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The deck planking. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 hours ago
You can also fake it with an indelible marker pen and a straight edge as you'll see later in the blog 😜. Robbob.

The deck planking. by rolfman2000 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 hours ago
I would love to be able to do planning and black caulking at this level. Each time I have tried, it just about ended in tears😭 As it was many years ago, laser etched planking wasn't available then, so maybe that might make a difference these days. I really hope I get to see this boat one day. Many thanks for sharing the build Ribbon 😊

The deck planking. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 hours ago
Hi Mike. I chose to use .8mm black plasticard after doing a test pieces with it and comparing it with another using card and I found the plasticard far easier to cut and fix, and it trims very neatly with a sharp chisel. No special primer required at all, the obeche strip is stained with several coats of teak water based stain and finished with a couple of coats of satin acrylic lacquer. It was great to meet you at Ally Pally on Saturday and compare notes on Crash Tenders, I hope you enjoyed your day out to London. Very Best. Rob.

The deck planking. by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 hours ago
Once again a piece of precision planking, the end product is always dependant on good planning and preparation, I used black card as my caulking (its available in a variety of thicknesses) and my thought was that it would not require any special pre- treatment other than sanding sealer and lacquer. Does the plasticard need a plastic primer?

The deck planking. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 hours ago
The kit I’m constructing is a pre-production prototype and consequently it does not have the ‘laser etched planking’ feature that has been subsequently introduced in the final production kits on the ‘upper’ deck and the ‘well’ deck. This is of no concern to me because I think I prefer to do my own planking anyway but I do have to do a bit of preparatory ‘laying out’ of the deck pattern to ensure that it’s symmetrical and laid in a pleasing fashion. I have chosen to use 1.6 mm x 9.5 mm obeche hardwood strip-wood (from SLEC) for this with a thin black plasticard caulking between the planks. This is what I did when I constructed the VMW Fire Tender and the result was very effective and visually pleasing. Obeche has a pleasing grain, takes stain very easily and is also considerably cheaper than mahogany which I feel would be far too ‘dark red’ when finally lacquered. Because I wanted an outer curved plank around the hull edge I had to cut this from 1.6mm obeche sheet to the correct shape and width as it would be impossible to bend a strip to this extreme curve. These also needed a section trimmed out to allow the bow gunwales to be positioned correctly. Once both sides were cut and shaped I could then form the ply gunwales to the correct curve by my heating and bending process and glued them down to the deck. I understand that on the production kits these gunwales are now incorporated into the side skins which will make the construction a bit easier. The remaining outer planks on the hull edges were made from straight lengths of obeche but required some easing cuts so that they could be bent to the curve of the hull. Hopefully these cuts will not be too noticeable in the finished deck. When all the edge planks were glued in place I temporarily laid out the obeche planking strips with a thin strip of black plasticard as caulking and all held in place with masking tape. The centre plank was arranged to lie over the centre line from bow to stern. The setting out of the planks in this manner confirmed that the layout worked as intended and so I began fixing down the planking from the centre plank of the hull outwards with a fast bonding superglue and the process proved to be quite quick to complete. The side deck planks were equally straightforward but did require some to be carefully shaped in a tapered fashion at each end to fill the remaining gaps. The rear deck was also planked by working out from the centre plank and thankfully the planking layout matched and followed the bow deck planking perfectly. The surplus plasticard ‘caulking’ was then trimmed flush to the planks with a very sharp chisel and the entire deck rubbed down with my sanding plate until it was all perfectly smooth. For those building this model that don’t feel confident enough to do ‘real planking’ will probably want to make use of the laser etched planking on the ply deck panels to achieve a similar result with very minimal effort, but I quite like the challenge of doing it the hard way and the benefit of a slightly better finish.

Fairmile D 1/24 Scale Build by reilly4 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 hours ago
Sakibian, My friend Graham built his E-boat with a fibreglass hull but scratch-built everything else. He does magnificent detail work. For you to build this hull you first need to get the plans to the scale you want to build. 1/24 is good for these models. The cross sections are essential. You need to determine how many bulkhead frames you will require. You won't require as many as shown on their plan and photos - maybe less than half - as many as will enable you to support the stringers to give you a shape of the hull on to which you can fix the planking or skin. The frames you choose need to be at or very close to cross sections, so you can use them to mark and cut your frames. I use 5mm plywood. There is a photo of my Fairmile D frame earlier in this series of posts. One of my earliest posts on this website was a Youtube video with the E-boat and my Fairmile D in action with sound effects.

