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Pinkie Pie by Krampus Lieutenant   Posted: 1 day ago
Model kit made on or about 1969 by defunct German firm Robbe based upon Chris Craft Roamer motor yachts of the era. Hull appears to be inspired on 1950s Chris Craft Constellation series. Model tried to emulate a 46 feet version. I got this one half-built and adapted as a gift for my child inspired in the "My Little Pony" characters. Approx. 1/20 scale. Authentic Chris Craft Roamer 46 measured 46 x 15 feet. It runs with a 4-bladed 40mm metal propeller, 320A 7.2V-16V ESC 30A constant, a NiMH 9.6v battery, and a Mabuchi 540 Motor.

Triton by Krampus Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
With my boats getting routinely stranded in the middle of nowhere, I felt compelled to commission a rescue vessel and "Triton" was born. "Triton" is a Springer-type tug push boat. With a hull and superstructure consisting of an “Indiana” style command cabin, it was built using a pretty basic birch plywood American kit designed for swimming pool water polo. Kit altered to resemble a fictitious Salvamento Marítimo (Spanish Coast Guard) unit following Salvamento Marítimo’s actual boat markings. Equipment and deck layout inspired on actual Springer tug push boats supporting larger vessels and barges found in US and European ports and rivers. Model built during September – October 2015. Approx. 1/18 scale. Real life boat could be a 30-footer (9.14m) vessel. Equipped with 9v LED navigation lights and sound system. Powered by an HPI Racing 1145 Gt 550 Motor, NiMH 7.4v battery, a 3-bladed 44mm propeller, and a 6-12V 320A RC Ship & Boat R/C Hobby Brushed Motor Speed Controller.

Bademenuss by Krampus Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Altered Krick Lisa M model kit seeking realism. Inspired on 1970s 40, 42 and 43 Hatteras, Uniflite and Viking Double Cabin American yachts. 9v LED navigation lights system. Approx. 1/20 scale. Real life boat could be nearly 39 x 13.7 feet. Similar real-life Hatteras 40 Double Cabin yacht measured 41 x 13.7 feet. Runs with NiMH 9.4v battery, an HPI Racing 1145 Gt 550 Motor 14.4V, and a 40mm 3 blade propeller.😁

DJI Phantom 2 v2.2 drone by sonar Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
DJI Phantom 2 v2.2. Anyone fly one of these. Here are the specs of the one I am looking at. But seems due to all the bits it has to carry the total flying time is 16 mins .. Is this long enough for a general flight ? Any here are the specs DJI Phantom 2 v2.0 Fully kitted out with Live video feed to the controller, has the excellent Zenmuse H3-3D stabilised gimbal fitted and has the brilliant Gopro hero 3+ black edition included for excellent results. It has an immersion RC 600mw video transmitter fitted for long range transmission and this is fitted with a Fat shark omni directional higher gain antenna. The controller has a Flysight black pearl monitor fitted with the latest folding sunshade. As it has dual 5.8ghz recievers and 32 channels it has twin antenna mounts on top of monitor and there is a fat shark omni directional antenna to match the one on the video transmitter on the drone and also a 5 turn helical directional antenna for solid video at extended distances. The monitors inbuilt diversity reciever will auto switch between antennas to get the best signal. This comes with all original boxes and 2 sets of propellers one of which have never been out of the box. This drone has the heads up display module already fitted to give you live flight data and heading to find back to home if orientation is lost. As with all Phantoms this drone has auto return to home and land so if connection is lost it will fly back to land at its take off point. This drone includes all chargers etc so is all you need to get flying and capturing great aerial footage in a single kit. I have flown this out to 997m during testing and it is faultless in its reliability. Three flight batteries are included to keep you flying longer. This is a very capable machine that has done some epic flights. I am happy to demonstrate it flying etc as it has never been crashed or abused. So what would you think was a fair price to pay for this drone ????

