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paper mask
tissue paper
planking by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 months ago
I get all my family to grab for me, usually get about 200 a month from them. (£7-99 for a 1,000 on eBay). But free is best, I usually put mine in plastic containers to soak in stain then allow to dry on sheet of newspaper before using.

Shelduck by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
PS: I noticed that the waterline (transition yellow to red) follows the wave line! Small tip: to accurately set the true waterline and keep it straight set the hull up on the building board dead level and vertical according to the plan. Use spirit level to check port / starboard for horizontal! (I.e. athwartships in marine jargon!) Make a small right angled jig to hold a soft lead pencil (or simply use a small try square). Attach the pencil to the jig / try square at the waterline height from keel according to plan. Then just trundle round the hull marking the WL with the pencil point. Tip 2: use narrow (ca 10mm) Tamiya masking tape (from the plastic magic department) to mask off the line itself. The rest can be masked as usual with cheapo decorator's masking tape and newspaper. Spray away to your heart's content. The Tamiya tape gives a wonderful clean line with no paint creep. Please don't be offended, nobody's perfect and I'm still in awe of your woodwork! 👍 cheers Doug 😎

muddy 6 Upperworks by muddy Admiral   Posted: 1 year ago
Hello, Thank you, BUt the camera lies..! I did think i had cracked it last year, by masking up the the varnished parts after a long drying time, and then continue with the painting..A month or so later, when all was done, i tried to remove the masking tape/newspaper, but found the tape had stuck hard and was a dickens of a job to clean off, it also left residue of glue on the varnish so looked pretty terrible. Talcum powder did work, sprinkling it on the offending residue and rolling it along the deck, but not 100%.. As a footnote, i used Wilko spray enamel on this one's hull with undercoat/primer, all spray cans.. Cheaper than Halfords.. But Halfords were doing 4 spray cans for the price of 3.. The cabin was hand painted with Humbrol enamel.. Muddy

Spraying the hull black. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
Hi Javro. You could be right about SWMBO and the Bacofoil, the next day my sandwiches were wrapped in newspaper 😆

Spraying the hull black. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
Now that the red oxide has dried and hardened it’s time to mask it off in preparation of spraying the upper hull black. First I had to very carefully flat back the ridge in the red oxide paint left by the edge of the masking tape that might prevent the new masking tape laying flat. I chose two types of Tamiya tape, the first is the very thin and flexible type to get the sharp edge and this was then overlaid with the wider flexible variety. Once this initial masking edge was established all round the hull and at deck level I could mask up the rest fully. As an experiment and to prevent any possible bleed through of solvents through regular newspaper onto my lovely red oxide anti-fouling I chose to mask with some ’Bacofoil’ which actually works very well for this purpose as it is quite strong and easily folded and formed to the hull shape. I didn’t use too much of this from the roll, and my wife never noticed it’s absence from the kitchen whilst I was nicking it …result ! The hull was thoroughly wiped over with a tack cloth and panel wipe to remove any traces of contaminants that could spoil the paint finish and then it went into the booth. The pre-warmed paint went on very easily but at one point I noticed a bit of blooming on the surface in a few places but much to my relief this soon disappeared. Even after only one coat the finish looked very smooth and glossy. I left this first coat for a day or two to fully harden before wet flatting it down with an 800 grade abrasive. The second and third coats were applied in the same way, each left to harden for a day or more before flatting with a yet finer grades wet & dry paper. With the final coat on the finish greatly exceeded my expectations 😎 The masking tape and foil was very carefully removed to reveal a very sharp line where black meets red although this will be covered with the white ‘Trimline’ tape I bought from SHG Model Supplies at the Bristol model show in the summer. After a further couple of days drying and hardening I gave the black paint a bit of a polish with some Halfords cutting/polishing compound. I’m extremely pleased with this finish and at the same time frightened to death that I’ll ruin it in some way with a clumsy knock or in the lettering and lacquering stages 😓 …

Spraying the ‘anti fouling’ by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
I have seen examples of this boat with a bright red gloss finish for the anti-fouling and as nice and shiny as it looks I have decided to be true to the original colour scheme as much as possible. Red oxide primer is a very close colour match to anti fouling paint, apparently, so I found some Simoniz red oxide paint on eBay at a very good price. I’m led to believe that one paint maker (Holts ?) makes the same paint for Halfords, Simoniz and others, it’s an acrylic paint with a matt finish so there should be no compatibility problems. Masking off the hull with a couple of layers of newspaper is quick and easy and it’s ready to go into the spray booth. First coat on and it’s looking good, second coat after 20 minutes or so and I’m really happy with the results and the Simoniz paint is perfectly compatible with the Halfords primer. For good measure I’ll spray a third coat after the first two have hardened overnight, I’ll give the surface a very light key with a fine abrasive pad first. Then it’s on to the rest of the hull with the black gloss.

Derby MBC celebrates 40th Anniversary by apb55 Seaman   Posted: 3 years ago
Yes, it's true. The club is in it's 40th year. A friendly, informal club Formed in 1976 by 4 members of the disbanding Rolls Royce Model club. In the early days the club sailed at Alvaston Park as well as Markeaton Park here in Derby. We now sail exclusively at Markeaton Park and the annual summer regatta will be held here on Sunday July 10th.Being a little special this year we are appealing for former members who may have any old club related newspaper articles, photos etc. to bring along on the day and share some of your memories. If you can help please contact me, Andy either through this site or you can find my contact details on the membership page of the clubs Thanks,Andy. Scale and membership secretary.

