was "mastman" and very helpful they are. (If he hasn't got It, he can get It.) Also there were no local model boat clubs there ,poor show I thought, there was one from Harlow In Essex, and Swiss Cottage north London. A bit far from Brighton to go sailing. If you go on the Modelworld web site there are photo's of the exhibits.

Midhurst Modellers Exhibition by Spitfire99 Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
Its a same you can't get down for the brighton model world ads90 I will try and post some photos on here of the show and do a small write up on what was there 😉