TBC by marky Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 20 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 24" TBC Single Propellor Controlled Through scratch build ESC - Comments: Scratch built loosely based on the St Chanute ,made from recycled wood the winch is made from parts of an old sewing machine the mast is copper pipe and an artists paint brush handle the rails are split pins with 1.6welding rod soldered the rigging is cord from a venetian blind dyed using Indian ink ,the only bought items were the propeller ,anchors ,paint and glue

a very noisy fireboat by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
its early on with this project, I was going to wait until its completed, but not sure when that will be, so Ill give you a sneak peak. I've been using a sound system in one of my model planes, and over time have become friendly with the guy who makes them, helping him with various things. I got thinking about the 4 foot fireboat I have, and how cool it would be to have a sound unit. So, to cut a long story short, I knew he had a plane sound with twin Merlin's for a bomber, and I use a merlin for my P51 Mustang model. After a serious amount of pestering, I got him to modify one of the 5 stock sounds on his Boat sound unit, using the twin Merlin sound from the planes. It took some work, getting rid of the propeller sound on the start up and shut down sequence. I ran it for the first time last night, but forgot to take spare batteries, and a small screwdriver to adjust the settings, so couldnt change the settings, in particular, the volume was set way too loud, losing some of the clarity of sound. This is pretty close to the real engines, which where v8 meteor, this sound is an actual recording of the v12 Merlin, its doubled up, and staggered, so you can hear the two engines running. It has start up and shut down sequence, it isn't clever enough to read reverse unfortunately. Its a speakerless system, using transducers instead of speakers, which are much louder, smaller and lighter. They rely on vibrations, they are epoxied to the hull, and the whole boat becomes the speaker! Its the first time I've done this, and its pretty new on the market for boats, planes have been going for a few years. I've realised that whilst I put them above the waterline, I didn't account for the roll of the hull, when one (there is one on either side) goes below the waterline it muffles the vibrations, and causes a funny sort of gurgling noise, ah well, like I say, its early days! Still a bit of tweaking to do, but you get the idea. Stock sounds are Turbo cat diesel, Johnson outboard, evenrude outboard, mercule v8, steam. They also have aux sounds, such as ships bell, steam whistle, horn, seagulls etc. I think on my system the Johnson is dropped in lieu of the twin merlin sound. Have a look at

propellers specilly made by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
Hi cliff Now I understand. It's always interesting to see how other modellers connect their drive shafts and I hope this solution works for you. The model is looking good and the detail will certainly add to the character. As you are making most of the fittings I do hope you will keep posting your progress. Dave

propellers specilly made by Mataroa Admiral   Posted: 28 days ago
Hi Dave theres a grub screw on the prop so i filed a small flat area on the shaft to take the grub screw and little bit of thread lock on the grub screw and yes theres is thrust washer . cliff

propellers specilly made by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Hi cliff How are you going to attach the props to the shaft? Normally if the prop shaft has a plain and threaded end, the threaded end goes to the prop with a locknut and thrust washer, The other end inside the boat has a thrust washer and a collett with grub screw(s). Dave

propellers specilly made by Mataroa Admiral   Posted: 28 days ago
Hi im very happy with my new specilly made propellers 50mm for Solent Lifeboat .The propeller you get are 3/16 tread but what i need it is propeller with 3/16 hole .The propeller shaft is 3/16".I needit straight through 3/16" hole on the propeller that fittied on the 3/16 shaft and there was no tread on the shaft and there was no one else that can do the job what i was looking for so i called Raboesch to see can they help me and they said yes they can help me with the specilly order. it takes 3 weeks to make them 👍 cliff

3D printing by Midlife306 Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi, I'm looking at getting a 3D printer. I've found an online community called thingiverse on there there are thousands of model boat parts, from propellers right through to full boats. Is there anyone else that uses this resource? Cheers Wayne

Brushless in or out by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Sonar Inrunner brushless have an outer case which remains static just like a brushed motor. Outrunner brushless have an outer case that revolves around the central core which remains static. The revolving outrunner case forms a flywheel which is beneficial when driving a model boat prop where the water resistance is greater than a plane propeller in air. The effect lessens with larger motors used say for fast speed boats. Doug That link appears to be to a file somewhere but there is no url. Dave

Counter Rotating Props by epmbcmember Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
I have always know propellers as left or right handed and on a single screw ship they nearly always turn clockwise looking from aft. Can be very handy if you know which is which as when approaching a berth on the port side at an angle with a right handed prop a good kick astern will put you flat alongside if you time it right. Done it many times with the real thing on all sizes of vessel. Can very often upset the Captain!!! but if timed right it works a treat.

Counter Rotating Props by reilly4 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
The US Navy Arleigh Burke class destroyers have outwards rotating propellers and the Ticonderoga class cruisers have inwards rotating propellers, so nothing definitive to be learned there.

more work on the solent by Mataroa Admiral   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi i did sum modification to the front of the superstructure it was out of line and all so i work on fitting the propeller shaft in.The 2 motor needit to be fitted in and the 2 15A speed controllers . I made up the battery tray and fitted it in the hull . cliff