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sail servos
steering servo
On/Off button or Kill Switch by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Les, what you have on that switch are JST connectors. Sometimes known as BEC connectors. The RX end will fit your receiver . You can plug it in any free servo socket. Just make sure red is on the middle pin and black towards the outside of the RX case. Then you only need to match the plug on the other side of the switch to your battery, which unfortunately you omitted to show us 🤔 Looks like the receiver has the standard JR type plugs. Cheers Doug 😎

On/Off button or Kill Switch by Wingcoax Petty Officer   Posted: 4 days ago
As your receiver says"4 channel" they are for extra servos. Any switch can be used as long as the plugs match.

Is a Footy considered a Yacht? by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 5 days ago
ProBoat Westward V2 18-inch RTR Sailboat with 2.4GHz Radio System Never let ideal conditions pass you by again with the Pro Boat® Westward™ sailboat. This compact sailboat makes it easy to hit the water whenever the opportunity presents itself. All you need to do to get water ready is attach the keel to the hull; that's it. Long gone are the days of having to assemble and rig before you can hit the waves. The Westward sailboat features a reliable 2.4GHz radio system you can enjoy sailing fun even from afar. No matter what your skill level is, the Westward™ is an excellent portable performer to have by your side when you want to ride the wind and waves with as little hassle as possible. Features Small-scale size allows for easy transportation Mini-sail winch servo provides precision sail manipulation Minimal setup time Curable ABS hull Included 2.4GHz radio system Specifications: Hull Material - Injection Mould Trim Scheme Colours - Blue/White Hull Type - Sailboat Scale - 18 inch Drive System - Sail Length - 18.125" (460mm) Beam - 4.375" (111mm) Mast Height - 22.75" (578mm) Radio - 2.4GHz Stick Transmitter, 2-Channel V3 Sail Area (Main) - 66" (1676mm) Sail Area (Jib) - 45.75" (1162mm) Sail Area (Overall) - 111.73" (2838mm) Assembly Time - 1-3 Hours In the Box ProBoat Westward V2 18-inch RTR Sailboat 2.4GHz Stick Radio System

Simprop Zaunkönig (Wren) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Spin off from " Re Sea Rover by Wingcoax" ! This ain't a boat, so do I have to convert it to a float-plane to qualify for help here!!?? i know some of you guys are experienced fliers. 👍 After an exchange about batteries and glow plugs etc I dug my old Zaunkönig (Wren in English) out of the cellar and she was in a pretty sorry state Pic 1 🤔 Have now cleaned it up a bit (judicious use of Cillit Bang and a fine mesh scouring pad!) and she looks much more cheerful. Pics 2 and 3. Original Wen Mac/Cox 0.49 long since removed (still kicking around somewhere) and I would like to electrify it. Any advice on motor, prop etc would be extremely welcome. Purists will note that I have extended the top plane, from original 410mm to 615mm! This is an attempt to improve the glide characteristic and above all dampen the incredible roll rate! A gentle bank could suddenly turn into a twinkle roll so fast you couldn't count 🤔 Mod never tested due to move to Germany, new career, new lady, and the demise of many IC flying fields. I have loads of mini and micro servos, pico RXs (yes Dave, some 35MHz!) so they aren't a problem. But what motor, prop, ESC, battery? Have thought of Micron radio for a combi RX/ESC or a mini ESC with one of my pico RXs, but have no idea for motor and prop! Original prop is 15cm diameter. Pitch ?? Total weight of all the bits you can see here is 156gm. Would be nice to get a bit of history into the air. All contributions gratefully received 😉 Cheers Doug 😎 PS: she doesn't need to be a 'rocket' just tootling around would suit my flying skills!😉 PPS: plan in background is HMS ARK ROYAL (WW2) scale ~1:192.

yacht by lesliebreame Commander   Posted: 10 days ago
i thought that power should give way to sail !!! you can have a lot of fun boating without spending much. this little Americas Cup yacht cost me a fiver in the flea market and after fitting a rudder servo it is brilliant fun !! Les Breame

Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
So is one of mine. Depends mainly on whether the paint reservoir is a little cup above or a big bottle below the valves and nozzle = mini spray gun! The former is for the tiny stuff and detailing (bits 'n pieces), with nozzles of (Odd! something went missing on posting???) ... nozzles of (Same phenomena again!!??) ... I give up, Good night 🤔

Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by Skydive130 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 11 days ago
I am a modeller of 45 years experience, mostly with RC aircraft but have recently got into boats. Have completed the aeronaut Diva and spitfire to a high standard but needed a challenge So, having spent a long time trying to source an un-started Aerokits Solent, I bit the bullet and bought a set of plans and templates from eBay. Overall the plans are good, the templates need some adjusting as we go for acuaracy. Have spent the last couple of weeks perusing the plans and sourcing the materials needed. A visit to the Balsa Cabin in Maldon, Essex provided all the ply and the internet has provided the main components I.e motors, props, shafts, ESC, battery, soundboard/speaker, servo mostly sourced from Cornwall model boats and Howes Models septembers issue of "model boats" had a great article on a refurb which has been very useful for hints n tips on required electrics and the little extras needed to complete. I do have a workshop where the model will spend most of its time, however my wife's conservatory has been invaluable for using my eBay sourced scroll saw to cut out the formers! The sheet of 6mm ply from balsa cabin was long enough to make keel formers 1 & 2 one piece! I shall post a more detailed update when I get my computer back from repair Monday!

