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Help wanted by AllenA Commander   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Colin, This is what you might call a delayed response.....I always have been a little slow. About 3 years ago you posted your latest project which was to be something like the Great Eastern. While flipping through the Model Engineer Christmas Edition December 1958 I found this article. Probably too late but I thought you might like to see it. Did you ever finish the restoration?

Window Repairs by rolfman2000 Commander   Posted: 8 days ago
I picked up a 46" Huntsman yesterday, so i have the same sort of restoration as you have, but bigger 😕 First thing to sort is the "started" planning on the decking. There must be somewhere I can buy strips of timber to plank with to save making my own. And what does one use to represent the black interplank waterproofing ? Otherwise I have to take off the bits already glued on. Cheers guys, Dave W 😊

Sea Queen refurbishment by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
Hi Colin Good to hear your PC is fixed and the Sea Queen is well on the way to final restoration. I look forward to seeing some on water pics in due course. Chris Most wood contains resin of some sort so it could interfere with the resin we apply. Unless you are intending to go surfing with your model I doubt it will suffer quite like a surfboard!😁 Used sparingly on a clean surface it will both protect and harden the surface. I suppose my early modelling when building and painting model planes has made me so keen to keep the weight light. Some of my early efforts looked truly realistic and flew like a brick Happy days dave

Billings Sea King in need of TLC by AllenA Commander   Posted: 23 days ago
Getting to grips with the restoration. Need some help please. There are quite a few layers of varnish and these are hiding the original plank lines..... red lines. I guess the varnish has darkened over the years. Removing the varnish is difficult and I am looking for some guidance as to the best methods to try. I am worried about using paint stripper in case it delaminates the ply and might a heat gun loosen glue joints. Finally, should I leave the existing Sea King decal and Billings decal on the bow or can I buy new ones? All guidance welcome.

Sea Queen refurbishment by colinhubbard Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Boatshed, the Queen was treated with TRICLOROETHANE. Sorry can't divulge where but it was done in a laboratory by a guy who owed me a massive favour from when I was working. Even I don't know exactly how its done but sure worked. Wish I could get all my old boats done, as you I have many including an original fireboat from 1957. Also a Sea Urchin, and two Swordsman, a large launch from the early 60's Caroline is 56 inches, plus a 46 inch tug, about 8 other boats that need work, not to mention 5 sailing boats. Most of the fleet are used for displays at vintage and steam rally's. My wife and I spend the winters doing restoration work on models that get donated to us. Good night. Colin.

Vosper 73ft 380 by andyhynes Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
Just completed a restoration of a 73 inch Torpedo boat 3 props 3 rudders. Transported the boat to ifield Mill Pond with my batteries and trolley. assembling boat for use! when guess what? I forgot my remote. silly me, had to pack up and return home, some 20 miles. moral of this story. always make sure you have got everything. (Preparation)

HMS Lightning by Cadet Seaman   Posted: 2 months ago
[Score: 5/10] 66" HMS Lightning Single Propellor (3 Blade 60mm) Direct Drive Powered by Lead Acid (12v) 12Amp/h Batteries - Comments: Restoration of a 5'6" hull, carved from the solid and nearing completion. Was once steam driven. Now electric. I have a load of pictures to show one day. It could be up to 100 years old, but I have no idea what the wood is except that it has a dull pink appearance and few knots. Pictures will have to wait until I have reminded myself how to put them on the computer, sorry. I think it was a "speedboat" when designed.

New to hobby by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Larry As Doug says we need to know what you hope to achieve with your restoration? Also can you advise what modelling skills you have so we can pitch advice at the right level. Intially I suggest you use some soap and water to wash the outside of the model and perhaps layout and photo all the loose electrical bits so we can see what you have. I suspect this is perhaps a Robbe kit as some of the electrics seem to be of that genre. It would be great if any member can identify the model Dave

Admiralty drawings by colinhubbard Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Is the SS GREAT BRITAIN, as the original as in Bristol UK. If it is I would love a copy as I have a model which is in need of major restoration as it had been in a damp cellar go 50+ years, but it deserves another life. Thanks Colin.

How many is to Many by don6398 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
I have 5 working but cannot do them all at once and 1 being work on and one in planned restoration and something down the line.

How many is to Many by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Interesting topic. It would be great if all the models appeared in individual member's profiles under Boats in Harbour. A quick check of those who have posted already suggests many do not post the details. I rarely count the number of models and projects but I have 20 in my harbour and about half as many again under construction or awaiting restoration. Fortunately I have a large shed to store them all as well as space in the loft for the hulls awaiting to be built. Is it too many?, possibly but there is still room space for more but my age is beginning to work against me! Dave

Koh-i-Noor by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Great job, on her Restoration.

Brushless for 'Sea Scout'?? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi, as I have decided to use my refurbished, newly reversible Taycol Target in the Danish cutter restoration project I am considering going brushless for Sea Scout - 24". Weight empty 1.2kg. Any recommendations? Like Don't Do It !! Or In / Out, kV rating??? As a newbee to BL advice would be welcome. Ta in advance, Cheers Doug 😎

3D printing by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
I was thinking more along the lines of a Jag F-Space! 1 to 1 of course 😉 😎 Seriously though folks! I still have my hands full with a couple of restoration projects. In between I'll see how I get on with some smaller 3D boat parts. Then on to the Jag ......

How do I resolve my varnish problem? by John Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
I have spoken to the person who built the boat. It is based on a Vintage model boat company design. It was scratch built and is made of strips of mahogany as I originally suspected. Having looked at the Vintage model company site it most resembles a sea hornet, however another kit may have been available at the time it was made. The strips of Mahogany were the builder making use of the materials they had to hand at the time, hence the vertical strips! The interior is covered in fine fibreglass mesh and 3 thin coats of fibreglass resin. Work on the restoration continues!