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JOINING BATTERY & RECEIVER CABLE by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi Les, then I assume that you need something like this harness with JR/Hitec male & female plug/socket. This one also has a third plug for connecting the battery to a charger when the switch is in the off position. DON'T use this feature if you are using a LiPo battery!! There are several other versions without this third plug available here I guess the RX battery is a fairly small NiMH and also has the JR type plug. BTW: something to check before switching on- Does your speed controller have a BEC circuit? If so it supplies the RX as well so you don't need an RX battery at all. Or doesn't your yacht have any auxiliary motor and ESC? Happy sailing, Cheers Doug 😎 Looking forward to the video of the insulting tape 😁😉 or is that what I keep seeing on the news with Mr T??

SCRATCH FISHING BOAT by basilsdad Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 13 days ago
I have for sale my model fishing boat which was scratch built from a model boat magazine plan, forgot who designed it though. it is built from balsa for the hull sides covered in a pair of the bosses tights before sealing and painting.The stern and deck are ply then painted to seal. all the deck and cabin fittings are scratch built from photos found on line. it is quite heavy about 10Lb of lead if I remember correctly, the length is 30" by 16" to keel bottom and beam 9", fitted with a 12v to 14V motor, 70 mm prop. Batteries and 320 amp fan cooled speed controller included, currently running off 12v 6 amp batteries. space needed for new project £150 or reasonable offers collection from Lincoln would be advisable due to size and weight. But could arrange delivery if required.

Added extras by Flack Admiral   Posted: 14 days ago
I have an original Aerokits Solent powered by two Torpedo 800 brushed motors controlled by two Mtronics 25 amp brushed speed controllers. I normally use two 8.4 volt 5000 mah NiMh batteries, although I have also used two 11.i volt Lipo's. The shafts are fitted with 50mm three bladed brass propellers. The boat performs nicely on the water. My stanchions are home made from 3mm brass rod with holes drilled to take 2mm chain. The stanchions are 70mm in lenght above the deck with approx 10mm below the deck, the base of the stanchion has a suitable sized brass washer fitted where it passes into the hull, the top of the stanchion is filed to a ronded profile. Shaun

Sea Queen by Rex3644 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 16 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 46" Sea Queen Single Propellor (2 Blade S Type 55mm) Geared to a Marx Decaperm (2 Blade S Type) Powered by Lead Acid (12v) 7Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Chinese 40amp ESC - Comments: Having completed the Sea Ranger I felt it time for more of a challenge. Not wanting to buy a kit of this craft I set about my journey to create the Sea Queen for as little money as possible. Plans were sourced from eBay for £15 a 17" propshaft from model boat bits lead acid battery from Howes models and speed controller off eBay. Total spend so far about £60 and it's ready to run when the blue green algae clears from the lake. All other bits were sourced from my spares / bits box. Apart from 1 x 48 x12" sheet of 4mm plywood all the 6mm & 1.5mm was supplied courtesy of my nephew at Swallow Boats in Cardigan, he builds the real thing, and I in effect produced my own kit over 3 days whilst on. Family visit.

Grab Hopper Dredger by Doug79 Seaman   Posted: 17 days ago
I have a Grab Hopper Dredger for sale, buyer will need their own TX and RX. Structually sound and watertight, complete with 6-Volt battery, Motor, Speed Controller etc. Crane needs re-stringing and fitting with a shovel to complete. Collect from Kenilworth, Warwickshire. £150.00 O.N.O

Ocean and harbour tug for sale by Nev01 Petty Officer   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi Iam down sizing my boat collection so selling my harbour tug named " Rebecca " this is a beautiful model with loads of detail, it has been built to a high standard, built for model towing competitions. It has brass prop shafts and brass props it also has two decaperm motors for extra power, these motors are American and considered the Rolls Royce in electric motors they cost £80 each. It also has a fan cooled speed controller for reliability. This is truly a beautiful model and will give hours of entertaining sailing and reliability. It also comes with a new battery and carrying cradle. All you will need is a receiver that is compatible with your handset and away you go. Length of the boat is 36ins and beam 10ins. £450 Ono Please feel free to contact me anytime Iam based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

Vosper 46ins. Crash Tender by RUPERT Apprentice   Posted: 21 days ago
Hello Having just added my name to the Model Boat website I have under construction the 46ins. crash tender. Am about to add the brushless motor and propshaft this seems ok but working out what servo ,the wiring is more tricky also cooling for the speed controller, would this be better pumped through rather than scooped up? Any advice or suggestions would be most helpful.

