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Leaking Boat! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Neville, Some intriguing suggestions here 😉 Good luck with the bicycle pump 😁 To be brutally frank! There are no short cuts to leak proofing an old wooden hull properly🤔 1 Internal deck / xyz mounting notwithstanding, if there's something wrong with the hull I want to know it so I can fix it - for good! If the probable source of the leak is hidden by some internal deck or mounting for xyz it has to come out! 2 To be honest, looking closely at your pics of the hull underside it's obvious she has had a few knocks. I would want to sand back, seal and repaint at least the red underside. Having so cleaned the hull off I would closely inspect all joints around the keel and chines and look for signs of previous water intrusion and soaking into to keel especially - potential delamination / capillary action through the keel or joints. When the hull is fully dried out and sanded back I would seal it with a couple of coats of Ezekote; the first coat you can thin with a little warm water so that it soaks into the wood better. Don't overdo it, about 10-20% water is enough. Second coat pure resin. If it looks 'patchy' give it another coat of pure resin. Dries so fast all this doesn't take long. Had to do all this on my fish cutter hull, Gina2 - see Blog! Was a sieve to begin with, afterwards she passed her ballast test with flying colours😊 See also my Sea Scout Jessica Blog. After that repeat your bath test, with ballasting to waterline, and KEEP AN EYE ON IT so you can see where any watter creeps in from!😉 If you take a short cut now you may well have to do it again (properly) some time😁 cheers, Doug 😎

LiPo batteries by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Which reminds me, Doug. Any sightings of what to me is the finest wine I ever drank (excepting Chateau d'Ychem..... Erben Merlot Spatbergunder. I bought it for a laughably low price in a little general stores in Sauerlach, a kind of quadrant of shops with a bit of parking available. I have found mention of it on the 'net, but not a supplier. So, if you do happen to see a bottle, would you get me at least three and I'll pay you immediately for the wine and the postage! Cheers, Martin

Spektrum, new, useless... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 26 days ago
You're painting a worst case picture. I'm not against insurance as such, just the expensive nonsense after years of a very reasonable 5 pounds a year with MAP. Why couldn't whoever bought out MAP keep with the insurers. Things go up, sure, but 5 quid to 34? Where did that come from? I don't want to join a club, any club. Why can't I get insurance on my own account? It's stinks of a con to me. And as for insuring a model yacht or effectively a glorified toy boat, that's going too far. I don't do fast boats, not interested. And frankly, if Johnny has his hands in the water of a dedicated model boat pond, that's his parents look-out. If he puts his foot on the road in front of a cyclist he gets no protection. How did we ever manage to become enthusiasts in the good old days when we could sail anywhere and not worry about it? Martin

Spektrum, new, useless... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Hi Ed, Wouldn't have happened on my watch when I ran a production test department for Rank Telcomm😉 back in the 70s! Don't know yet if it caused further damage. I doubt it as one of the wires was severed so it couldn't send any current anywhere. If it were shorted it would just be stuck in Trainer mode (I hope!) Just quieted my rumblin' tum 😜 so about to effect repairs, more later. Cheers for now, Doug

engine by hammer Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Trouble with big pictures all the rough bits can be seen. I will be smoothing & polishing when construction complete. Made the crank webs first glued the together, super glue, drilled the holes. Unfortunately they fell apart so had to use bolts to file to shape. Soldered the gear & pin, used an aluminium stubb to hold gear in place. Solder won’t stick to it of course. Marked the ports in the frame with gauge. Not drilled yet will do that in mill. Using a hat pin as a centre finder.

engine by hammer Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
A little more done on the engine. Steam ports & pivot holes drilled in cylinders. Oil light bronze bearing ready to fixed. Piston rods ready I will be silver soldering piston blanks in place. Then with the rod in chuck turn the blanks to fit. Chrome crank shaft, pin & web in the picture ready for cutting. The strip of ali with four holes will mark the steam ports in the frame. when the crank is fitted. The small gears fit between the bearing & crank web. As I said before this will give the chance to change ratios if the low is to low.

Crash Tender crew by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Oh Goody! Sounds great 👍 Can you knit some for me? 😁 Go on, be generous, give 'em another 1/8", that'll make 'em decent 6 footers😉 Have fun Doctor Frankenstein 😁😁 Doug 😎

engine by hammer Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Original Standard sadly distorted when silver soldering together I got it to hot. A change of plan I now intend have two output gears one at 3to1 the other at 5to1. Three to one is my normal preference. But the 12 floats (paddles) are very close together so will start with 5to1. If this is slow can use 3to1 without much trouble. I have remade the standard, Second attempt soldered the bar then machined it after, this stopped any distortion. Stainless pivot bar fitted, will cut out inner section later. Large hole for removable crank bearing. Just the exit holes to the ports to drill when the crank it finished & blank off the 4 ports at entry end.

