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Battery problems by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 hours ago
Hi Allan Glad to hear you have managed to get the boat running. Just so we know what is the final set up? I can see a 12v 7Ahr battery but What is the prop size & type, brushless motor, ESC. You have mentioned these before but may have bought different recently. Looks a good pool to use. As it is saltwater you will need to wash the model down after each sail and oil the propshaft. Salt crystals will destroy any bearings very quickly if you don't. Happy sailing Dave

Pics of running gear and skins by canabus Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 16 hours ago
I found two pics of my Sea Hornet engine mount. The second pic shows the cutout of the keel and the simple home made L bracket for the engine mount. The one in the Hobbyking drive line kit I did not like, but, the engine bolting to the motor is great. No top bearing, but, I have not had a problem with it. Added tap silicon grease on installation.

Pics of running gear and skins by canabus Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 16 hours ago
Dave M is right about lowering the prop angle and motors. My Aerokits Sea Hornet has only 10mm clearance to the top of the prop and I cutout part of the keel to lower the motor. I installed a 1900kv 28mm brushless motor, 30mm 1.4 pitch 2 blade brass prop with a 2650mah 3S behind the last frame with the rudder servo parallel to the transom. Added a small bit of lead under the front passenger seat to move the CG forward. Very quick little rocket at full throttle.

Pics of running gear and skins by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
The pic posted by Inkoust says it all really. The original Aerokits and many other models from the 1960s all had steep angled propshafts. This was necessary to allow for the large IC engines fitted. Modern electric motors do not require the same depth inside the hull so the prop shaft can be mounted at a much lesser angle, producing a faster and more controllable model. It would be relatively easy to alter your set-up before you add the rest of the skins. Even with a 50mm prop there is still about an inch to lose. I appreciate this may not be your first choice but believe the end result will justify the effort Dave

Oil Sump for Gearbox? by Inkoust Captain   Posted: 1 day ago
Hello, I do not know if it's good to put an oil bathtub in the boat. I think it would be enough to use the grease that they give to the racing car models. I used it a few times and it was great. Grease stays on gears and is not thrown away. Then only the cover of the gearbox is sufficient to prevent the ship from being accidentally wiped. But I prefer to use 6V power motors for 12V and 24V instead of gears. They then have a low current take-off and a small turn, and yet have sufficient force for the bigger bolt. Zdeněk

Slowly does it. by Inkoust Captain   Posted: 1 day ago
Exactly the ship's screw should be behind the rudder so that the ship responds well and if the shaft is below that angle, the boat will crawl in turns in the water. I would also avoid connecting the shaft with the kardan engine. Just a smaller branch in the water and the kardan bursts. I use the Compact shaft - the motor is screwed directly to the shaft and connected by an aluminum clutch and tightened by screws. Then less tilt of the shaft can be achieved. Or if the kardan engine on the bulkhead in the ship is bolted and does not get as great vibration as in your design.

Slowly does it. by fid2b Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 day ago
Ah well, thanks for that! I think you and Sonar are quite right, and no doubt better qualified to comment. Certainly the motor could be lower but I hesitated about moving it forward because of the weight distribution which I thought would be better at least halfway or more aft. As for prop sizes, again I am largely guessing what might work, on the fireboat I have a fifty mm z two blade which seems to work well without the motor getting hot but that has a slower, torquey motor, so smaller will probably be appropriate with the 750s. In truth I'll leave it as it is until I can trial it, probably a few years away, and if it is a disaster then I can still change it then😉

Slowly does it. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
I would say you've achieved your main objective magnificently 👍 The hull is looking really good. But the shaft angle is maybe 3 times the optimum, based on looking at my Aerokits Sea Scout layout and Sonar's advice! Looks like there is plenty of scope in the hull to mount the motor further forward and much deeper and still be able to fit a pretty large prop. But bigger isn't always better! Not really my expertise but would guess with 50mm you risk overloading the motor!? I'm sure the experts here can advise you better on that than I. You may also find the boat more responsive to the rudder if the prop thrust is directed at the rudder instead of more below it as it seems to be now? Cheers Doug 😎

Slowly does it. by sonar Admiral   Posted: 1 day ago
lower the motor mounting as close as you can to the bottom of the hull making sure the propellor does not touch the underside of the external hull if this makes sense

Slowly does it. by fid2b Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 days ago
After a long pause I am as far as propshaft, motor and rudder installation. I need a servo next but spent all my pocket money climbing a mountain in Wales this month. It was good but wet. The motor lives on the usual alloy bracket, screwed to two wooden plinths made from strip laminated with araldite. It's all standard stuff but making it this way allowed me to shim the height correctly, the strip being about 1.5mm thick. I'll post some pics if I can work out the Google drive thing but you will also see that the lower skins are on and after the servo installation I can think about the upper hull skins and then the superstructure. All good stuff😀.

Sir Kay Round Table Class Minesweeper 1:48 scale by Caldercraft by saltysnogbad Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 days ago
Recently constructed ballasted and tested radio controlled model boat with working searchlight, navigation lights and Ship's Bell. Needs finishing by repainting, weathering to suit and a few minor additions (e.g. Anchor - supplied). Includes: Graupner HOTT may-10 transmitter and receiver JP ENERG-PRO NiMH flat 7.5v battery NiMH Battery Charger 230 457RE5401 Electric Motor ESC Viper Marine 15 Action Electronics P43 relay switches Mylar 5m round speaker for bell Spare ballast £150:00 Ono Collection only, please, due to weight of ballast. Based in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Selling to fund purchase of another - fun is in the making!

Adolph Bermpohl by ChrisPSR Recruit   Posted: 3 days ago
[Score: 9/10] 79"/4400g Adolph Bermpohl Capable of 10mph and a runtime of 5mins Triple Propellors (3 Blade 25mm) Direct Drive to a 3 motors (3 Blade) Powered by LiPoly (11.1v) 3Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Graupner (15Amps) ESC - Comments: My build and adaption of safety vessel carrying smaller stern carried lifeboat "The Vega Sac" now sold on. The drop down stern door has been made solid and she is now a self contained motor lifeboat vessel. Very manoeuvrable, quick and ballasted down rides most pond water that can be thrown at her.

R.A.F. Fire/Crash Tender by deepdiver Recruit   Posted: 3 days ago
I parched this model of an R.A.F. Fire/Cash Tender as an impulse buy, with the idea of restoring her, I am only selling due to me having started the Mobile Marine Lady “T” She is 34 1/2 inches in length and 10 inches in beam, comes with an E.S.C and Electric motor (may benefit from a brushless set up), there are some fittings but you would need to locate replacements. I am asking £30.00 and I would like to see her go to some one that has the time to put into restoring her to her best. Due to the size and weight it would be best to collect this boat. I am just outside Brighton Sussex Fred (Deep Diver)

Kristoria by ChrisPSR Recruit   Posted: 4 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 36"/3200g Kristoria Capable of 1mph Powered by NiCad (4.8v) 2Amp/h Batteries - Comments: KIt bought by my son for Christmas 2005, finished 2017. Sail only - no motor.

Gusty Cat (ex Lady Daphne) by tomarack Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
I like Douglas Adams books. ..(and Terry Pratchett too) But I was most attracted to Gusty Cat ... So.. Model of thames barge , build according to modified plans of sb Lady Daphne in scale 1:28 (length cca 1 meter ). it will be again a model with an auxiliary motor, staysail class. I am currently grinding the laminate hull with several layers of putty. It is an ungrateful job.