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Krick Police Launch by TheBlacksmith Petty Officer   Posted: 8 minutes ago
Hi nice to see your build, I built a Krick police boat about 18 to 20 month ago and it is my favourite boat to sailI have a 550 motor in it and although it was very fast I experimented with props and I am down to a rough scale speed. The only other mods are I fitted spray rails on the chine and I used a longer propshaft and reversed the position of the motor and batteries, it sits in the water at just the right level with no ballast and planes beautifully. I bought a couple of 5mm. 9v. led's and used one along with a siren kit from the now defunct Maplins. Happy sailing😁

Come and try it by Bryan-the-pirate Commander   Posted: 6 days ago
From 10:30 til 12ish Chichester model boat group invite anyone to come and try sailing one of our craft. local model boat owners welcome too. No IC boats.

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Doug, 28 years ago I decided she was worth a punt and I was right. I should get it delivered before July, but won't get it in my "stickies" until 22nd of July, actual birthday. She's mean like that too! I also have an Rx. coming to try with the TX. If that works I'll have 2 sets of modern stuff, one with 5 channels (functions) I suppose I could do a head turning teddy bear like Sail tales does on youtube. My Darby has a scale sized dolly man, which will need dressing in some 40s gear and can turn his arms on a steering wheel, so maybe a function for that. The Sea Scout goes nicely, if a bit too fast for my tastes for what is really a river cruiser. But she looks nice and your Dad would be pleased I'm sure. My Sea Urchin remains resolutely free-sailing and Kako equipped. Forgot to say, I would have to be Lupin as they are my favourite flowers. Cheers, Martin

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Doug, what gave you the idea that I spent all that on my Spektrum DX5e? It cost me 45 quid from somewhere up North, brand new. The Rxs were, I thought, too much, so I got an Orange for 8 quid. I got the Spektrum because I was considering doing aircraft. 4 footers, scale, so not needing anything fancy, but costs of everything else stopped that. If they did a 2 function set cheap, I'd have had it. No chance selling the DX5e as it will have been superceded at least twice since I bought mine, probably at least once since I first removed it from its box! The Tx., isn't complicated. I was careful NOT to buy one that needed a degree in pooterism to operate. It's a toy boat fer Krissakes...go left, go right, speed up, slow down, stop, maybe go backuds, although my kind of real boats rarely do. I'd use my old REP single channel if some toad hadn't stole it. But it doesn't stand me in that much. This new Rx. which states DX5e compatibility is 7 quid. After that, if it don't work it will be back to the 27 meg. or nothing at all (much better exercise). As to the battery capacity thing, it is exactly the same to look at as the ones you linked me to, but, although it didn't say it didn't do Nixx, the fact is it doesn't. On the box is a row of x's where the facilities are shown under NiCd and NiMh. Sending it back would cost almost as much as the thing cost in the first place. In the unlikely event that I ever get any LiPos, it'll do for those. As to the NiMhs, I'll put them through a discharge recharge cycle on the imax thing according to what you and Haverlock have said. Then, just do the same when I've finished sailing. I use this stuff so rarely I suppose I should think again about whether to get any more stuff at all. Is it possible to constantly cycle the batteries during the long winter fallow period? Should they be discharged by running a motor or can one trust the imax to do the job? Once again, thanks for your time, Doug. I do appreciate your efforts to help out the Luddite. BTW, when I bought the DX5e it really was the cheapest option, trust me! Now, I'd probably get one of those cheapies that are sold by the same outfit I bought my DX5e from, but they weren't around then. Cheers, Martin

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
I tried the plug, but it is pushed in. The Tx. has lights on the front. Are they supposed to tell you the charge level? If so. I had 4 cells in it which lit up the light second from left (green) and then tried a more recently charged set I just found and they lit up the second from right, (also green). People have said that the TX. light should flash, but which one? There are 4 of the things. And none of them flash. Somebody suggested fixing the TX. in DSM2 mode, but the instructions insist that it is compatible with all, but one of Spektrum's own! I can see me flogging it all off for once and all and going back to free sailing. When the boat slows down, it's time to recharge and sod the RC! Martin

Build manual/ instructions by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
Ron, you can get all thevents information you'll need from the Association of Model Barge Owners website. Incidentally, for a sailing model, the best scale is 1/24th i.e. 1/2 Inch to one foot which gives a hull length of about 42 inches.