Motor Anti-Submarine Boat MA/SB by cormorant Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
My latest project, a 1/24 scale MA/SB is currently taking shape. The vessel is based upon the 63ft BPBCo launch and I understand some had planked decks. There is nothing I like better than planking a deck but I can find no reference to MA/SBs having anything other than metal decks. My recommended reference book is Caostal Craft History Vol.2 which only tells me that planked decks were usually varnished whilst metal decks were usually painted grey. Can anyone assist please? Steve

Fitting the rubbing strakes. by Joburg-sailor Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
When planking a static galleon model I boiled the strakes for 5 mins but think that this expanded the wood that resulted in slight shrinkage on drying out. Never thought about just wetting strakes and using the heat gun. Great idea that obviously works well. I am enjoying this read hugely.

general help by Philg7mwh Apprentice   Posted: 16 days ago
Hi All, i know i'm doing this back to front, but decided to build a yacht, just over 40 inches long, i have no plans and no idea what i'm doing, but i have so far made the hull, i sawed up some scrap wood for planking and have it resined so the wood shows through, will glass the inside, i'm about to construct a cantilever keel, should be fun, have aluminium mast and boom, think that's what its called, what i want are recommendations as to where to buy things like goose necks and all the other paraphernalia mail order if possible in the UK. thanks Phil

Older Billings Models by Richard7 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
Hi Garth & Brianaro, l too have been building Billings kits, although l do find some of there instructions a bit hit and miss, but l think any kit has its challenge. My first Billing kit was the Norden fishing boat, my second kit was the Boulogne-Etaples, now l am currently building the St Canute tug, but l took a rest during the run up and over Xmas, to be honest l am struggling with the hull planking, so l will knuckle down very soon. I have also built the Aero-naut Diva which was a fine kit to make. Your chat reminded me of my early school days (late 50’s) when l used to spend my paper round money of the “Keilcraft boat kits” (May have got the kit name wrong), the boat l recall was called the Mermaid, does anyone out there remember these early kits? Anyway chaps l’ve attached photos of my current finished kits, l always like to see other completed kits! Happy new year and good modelling for 2019 Richard

Wood planking onto a fiberglass hull by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
anything is possible however the level of difficulty and skill required will be dependant on the shape of the hull, pictures would be helpful (if not essential to give any comment as to the practicality of such a venture)

Wood planking onto a fiberglass hull by jimdogge Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi chaps, a very happy new year to you all. I have been given a fiberglass hulled boat it has a nice wood deck and cabin. My question is. Is it or can the hull be planked to suit the deck planking. Hi chaps thank you for the replies to my original post, yes l do agree that a piccy or two may of been helpful so here are a couple of pictures Jim dogge.

Fitting the side skins. by Joe727 Captain   Posted: 23 days ago
Robbob, Looking back again on some of your earlier posts, I see the plywood skinning that you did. I will be doing this on a future build as I am not the best at planking a hull. Your reference to HEATING THE PLYWOOD is a great tip, I have never tried that. Thanks, Joe

Mamoli Puritan yacht plans by smiggy Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 23 days ago
What-ho chaps, hope you all had a merry one. I appear to have become the 'proud' owner of a Mamoli kit for the Americas Cup cup boat 'Puritan'. Everything is in the box with the exception of the plans, instructions and the keel and formers to build the hull. There is evidence the the owner had started to build the boat, some of the detail parts have been assembled, companion ways and the like, but all the hull planking appears to still be in its pack. I suspect he took the missing parts out to start the hull but got distracted. Sadly he died earlier this year but the kit is a few years old. Now this is where you come in, hopefully. Has anyone out there built this now out of production kit and still has the plans that came with it? If so can you send me a copy, I'll pay the copying and postage costs, or can you send scans of the plans?. The interweb has yielded a set of lines and I think I can get them into scale, having found the basic dimensions of the boat, but the actual plans might yield information to ease the build. Either way I hope to produce a build blog along the way - but I've set out to do that before and failed on a Type 21 frigate HMS Active built from scratch, got carried away building the boat. Thanks in advance Graham 'smiggy'

Sea Queen Frames by ChrisF Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
"I wish I had never said anything or about Biro pretend deck planking Cheers Ian T" You weren't to know he was selling such crap! Are you sure it's the same guy you got yours from? I can't believe he was supplying first class drawings years ago and is now supplying rubbish. Why bother drawing (well trying to) around the frames etc. when you already have good drawings?