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Edward . M. Cotter by GARTH Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 39" Edward . M. Cotter Capable of 3mph and a runtime of 60mins Single Propellor (4 Blade 70mm) Direct Drive to a Johnson (4 Blade) Powered by NiMH (7.2v) 4Amp/h Batteries - Comments: The real fire boat is stationed in Buffalo New York . This fire boat visits Port Colborne on Lake Erie every year for Canal Days & because the model boat club I'm in sets up a display at the museum in town I decided to build a scratch build of this boat I used the prints of the Sequin Midwest tug for the hull & Internet photos for details. I used the tops of Lepages glue bottle to simulate the Monitor on the decks I'm real proud of them.

Sweet ❤️ ❤️❤️ Heart by Grandpa Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
You have seen it being built. Now it is done. A Nor-Star Kingfisher kit but with some scratch building too. Because of the motor being longer than how the kit was originally designed, the second bulkhead was altered. I am running it with two 2400 Ni-MH 7.2 batteries, a Futoba servo, on a 2.4 GHz Spektrum.

Schnellboot & Fairmile D by andyhynes Petty Officer   Posted: 3 days ago
Excellent boats. i have scratch built a vosper 510 1/24 scale known as the long boat. Im also building a 73" vosper 379 which has become a bit of a project? Its a bit big and i am not looking for trying to sail it in my local pond. last time i tried it i nearly chucked myself in the pond to the delight of some onlookers.

King-Fisher changes made by Robert Commander   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Grandpa, If you go back through the build logs to 2009 you will find my build log for the Kingfisher. I first made one when I was a school boy many years ago and later came across the plans at my parents house and decided I would try and scratch build from the plans but with a few minor mods (dump the hard chine in favour of laminate strip). Its a great little boat and is very stable in high speed turns. On mine I made the bench seat a drop in accessory and opened up the bulkhead to aford extra space for the motor connections. I'm now running a Speed 600 on eight cells and its got a nice turn of speed. /view/23/2 Robert

MV VELARDE by RHBaker Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Have decided to build this ship as my next project, using a Deans Marine GF hull. Will scratch build from there on. The are very few details of this ship available on the net, probably because the vessel was built in Germany. Has anybody else built a model of this ship and have any advise or suggestions before I start to do the planning? Thanks

Mersey Ferry RC workingModel by 4clubs Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
1/48 scale (38inches long)model Mersey Ferry Snowdrop (before the Razzel Dazzle colours). Fitted out with 2.4GHz radio, full illumination, bilge pump etc. Ready to sail complete with radio and TX. Well detailed scratch built from builders plans. Buyer collects from Maghull Liverpool Merseyside UK. £500

Schnellboot & Fairmile D by reilly4 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
Both boats are 1/24 scale The E boat belongs to a good friend. It has just had a new camouflage pattern added. The Fairmile D is scratch-built, it took nearly 4 years to build, launched in 2011. The sound effects were added for fun. The location is Albert Park lake in Melbourne, Australia

glorious b 428 by skiboo Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
scratch built 34ins x 13 ins x5ins draft of 1948 ringnetter these are models radio controlled glorious b 428 bountiful b 377 misty isle b 55 current build is cygnus gm 33

Fairey Huntsman by manyboats Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
My scratch built Fairey Huntsman as can be seen in my build blog.First run with 3s Lipo

Got it so here goes... by manyboats Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
I built the Fairey Huntsman by Precedent back in the ‘70s. It must have been a very different kit to the one being sold now. I had few resources back then but somehow managed a half decent job of it with a glow plug engine for power. Never could start it, and eventually sold it to someone prepared to persevere with it. It must have had a few fittings, and plans, unlike the current one, which is really poor quality. After some consideration and a timely article in Model Boats magazine, I ordered the plans from I still wanted to make it the size of the kit so had to get them enlarged to 11th scale.; not a problem. So this build blog is to encourage anyone wanting to build this delightful classic boat not to get a kit but to scratch build it. Better and much more satisfying. You’ll probably have to scratch build all the fittings and detailing anyway. I didn't manage to take detailed photos all the time but hopefully there will be enough to be useful. I got lucky with supplies of appropriate ply at my local Menshed, and got on with cutting out the frames on their scroll saw. I had plenty of materials accumulated over years and lots of cedar from venetian blinds, which is really good for planking etc. The plans are more accurate than the kit and have much nicer hull lines. Fitting the frames was straight forward, and double cedar chine strips were epoxied in.

1/11 scale Fairey Huntsman by manyboats Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
I thought I'd share my experiences of scratch building this delightful boat as there doesn't seem to be a lot around.

MV Balmoral; by davidhgreatbatch Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Scratch built on a modified GRP hull, finished building her at the start of this year, powered by two 385 electric motors. Sail her on Mary Stevens Park Pool Stourbridge

U35 clockwork submarine by mactin Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi MBW,s Tinplate clockwork torpedo/submarine propulsion is twin coaxial contra rotating props totally scratch built handmade. Its about half way through the build at the moment just doing the clockwork ballast timer and compressed air system. Cant wait to chuck it in the oggin.

RC Turkish Traditional Fishing Boat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Realistic looking model. Is it built from scratch or a kit? Might you post some more detailed pics of the insides? You could start a build blog and descibe how you constructed the model, plus post some pics. Only 4 pics per post so best to take the pics and then post with comments. More pics and more comments can then be added. Thanks for sharing Dave 😀

Scudder by boaty Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
😀 😊 Really great to see an airscrew driven boat especially one designed by Vic Smeed. Last one I had was a scratch built free running one powered by a Cox Babe Bee back in 1968. Main benefits of that were you had to run round the lake to catch it before it hit the banks. It was a lot cheaper than an exercise bike. The Vic Smeed design looks really nice and with modern technology there is a lot more potential for this type of model. Its got me thinking now about building one . I am sure that some of the plans for the original ones are still available . Other option is to scratch build, fit it with a brushless electric motor and radio then go on a diet. Have fun- Boaty