Build manual/ instructions by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Does it need so much that we couldn't talk our way through it for you? I don't know a huge amount about sailing barges, but I know the basics and I have books about them as I am supposed to be making a 1/43rd scale model as a pattern for a kit for a model railway company's scenic accessories line. Martin

Build manual/ instructions by kmbcsecretary Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Hi all I have been asked to renovate a Thames sailing barge, after some research I have discovered that it is this one Does anyone know where or have the build manual/ instructions that they could copy and email for me Thanks Ron

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Hi Doug, thanks for all that. I will be getting my battery capacity meter tomorrow or Saturday according to ebay, so will go through the above then. They are 2600MaH VP batteries, well thought of, it seems. So would that be a whisker over 6 hours of charging? (6.0666) The Rx. and the servos all say they can go up to 7.4V and as mentioned, as a sailing boat there's no ESC (thank Gawd).This is just drum winch and steering. I wouldn't know how to fast charge anyway, so that's not gonna be a problem. Who needs fast charging. There's always something to do while batteries slow charge. Navy Lark is lost on Radio 4 as is all supposedly funny stuff these days. Desert Island Discs is still on R4 on Sunday lunchtime with a repeat during the week, but these days the guests are either such obscure arts, media or science types you never heard of or so young they haven't even lived yet. Or sports people, in which case I turn off, unless they're motor racing maybe. I hate sport. Fortunately R4 Extra on digital gives us a lot of the old series the likes of which they no longer make for fear of upsetting some imaginary grouping of people who would actually laugh as much as the rest of us probably. On R4, the News Quiz and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue are still funny. Nothing else in the so-called comedy slot is remotely amusing. I would think, by the time my sail winching stuff is working right, I will have cycled the new batteries quite a few times, but I'll report back as soon as the gizmo arrives for capacity metering. Thanks again for your help, Doug. Cheers, Martin

Fittings & Detail Parts by pittsfieldpete Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
Greetings, everyone: I’m looking for an online sources that offer fittings & detail parts, especially for modern tugboats. I have Hobby Engine’s 1:36 scale Richardson tugboat which is already pretty well detailed, but I’d like to replace its two deckhouse life rings with better looking ones & add a few others in appropriate locations. I’m also looking for a life raft drum & a few other detail parts here & there. Most of all I’d like to find navigation lights for the mast. The housings can be most any material but the lenses must be clear. I’m going to remove all of the “dummy” navigation lights on the mast & replace them with LED-lighted ones. The boat came with working port & starboard sidelights so they won’t need to be replaced. I’ve got a dredging barge designed (in my head) to use as a companion for tug. I’ve got all of the basic materials stockpiled for the barge itself plus a nice lattice boom crane for the dredge. I found a beautiful metal clamshell bucket that’s a work of art to use with the crane, too. Although I could scratchbuild things bitts & bollards I’d consider buying some as a time saver. I’ll need portholes for the deckhouse, ventilators, etc. as well. I live in western Massachusetts which is a beautiful area but there aren’t any hobby shops nearby that stock ship fittings of any sort. I used to buy fittings from A.J. Fischer & Bliss Marine but they both went out of business a long time ago. I’ve found several online shops that sell ship kits & fittings but they’re mostly for small scale sailing vessels. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Pete

