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Added ESC by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 9 hours ago
Added a 60A ESC of Chinese origin, improved waterproofing, and modified the rudder water pickup. Repainted trim tab extension as while it sat in the test tank (AKA the bath) the water got into the wood and split the paint work car spray paint not as water proof as I had hoped. On the test I found it was pulling over 40Amps which is not what I want as this is a race boat with limited battery capacity so cut down propeller by filling of the lagging edge of the prop via a drimmel and a file, so now pulls under 30A at full throttle. At the pond I will check current and prop-sizes.

One Bottle of Thinner! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Had to order a small bottle of Testers Thinner. See, I used spray cans to paint the superstructure of the Brooklyn! So there was some area's that need to be tidied up a bit! So my idea is to spray some of the leftover paint. Into a small cup and use one of my small brushes. To paint over some area's that have over spray! So, I need a way to clean my brush! Hence the Thinner...…….! Now, I can finish the build of the Brooklyn! Tommorrow, I plan on working on her running lights! For this I must give credit where it is do, Thanks to RNinMunich Doug, for you hard work and dedication, Thanks again Doug! I printed out the diograms you sent me. They are a lot of help!

Venetian Evening by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
No pressure then Doug.......................... Looking at using Halford rattle cans as used in a site build blogg. Have glass paper and wet/dry together with sealer all to hand for when the visitors leave. Will spray inside as well with some silver hammer finish I have left over. Need to consider dust and over spray on area and me! All the best. NPJ

Venetian Evening by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Good! So you've got another week to fix that leak and get that hull resprayed 😉😁 Go Man Go!!

Range Safety Launch? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Never seen the spray type! I'm happy with the brush type cos, as Donnieboy says, you can also do light glassing with it, like I did to reinforce my Gina 2 fish cutter👍 Can't see how that would go with a thin spray😲 Might be useful as a sealer though? Motors, then leave alone for now and see how it goes. You can still use lighter LiPo batteries but preferably only with a 'LiPo safe' ESC which stops or slows down the boat when the LiPo approaches it's 'suicide voltage 😲 Cheers, Doug 😎

Range Safety Launch? by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Thank you for that. I have stopped panicking now........... I could only find Ezecote in spray can form so have ordered that. Would like the brush on as well if I can find it later. Found water in two bays when starting the drying out. Had a look externally and can see issues with the 'front end', but the problem does not appear to be there as the bays are dry. Leaving it over night, so will play with 'parts' when they arrive later. Now may be the time to change the props and stuff some grease up...? Been thinking more about what has been said about the motors, by two of you now. Would prefer to leave them as I seem to have enough hassle at the moment. Cheers all. NPJ

Hull + Deck by muddy Admiral   Posted: 12 days ago
Once the hull was finished, with planking on the base and ply skins on the sides, made a start on the deck.. Decided to go for Walnut 5 x 3mm with pear .5mm as caulking. Quickly found out it was bad choice, as each pin/nail hole had to be pilot drilled. Using a bradawl just split the Walnut planks. It may have been better using 6 x 3mm for planks.. And what with this weather, not at all helpful in the quickness of construction. The spray strips were added next to the chine and at deck level, plus a couple of reinforcement strips along the sides, i refer to em' as bumper bars. The next thing was the hatch combing, this is .8mm ply with a 3mm square top edging, hoping to improve water ingress improvement. Regards Muddy

Sea Queen - strakes by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Yep, all v hulls need spray rails and it makes your power requirements less for any case. Properly done it looks good,too. With the Sea Queen being a bit on the lardarse side it helps even more to get her "on the step" Martin

Sea Queen - strakes by AndyG009 Lieutenant   Posted: 13 days ago
Building a Sea Queen, what are peoples feelings about fitting spray rails ? I feel it needs them, but where ? This was ment to be about Spray Rails not Strakes (must be getting old........)

