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Perkasa 49 inch by BOATSHED Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
I used to take a rescue boat with me, A small electric boat with me and I had a piece of fishing lie about 15ft long with those small bouny balls that are about an inch in diamiter threaded along it and run it round the conked out boat. The line would go under the boat and catch round the prop or rudder the drag it back to shore. The fishing rod I take now is a telescopic one with a fixed spool reel and fly fishing line that's bright yellow and it floats. Hoping to cast over top of the boat then drag it back. I was getting quite good at it. Mainly on my brothers boat. Mine was quite reliable but did conk out sometimes.

Canada 150 year celebration by GARTH Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
Confederation marine modellers will be hosting a display & model boat pool for Canada's 150 birthday here at Hamilton's Steam & Technology Museum . The museum has a working walking beam pump , live model steam engine rides , mecano displays

iMBRA European Championships by andycoburn Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
The first iMBRA European FSR Endurance Championships will be held at Gyoparosfurdo Oroshaza Hungary in August 2017. This is a fantastic venue with a waterpark and pool overlooking the racing lake. ngary

iMBRA British International by andycoburn Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
2 day interantional FSR Endurance class racing 3.5, 7.5, 15 and 27cc classes. Billing is a superb venue with great family entertainment including an indoor pool with slides and a funfair. m

New Lake at Colwyn? by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
glad to see that big lake will be back in use, I'm not that old, and remember the paddle boats there, then it all fell into disrepair. I take it the dinosaurs have moved out of the new club house! I take it general parking is either infront of the old bike rental building (from the prom) or up at the swimming pool at the top of the hill? Will this years mayors regatta be there? maybe I can bring my avatar picture some time!😊

CADMA Northern Model Boat Show by happysailor Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
CADMA model boat show with lots of traders and lots of models on display including an outdoor portable pool. There is also a reasonably priced restaurant on site. There will be a Bring & Buy available. Lots of Free car parking is available. Entrance fees are Adults £5, Family Ticket 2 Adult-2 Children £12. Children under 16 £2. Adult wheelchair users + 1 Carer £7. Child wheelchair users + 1 Carer £5. Opening Times, Saturday 10am - 4pm. Sunday 10am - 4pm.

Mersey Ferry "Mersey" by 4clubs Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
1/48 scale (38 inches long) Mersey Ferry "MERSEY" from early 1900's. Fully working model ready to sail c/w 2.4GHZ radio/Tx. Well detailed scratch built from original photos. Buyer collects from Maghull Liverpool Merseyside UK. £500 ono

Mersey ferry Royal Daffodil (ex Overchurch) by 4clubs Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
😭😭😭😭1/48 scale (38 inches long) working model Royal Daffodil (ex Overchurch) complete ready to sail with 2.4ghz radio and TX. Fully illuminated; fitted bilge pump. Very detailed model from builders plans. Buyer collects from Maghull Liverpool Merseyside UK😭😭😭😭😭 £500 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD😊😊😊😊😊

Mersey ferry Rose for sale by 4clubs Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
1/48 scale (38inches long) Mersey ferry Rose from 1900's.2.4GHz Radio complete with radio TX batteries etc fully working model well detailed. Buyer collects from Maghull Liverpool Merseyside UK £500 ono.

Mersey Ferry RC workingModel by 4clubs Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
1/48 scale (38inches long)model Mersey Ferry Snowdrop (before the Razzel Dazzle colours). Fitted out with 2.4GHz radio, full illumination, bilge pump etc. Ready to sail complete with radio and TX. Well detailed scratch built from builders plans. Buyer collects from Maghull Liverpool Merseyside UK. £500

HMS Sussex by davidhgreatbatch Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Scratch Built on a GRP Hull. Built her 20 years ago and sail her on Mary Stevens Park Pool, Stourbridge

TSS Manxman by davidhgreatbatch Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Scratch built on a GRP hull. Built her in 2016 and sail her on Mary Stevens Park Pool, Stourbridge