Bring & Buy Sale by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Superb sale, lots of different items, spares, missing parts, radio and servos, not just boats, something for all, and the bacon butties!!!!!! Mark

Age of steam by Novagsi0 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 15 days ago
You could always make a Kitchen's Patent Reversing Rudder to control the speed I made one once but never fitted it to my steam boat. It requires 2 servos to open close the direction, and speed control is made by open more or less both sides engine runs at constant speed. I guess on a boat that small it may be tricky to modify at this stage. Happy boating!!.

Vosper 46ins. Crash Tender by RUPERT Apprentice   Posted: 16 days ago
Hello Having just added my name to the Model Boat website I have under construction the 46ins. crash tender. Am about to add the brushless motor and propshaft this seems ok but working out what servo ,the wiring is more tricky also cooling for the speed controller, would this be better pumped through rather than scooped up? Any advice or suggestions would be most helpful.

Telephone mast by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi, Dave is partly right, but that's only part of the story! If they are telephone masts (lattice or aluminium pole mast) I assume they are for cell phones and this would be the cell's fixed central station. The antennas often look like tall speaker boxes. There are usually several arranged around the mast to cover different areas of the cell, depending on whether the mast is in the middle or at an edge of the cell. It shouldn't bother you unless it's incredibly badly engineered or installed. The power will be relatively low as the cells are getting ever smaller, that's presumably why they need a new mast. Our RC sets operate on 2.40 to 2.4835 GHz. The nearest cell phone downlinks (mast to mobile phone) are in the 2.1 and 2.6 GHz bands so shouldn't bother you. If they also operate the old 800MHz band the worst that could happen is that 3rd harmonics of a badly engineered TX system could drop into the RC bands between 2.40 to 2.463 GHz. But these harmonics should be so weak that your RX will never notice them, never mind the wrong digital 'signature'. Also the RC frequency changes several times a second so at worst there might be a signal drop out (glitch) for a fraction of a second. The inertia of the servos would cover this so you wouldn't even notice. Someone using a leaky microwave oven on shore would probably cause more havoc 😡 There will probably also be dishes for trunked connections from the cell site back to the network node. These operate at much higher frequencies and have highly directional beam antennas so they won't bother you at all. Unless you climb up to cook your baked potato! 😉 If you want check with the council / installer what bands will be used. Cheers Doug 😎 (Comms Eng. Retd.)

Billings Sea King in need of TLC by AllenA Captain   Posted: 30 days ago
Sea King now restored. Veneered the deck adding some fancy balsa work on the bow deck. Modern veneers are thin and difficult to manage. Shouldn't have varnished the white areas as so called clear varnish is not clear when painted on white. Overall, I'm pleased with her and learned a lot of lessons. Loved Glue'n Glaze for the windows. What a Godsend. Retained the original como motors added a fan cooled Chinese 320 esc and linked her to a new old stock Acoms Techniplus Alpha 27mhz transmitter and Acoms AR-201 Rx with futaba servo. Hull painted Hammerite smooth Gold, with white Plastikote. Managed to retain the original Billings sticker and name decals.If the bath is anything to go by she should plane quite easily. Might add some ropes and fenders but enjoying her clean looks at the moment.

Tank Steering by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Doug Micro and mini servos are great until they break then they are a bin job. That Hitek has a broken drive to the internal pot. I have looked inside and could hardly see the components let alone repair. Had two go on my RG65 yacht. Early bad design of the rudder shaft which rusts and causes the servo to overheat, mine actually melted and the motor was welded. Now replaced with a standard size servo, plenty of room and not really a weight problem as I use a LiOn 6v battery and switch mode supply. 6V burns out the micro servos, as happened with my first servo in the RG65. If it has a 6pin plug it probably is an early Bonner servo. Doubt it will work with modern kit. Might be a collectors item so you could try flebay Good to hear you can upgrade the Flysky/Turnigy sets to 10 channel. Does it support s-bus as this will allow even more channels? Dave

Tank Steering by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Dave, It didn't twitch back and forth, it jumped (!) like it had a stepper motor !? I tried it on the Robbe servo tester and it seemed OK. T'other was still dead 🤔 Both servos are fairly recent. The jumpy one a mini Hitec HS-81, the dead one a Conrad (🤔) 8gm micro. If the dead one stays dead the insides will end up in my 'Useful bits' rack! I have a reasonable servo stock so it's not really worth spending much time repairing it. BUT I do like to know how things work and above all why they don't! Bonner: Did you mean the one with the 6 pin plug ? Can't ask the chap who gave me them, also Dave (!) an ex RN Captain I met at the Ostpark lake, I think he died about 10 years ago - RIP. We used to go flying over the Alps at weekends in his ancient Cessna, great fun BUT LOUD. My little daughter loved it 😊 The then wife you couldn't get within a 100yds of it! I don't expect any range problems either, 100yds to the other side of the lake to wake up the sunbathers (Whoop whoop!) is enough for me😉 Cheers Doug 😎 PS: think maybe I'll start a separate thread to continue this saga; testing and product review etc. Just like old times - designing and presenting Comms systems 😉

Tank Steering by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Doug Twitchy servos suggest a bad connection, either bad crimp or dirty contacts. This can also apply to the small feedback servo wiper inside the case. Can be fiddlesome to clean but if you can't source a replacement you may have no option. If I have a duf servo I usually strip and keep all the bits for spares. Your non worker could be from one of the early offerings that required negative as against positive pulses. If its that old it is likely to be very slow. The motor and gears should be ideal for a radar scanner. Sounds like a Bonner offering, possibly used a split power supply. There is no mention of short range in the specs and as its possibly aimed at aero and drone markets I doubt if it has restricted range. Like you my scale boats are very precious and I like to keep them close to shore so range is never really a problem, just make sure the aerial(s) are above the waterline, especially if sailing a yacht!. Dave