Painting. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Evenin' Neville, For a first attempt spraying that's damn good👍 I prefer to use a 0.8mm nozzle for 'big' areas such as hulls. 0.5 for the 'fine' stuff, e.. cabins and fittings, which I still need to practice! Will need it when I come to the cammo pattern for PT109. Practice makes perfect they say! Basic rules (THEY also say😁) are- Paint consistency should remind you of milk (no cream!), Don't get to close, Don't move too slow! Keep up the good work👍 Cheers, Doug 😎

Painting. by MouldBuilder Commander   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi Doug. Thanks. You are right about the first aid. Clumsy. Good that my wife is a nurse me thinks.😆 No. This is my first attempt at spraying anything like this. That is why I ask a lot of questions. I try to build up knowledge and the courage to have a go. I was lucky this time, so far anyway. It is not perfect by any stretch, nothing like yours, but I am relatively happy with it. Takes quite a while with a 0.5mm nozzle but once you get going, you soon learn that the paint does not go on too thick so the chances of it running are less, I think.

Fairly Hunsman renovation part 1 by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 14 days ago
I was lucky to be able to get myself a fibre glass hulled Fairly Huntsman 31 this is a model of the 31 ft Huntsman which converts to a scale of 1:11 which is a bit of a strange scale, the superstructure is in a poor state, so I am thinking it could now be changed to a 'Fairly Huntsman 28' which I think looks better. Huntsman 28 The model 34 in long is close to 1:10scale at 34.6in Some History Four Huntsman 28's took part and competed in the 1969 Daily Telegraph / B.P. Round Britain powerboat race. A Huntsman 28 'Fordspeed No 909' entered and completed the London - Monte Carlo race in 1972. Also the same boat set a new class speed record of 51.271 mph on Lake Windemere, in October 1973. The hull is a deep V with single chine and spray rails. The construction was of laminated mahogany, the hulls were cooked in an oven to cure the glue. The twin engines were placed mid ships. Dimensions LOA: 28' 10" (8.8m) LWL: ~24' 10" (~7.6m) Beam: 8' 9" (2.66m) Draught: 2' 6" (0.76m) Displacement: 8160lbs (3710kg)

puffer hull by marky Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
decided to paint the hull today thought i would do it in the greenhouse put paper over the glass ,warm no direct sun got a loan of my brothers compressor and spray gun ,its all going swimmingly fine what could go wrong ? never forget mother nature, doing the 3rd pass every flying ant in Scotland suddenly emerges from a corner and sticks to the hull ,the black lumpy look with wings isn't very appealing . Thought I would sand them off ,how long does it take for these things to stop flapping their wings .just leaving it overnight and may use the heat gun and scraper tomorrow ,might take a picture if they stop staring at me .Cheers Marky

Sterling Emma C Berry by Mikep Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
Model is 49” long and with ballast keel added weighs 17 lbs. hull is covered with 2 layers of 2 oz. cloth fiberglass cloth and painted with Krylon spray can paint. Hitec sail winch servo for main sail and standard servo for jib. Model has auxiliary 6 volt electric power to compincate for my sailing ability’s and wind conditions. Sails are Mylar.

Final Finishing before Sea trials ;-) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
A quick Flashback to May 😲 Got sidetracked with 'lectrickery' an' stuff🤔 Hull was given a final spray top coat and gloss clear lacquer coat. All flatted back in between coats with 3000 grit Tamiya W&D sponges. Used wet with a drop of liquid soap. Then a few hours of polishing with car paint cutting compound and finally with 'anti hologram' polish until it feels like glass.😊 Same polishing procedure for the decks and cabin sides. Fitted a few deck fittings; tank filler caps, which also hold the aft deck down, and 'Jam' cleats fore and aft. Both from the 'Riva' range from Krick. Apart from the cockpit she's done! Need suitable scale crew and cockpit furniture now. Ship's wheel I have but that's it so far. Last pic is a reminder of how the 'old girl' started out last year, after 25 years of neglect in the cellar! Sea Trial soon. Cheers, All, Doug 😎