Am i useing the right esc by Steve-Teresa Seaman   Posted: 30 days ago
Having had my boats in dry dock for a number of years I decided to dust them of, update them and put them back on the water, one thing I have done is to change the mechanical speed controllers on two boats for ESC units (both different volts, different control esc's and motors), my question is.. are they suppose to make a noise when running from stop to nearly full, at stop they are quiet, at full they are also quiet, the noise I can only describe as high pitch whistle? any advice or even a yes they do that would be helpful..

Blown esc........ again 😢 by rolfman2000 Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Dear Auntie Plunkitt, bang goes another speed controller. Two weeks ago I blew my first, but that was my own fault, but this one, not sure. It's only powering a 600 graupner motor, so a 30 amp esc should be fine. But it kept slowing down, then nothing. The receiver was still powered up, but nothing to the motor. Any ideas ? Signed, yours Pained Wallet of Kidderminster😭

pt 109 by basilsdad Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
a 30"scratch built pt. boat, I built hull from .8mm ply using a resized eezebilt 20" plan. the deck fittings were copied as best as I could from photos and drawings found on line. powered by 2- 2200kv brushless out runner motors through 2 20 amp speed controllers. twin contra rotating props twin rudders fast and light a pleasure to build 2

Dirty Deeds by Krampus Commander   Posted: 2 months ago
Thank you, AllenA! Well, no science behind the running time. As long as I run at low speeds it just happens everything seems fine. But when I put the throttle down... then all is over within 15 minutes or so. I pretty much stick to the same power layout. 540 motors with 30A controllers, 2000 or higher mAh capacity and 35mm or 40mm props and 4mm shafts. Dirty Deeds is a bit special. I was on my learning curve (I'm still there!) so due to a novice error I used a 2mm shaft so I had to get a special propeller and a big mean battery (kind of a Viagra approach). So, I had a 4-bladed 35mm propeller bored for the 2mm shaft and a 10.8v 4000 mah battery pack. A bit in the heavy side but it gave the boat nice stability. I can achieve better running time with Lipos, but I'm an old-fashioned guy still concerned with the maintenance Lipos involve and do appreciate a bit more of the weight offered by NIHMs, not to mention I'm a cheap guy (LOL). Something that really worked for me is the choice of propellers. I noticed a remarkable run-time difference between plastic and metal (yes, more expensive) propellers, but it is well-spent money. Other boats I have run with 9.8v 2000 mAH batteries achieving almost 50 min at low speeds, which is OK with some of my models for realistic ride purposes. Here I have my two "inspirational" pics.

Model slipway tsekoa 2 by ferryman Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
working bow thruster twin T4 motors Mtronics speed controllers Requires batteries and radio gear Space required at home. £300 (Plymouth area) Collection only preferred. SOLD

HMS Juno by lindsay Seaman   Posted: 2 months ago
[Score: 5/10] 29" HMS Juno Capable of 3mph and a runtime of 40mins Twin Propellors (4 Blade 15mm) Direct Drive Powered by Lead Acid (6v) 1Amp/h Batteries - Comments: It started off as a model from a BBC hobby magazine. Stand off scale. I decided to try to make it better so bought an Airfix kit and scaled up the dimensions to suit. it was my first radio control model with a Mcgregor 2 channel radio and a resistance speed controller attached to a servo. the photo was taken at Queens Park Glasgow in 1990 although the model was built in the 1970,s I no longer sail her as age has made her somewhat delicate. The hull is Balsa plank on frame covered with Tissue Paper Doped and painted.

Gadgets and Gizmos by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Nick, all sorts of goodies! But let's walk before we try to run 😉 One thing I would recommend is a Wattmeter for testing your motor / battery combinations so you know what current the motor will draw. Re RX Battery: PLEASE do not forget to disconnect the red lead in the ESC plug for the RX otherwise you get a clash between the RX battery and the BEC circuit of the speed controller! Cheers Doug 😎

Triton by Krampus Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
With my boats getting routinely stranded in the middle of nowhere, I felt compelled to commission a rescue vessel and "Triton" was born. "Triton" is a Springer-type tug push boat. With a hull and superstructure consisting of an “Indiana” style command cabin, it was built using a pretty basic birch plywood American kit designed for swimming pool water polo. Kit altered to resemble a fictitious Salvamento Marítimo (Spanish Coast Guard) unit following Salvamento Marítimo’s actual boat markings. Equipment and deck layout inspired on actual Springer tug push boats supporting larger vessels and barges found in US and European ports and rivers. Model built during September – October 2015. Approx. 1/18 scale. Real life boat could be a 30-footer (9.14m) vessel. Equipped with 9v LED navigation lights and sound system. Powered by an HPI Racing 1145 Gt 550 Motor, NiMH 7.4v battery, a 3-bladed 44mm propeller, and a 6-12V 320A RC Ship & Boat R/C Hobby Brushed Motor Speed Controller.