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Ishimasa. Blue Sonic 600. yacht. by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 36 minutes ago
Hi folks, I'm trying to get this model back to sailing condition, it was given to me a couple of years ago, but haven't had chance to get it sorted. It is fitted with a single servo with two sliding lugs, one connects to the rudder and the other seems to be connected to a switch to the motor. I haven't a clue if this is correct, so if anyone of you lovely people have details of this model I would love the assistance. Hopefully Colin.

S 100 Schnellboot RC build by BW3 Petty Officer   Posted: 5 hours ago
I am doing a lot of reading of posts online many back when this kit was new to the market.... as to my motor choice I winged it as I am not sure of what the motor sizes list here (300,500... etc etc) but did read a rule of thumb in that props should be equal to or better yet less than the diameter of said motor , so with brut strength and ignorance I have 3 Hobbyking ST3007, 1100KV that and a goal of keeping it light , thou I think I have read that 3.3 kg was ideal for scale ?....Again a 90/90 build , having lost all feelings in both hands from spinal stenosis I must accept what I can do now to what I once did or able to do with just a little more effort... Thank You All for your posts and help , and posting of videos online they bring me great pleasure and enjoyment ....Thank You

It's a sad day!. by Novagsi0 Captain   Posted: 9 hours ago
Our "Imara" Tug has a cheddar steam plant, I might swap it for the motor and batteries it currently has. I can remember as a small child at a pool called the apex pool by Brean Sands. when a large power boat with a big KMB engine run up the bank out of the pool. The carpark was a gentle sloap straight into the water the boat passed me a 40 MPH on the tarmac. The prop I found, and had a small momento to remember the boat by. I actually still have the prop 35 years later and ran it on my power boat for a bit. Good times. (sorry for nicking the prop i was only 10!!) Stephen

brushless motor by Mataroa Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 hours ago
Hi i have 46" RAF Crash Tende im look for brushless motor i know i ask this be for but i forgot what type of brushless motor that i can use .can any one help . Many Thanks Cliff

S 100 Schnellboot RC build by boaty Commander   Posted: 11 hours ago
I have a liking for Italeri kits myself. Built the Vosper MTB in 2011 then the PT 109 a few years later. They really perform well either with single or triple props. Both of mine have 480 brushed motors, single props, and 2s Lipo 2200mAh. Ideal for small ponds where you can maintain scale speeds and if easy on the throttle you can have a decent endurance before the battery goes flat. Boaty😁

It's a sad day!. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 hours ago
Stormin, it would be nice to see your Sea Scout, apart from all the modern stuff. Where would we all be without Les Rowell and Aerokits, eh? My first model boat was a Sea Urchin which I got when I was 7. My Dad'd best mate built it and gave it to me just before he died way too young. I restored it two years ago. It still has its Kako motor, original rusty shaft and twisted tin prop. Now I have to put 3 AA cells together in a home made plastic case with a home printed Ever Ready wrapper on it to look right. When I was 11 came the Crash Tender. All around me were IC boats, but I never had one and, to be honest, I could never get any of my cousins' or mates' boats started either!" I once got an ED Bee going in a Keil Kraft Champ, but the control wires went loose and it became an habituee of the vegetable rack! But I still love IC engines now and I will defend their use by those lucky enough to start them! I love the sound, I love the smell, I love the urgency of them. And most of all hats off to the gents (and ladies) who do tethered hydros. That's real dedication. Cheers, Martin

My other Toy by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 hours ago
Some of us stretch the point a bit to 'Flying boats', I have a 1.4m span PBY Catalina on the stocks, inspired by PMDevlin, but a motorbike!!?? Gadsooks! 😲 Would like to see it's Sea Trial though 😁

