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advise required by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 hours ago
Hi TJ, looks OK for a basic starter kit👍 Ron's right I'm also still slightly concerned you might quickly get bored with just throttle and rudder 😲 9X is perhaps overkill at this stage! I use the TGY-i6 for almost everything (except my sub cos 2.4Gig don't like diving!). I bought a bundle of 6ch receivers to go with it for around 8 quid a chunk so I can fit out several models. My expensive Spektrum Dx6 is now gathering dust on the shelf 🤔 Re: Aldiss signal lamp: Have a look at this from component Shop (Action Electronics), description attached. I just bought one to go on my 1936 H class 1:72 destroyer 😉 along with a SONAR pinger! Happy building, and even happier sailing, cheers Doug 😎 PS: I don't waste a channel on radar. On my destroyer it is simply switched on by a microswitch underneath 'B' gun turret. Drive is a modified servo fed by a 1.5V alkaline 'C' cell. Lasts for years 😁

Wherry hull in GRP by kmbcsecretary Admiral   Posted: 2 days ago
I'm with you there Martin I've never been a fan of the Thames barges but I was researching something else and stumbled across the wherry and i thought that's a craft I need to build besides the beauty of it the layout of the mast being so far forward it just defines all logic of what we understand when it comes to sail powered craft , it should have it's nose permanently submerged with a tail wind. If you like I could scan and email the articles from the magazine's just send me a pm if you want them Ron

U42. by mactin Commander   Posted: 3 days ago
Ahoy mateys, U42. aka an old Cadburys Roses tin. This is what happens when Gerry Andersons Stingray meets Harper Goffs Nautilus!

It's a sad day!. by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi Les-H, the Club answer is probably because they want you to join the club to get your subsciption money as many club issue you with included Third Party Insurance. Money grabbing again.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi Les, funny we've come full circle, I started my model sailing at newsham park back in the late 50s and was there at the beginning of "The Liverpool model POWER boat club back in 1964, when I was 14 years old. Notice the power was omitted from the clubs name approx' 15 years ago. In 1964 i had just completed my first aerokits sea scout complet with an ED seagull 1cc diesel, this club was where I met most of my mentors and founder members of the club, Jimmy Wilson, Cliff'Broadbent, Monty, Oscar Poulson etc etc all now sadly gone to that big lake in the sky where anything goes. I'm in southport now and do go back to newsham from time to time. Thank you for that bit of very interesting info'. The afore mentioned sea scout has just undergone a major re-fit after 55 years, the 1cc diesel has been replaced with a 3940 kv brushless and 60 esc running on 11.1 lipo, yes I know all to big for a little 24inch sea scout, but as the yanks would say " there ain't no substitute for C.C. Boy", you don't have to use it but nice to have. Martin you mentioned the old glue used in those days, the sea scout I made was glued using "caskomite" (can't remember the correct spelling) the boat is still 100% waterproof with no skin separation at all, I do not intend tarting the boat up at all, prefer to keep it the way a 14 year old boy (me) had made it apart from bringing the running gear up to 21st century and something that can be used at my local lakes. Norman.

Rubbing stakes by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Impressive..... Nicely engineered and looks quite substantial 👍👍, hopefully you can blend it into the rubbing strakes to be virtually invisible. Well worth the effort to incorporate at this stage, I just wish I had done so myself 😭. I'm glad that you can benefit from my bad experience. That's what this forum is all about 😁. Great work as always. Rob

getting a bit slow?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Good ol' Martin, you haven't changed a bit have you? But then why should we at our age? Just as forth(or fifth?)right as ever😉 Was mildly surprised to see you pop up again a year after you so explicitly and expressively announced your departure! Getting bored? What might seem "utterly stupid and pointless" to you, as a lifetime professional model builder, is a very satisfying and maybe only possible way for many of us to enjoy this hobby. Is it really necessary to denigrate kit builders in this insulting manner? Some of us do a mixture of scratch and kit building, sometimes for the fun of building, sometimes for convenience / speed, as a a fill-in JFF job during a bigger build project, or because the scale is smaller than the 'small scale' of 1/48th you mention. I.e. working models at 1:350 or 1:400. Even then we fiddle about with embellishments such as photo etch, which itself demands certain skills. Even kits demand certain skills, especially the larger more complex ones. My next 'average' kit build will be a 1metre Akula II Russian submarine with diving tank for static diving. Utterly stupid and pointless but a great challenge and ultimately great fun I hope, with a built in mini video camera. A way down the line as other wooden boat restoration projects are still on the slipway, but something new to try. Maybe you should do that sometime? Have fun with your dogs. Viele Grüße aus München, Doug 😎 Oh! and QEND - Quad erat non demonstrandum! BTW: nice work on the Vanity woodwork, thought you had her finished long ago though. Did you ever get your old Taycols out of your son's loft?

aft pictures by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi Ian, managed to find the original Billings Boats drawing and the build manual here Have fun, nice subject 👍 bit fiddly for me though 😲 Cheers Doug

Our boating water by reilly4 Captain   Posted: 17 days ago
Hi Boatshed, Fortunately my submarines and I are safely on the other side of the planet. I agree with Doug. Communication and common sense are essential to happy sailing. 😎 However, a colleague of mine that sails his subs in close proximity to others including out of control yachts, feels the need for a sign. It severely detracts from the realism of the model and has still been run into. Perhaps a 'muppet' flag on 'power boats' will make them obvious and enable local submariners to dive to safety.