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Evenin' Martin, Oh dear oh dear oh dear! 😲 There is some good advice above, but maybe not optimally expressed for use by a Luddite! Sorry guys but this might be a relatively long post to separate the wheat from the chaff, explode a few myths and resolve this little conundrum of Martin's! One thing at a time! NUMBER1. THE RADIO- Dear Martin: Whatever possessed a self confessed Luddite and Scrooge like you to spring a large chunk of your hard earned pension on one of the most expensive and complex RC sets on the market in the first place???? I bought a Spektrum DX6 on impulse a few years ago while strolling around Conrad here in Munich. I've regretted it ever since. In retrospect it was way too expensive >600€, and complex. It is intended for the Fly Boys, as unfortunately most sets are these days. I have still not successfully programmed it to do what I want to do, instead of what it is pre-programmed to do for helis and fixed wing aircraft. Not even with it's own Spektrum RX, let alone a 'foreign' RX like Orange. So I have not yet risked it in a model. Definitely NOT my Catalina. Since then I have bought a Turnigy I6. Which does the same as the Spektrum, works fine with my Orange RX with giro for the Catalina😉, cost only 69€ (is now available for around 33 quid😡) and within a few hours I had it programmed and tested to do all I want in my destroyer and Sea Scout.👍 In short: the Spektrum is way way way Overkill for your yacht or Fire Float or similar, where you will only ever want rudder and sail servo / winch or rudder and speed control. So flog the Spektrum and get a nice simple (and cheap😉) 2 or 4 channel set. I can't imagine you ever wanting to start building special effects into your models so 2 (max 4) channels is all you will probably ever need. Stick your Spektrum on eBay, maybe you'll get at least a 100 quid for it. If you still want to go 2.4Gig get yourself a Turnigy i6 set with RX, 6 ch but cheap enough and I can help you directly with binding and programming from experience - I have a good English manual with no Chenglish gobbledygook. If not and you still have a working 27 or 40MHz FM set (40 would be better) use that. Where you sail, all alone, who's going to bother you or be bothered? BTW: Yes the Spektrum TX IS DSM2 and DSX compatible BUT you have to tell it what you want to use!!! Frankly I think trying that with a non-Spektrum RX is risky - especially first time out and for a novice Luddite😉 NUMBER 2. THE NiMh BATTERY- Voltage is not a reliable indication of battery charge / remaining capacity. After use a battery will recover slightly when at rest and the open terminal (off load) voltage will rise, often to the nominal voltage or slightly above. This is NO indicator of remaining charge as when a load is applied the voltage will drop again rapidly, the higher the current drawn the faster the voltage drops. If it goes below 1.0V per cell the battery will be permanently damaged and never regain it's original capacity. Haverlock is dead right about batteries losing charge when not used or regularly recharged. An NiMh batt loses charge at the rate of about 1% per day so after 3 months or so you can send it to the great recycling depot in the sky and buy a new one. Periodic cycling, discharge / charge prevents / minimises this - see care hints I posted above. And yes, NiMh do have that irritating Memory effect🤔 albeit not so pronounced as with NiCads. Lipos apparently not, but I ain't seen any evidence yet - the jury is still out! Sooo - ignore the 6.37V and run the batt through a discharge and full charge cycle. If your new NiMh batt has not yet been cycled and charged I would bet that it's present capacity is about 45%. See example below (and in attached pic) of one of my new 4.8V (nom) NiMh RX batts. NUMBER 3. THE CAPACITY CHECKER - "Glorified voltmeter" ? Where did the 6.37V reading come from if not from your 'new toy'? If it is showing volts it should also be showing capacity in %age. If you received the wrong thing it's not the "bloody electrics" but the bloody nit who packed and sent it that's at fault. Before you send it back check the below😉 Send me a photo of the Checker you have and with your battery plugged in so I can see what's happening on the display. Otherwise we are all poking about in the dark (Are we back to Jules and his friend Sandy😉😲) The link I sent you was for a checker exactly the same as mine except for the labelling! As you can see in my photo, properly connected it shows the terminal voltage and the remaining capacity (charge level) of the battery pack. Forget the Nixx (=2 Ni possibilities) display, that just means 'It ain't a LiXX' (3 Li- pissibolities). Attached photo shows a brand new 4 cell NiMh RX pack 4.8V (Nominal) connected to one of my Checkers. As you can see the voltage shown is 5.19V, according to the popular 'folklore' that would seem to indicate FULL charge. Unfortunately not🤔 Capacity indication is 45% which is normal for brand new batteries in storage and transit. Explanation thereof - see above! RE: " If it can do LiPos, why not the relatively simpler NiMhs?" a) the LiPo pack has a different chemistry and construction which requires different input circuitry on the checker, b) LiPos need balancing and are fitted with Balancer Plugs which connect to the multipin connectors on the checker. Each pin connects to one cell of the LiPo so that they can be monitored individually. LiPo chargers use this to balance the cells to within 0.01V (100mV) or less by adjusting the charge / discharge currents to each cell. The checkers use this to show you the individual cell voltages and charge states. A big difference, i.e.lower V and capacity, indicates cells with faults, e.g. higher internal resistance, or a discharged pack which needs charging and balancing. NiMh packs don't usually have this facility to measure individual cells. They are thus connected to a separate input on the checker which can then only show total pack terminal voltage and capacity. BTW: if you can get it passed 'THE Management' store your battery packs in the fridge😲 The 'coolth' slows down the rate of self discharge, which is a function of the battery internal resistance, which reduces slightly with reduced temperature😉 Enough for now, back to stripping my PTB for it's Midlife Refit! Cheers, Doug 😎 PS Martin: Just saw your post about another RX. Why the hell not buy a Spektrum designed Rx guaranteed to work with their TX? Or better still; flog the Spektrum and get a nice simple Turnigy set as above, also recommended by Ron, albeit the 9 ch version. All this frigging about with 'claimed compatible' bits and pieces just wastes money and time, fogs the issue and don't prove nutt'n!

