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HMS BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 hours ago
The weather has quickly turned colder, giving an excuse to get back to this model. Stripped out much of the interior and the prop. shafts to replace the nylon propellers with brass. These items all needed removing for painting, so decided to paint the hull before reassembly and then moving onto the superstructure. Fortunately, examining similar naval vessels and several U Tube videos, confirmed the hull as light grey, the deck a darker one of the 50 shades of grey and the lower hull below the waterline black. Used thin Tamiya masking tape to define clean colour separations, followed by regular tape, masked the hull into colour sections and sprayed using “rattle” cans. After the colours applied a light overall Matt coat to subdue any shine. The results are satisfactory. Will now reassemble and move onto building the superstructure and the other fittings. Prior to the season closing decided to experiment with my new Flysky Tx/Rx package, shortly to be fitted to this model. This Tx has a servo limiting function, which was hoping could also be used to restrict ESC output. Would like to make the full speed motor response correspond to full Tx control position. Currently can over power the model; which lifts the stern, causing it to come off the plane and then dig the bow in. Was thinking that if full throttle could be set at around 90% forward control movement and 40% sternwards the model would retain adequate performance, but without being overpowered or very sensitive to control lever movement. As the Brave was not available, tried the idea on my Daman Stan 4207 model. This is brushed motor powered and a good performer. Obviously the settings for the Brave will be different, but at least could try to see if the idea would work – it did! This Tx function is easy to use and adjustments can be made whilst the model is on the water. Once the ideal settings are achieved they can be programmed and then retained in the Tx. Will try this on the Brave when back on the water next Spring.

1-35 Scale Schenllboot By TeeJay by teejay Commander   Posted: 2 days ago
Dear all for those following this blog, due to having a bit of a problem getting out of the optician yesterday and the overs zealous help I may not be able to post any for a couple of weeks . the helper was trying help out the shop and the throttle on the scooter at the wrong moment ,I did a sort of barrel role and hit the pavement at great rate of knots, I am back on my back till the pain subsides. sorry guys.

U47 Tinplate clockwork submarine by mactin Commander   Posted: 7 days ago
Indeed, the whole history of tinplate toys mirrors the last 100 years, Bassett originally used the German stuff but after ww1 it all went anti jerry that's how Hornby,Triang and Meccano all got going and now we don't make anything, hats off to Mamod though,they're still plugging away. cheers Neil

U47 Tinplate clockwork submarine by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
You're right it is!👍 Might have known you'd know the museum 😉 Maybe others were interested. I found the Bassett-Lowe connection interesting. Cheers, Doug 😎

U47 Tinplate clockwork submarine by mactin Commander   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi Doug, Been onto the freinsheim museum, they thought the conning tower was not original but an American collector of Bing thought it was original and sent me this pic from a book. If you look at B-25 the tower is very similar? cheers Neil

U47 Tinplate clockwork submarine by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Looks like it might have been part of one of their Flying Boats! Lots of their old goodies to see in the Bing Museum. Sadly Bing was a victim of the 30s crash and the company was broken up. BTW: they used to do a lot of contract model railway work for Bassett-Lowe! 16mm track gauge, which became the HO/OO standard. The loco in the pic is a 'Real Steamer' 😉 Cheers, Doug 😎

U47 Tinplate clockwork submarine by mactin Commander   Posted: 7 days ago
Ahoy mateys, U47 11" tinplate clockwork diving submarine as usual made from landfill (despite what the government says about recycling!?). Anyway, the last pics Iv'e posted are of a Bing Werke 1920s submarine Iv'e acquired which I'm going to restore, the problem is identifying the original model. I think its B-25,so if anyone can shed any light it would be very much appreciated. Thanks Neil.