raf crash tender by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Dave, good to hear from you (sorry to hijack thread). 4 footer came out two years ago, Huntsman once in 2016, Its over 3 years since the 3 footer got wet! Orca once in 2016. I did build the PCF which I really liked, but it went immediately as too many people messaged saying they wanted it, so it funded some RC plane gear, which I am really into now. I sold a load of bits and bobs at the Blackpool show a few months ago, didn't renew with St Helens in 2015, or 2016, and wont this year. However.... Robs excellent blog has got me interested again, and Stephen kindly did a bespoke 3 d printing project on something rc related, info and pics to follow when its finished! Back on track... George, I'm going to advise only things I have done, or used, I'm not one to say do this, or that, but actually I have not done it myself. No doubt others will disagree, but this is my opinion only. Best performance in terms of speed is brushless, and lipo. Forget fear of fire and explosions, this only happens with abuse, and they are the common use with rc planes, helicopters, cars, its only boats that are really stuck in the dark ages with technology that have this big fear of brushless systems and lipos! However, to get initially set up, they do take more understanding and initial cash outlay, as you need a specific charger for one, and you do need to understand what you are doing. Brushless motors will unlease the power far more than brushed, and are usually lighter. rnigy-t600-brushless-outrunner -for-600-heli-880kv.html This motor is an example, there are much cheaper ones with similar specs, but I have used this motor in various applications, the most similar to your boat being my large Huntsman, with this motor on 6 cells lipo I achieved 25mph, but speed might not be what you want. So if you have the fast engine in your car, say a v12 Ferrari, if you run it on cheap fuel, it wont perform, same here, nicads and nimhs batteries are easy to maintain, you can drain them dead flat, but will give cheap fuel performance, like a bath tap trickling when the shower is on at the same time, and as they are dying technology, are expensive for what they are. Lipo is like turning up both bath taps and the force floods out, but now the tank will empty quicker, so you have less run time 😊 If brushless, its a specific speed controller, bbyking-50a-boat-esc-4a-ubec.h tml and you pay extra for reversing (other rc disciplines don't need reverse) and a marine esc might need to be water cooled, however, decent brushed motor speed controllers are not exactly cheap, so now you know why budget is important to give advice, you could be spending £100 here just to get up and running. Look at my 4 foot fireboat build blog, as its twin screw (personally a boat this size is better twin screw) you can get by with cheaper motors, mine where £30 the pair, I use lipo for all my boats, so I have the batteries, and are familiar with using them, the speed controllers where about £40 the pair, and if I was buying batts then probably another £40, so it all adds up! Single screw, less batteries. You could power with nimhs, and it might be acceptable ,performance for you. If your location is Ellesmere Port, have a Sunday morning drive to Hoylake, then New Brighton, and maybe take in St Helens Liverpool, and Runcorn, see boats in action, see what sort of performance suits you, and rethink the budget, what do you want to spend? Then you need the transmitter and receiver (if you don't already have these) the fittings (see Robs build blog) a prop shaft, and a suitable propeller I am North Wirral, you are more than welcome to come and have a chat and see some boats, but unfortunately I'm deep into another rc project for the next few weeks, once that is done I can share some time, if you want! Don't worry, I'm not all about speed, I can do brushed motors and nimhs and get a result, Any questions, just ask, Paul PS... Looks like a nice clean boat you have there😉

DAMEN STAN 4207 by RHBaker Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Am building this model to replicate HMCC Vigilant. Up until now have found that this vessel and the hull of the standard Damen Stan 4207 production similar, so the Damen drawings have worked well. Moving to the superstructure this is not the case, whilst the two vessels are broadly similar, there are many differences. The photos available on the Internet enable these to be identified, but the pictures kindly sent by Liverpool Maritime Museum proved enormously vaulable. These were so good that dimensions could be scaled off to help replicate details. The Canadian Hero class tends more towards the Damen standard, although have many pictures of this they confirm the drawing details. Started on the superstructure, using styrene as it is light and easy to work. The structure is now virtually complete, built from a combination of styrene sheet, strip and wood strip. Made the bridge and mast structure removable from the lower portion to assist any future repairs and to add interior detail. The mast was a particular challenge as it is quite complex. With the objective of reducing weight and thus heeling moment, made this from styrene tube. This material is easy to work, but an extra wire for the light grounds becomes necessary. Fitted a common ground using a bare wire with the various negative LED terminals soldered to it. The positive feeds are all individual and will need to connect beneath the bridge deck to install the correct LED & resistor combinations. All the wires were passed inside the mast legs. Hope to never replace a LED, that will be a real joy! So far, the weigh of the superstructure (less final wiring, glazing, paint and detail) is 14 oz. This should allow the model to be completed at around the 9lbs total, the target established from the earlier buoyancy tests.

The Mast - part 2. by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Rob, its Mike Alsop scale flags he was at the Blackpool model boat show, nice silk flags, he will be able to do whatever version you want. Having had both, the becc tend to be very stiff, and the colour fades quick. Couple of years on and the silk ensign still looks very realistic, but choice is up to you, 👍