Wherry hull in GRP by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi mastman, I saw your comment that you wrote, I have copied and pasted it below. ******************************************** Your right about the madhouse cant see how people can run things down on here without seeing the actual goods any way thats another matter. ********************************************* I did write about the shape of the wherry hull was wrong. I am not into sailing boats, am more into MTB's and I power boat hulls. I know I hadn't seen the actual hull in the flesh so to speak. All I saw was the picture that had been posted for the Wherry hull that was for sale. I had just come home from Norfolk and just seen a Wherry moored in Potter Heigham. I commented that the shape was wrong because of the way the bow of the hull swept up so high. I have posted the picture I saw from which I commented on. I am sorry if I did offend you but it was just that I din't see the shape as being correct. Once again I am sorry to have offended you. I also said about other parts being made on a 3D printer. Onc e again I did think that resin ones I have seen on ebay were of a better finish quality than the 3D printed ones. It seems that I have put a cat amongst the pigeons with my remarks. I am sorry to have offended you. Regards BOATSHED.

Wherry hull in GRP by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Dave, I'm sorry, but that is the wrong shape at the upper level and I can see at a glance that there are asymmetries to the sections. I have a plan of Gleaner in front of me and there are major discrepancies in the shape. Of course, that won't necessarily stop it sailing well enough although may make it want to go one way easier than the other. If I could draw on this thing I'd put some rings round the areas of concern so you can see what I mean, but I lost Illustrator and Photoshop ages ago in a machine repair and never got it back. Thanks for the extra pics. Martin

drum sail winch questions... by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
if you look at the setup https://olinrobotic style='background-color:yellow;'> you can see that your winding off one drum onto the other drum presuming you have the line length correct in the first place you should never have the problem your outlining.

drum sail winch questions... by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
I am not a yacht guy but if I understand the twin spool winch correctly the line winds one way around the lower spool then out to a pulley then back and around the top spool. Thus line winds off one spool and on to the other. The sheets to main and jib are fastened to the running line so you can sheet in and out. https://olinrobotic style='background-color:yellow;'> Those links show a couple of examples.

LED Tug Mast Navigation Lights by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
Evenin' Both, Pete, you're right about the hatch, in the instructions (or mine at least with the old 40MHz version) they warn you to leave the hatch loose when not using the boat. Otherwise it sticks to the foam gasket. Just like yours did 😉 During the upgrade of my 40MHz Southampton I will remove that over-engineered catch and use neodymium magnets in the corners instead. That gives more 'headroom' to fit a decent sized NiMh battery underneath 😊 And yes there are 3 different versions of this boat, whereby Richardson and Southampton are identical apart from name and 'paint job'. 27 and 40 MHz with no frills and the modern 2.4GHz version with bells and whistles. Well, lights and smoke anyway 😊 Makes a change from Smoke and Mirrors eh? 😁 So between the 3 of us we represent all 3 generations!!! According to my manual the foam is there to absorb moisture that might ingress through stuffing tubes or hatches so full marks to Pete 👍 Re different RC frequencies, as a ex Radio and naval COMMS engineer: 27MHz and 40MHz have inherently longer range and better water penetration, which is why I still have such sets for my submarines. 2.4GHz is strictly Line of Sight only, which is one reason why they first gained popularity with the 'Fly Boys'. 2.4Gig waves also bounce off water or are absorbed by it, so it's useless for subs😭 The other reason is that they use a frequency hopping (FH) technique which makes them virtually immune to interference 😊 Although I have yet to find a set that hops over the full 85 frequencies available. Most seem to only use 16 or so🤔 Limited bandwidth at the RX !? As with all FH radio systems 2.4Gig RC sets also use a binding technique so that the RX recognises the 'signature', i.e- hop sequence, of it's own TX and ignores others. Mostly anyway 😉 Here endeth the 99th Epistle of Admiral Doug 😁 Main thing is, enjoy the 'fiddlin aboot' and even more so the sailing, as my German colleagues say; "I wish you always a hand's breadth of water under your keel". Cheers Doug 😎