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Twin motor control problem by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 hours ago
it depends how much work and thought your willing to put in but for anyone with a bent for such things an arduino can " read" RC signals and with a suitable add on board control servos so should also be able to control ESCs thus you can tailor the drive to your requirements including the forward on one drive and reverse on the other for tight turns.

Twin motor control problem by John Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 hours ago
Thanks Tom.

Twin motor control problem by tomarack Commander   Posted: 1 day ago
hi, I found on the net examples of electrical connection twin ESC. regarding the connection of the rudder servo with the Y cable to one of the branches for the ESC, it made me problems when reversing , and that's why I gave the rudder separately

billings Smit Rotterdam by pugwash1 Seaman   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi. This should help. It is a video made on board by a model maker. lots of detailed images on the net, I used Google search and had a trazillion hits!! Good luck with this one, I am completing the Billings kit, it is quite old and the wood used is quite poor, I recommend to anyone building her should replace the old wood cut out sheets. This was my first attempt at using a bow thruster, made it from some micro plumbing PVC pieces , waste brass and an old motor, it works great and I recommend it as a nice side project. Take care and have fun, should be great weather for a little Delaware pond fun!! see ya at the waters edge. Mark.

Billings Sea King refit by Wingcoax Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 days ago
I should have said that the two speed 600 motors are new.

Twin Esc/Mixer by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi Neil, yes get a couple of singles or one dual board as you wish, same price, fiver a chunk. They make wiring up the motors a doddle. Also think about a few of the switch boards. See link above. Single switches you can use on the 3 on/off toggle switch channels on the Tx; A, B and D. A dual switch version you can use on the two way switch C on the Tx. Make sure they can switch enough current for the load you want to use; esp. the smoker! Don't know what current yours takes, you may have to suck it and see with a multi-meter. Cheers Doug 😎 PS don't forget to tell 'em to send my commission! 😉😉

Twin motor control problem by tomarack Commander   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi, I have to say - I use a simple V-tail mixer only, and ESC at the basic setting, the transmitter => Throttle and Ail only(right stick). I tried to connect Rudder servo to this design, but I could not adjust it, the servo behaved "non-standardly". That's why I have it connected to the usual rudder channel nr 4 (left stick). One more important thing ... check the settings of the transmitter, especially the mixes that are sometimes pre-programmed from the factory. It is recommended to clear the transmitter memory first, and then set your own values. It usually helps ... I use the power supply of the receiver from a single source via an external BEC, powering motors using Y cables to ESC,from the same source as BEC ( gel Aku 12V).I had setup problems too - I finally found that one ESC was defective. after replacing both ESC no problems.

Hobby Engine 'Richardson' Tug Upgrade by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Yep, a Large scale IC doing most of the work, RX/Decoder, and some power transistors for the outputs. Not easily mod-able 😡 Suggest you have a look at the little switch boards from Action (Component Shop) Neil. I made my own several years ago using CMOS chips and little 5V relays, but then I'm just like that😉 The Motor Sound Unit I understand looks after itself as it's coupled into the ESC control. So you just need switch boards for lights (nav and deck/cabin lights), smoke, other sound boards, e.g foghorn and/or ship's bell from Action? Have fun, Doug

Hobby Engine 'Richardson' Tug Upgrade by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Looks like all on one board so if you replace the Tx/Rx you will need some way to switch the lights/horn/sound unit. The motors will have their own Mixer/ESC(s) and a rudder servo, so 5 channels.

Twin Esc/Mixer by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Spot on Jarvo👍 Shame about the fry-up though! Neil, the ESC you have is for 20A (which is overkill!) so the wires are dimensioned for 20A plus a good margin for safety. The tiddly motors in Richardson and Southampton probably only draw about a tenth of that ca 2A or so. Therefore 'tiddly' wires as well😉 BTW: don't forget the fuses! The P95 Fuse/Indicator Boards from Action are quite useful for electronic novices, use standard car type blade fuses, and are dead easy to duplicate on a chunk of matrix (Vero) board😊 Happy modding, cheers Doug 😎

Twin Esc/Mixer by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
NP, the motors have "light" wiring because thats all they need, low current draw, the esc/mixer is designed for use with large motors as well, so heavy wires heavy current draw. Doug, aka, RN, is right, check all you have done, both in stages and just before you switch on for the first time. I fried an ESC yesterday by simply screwing the supply leads in the wrong way round. POP, few wisps of magic smoke and £50 down the drain. Check and re-check helps to stop the disappointment. Mark

Hobby Engine 'Richardson' Tug Upgrade by NPJ Commander   Posted: 2 days ago
Dave M. I seem to have 'lost' your post re the transmitter type and the 'extras' for the receiver to function other features. However, re your comment on cutting ribs, did you note in one of the images there is a fortuitous space on both sides just in front of the motors? NPJ

Twin Esc/Mixer by NPJ Commander   Posted: 2 days ago
Yes you are quite right Saga32. I am an only child spoilt brat and want everything to happen NOW...........! My 'tutors' here spotted that a while back and are an invaluable help. By the way all, why are the battery cables with the Unit nice and thick and the original ones on the motors so so thin and frail looking? All the best. NPJ

Twin motor control problem by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Good luck John 👍 The 'hurricane' brought us a superb Indian Summer here in south Germany, blue skies and 25°C in Munich. 😊 Should last until Saturday, then the rain is back 🤔 It really is an ill wind that blows nobody any good! To avoid the binding timing problem Dave describes above use a separate RX batt and disconnect BOTH BECs!! Then only switch on the ESCs after the TX is bound with the RX. Several RC module manufacturers warn against BECs, e.g. Action Electronics! Happy sailing, Cheers Doug 😎

Twin motor control problem by John Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Thanks Dave and Doug, I will make sure the ESC's are set up and if the hurricane has passed I will look forward to a nice day sailing 😁