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lots of sanding by Trillium Captain   Posted: 16 hours ago
The main advantage of Eze-kote may be its main disadvantage: it's water-based. As stated on the Great Hobbies website, "This product may be damaged by freezing. Shipping during periods of weather below zero is not recommended." So in Canada, shipping between December and May is not recommended. It does not state "Protect from freezing" on the bottle, but it would be helpful if someone who has tried it can confirm it's OK after freezing. There are 4 Great Hobbies stores in Canada if you are lucky enough to be able to visit and pick up the product. Roy

How many is to Many by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Wait for it Chris! Carry on at that rate and you'll soon be as bad as the rest of us - double parking them in duplex berths! 👍 Know what you mean about size. I'm looking for ways to lighten my 50 to 55" warships and have moved from 72 scale to 144 and 350 for the big guys - carriers and battleships 😉 Cheers Doug 😎

Website shop by Bryan-the-pirate Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
I see the site offers items for sale in the shop which is closed. Will it open soon? what country does it ship from?

Pudsey by Bryan-the-pirate Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
[Score: 6/10] 19" Pudsey Capable of 3mph and a runtime of 120mins Direct Drive to a Mother nature Powered by NiMH (6v) 13Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Acoms 27hz Yellow ESC - Comments: This little Yacht was built as a RC boat from a modified plan for a free sailing pond yacht, Built by the Late Ken of our group who built 6 of these little craft but only completed 2 of them both in my ownership. Pudsey is a bit special as it represents the children in need charity which operates in the UK. Pudsey is a Yellow bear with a spotted eye patch which is represented in the boats livery and special sails. Sail's handmade by Ken's widow Joan. Not the fastest boat in my fleet but another popular with the public boat.

Blue Pearl by Bryan-the-pirate Lieutenant   Posted: 5 days ago
[Score: 7/10] 34" Blue Pearl Capable of 4mph and a runtime of 120mins Direct Drive to a Mother Nature Controlled Through accoms 27Mhz ESC - Comments: A 1970's built sailing barge now masquerading as a pirate ship and giving an explanation to my user name.

Clyde Puffer by Hugh Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Alan, I, too, am building a Clyde Puffer. Mine is scratch built ,and same scale as yours. I have installed a 6:1 brushed electric motor. I wanted scale speed . The shaft length was 11" from memory. Interested in how you get on. Clyde puffers were lovely ships. Cheers Hugh

Imara by mbarker Petty Officer   Posted: 7 days ago
Beautiful tug , this ship is really nice .

HMS Sussex by billyoung Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 7 days ago
Stunning model , superior workmanship

HMS Blue Rover and HMS Manchester by billyoung Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 16 days ago
Beautiful scale models and nice helmsmanship also. I wish I could attend such an event.

Happy Hunter by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
NPJ The Happy Hunter was produced and sold by Robbe. They ceased trading some years ago as did Graupner so you may find it difficult to purchase and the additional fittings kits if sold sold separately may no longer be available. I have seen a model built professionally for a local supplier and the kit made a superb model. It is, in my opinion, more suitable for a builder with several models experience. It's good to hear you are so inspired to take on the next challenge but this may be a step too far at present. There is a buid post at http:// style='background-color:yellow;'> Good hunting

Costa coffee planking! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
Good thinking Batman! 👍 Then all is Ship shape and Bristol fashion. 😉

Prop Shaft Grease by reilly4 Lieutenant   Posted: 18 days ago
I tried a few different grades of oil and found that if the inside end of the prop tube is close to or below the waterline then some water always seemed to enter the boat, as well as leaving an oil slick in the lake. You also need an oiler tube. Light grade marine grease - whilst offering some friction initially soon eases off on the friction (via a quick run-in), whilst offering a good seal. I have ships, patrol boats and submarines and they all have marine grease. I re-grease the prop tubes/shafts once a year for the frequently used models and others once every few years. I also tried Lithium grease, but it always remains sticky and so does the friction load. In most cases this is great grease except for prop shafts. Choose what ever you are happy with.

Paper plans by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
If you are buying plans off E Bay chances are they are photocopies. Folding would not alter a straight line. I agree ironing under brown paper and storing in a tube works well. Paper is not a very stable medium and any plan will likely change slightly due to the moisture content. To be accurate you need measurements together with a ruler on the plan so that you can make any adjustments. I have always treated such plans more as guides rather than accurate representations and will adjust the pieces I make to fit. Shipyards used to employ fitters who did exactly this. Probably why many recent kits use laser cut parts with plans that show how the bits fit together. Good plans are not cheap. I bought plans for the Titanic at 1:96 from Dr Haan for about £200. Came on 12 sheets (12' x4') all produced as original line drawings and packaged in a large cardboard tube. The professional photo copies we had done for the frame outlines showed that the process was not 100% accurate and added 0.5mm to some parts.

'VOYAGER of the SEAS' RC Cruise Ship by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Truly captures the look of the real model. The detail is very good and it is a credit to Paul that the model actually sails with all the cabin etc detail above the waterline, the sign of a real master of his craft.

'VOYAGER of the SEAS' RC Cruise Ship by rolfman2000 Admiral   Posted: 29 days ago
I saw it, and spoke to Paul the builder at the Warwick show last week. Its a truly amazing model, which you never seem to run out of details to see. A real credit to an amazing builder. Best wishes, Dave W 😊