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sound module
sound module
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sound module
Mtronics W-tail marine mixer connections. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Evenin' Colin, Understand. But; Not sooooo expensive when you consider that you are effectively getting 2 ESCs in one compact board, plus the rudder mixer. With the Mtronics gizmo you still need the separate ESCs, which also makes the wiring messier!🤔 Taycol and converter board are packed up and will be on it's way to you per DHL this week. Ought to be with you before April!!😉 Look forward to the pics of the Commander renovation. The paddler looks neat as well👍 Cheers, Doug 😎 PS there are also outputs for controlling Smokers or Sound Modules on the AC board.

Sound module by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 30 days ago
Hi I’m now on with hms Brinton , coastal mine hunter my last ship in RN. Does anyone have a sound module that’s is programmable so I can put on the Napier Deltic , or does anyone know how to build in the sound please. They’re too expensive on line and the Deltic one they’re selling sounds nothing like the real thing. Happy New Year all by the way. Back sailing soon as stitches healed and I can bend. Nobby

All hooked up, nowt happens... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Sounds good to me Selwyn 👍 That board is a sensible (essential) idea in that setup. Stops a stronger battery trying to charge the weaker one.👍 I have several Action Electronics modules as well (duplicated some 😁) They're good, well made stuff. Anyway, your brushless ESCs will 'see' 12V so setting them up as running on NiMh should do the trick. If you set them up as 'LiPo' they might think it is a 3S 11.1V battery and try to let the volts go down to 9V before cutting off!! Not good for the SLAs 😡 IF they assume it is a 4S 14.8V Lipo they will cut off at 4x3.0 i.e. 12V which will drastically shorten your run time; you'd have to keep the SLAs near fully charged (13.6V) all the time. Bon chance mon ami, let us know how it goes. All the best, Doug 😎

Revell 1/72 Flower Class Corvett by Mikep Commander   Posted: 4 months ago
Revell model at stern you see a small servo with micro switch for the Ram whooper sound module. Pic with upper deck on side shows speaker and electronics with 9volt battery power. Moving forward Harbor Models small 6 volt smoker, 3000 nimh 6 volt battery with 2 connectors powers smoker fan and main motor from ESC.

Steam whistle sound with smoke by Mikep Commander   Posted: 6 months ago
Just pondering how one would set up and sincrconize a simulated steam whistle. Since I’m not running on steam I could use smoke from my smoke unit and of course a steam sound module. Any ideas as how To do this? My thought was using the RAM ship whistle which works with a micro switch. One servo would control both the whistle and at the same time release squeezing off neoprene tubing would allow smoke to issue out the whistle. Anyone thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Battleship Missouri by Mikep Commander   Posted: 7 months ago
[Score: 5/10] 55" Battleship Missouri Capable of 4mph and a runtime of 20mins Twin Propellors (4 Blade 35mm) Geared to a 6 volt (4 Blade) Powered by NiCad (6v) 3Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Hitech ESC - Comments: Modified Sterling model kit, scale drive 4 shafts. Twin rudders, smoke and cannon sound module.

Exciters/transducers by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 months ago
Hi Neil (or Neville?), There are two issues with using four. 1) Since these 4 Ohm transducers work by bringing the surface they are mounted on to move like a speaker cone, there may be no advantage. In fact two on the same surface may create waves through the hull side that partially cancel each other and thus reduce the volume. True, they may sometimes combine as well. This effect will happen in specific frequency ranges depending on the stiffness of the hull. Put one each side on the largest open area available as we discussed for the tug. Cheaper anyway 😉 2) Speaker impedance and the minimum that the amplifier can handle. Check the Digisound specs Output Impedance to see if the amp can handle 4 Ohms or only 8 Ohms, which is the case for all sound modules I have seen or used. As with your tug, two x 4 Ohm transducers in series gives 8 Ohms for max volume from an 8 Ohm amp output. Four in series would give 16 Ohms which would significantly reduce the volume produced. Two x 4 Ohms in parallel though only presents 2 Ohms to the amp, which highly likely will blow the output transistors 😡 All four in parallel would be only 1 Ohm which would most definitely produce the 'magic smoke' 😭 Don't forget to put a little enclosure around the back of the transducer after it's stuck to the hull. Cheers, Doug 😎 PS What 'Oldest First' button? I don't see one. If you are using the dumbphone App I can't help you. I DON'T!

getting a bit slow?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 months ago
Evenin' Martin, Re: 'New Posts'; when you log on to site on the 'Home Page' the latest post are displayed. Scroll down and at the bottom you will find a 'Show earlier posts' button, in case you have missed something. Your dioramas sound marvellous👍 can you post some pics??? Could give me some inspiration for my 1/24th Mosquito. At that scale it has a wingspan of about 30 inches 😲 I intend to fit it with motors and lights and a sound module with that wonderful Merlin sound 😊 Your input could help create a great diorama 👍 Cheers Doug 😎