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Martin, there's loads of the little beasts here on eBay UK, and cheaper than mine was here in Germany 😭 More on the charger later, I just melted an ESC in my PTB 😡 Odd, port engine worked, stbd 'Machinery Control Room' burst into flames. And no, I didn't wire it up! I bought it 'as is' to renovate and convert to PT109, what else!? Now about to rip out all the wiring and do it My Way (thanks to Frank😉) Ciao, Doug PS HobbyKing do have some, but more expensive which is unusual for them😲 and not in stock in UKor EU warehouse😭 SORRY🤔 forget this last one, they put a servo tester where on mine the NiMH tester is!

Wherry hull in GRP by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Boatshed, Ron...yes that is the model I've shown an interest in, but frankly, if that's the one he's offering, I'm not interested! It costs no more to make a correct one than a bad 'un and that's seriously bad. I've no wish to spend my time making right somebody else's work. It's why I stopped building kits when I was 8 years old! Damned shame. I thought we'd struck gold. But that's a turd and I ain't spending time trying to polish it! Cheers, Martin

Sails for Vanity by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Well, the dear bride has just had me down at Dunelm buying net curtains and a pole and while I was there I found the Egyptian cotton sheets mentioned above. Frankly I thought the stuff a bit soft and fluffy, so didn't buy. It was also very expensive. I have, meantime, received samples of various fabrics at least two of which are suitable, but Cambric was the best by a long way. Actually waxed Cambric was the one. I shall be using that one when I've made patterns and worked out how much I need for the Vanity and the Marblehead. The Wherry will have to be done with whatever sheet fabric I can get in black as I don't have much luck dying stuff. The Cambric comes from....B&R Textiles Ltd., Winton, nr. Bournemouth. Phone 01202 528388 and e-mail:- Cheers, Martin

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
Ian, I thought all ED where compression ignition (diesel) so not sure what yours could be. I still have a seagull (1cc) hunter (2.5cc) and a sea otter (3.5cc) I believe that the sea otter was the only engine ED made specifically for use in boats (water cooled) because the flywheel was at the opposite end of the crank eliminating the need to thread your starter cord under your prop shaft and u.j. Norman.

Sails for Vanity by kmbcsecretary Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Martin I have always used Frank Nylet some of his prices may seem on the high side but he is a professional sail maker. My last suite I had of him was for my Bristol pilot cutter which cost £320 but in my opinion worth every penny as they are made as the original full size sails . The only other options are you could try PJ sails but little difference in price . Ron

Clyde puffer by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Eveni' Marky, Re Tights! What's handy will surely depend on the Missus or ..? 😉 Frankly I would dispense with the tights altogether (the Missus may of course have a different opinion😁), more trouble than they are worth and don't contribute much or anything to the construction if the basis was soundly built. It only costs you more resin to fill in the mesh of the tights. If you must use tights then the higher the denier the better (at least 40 - 50) anything less will have a very open mesh and contribute virtually nothing to the hull strength, the Missus will explain denier to you This seems to me to be a 'hangover' from 50s style construction when glass fibre was more expensive relatively speaking. I tried it back then with a scratch built Sopwith Camel fuselage and it was a total disaster. Instead planking with 1/32 balsa and a thin resin coat worked a treat. Nowadays, 30 years or more, I use glass fibre tissue instead; density and therefore strength imparted to the hull is more even cos it don't stretch like tights! Whatever, have fun, and greetings to the Better Half (tights donator!) Cheers Doug 😎 PS: if you feel you need tights😲 (or FG tissue) fit the rubbing strakes after this, and after sanding the tights / tissue to shape. Otherwise the strakes will just get in the way and be a nuisance to sanding and will get damaged / deformed. PPS: shame about the amber nectar, my commiserations 🤔 My current tipple is more tawny port colour; a rather nice Lagavulin 😜