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Tamar deck colour by alan50 Petty Officer   Posted: 10 minutes ago
Hi the model Slipway kit doesn't have spigots on deck fitting although l could make my own spigots. Then should l look to fix to deck before or after spraying. Alan

Tamar deck colour by alan50 Petty Officer   Posted: 24 hours ago
Hi In the process of building a modelslipway 1/16 Tamar and wanting to know what rattle can shade of grey to use on the deck. Also should l paint the deck the finish colour then glue fittings on afterwards, or glue first and spray everything in situe. My first model boat so any info would be helpful. Alan

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Thanks Ron, must say I was very happy with the performance. Was a good afternoon out 😁 Now to finish off the fixtures and fittings! And fit SPRAY RAILS!! Many thanks also once again to Canabus of Hobart, Tasmania for recommending that motor and prop combo to me👍👍 JFF I also bought a 3500kV motor. Reckon if I fit that and run on 3S It'll rip the shaft out 😲 Have to find another boat to fit that in 😁 BTW: the 'Daddy' swan in the last scene chased me out to the middle of the lake and also tried to bite my leg!!!

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Part 1. Ideal conditions; nearly 30°C, cool Bier at hand😜 Sea Scout built by Dad in the early sixties with a Taycol Target and 6V lead acid wet cells (very wet😡). Renovated and dragged into the 21st century over the last several months 😉 See Build Blog 'Sea Scout 'Jessica'' for details! Motor: Propdrive 2830, 1000kV, 30mm 3 blade Raboesch prop. Quicrun 16BL30 (30A) ESC with BEC. Tested with 3 battery types, all started with 99% measured capacity- 1. NiMh 4.2Ah 7.2V, nom. 408gm. Result: Speed sedate (OK 😉scale river cruising!) No planing. Max current: 3.6A End status V / capacity left: At end of short run ca 3 mins. 7.78V 99%. 2. 2S LiPo 4.0Ah 7.4V nom. 257gm. Result: Speed still sedate but due to lower batt weight at least the forefoot came out of the wet stuff! Max current: 4.1A End status V / capacity left: At end of short run ca 3 mins. 8.25V 93%. 3. 3S LiPo 4.0Ah 11.1V nom. 315gm. Result: Now we're getting somewhere!!😁 Good speed, manoeuvrability and planing 😊 Max current: 7.5A End status: 11.95V 74% after several long runs, ca 20 mins total. Estimated (extrapolated) endurance on a 4Ah LiPo around one hour - mostly 'full bore' - 'Pedal to the metal man' 😊 See also: The competition! Final run. (Beer was getting warm😁) Cap'ns log entry: Boat dead-weight w/o battery: 1.8kg. Spray rails to be added!😲 Slight list to port to be trimmed. Rudder servo to be reversed!!😲 Keel protection to be added: some scratches and flaking from stony sloping shore 🤔 Summary: much as expected👍 Forget anything less than 3S. Anyone want to buy a batch (4) of new 2S 4Ah 45C Lipos? 'One careful owner'! Happy boating people, Cheers Doug 😎 PS Many thanks to Camera girl Gisela 👍 Recorded in 1080p HD.

Tamiya Tape! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Well the Tamiya Tape arrived! Now I can go ahead and fix the waterline on the Brooklyn! There's some over spray I have to tidy up. Once I'm done with that. on to the Deck and Deck hardware!

H.M.S BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Looks like everything is set for the first open water test. Sun is shining, ice has gone and water smooth. Intention is to start the open water test program with a repeat of the pool test, except this time with everything wired correctly; the load cell positioned so the “pull” is more horizontal and ballast available to hold the propellers underwater if necessary. Hope these improvements help reading stability. To modify the “pull” arrangements, wrapped a light cord around the propeller shaft struts and fed the loose end above the transom shelf and out over the stern. The load cell was hooked into this and then tied to a fixed grating on the pond side. Started by measuring the electrical requirements for each of the three motors and the propeller bollard pull, using the 2 S battery. Found the bollard pull was up slightly at almost 3 lbs per propeller. Probably because they were now held at a greater depth in the water. Also blew several 20A fuses, so fitted 30, which seem to work. A series of runs showed adequate performance with plenty of spray, although the bow did not lift much onto the plane. The forefoot did raise almost above the water surface. Then tried a 3S battery. Although this was much heavier, the performance improved dramatically. The bollard pull was up to almost 18 lbs per shaft. The bow still did not lift much to a plane, although the forefoot was almost clear of the water at full speed. The battery was located just back from the bow, so it is suspected that it held the bow down. The impact of the transom flap down angle could also hold the bow down, but have decided to leave as is for the time being and avoid the temptation of making too many adjustment at once. Whilst it is still too early to draw definite conclusions, it seems as if a 3S battery will be required. The model sustained some slight damage due to the test arrangements, so will repair that and also fit the 2 bladed Hi Speed propellers. Will then repeat the program and report. Should be able to draw some definite conclusions then on the best power train. Neither of the batteries used, neither the 2 S nor the 3S are ones I would choose for this model. As a result the capacities and weights are not ideal. That must also be remembered in future deliberations.

