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J R MORE by RoyLorentz Petty Officer   Posted: 8 days ago
[Score: 9/10] 30" J R MORE Capable of 4mph and a runtime of 120mins Twin Propellors (4 Blade 45mm) Geared to a 2XDECAPERMS (4 Blade) Powered by Lead Acid (12v) 7Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through 2X ELECTRONISE ESC - Comments: 1:48 SCALE Model of a Steam powered oil burning harbour tug built for South African Railways & Harbours in Scotland in 1960.Last of steam powered tugs built by Fergusons for South Africa.Decommisioned in 1982 and now on permanent display at the Maritime Museum in Durban,South Africa.

Perkasa MTB by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Baking soda triggered some old memories, who else remembers the little plastic subs we used to get in Cornflakes boxes? 😉 I once toyed with the idea of making a bigger version, ca 10 -12 ". more important 'stuff' got in the way. Forgot all about it .... until now 😉 Yep, off the bat I could imagine a couple of ways of triggering them; there are loads of mini pressure switches on the market, or a simple diaphragm at one end of the can coupled to a micro switch or mechanical trigger. Adjustment would be very sensitive due to relatively small changes in water pressure in the first foot or so of wet stuff. Any deeper would be a waste of time, unless you only want to entertain the fish😲 Might also go off on the surface if the can hit the water diaphragm first😡 Whatever, lot of work (and expense?) for a one way trip🤔 Anyway, with my 1/72 scale DCs, approx. 12x5mm, I would need to resort to nano technology. But we should never stop dreaming! I've seen model patrol boats launching solid fuel missiles from the stern deck so 'Nothing is impossible' - that's maybe why I drive a Toyota😉 Cheers Doug 😎

Red Cat hydroplane by SimpleSailor Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 9 days ago
Hi. It is a scale model of a sponsord jet turbine powered hydroplane. I think this livery was from 2009. They can be seen racing on Youtube .As for the burning out motors that is sorted. Nothing to do with my cooling system but the unit I had from Hobby King seems to have a number of complaints about them burning out. So replaced it with a different model. HK have been very good and replaced all 3 failures. I will keep the latest replacement for another boat.

Crash Tender Shaft Tube Poistion by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi neil Good to see your are progressing. It's good to see that Paul has joined in the discussion and offered help.👍 He has a superb model at the larger scale and has been an avid supporter of Fireboats and the site since its inception. With this small model it is important to keep the weight to a minimum and whilst sealing holes with glue and filler is OK, I would go easy with soaking the wood in epoxy, it's heavy. Far better to cover with a sheet of tissue/glass cloth and apply a thin coat spread with a plastic (credit Card size) spatula to work well into the covering. It would be good to see a few pics of your whole model. Say two side views, a top view and a stern view. If you can weigh that would also be useful. Might help when you need further advice on the build Cheers Dave

Individual Insurance by epmbcmember Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 15 days ago
As a club member I am covered by the clubs insurance but does anyone know of an insurance company that will insure on an individual basis. There are general modelers insurances available but is there one specifically for model boaters as if you have a general modelers insurance this includes model aircraft which I would have thought would have a very much greater risk factor hence being more expensive. A model aircraft can do a great deal of damage and injury to a person or property while it is hard to believe that a scale model boat can.

Precedent 1/32 scale Perkasa Kit. by Flack Admiral   Posted: 17 days ago
Un-started 1/32 SCALE Perkasa Gas Turbine Patrol Boat complete and still in original packaging. This is the all wood version of this popular model boat kit. Full instructions and plan. Length 37 inches Beam 91/4 inches £55 ovno P&P additional at cost.

Deans Seaplane tender by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Hi Just had a quick Google as I was not sure of the size. There was the very same item on our For Sale section 5 years ago: "Deans Marine 1/24th Scale British Power Boat Co. Seaplane Tender Includes JP Power 400 Motor, Deans (MTronics) ESC, 5Cell NiMh Battery." That being the case any small brushless 28XX size with a Kv of around 1000 and 30 amp esc and 30 -35 mm 3 blade brass prop should suffice. I have similar in my 34" Fireboat and use an 11.1v Lipo. If you are new to LiPo you do need a dedicated LiPo charger and be aware that unlike other battery technology they pack a very heavy punch. You must follow the charging regime to the letter and make sure you do not overdischarge when running the model. There are some rather frightening U-tube videos of what happens if you ignore the rules! That said I have been using LiPos for several years now without any major problem, but I am always aware of the risks and make sure I don't take any unnecessary risks Good luck Dave