Noels Raft by Northumbrian Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 years ago
This Is a raft that one of our members Noel built from bean cans soldered together powered by a blower motor /12v 9mah battery It Is a model of his fathers full size raft made from 45gallon drums powered by a car engine It was sailed off Cresswell near Newbiggin by the sea It made headlines In the local newspapers as Noel can no longer join us at the lake due to his failing health I will keep It and sail It on his behalf and use It as a rescue craft

dust on painted areas by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 years ago
Welsh fen man One problem that was not mentioned Is the area you are using, once carefully cleaned, try hanging some damp newspaper around your painting area, hang It up on strings like christmas cards, this will attract dust particles and cause them to stick to the paper not your paintwork. Also try using Tac rags, both on your paint surface and the surrounding area. Get them from car paint specialists, or Ebay, expensive from Halfords Mark

Phoenix by Keith Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
In 1963/64 my father built a 34" Fireboat for me. Being only about 12 the job was a little above my knowledge or expertise. Another chap In my class at school had the same boat but rigged as a Fireboat. So I wanted something different.My boat was painted Red.White and Black. When I migrated to Australia I sold the boat about 1970.Earlier this year I had an article published In a Melbourne newspaper saying I was looking to repurchase the boat I had sold 40 years ago. Although I was unable to get my boat, someone had a fireboat that had been sitting around for years.After purchasing the boat, I restored It to the same colours etc that I had had 40 years ago. Thereby naming It Phoenix.

A strong Image for your business In the online world. by Aponte Apprentice   Posted: 7 years ago
Creating a website Is one thing a business has to consider carefully when It comes to developing Its popularity and Image. A website Is not only a portal for the audience to access Information about the company but It also acts as the online Identity. As the Internet has made a tremendous Impact on people, Its Importance as an efficient advertising medium has grown greatly when compared to other medium such as television, newspapers, magazines etc. Hence, the best way that a company can popularize Its products or services Is by using Its website. While hiring a website">">website development company to develop a website for your business, make sure that the site Is attractive and simple to use. The audience/customer who visits the site should not be confused as to how to navigate through the site. The content In the website should be precise and up to the point and should not be full of technical jargon which normal clients find hard to understand. The content should be attractive and the user should find It Interesting enough to read and hence spend more time In the website. This Increases the chances of the client to do business with the firm. These are the two main aspects for a website to become successful. For a website development company to be successful, they should have a good team who can deliver the promise of good design, good understandability and functionality to deliver complete customer satisfaction. This Is necessary to establish the Identity of the company In the minds of their customers.

The COROMANDEL by nasraf Commander   Posted: 7 years ago
Having completed the re furbishment of my Fireboat and having found the activity quite absorbing, I started to look for another project. During my research Into my family history I discovered that my great grand father emigrated to New Zealand In 1873 as a farm worker. Somehow by 1880 he was the " providore " on a small coastal steamer. Unfortunately he appears to have fallen off this In Auckland harbour and was drowned leaving a wife and 6 children. As I have no photographic record of him, I thought It would be nice to make a model of this ship, that I could hand on to my grandson along with the Fireboat. I have no great experience of building model boats, but my activities with the Fireboat has Increased my range of tools to help In the build and I thought that It may be of Interest to others to record my saga of buiding a scratch build model. I know It Is not a Fireboat, but I understand that the organisors of this site have no objection to this great site covering other types of vessel. The first part of the research needed was to determine the name of the ship, using the Internet I was able to find a NZ newspaper Item that recorded the drowning and name of the ship the " COROMANDEL". Searching the NZ maritime records provided a picture of the ship loading passengers, this gave me a start and I have attached a copy of the picture. I shall add blogs as I go along ( as I write this I am actually some way In, but It will be better to tell the story In bits and I am not that much of a typist ), so I have now provided the Introduction. nasraf

Aerokits PT restored by Graham Taylor by froggyt996 Commander   Posted: 11 years ago
I rescued my PT Boat from EBAY In August 2005. It was owned by a young boy In Birmingham whose Dad had built If for him. It Is an original Aerokits kit Fast Patrol Boat. When I bought the boat It had a sound hull with a few damaged fittings, which I removed. Since then I have made new guns, extended the front cabin to carry the life raft to make It look like a late World War II Elco PT Boat and added other new fittings. I have made 6 working exhausts In brass tubing, have fitted a new open prop shaft running an Octura race prop and a Merco 61 glow engine. It still needs torpedos, guard rails around the machine gun turrets and a few other fittings. The number 349 Is from an original Pacific Theatre 80' Elco PT Boat whose name In Bee Bee, which I hope to add at a later date. I have also painted It In an original Pacific Theatre camouflage from a PT Boat book which I bought for reference and to make It look like a standoff scale model. This boat was also photographed by the local Burton Upon Trent newspaper at the Fireboat day In September 2006. I ran this boat at the Burton Model Boat Club's Fireboat day In September 2006 briefly until I broke the exhaust manifold and had to retire It early.