Motor Mounted! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 months ago
Love it 👍 Way to go Ed!! I'm sure you did too, sounds like a pokey motor, BUT ... Please copy me the mail (unseen!?) and his reply! I can't wait to see his response 😁 Also can't wait to see your tug in her element. Man! are you quick with the build! 😲 Cheers Doug 😎 PS: use the cash you save on the sound module to put a smoke / steam generator in, that would really finish her off nicely 👍

HMS HOOD by Trumpeter by octman Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 months ago
Yes I was that person with the transducer( amongst others). I originally had a speaker inside the lower superstructure of the tug, where there are window openings, but without any glazing, so in theory the sound should have been able to escape. The engine sounds were OK but the other sounds, on a different sound module, were only audible if the model was more or less within arms length, which I thought unsatisfactory! Aha I thought, use a transducer attached under the deck, other people seem to get satisfactory results. I didn't. I think that there is too much clutter on the deck of the Southampton,which is not that big, preventing the hull from doing what it is supposed to do. Next idea is to conceal a normal speaker on the deck disguised as a pile of pallets, with lots of lovely gaps to let the sound out. Chris

SS Helen Louise by dufmiester Apprentice   Posted: 1 year ago
[Score: 5/10] 54"/16100g SS Helen Louise Single Propellor (4 Blade 85mm) Direct Drive to a 19 mm Bore/Stroke x2 (4 Blade) Powered by Lead Acid (12v) 14Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through 11 Channel r/c ESC - Comments: She is about 80% complete. Expect launch May 2018 . Has automatic water feed make-up , Telemetry engine speed , steam temp , aux battery monitoring. Smoke generator added to steam pipe, sound module, single stick direction and throttle. Will be equipped with FPV front and rear. Kort Nozzle (fixed) and Becker Rudder. Steam pressure 60 PSI .

Steam sound unit (variable speed) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
What I don't like about the 'Noisy Thing' is that apparently the engine sound stops for as long as you use any other sound; e.g. fog horn, ship's bell etc, so called 'General Sounds' in the Action description, if you use it in so called 'Throttle Mode', i.e. engine sound coupled to speed. In that case you may as well use a Switch module to connect the 'General Sounds' on separate modules to an amplifier with mixer inputs. The sound modules I found here (Germany) don't have this disadvantage. They have at least two output channels enabling a minimum of two simultaneous sounds. Specific sounds can also be coupled to switched outputs; e.g. to move cranes, gun turrets, or switch lights etc whenever that corresponding sound is actuated. Specific sequences of various sounds can be pre-programmed and initiated with one command using only one sound channel. Attached are extracts from the manual of a module from Neuhaus Electronics showing how to synchronise real engine sounds to the throttle. Needs a bit of PC work but no rocket science 😉 and the sounds are then linked to the throttle stick position. Send me a PM and I can send you details including source and operating manual. The Graupner module is very similar but I haven't experimented with it yet. Cheers Doug 😎

Steam sound unit (variable speed) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi Eric, I've looked at the Action engine sound modules again and they are not restricted to any make of ESC. They take their control signal directly from the RX ESC channel and have a socket on board to connect the ESC, whoever's it is 👍😉 The sound is however synthesised to enable this. Dave's Action Noisy Thing is obviously the better choice than the Micro modules bur of course more elaborate and thus more expensive. Seems to be very similar to what I found here in Germany. Cheers Doug 😎

Steam sound unit (variable speed) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Exactly! 👍 The advantage of the German sound modules I found is I believe that you can sequence the engine sounds start, run, idle, stop etc (or any others!) but I don't know yet if it is (or can be) linked to the ESC control. Had other things to think about recently 😉 I do know that they can be linked to other functions; e.g. crane, gun turret noise, when these are activated so it should be possible! Wishing a Happy and Noisy New Year, cheers Doug 😎

Steam sound unit (variable speed) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi Eric, I have a sound module from a specialist German company who only make electronic modules for models. I'll dig out some info / links (in English😉) and post/send to you. You could also look at the Graupner Sound module. On both of these you can load your own sound files in raw WAV format. There are thousands of these of genuine ships sounds on the WWW. Can send you some samples if you like. The advantage of the digital synthesised versions however is that they can be linked directly to the motor speed! If you mess with the replay speed of the WAV files they just sound daft 🤔 Or you have to find a way to synchronise separate start, accelerate and cruise sound files to the model speed. rather you than me Gungadin!😉 BTW: I'm not sure that the Action modules only work with their ESCs! As an electronics engineer I'm sceptical and will test that with other ESCs. Cheers and HNY, Doug 😎