Our boating water by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
Hi Boatshed, you could also simply chat with the sub skipper (or vice versa of course) and coordinate your actions!? I've also once witnessed here in Munich a maniac power boat driver ramming and completely destroying a clearly visible and magnificent tug model only about 15 feet offshore! The tug had only just been launched on it's first sea trial 🤔 I must also add that I do intend to add an orange sphere to the antenna or scope of my Akula 2 so I can track it at periscope depth, below that I don't normally expect to meet anyone! If other subs turn up I will talk to them. Happy sailing all, cheers Doug 😎 PS generally sub drivers have an alert eye open for other boats, especially power boats! PPS I've also seen several 'proud' owners of RTR plastic so called 'power boats' who've looked pretty sheepish when my 30 year old 1.35m scratch built H class destroyer or 1.07m U Boat have out run them 😁

Our boating water by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
reilly4, this is one thing that always bothered me when I saw someone with a submarine on the pond where I was running mt power boat. If you say you have a piano wire antenna , why not have a flag on the top of the antenna so that you can see where it is going on the pond. I have taken my boat of the pond when someone has pot a submarine in the pond. It is a worrying thing in case I wipe the sub out.

Our boating water by reilly4 Captain   Posted: 18 days ago
An anecdote. My HMS Triumph submarine has a piano wire antenna with the periscopes (not the working antenna) bent to a diamond shaped tip (for safety). A few years ago in the same venue as my previous post above, HMS Triumph was submerged and heading roughly towards the jetty. Hard to know exactly where. I decided to surface to be safe. At the same time three large swans were gliding along gracefully in the vicinity. Suddenly one of the large swans went vertically upwards about two or three feet with his large wingspan fully well extended. The sub's antenna has come up right under his bottom and given him the surprise of his life. The sub surfaced after a few more seconds directly under where he was. It may have got kicked down in the scramble. No damage to either but for the few of us watching it was hilarious. No video unfortunately or it may have gone viral.

SABRINA by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
"Ahoj, díky jezdí opravdu skvěle. Teď si ji plánuju zvětšit plány a udělat ji kolem metru a dát ji stříďáky. Tak uvidím jak se k tomu dokopu, mám toho dost na dodělávání." ---------->> Hello, thanks to the ride really great. Now I plan to increase plans and make it around the subway and give it to the squadrons. So I'll see how to do it, I have enough to finish. 😲 Have fun in the subway Zdeněk😁

MTB 379 by wunwinglo Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
My uncle Peter was a flotilla leader with coastal forces in the Mediterean, in the second half of WW2 . My late father, Douglas, his brother, built the pictured MTB in 1956. It ran with i.c. power until 1962, when it was mothballed. I recently restored and upgraded the model (brushless motors etc) and thought that it would be great to take the model all the way down a lake in Devon to demonstrate it for him. Not having any local knowledge, I put a request on this excellent site, asking for help from local guys and must say that the site has some wonderful subscribers who came forward with help and support, especially Keystone. He was brilliant and greatly contributed to make the visit a great success. thanks, mate. My uncle and the other members present greatly enjoyed it, though the windy, cold conditions rendered the rum tot most acceptable!! The photos are self explanatory. The tug was there as a rescue boat if required. Many thanks to all Model Boats' members who responded to my request for help.

RAF Fireboat (vintage) Aero by CB90 Commander   Posted: 1 month ago
[Score: 9/10] 34"/2500g RAF Fireboat (vintage) Aero Capable of 12mph and a runtime of 40mins Single Propellor (2 Blade X Type 45mm) Direct Drive to a Bullet 30 (2 Blade X Type) Powered by LiPoly (11.1v) 5Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through 24v 15A Electronize (15Amps) ESC - Comments: Ebay job £50 Old Vintage Aero kit 34in Fire boat needing a lot of attention, with delaminating plywood, old glue, old glow-plug engine mounts with electric conversion, and after removing a metal shield I discover an vintage (1970,s Ripmax Bullet 30 Motor the dogs bollocks of electric racing of its time capable of running 24v at 15A. 300W for a brushed motor. Started by revamp rear pit by lowering servo and rudder and building sub deck, storage lockers, tow hook and ladders. Remount the motor with an aluminium mount with custom screw positions. Block windows with 1mm ply. Foam front half of hull to make unsinkable. Make centre decking area. Repair and build up on cabin roofs and walls to centre deck. Rewire add ESC and servo. Remove broken and unusable fittings such as large vents, some missing unable to match again. Problems with old gloss paint crazing the modern spay paints. Build some fittings eg Water cannons, life belts, Build new battery trays, Painting the boat now in progress as of 20/04/2018 Boat has be roughly painted but is not finished, as fittings are now required, added a RC system an gave it a test run. the performance was adequate on 14.4v and great on 17.2v see latter pictures on the pond. the motor did get hot after about half hour of use. the motor is rated at 24v but I think a smaller prop will be required for that voltage. Excellent performance from a brushed motor. Added some stickers and I have now added a 12v fan and ventilation between cabins as the motor required some cooling and was in a sealed compartment.