Crash Tender Shaft Tube Poistion by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Dave, forgot to mention that Marin tested the calculations and computer simulations with scale models in their 250m test tank, with good agreement. Later full size measurements in sea states 5 and 6, with variable winds and drift angles also gave good agreement. One important point though; I misread a paragraph🤔 The actual distance prop tips to rudder leading edge was 1 prop radius!! So for my Sea Scout with a 30 or 35mm prop my 17mm spacing is about right 😊 Most of the tests were actually to determine the rudder's lateral position relative to the prop shaft on multi-shaft designs and vertical position relative to hull and prop diameter. Vertical position was determined as; If possible close to the hull, in the lamina flow region and 'covering the upper 47% of the prop diameter'. In this position the effects of the drift angle in a fast turn (e.g. caused by wind at an angle to the bow and the turning of the ship itself, 'skidding') are reduced to practically zero. If the rudder covers the lower half of the prop diameter it is affected by transverse water flow across the stern, reducing manoeuvrability and increasing rudder torque and stock loading! So again Sea Scout is about right 😊 The Aerokits designers knew their stuff, or were just plain lucky! For the shaft alignment I use the balsa wedges for fine adjustments then epoxy everything in place when the ammeter tells me all is OK. Filler and cosmetic to finish off. Cheers Doug 😎

Crash Tender Shaft Tube Poistion by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Doug and Neil Fascinating details about full size props and distances. Our scaled models sail in water which is not scaled so I am not convinced the maths helps. There are many examples of Fireboats on this site and as has often been mentioned the original Aerokits were designed when IC engines were the fashion and as a result the prop shafts were at a very acute angle to accommodate the fitting of the engine. If you have an original kit model the easiest solution is to remove all the engine mounts and any oil soaked wood from the hull together with the prop shaft and tube. You can then buy a suitable motor and prop and work out the best alignment. Buy a prop shaft and tube to suit the distance and adjust the slot in the keel to allow fitment. I usually make the slot big enough to allow for alignment, you can repair any gaps later. I usually tack mine in place with small dabs of superglue to hold in place, not too much as you may need to reposition. Once all aligned you can fill the gaps as Doug says with balsa. I just use Plastic Padding car body filler, but either will work. Once all is set hard you can fettle to the keel / hull shape and make good inside the hull. Not sure which model size you have but am attaching pics of my 34" Crash tender which may help. Happy restoration Dave

Graf Spee 1:20 !! All aboard ;-) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 26 days ago
😉 Modelling (?) on a truly massive scale 😲 Curious name! 'Messerschmitt ME109E !? Cheers Doug 😎

1:50 figures by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Hi Liam, I just noticed your thread about 1:50 scale figures! I use these guys on my tugs! mine are 1:32. Maybe you can repaint to what your needs are.

2017 Regatta Report by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Doug Aren't PDFs portable document files? It's a bit harsh blaming the site when the caption clearly states "Attach Photos". I agree great looking pics. Could that be a Liberty ship? Always good to hear from fellow Scale Ship modellers. Looks like nice weather lets hope it makes it across the pond for this weekend Dave

Glazing help by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 30 days ago
Hi Doug I was keen to get your interest and yes its not cheap. Can buy in 1Ltr cans locally. If you have a local scale model group they may let you have 20cc for your portholes. Problem is you add hardner as a percent about 2% so measuring and mixing is difficult. I usually find a dead fly and encapsulate it in the spare mix. If you can get a spider they send the female of the species quite frantic especially as they don't squash under foot. The real problem is the relatively short shelf life once opened. Have fun Dave

DAMEN STAN 4207 by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Blog 20 (Conclusion) Posted 18 Aug 2017 Have experimented with converting the jet ski into an RIB with some success. The project is not complete, but have made provision for it in the sternway. The RIB weights something around 8oz, so decided to move the LO-PO cell forward to compensate for this addition and also improve accessibility. Much to my surprise the cell fitted neatly in front of the rear bullhead, about 2” forward of the previous position. The nett result was that although the model is slightly heavier, this is not readily apparent. The waterline remains just above the water level. Have now conducted several trials in a sheltered local pool, so ventured forth onto a much larger open lake. One reason was to try to get a video of her on the water as requested by one of my peers. This has been submiited to the Video Gallery. This lake is large and deep. As there was a 10 – 20 knot gusty breeze and was apprehensive about going far from the dock. Would estimate the video speed at about 85% of her maximum, quite fast enough to exceed scale. The model performed well; even when heeled by the wind in a turn there was no water over the lee deck edge. The effect of the stabilizers is apparent, she answers the helm quickly and remains stable. In summary, a very satisfying project, one that will give years of pleasure. This is the concluding blog entry as am now moving onto a new project, a scale model of M.V. Teakwood.

Vosper MTB by AllenA Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Seems that Vosper is well followed. This is a Vosper MTB 1/2" scale illustrated in the Model Engineer in September 1951. The detail of the six pounder is superb.