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Arran Glasgow. by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi Scratchbuilder Welcome to the site. Clearly a Scottish inter island steamer. If you look at you sill see that : "The previous Arran of 1933 was renamed Kildonan, to release the name - she was scrapped on arrival of MV Glen Sannox in 1957". Its possible the original builder based your model on this vessel (scrapped in 1957) and that could be a pic of the original you have posted. The Basset-Lowke motor is clearly of some age and value should you wish to replace it with a new motor. There are lots of links on Google to this subject and hopefully you will be able to find more pics as you research. Good hunting Dave

Kent windscreen. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
Thanks Martin, I had already seen the Kent screens on Keith's site but the largest he does is only 10mm which is too small for my 1/12 scale model so I ended up scratch building one. I'll be posting a blog update on that shortly. Rob

pilot boat by lezzers Apprentice   Posted: 21 days ago
hello, anyone know where i can obtain some early bristol pilot boat plans for a scratch build, construction details needed thanks lezzers

Higman Leader Push Boat by metalikhajoe Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 29 days ago
Hello everyone! I finally found a boat I can build.Got a few pix and a data for the Higman Leader Boat. I will scratch build the boat and have started drawing. Cut my drawings and here is what I have accomplished so far. The boat will be 36 in (length) and 11.5 in (breadth). Its still in cardboard box material for now. Will do the final model on marine plywood.😎All your inputs are welcome as I am a newbie in this hobby. Thanks!

Bluebird K7 by metalikhajoe Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
Hello everyone! Just joined the group and this is my first post. I saw some pix of Tug Boats in the net and wanted to try making one from scratch. I tried looking for free plans but I could not find any. I hope some of you can share me some plans if you have any to share. I have an access to a laser cutter and I know it will help me a lot in my build. I also do graphic lay outing on CorelDraw. Hope to meet new friends here. I have also attached some of my builds.

Shamrock Fast Police Boat by sonar Admiral   Posted: 2 months ago
Been busy making a few fittings Just a few of the items made so far. The launch frame for the rib just needs hinges now and then can be fitted near the end or the model.. No plans for the rhib or drawings . But as I have made a few of these full size and even built one from scratch that,s no mouldings It was an easy build. Balsa wood hull and deck and foam pipe insolation for the sponson,s Still got a way to go with the rhib ( Ridged Hull Inflatable Boat )yet.. The top tip for making a rhib is when sticking down the deck allow another 3/4 of an inch overhang all round this will allow you to fit the foam with ease. No overhang and there will be more than a struggle to fit the tubes.

USCGC Yocona WMEC 168 by haleskevin Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Build started a month or so ago. Scratch build from USCG plans from CG museum Northwest. Basswood frame, strip construction, polystyrene super structure. Props are for show right now, but it will steam someday.

HMNZS Te Kaha by Rod Commander   Posted: 2 months ago
Scratch built model of New Zealand Frigate completed 17 years ago Sailed well but now ready for refit with new engines and more modern RC fittings Will complete a Build Blog when I commence the refit

HMS Renown, HMS King George V and DKM Z39 by reilly4 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
These 3 boats are scratchbuilt by 3 separate builders. Renown was only recently launched. All are 1/72 scale.

OSA 2 Scratch Build Missile Boat by tomarack Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi, for OSA gun armament look please at > AK 230 gun in Google, interesting link .. and rockets used for this class were Termit missiles > ( GRAU: 4K40, NATO: SS-N-2 Styx ) Tom

OSA 2 Scratch Build Missile Boat by tomarack Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi, do not forget to ask Uncle Google > russian Osa class missile boat .. ..and Wiki, of course. There are two versions of AA armament. For further questions I will answer. Of course, there are some better drawings, unfortunately I do not have these . Wishing success Tom

OSA 2 Scratch Build Missile Boat by Dainesh Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Hello my Friend, Finally somebody build Russian boat on this website. This was my first boat, I learnt how to built a boat from scratch. I have the plans and the detailed drawings 😁

Barnett Class Lifeboat Plans by Robby Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi, I'm trying to get of some plans for a 52ft barnett class lifeboat to scratch build from. I have got some sections ones from the RNLI but they have closed their shop so I'm no longer able to get the other plans in order to build the hull (the one's that show the profile of the hull from the side). Any help would be appreciated. Robby

OSA 2 Scratch Build Missile Boat by clogboy Seaman   Posted: 3 months ago
Received the MB March edition in the mail yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised Dave Wooley decided to scratch build a Russian OSA 2 Missile Boat. I started a similar project late last year. Like Dave, I had no plans and only very few photos (only pictures from the static plastic Merit kit). My hull is a modified version of Glynn Guest's MTB (MB2009 edition). The hull is enlarged by 15% from the original plan, the additional front deck of the Vosper MTB is eliminated plus I modified the top half of the hull to obtain a more "v" shaped look. Model is all balsa and hull is cured with old panty hose and resin. First tests in pond were positive, aside from Antenna breaking off on maiden voyage. Superstructure need further work but might wait till I see Dave's ideas for further inspiration. I've got 2 other models in my dock yard so plenty on hands anyway. Cheers from Newcastle Australia. J.

Ayton cross or as close as.. by sonar Admiral   Posted: 3 months ago
I bought a used hull of the Ayton Cross and look all over the internet for some plans but found none. I did find a lot of images though. I bought most if not all of the fittings and since have decided that the way to go is to make what you can from what I can get hold of. So all other model boats are and will be scratch made. I have two on the burner at the moment. Anyway some of the Ayton Cross looks right some of it does not. But I can always do it again as I hopefully get a little better. This one again is awaiting Ballast and it will be ready to go. I fitted two Engel 12 volt motors and made the mounts in grp then Laminated them into position.. Everything has been hand painted and slightly aged . The bow thruster was made using some household plumbing pipe a small propshaft Again home made and it works very well. Something to play with as I build hopefully better.