S 100 Schnellboot RC build by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 hours ago
Hi Ron, did you ever try 3 props for comparison? If yours is the 1:35 Italeri I don't see any problem with space for 3 shafts. I have an approx 1:35 MTB currently with 2 shafts, 'as seen and bought' next season I propose to fit a 3rd motor and shaft: port and starboard for cruising, switch-in centre motor for "All ahead flank"! BTW: I have a couple of kits for the S100 "Schnellboot, otherwise known as E Boat, E for Enemy😉, one Airfix and one Revell, both 1:72. I intend to fit them with 3 motors as well - 'Plastic Magic' 😁 Motors already sourced from X-Drive, shafts will be home brew from silver steel and brass tube with sintered phosphor bronze bearings. "Nothing is impossible", I drive a Toyota 😉😉 Cheers Doug 😎

Its good day, its a bad , its a great Day by teejay Lieutenant   Posted: 1 day ago
Hi all good stuff that I order arrived quicker than expected, bad day one of the props the wrong size good day quick phone call to Cornwall models sorted. great day I was getting a bit worried out sailing the boats I am making as it looked like I would have to go in Edinburgh or Glasgow to sail them, so last night I fired an email of to Falkirk trust who look after the kelpies and the helix park with has a large lagoon I expected a no go as far as sailing the boats, so great news they said ok no caveat's or conditions except that boats that use fuel are not allowed, and if their are no other organised events on, So after reading so much on the site about clubs folding and boating lakes closing and not been looked after and also the rarity of boat sites in Scotland we now have a site that is easy to get too right next to the motorway that goes for Glasgow Edinburgh and even Perth would to be to far. And I the lucky boy live at its front door so next job after the boat is a trailer for the mobility scooter to carry the boats I think someone did something with a golfing trolley so its praise your god and pass the battery charger , but it is good that the Falkirk community trust is going to let boats on the lagoon

Vanity, Victorian Cutter by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
R/C gear going in on a 2 piece plank, so it'll fit through the hatches. Some deck planks going on, king plank too. Coamings to help water proof from splash. These are Foamex, completely waterproof stuff. The hatches and houses will be fitted with magnets eventually. The planking is NOT a la yacht. For some reason Dan Hatcher laid deck planks like workboats and motor boats, parallel to the King plank, not the covering boards. Believe me when you've lived on one of these and put every pot you have under the deck leaks when it rains, you know the pattern of the laid deck! Rear deck half just rested on as the R/C gear is yet to be finished. Waiting for some more allly tube to guide the steering cables and braided line for the sheet control. Steering servo coming this afternoon. Martin

1940 Chris Craft by Ron Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
My wife and I were in Gig Harbour, Washington State today where we were invited onboard by the owners of this beautiful boat. They told us, it is on the water most of the year in Seattle. The boat is varnished every two years. It requires continual care as the salt water is corrosive. Also seen was a nifty outboard; even the outboard motor cover is made of wood. A group of friends were seen enjoying a dockside luncheon. They said “Please take our picture” Very nice inboard Runabout.

It's a sad day!. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Yep, built mine with my Dad, a 34" Crash Tender. We used the then new PVA glue and to be honest, 54 years later it still holds well and is waterproof. I really must finish it some day! I confess I never had an IC engine in a boat, but I've always had an ED Racer with water jacket and big brass flywheel. Still have it on my shelf with others, but I could never get the buggers to start! So Dad made sure the Crash Tender had a good electric motor when he spoiled me with it all for my 11th Christmas. I had REP single channel R/C and a Taycol Supermarine motor and Taycol coupling. That's what's in it and will stay in it. Alas the R/C gear was stolen. I could replicate the case, but there just ain't the time for all these things, so an old Mini Hex 1970s Propo set will go in it as a classic curio. I used it for years with the REP on the oyster ponds at Paglesham. Left, centre, right, centre, wiggle right, wiggle right and so on. The Taycol ate batteries! Martin

Motor size advice by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
No sweat😉 Hope it all works out. BTW: Canabus got me started on brushless last year. He answered my plea for help upgrading my old Sea Scout. Everything he recommended is now fitted and works a treat, with power in reserve. 😊 All the best, Doug 😎

Motor size advice by Morkullen Seaman   Posted: 2 days ago
Sorry Doug. Nice post. Many thanks. Morkullen

Motor size advice by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Er, that was me 😉. Have fun and don't blow anything up! 😲 Cheers Doug 😎