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Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by Donnieboy Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
'Jessica is running really good.Thanks for putting all the info in the post.I'm sure it will be a lot of help to other modellers.Especially me.Good job on the restoration.

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
That's like what my Dad always told me: 'Practice the hard parts'. On the other hand: the fish cutter is a long term full restoration😱 and I would dearly love to finally see the Belfast and/or Graf Spee on the water. Both together would be great, they are both around 1.3m LoA!! Then there's the Akula II and HMS Manxman new builds😲 I must be nuts 😉 I think I'll tackle it this way- The fish cutter as a longish term project from time to time while I'm refitting the Belfast and Graf Spee which 'only' need internal work. Akula and Manxman can wait to next winter! We'll see, I will be updating my 'Harbour' and 'Build Blogs' as appropriate. When do we get to see Sea Trials of the 'Brooklyn' ? 😉

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
You're Sooo right Ed👍 Especially if yours is the only 'show' on the water, like today. You meet some nice people 👍 Since I retired I can avoid the weekends and holidays when the Biergarten lake is overrun and overcrowded😊 Re: finding the time! You should see the state of my maisonette!! Or maybe not 😲 No wonder no woman lives with me for long 😉 Photos attached of possible next projects - What should I do next??? Answers on a postcard please to ..... 😁 1 The Danish fish cutter? Full restoration, 2 The ELCO PTB? Renovation, repaint and refit as PT-109, 3 Or maybe the cruiser HMS Belfast? Needs new props and RX and ESCs fitted. 4 KMS Graf Spee, needs new shafts, props, RX and ESCs. Help! 😲 it's all go folks! Happy boating all, cheers Doug 😎

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Muchas gracias Ed 👍, was worth all the effort. During one run a nice American lady showed up with her grandchildren who were quite absorbed with the boat's antics. We had quite a nice long chat. Was a good afternoon. Now considering what's next (apart from final fittings and cockpit outfit for the Sea Scout): the old fish cutter restoration with my modified Taycol motor or the upgrade / conversion to PT-109 of the 1:35 ELCO PTB I bought last year !? Cheers Doug 😎

getting a bit slow?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Good ol' Martin, you haven't changed a bit have you? But then why should we at our age? Just as forth(or fifth?)right as ever😉 Was mildly surprised to see you pop up again a year after you so explicitly and expressively announced your departure! Getting bored? What might seem "utterly stupid and pointless" to you, as a lifetime professional model builder, is a very satisfying and maybe only possible way for many of us to enjoy this hobby. Is it really necessary to denigrate kit builders in this insulting manner? Some of us do a mixture of scratch and kit building, sometimes for the fun of building, sometimes for convenience / speed, as a a fill-in JFF job during a bigger build project, or because the scale is smaller than the 'small scale' of 1/48th you mention. I.e. working models at 1:350 or 1:400. Even then we fiddle about with embellishments such as photo etch, which itself demands certain skills. Even kits demand certain skills, especially the larger more complex ones. My next 'average' kit build will be a 1metre Akula II Russian submarine with diving tank for static diving. Utterly stupid and pointless but a great challenge and ultimately great fun I hope, with a built in mini video camera. A way down the line as other wooden boat restoration projects are still on the slipway, but something new to try. Maybe you should do that sometime? Have fun with your dogs. Viele Grüße aus München, Doug 😎 Oh! and QEND - Quad erat non demonstrandum! BTW: nice work on the Vanity woodwork, thought you had her finished long ago though. Did you ever get your old Taycols out of your son's loft?

Sea Commander restoration tips by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Get yourself a small pack of epoxy resin from ebay and seek out all slight delaminations of the plywood frames. Get the epoxy in those split bits and clamp them up. A clothes peg is sufficient if you're short of space. You can put a piece of cling film twixt peg and wood so the peg doesn't stick. Then use the rest of the epoxy to waterproof the insides. Be thorough and methodical. If you sand the model back to wood, use epoxy on that, either through fine model aircraft fibreglass cloth or just squeegee epoxy on all over with an old credit card. It goes much further and gets forced into the grain. It's not necessary to use GRP cloth on everything if it's well built. I have several over-50 year old model boats that are perfectly water tight with decent paint jobs (enamel, of course). Cheers, Martin

Sea Commander restoration tips by AndyG009 Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
I think the three windows looks much better than the one big one. Wonder why it changed ? Cost - unlikely the difference can only be minimal. Though the bigger window at the front is likely cheaper than the three porthole in the Sea Queen. Does anyone know why the Commander has the 'spray deflector' (don't know proper name) on the front cabin, and the Queen does not ?

Sea Queen prop shaft by sidley70 Petty Officer   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi Andy I have been working on a barn find old Sea Queen kit in very poor condition. The restoration required fitting a 5mm prop shaft as the old shaft supplied was a little short, I ordered a new 5mm shaft 19inches long from Model Boat Bits uk and when I tried to fit it it would not fit. Not realising the old shaft was 3/16inch. I had to ream the bushes to take the new shaft of 5mm. this proved a little difficult as the shaft was already fitted. I finally did it and everything works as expected. Fitting the motor which is a 700 ?. The shaft was 1/4 inch diameter. Boring out the brass insert did not leave much meat and I am hoping it does does not let go under power. So far so good. I hope there is some info there that you can use. Regards Sid

Sea Commander restoration tips by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi Laurence, check out the Build Blogs on this site. There are many covering various 'Seas', including my Sea Scout renovation with lots of tips re painting and varnishing. Last pic shows the 'before' state after 20 odd years in the cellar! Have fun, cheers Doug 😎

Sea Commander restoration tips by boaty Commander   Posted: 20 days ago
Good example of an early Sea Commander. The original ones did have three windows on each side of the main cabin. Somehow as time went on the large cabin window appeared in their place. Build quality looks excellent and it should be a gem after restoration.😋

Sea Commander restoration tips by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi Laurence-Moar MY Sea Commander had a brushless 3639-1100kv motor on 3S 5800mah Lipo battery with a 60 Amp ESC and a 40mm 2 blade CNC prop. Very good setup, a bit over scale speed. Run time a half hour flat-out. The boat runs better with a bit of bow down sitting still in the water. The battery position about aft of frame B3. I swap my boat for a nice fishing boat( Artesania Latina HELLEN). Canabus

Sea Commander restoration tips by Laurence-Moar Petty Officer   Posted: 22 days ago
Morning everyone, here's a few photos of a Sea Commander I've had for a couple of years and planning to restore. Any tips and advice would be greatly appriciated.

Moody Blues by Laurence-Moar Petty Officer   Posted: 22 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 35" Moody Blues - Comments: Original Aerokits Sea Commander for restoration

MTB 379 by Donnieboy Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
It's great to see a restored model running especially when it's a boat that a family member built.Great restoration.

Huntsman 31 by chwk7 Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
Thought I should post proof of been a model boat builder after posting up photo's of the real thing. Scratch built running twin Irvins 61's with an engine sync system, 7 year build time as a house restoration got in the way! Chris