Forward H Bitt & Aft H Bitt! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
I assembled the forward & aft H Bitts also painted them! They are a bit flimsy. But once glued to the deck. They become stronger! The deck is black from over spray. I will be painting the deck tan or a good shade of wood! The deck has tape all over it! So, I won't have to prime the deck!

Stem Post & Bollards! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Donnieboy, I'm going to paint the superstructure. 90 Beige Green Matt - 150ml Acrylic Spray Paint. by Humbrol #AD6090! This will help for the Tug to stand out on the ponds! With olive drab for contrast! But I'm taking my time with the project. Because I may also be going to put deck light. and running lights as well!

Stem Post & Bollards! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Finally, it's a sunny day here! I decided to spray the Stem Post & Bollards! I'm using Olive Drab instead of black. I think it will give good contrast to my build! I have to build up the forward and Aft H bitts as well.

Hull now painted by GrahamP74 Admiral   Posted: 10 days ago
So Emily helped me spray the hull and I like the colours that she suggested! Name and registration boards will be added later..

Sea Commander restoration tips by AndyG009 Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
I think the three windows looks much better than the one big one. Wonder why it changed ? Cost - unlikely the difference can only be minimal. Though the bigger window at the front is likely cheaper than the three porthole in the Sea Queen. Does anyone know why the Commander has the 'spray deflector' (don't know proper name) on the front cabin, and the Queen does not ?

Forward gantry by GrahamP74 Admiral   Posted: 15 days ago
Made from brass pipe and copper flats plate. Added all the lights and is now ready for a final spray.

Spray painting hulls. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Ah, cellulose, of blessed memory. I still have some, come to think of it, but forgetfully, I bought black gloss enamel for Vanity and some enamel primer for it also in black First coat on today. But I will definitely experiment with spraying the final coats. I sprayed an old pre-War Marblehead with enamel and it went on well. You can still get cellulose if you can convince the dealer it's for your classic car. My son has a 1951 Renown so I could always quote all IT'S details to get it, but I don't think they'll post it and I'm nowhere near any suppliers geographically. I couldn't see the point in paying for epoxy tissue so I bought a huge bag of J cloths from Poundland and used that with epoxy. Slarred the epoxy on the mahogany hull (made from old chair legs my Grandad had made a dining suite with) and then laid the J-cloth on the tacky epoxy and slarred more on with an old credit card. All my credit cards are old now and a damned site more useful as epoxy squeegees than they ever were before. Got a few ridges where they overlapped, but filler sorted that out. The hull is still very light, so will need all the large lead weights on the end of a long fin keel (removable) as it carries a big rig, (see avatar). Good luck, Martin

Spray painting hulls. by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Well done Westquay, you spotted the deliberate mistake. No seriously it should have said lacquer, but was written whilst on brain numbing pain killers, my personal favourite paint was always cellulose. Although recently have been experimenting with thinned down Gel Coat, sprayed over extra fine glass cloth. Will let you all know when I get it right. Cheers Colin.

Spray painting hulls. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
A synthetic Lawyer, Colin. Ain't they all, mate, ain't they all? I always use enamel as I hate anything water based except my tea. I have a middling sized compressor and tank and use a spotting gun. I could use a bigger spray gun, but I'm too tight with paint wastage. It's silly expensive stuff. Having said all that i just primed my sailing model of Vanity with a brush. Went on a treat, but the final gloss coat of good old British yacht Black will be sprayed. Martin