HMS Campbeltown 1941, 1/96 scale by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Hi Peter, was about to point that out! Close though 😉 If you want some real suspense in a naval film, without the 'stiff upper lip chaps' stuff, try 'The Enemy Below'. A gripping tale of a one on one duel between a destroyer escort and a U Boat in the Pacific captained by Robert Mitchum and Curt Jürgens respectively. Adapted from a novel written by an RN officer who fought in the the Atlantic Battle. Well made tense, believable stuff. Amethyst should make a nice model👍 Sigh!! So many interesting subjects - so little time! 🤔 Cheers, Doug 😎

Where's our mate?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi peter, 'Deck Blue' changed a few times over the years, there are lighter and darker shades depending on the theatre of operations and if detection from the air was paramount or not. Later in the war, when the axis air forces were largely destroyed and the allies had overwhelming air superiority the emphasis moved to the vertical surfaces to confuse subs and the few remaining surface ships the axis had. Then the emphasis switched back to the horizontal surfaces when the Kamikaze attacks developed. So probably the lighter Pacific variant is what you need for USS Kid at the end of the war. You are lucky that Kidd has been preserved as a museum ship in her 'end of war' state 👍 If you Google USS Kidd I'm sure you'll find the museum site with more colour pics. Also, the display on different web sites will depend on many variables, for instance:- How the sample was photographed; white balance, colour balance, lighting; intensity and type - Kelvin temperature etc. How the photos are digitally interpreted and integrated in the web site. The times of 'The camera never lies' are unfortunately long over! Added to that is how your PC or Dumbphone/tablet displays the web site, similar problems;- Type of display, colour / contrast / brilliance settings etc etc. Power saving settings can affect these! If I were you I would use the Measure 22 scheme as shown on the colour pic and described on the Wiki page. That's apparently what the USN went back to when the kamikaze attacks started. Your basic choice is enamel = Colour Coats, or Acrylic = LifeColor 😉 Personally, I would go for the 1944 dazzle scheme cos it's more interesting and unusual, but then I'm just NUTS! 😁 Cheers, Doug 😎 PS Hofbrauhaus is for the tourists! I've been there maybe three times in 38 years? Once on my very first visit to Munich in 1980, then, after I started working here in 1985, only with customers who insisted on going there. Too loud and expensive, there are many better, less touristic, ones in Munich. Prost allseits! PPS haven't been to the Oktoberfest for years for similar reasons! 30 years ago it was still fun, but not now 🤔

German ww2 type V11 sub by vosper Lieutenant   Posted: 20 days ago
[Score: 10/10] 36" German ww2 type V11 sub Twin Propellors (2 Blade X Type) Powered by Lead Acid (6v) Batteries Controlled Through mtroniks ESC - Comments: Revelle model converted to r/c. A little bit fiddly to convert to r/c due to shortage of space in hull. Looks good on the water.

Guestbook Post by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 days ago
Hi All. Many may already recognise the 'nutter from Munich' 😁 but I just wanted to say- I first stumbled across this site and enrolled here in 2014 but was still in harness and trundling around the world working with various navies and shipyards on all sorts of naval ships from small Fast Patrol Boats through subs, Corvettes and Frigates up to LPDs, Heli and Escort Carriers. So I didn't have much time for model building (sounds better than 'Modelling' somehow 😁😲) or contributions to the site, but I did try to keep up to date with advances, as I always did in my profession - Naval COMMS systems - and dipped in and out of this site without getting involved. Since I retired last year I have become an active member and have also dipped into, and registered with some, other Model Boat forums in various countries. But in all of them I have never found such an international, friendly and knowledgable bunch as on this site. Or such a well organised site where it is 'relatively' easy to find the info you need, or to just ask and get informed answers pronto. Sure there is room for improvement in some areas but "Tempus fugit" and things move on - so is it also on this site. I understand that a facelift and changes are afoot😉 whatever the outcome I'm sure you won't find a better web site for informed (bin there done that!) info on model boat / ship building as well as research on the original vessels this side of the asteroid belt! Welcome aboard and Happy Building and Sailing, All the best, cheers, Doug 😎

Darby One Design hydro... by boaty Admiral   Posted: 24 days ago
Westquay- Where did you get that hull. It looks great. I also have a spare brushless plus esc from a recently deceased surface drive hydro and I do prefer the submerged drive like yours. I have been searching second hand shops, the local flea market and car boot sales but found nothing. Boaty😊

U46 Tin Clockwork Submarine by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 26 days ago
Very nice work, good to see some real engineering

U46 Tin Clockwork Submarine by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
Simply masterful, more Mactin Magic 👍👍👍 Would love a video of the 'mental' cruise 😁

U46 Tin Clockwork Submarine by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
Mind blowing stuff, and people think modelling is easy. Great work MacTin. Let's have more of your marvellous creations. Cheers Colin.