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Painting the deck & superstructure. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 hours ago
Hi Paul. It looks like our paint colours are very similar so the BS colour mix is consistent which is good to know. My 94 is coming along slowly as I have been taking a lot of time getting the paint finishes right and dried and hardened but that has also meant that I could spend time between paint coats to do some detail work as you will see soon. Side by side yours would win the beauty contest and undoubtedly a race too 😎

Painting the deck & superstructure. by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 hours ago
Hey Rob, I'm glad you mentioned the greenish hue, I have the same, and have always pondered over if it was correct. When I painted my 3 footer, in the BS 631 It had the green look, so when I did the 4 footer I used a different paint supplier, and it was the same. I wonder if over time the definition of the colour has changed? Coming along nice, its very time consuming isn't it! As you have 94, and I have 93, same boats but subtle differences as they were in real life, it would be very nice to get them together some day👍

Painting the deck & superstructure. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 hours ago
Although the colour of the grey primer and that of the textured finish look quite good together I am committed to use the custom colour paint that I had mixed for the deck finish. The masking process took a while to do thoroughly as I didn’t want any overspray problems at this late stage but once I was satisfied I applied the first light coat of the ‘BS631 RAF Light Grey’ finishing coat. After a 20 minutes or so the second light coat was applied and then left overnight to harden, two coats on the deck is sufficient as I don’t want to fill the texture finish and ruin the effect. The deck was then masked to leave the cabin sides and superstructure exposed so that I could put a third and fourth coat of the colour on those areas. The resulting gloss finish looks quite good and will be a good contrast to the textured decks that will be finished in matt lacquer. The masking on the decks was then removed and the cabins and superstructure masked up to just expose the decks to receive two light coats of the Halfords matt lacquer. Everything was left for a few days to harden before all the masking was removed to reveal the final result of the painting process. The overall result is very pleasing and was well worth all the time and materials used to achieve it. The custom colour has a slightly 'greenish' hue in contrast to the grey primer that I have been looking at up until now and took a while to get accustomed to but I can say that now really like the colour scheme and that it is reasonably true to the prototype 😁

Big Blue by sonar Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
A few more little items now added. And still a lot to make and do. Another 20 shipping containers to make for a start. As the superstructure is removable I was thinking I should make all the rear deck area as the same removable. I then would be able to make another rear deck with a different type of cargo and another type of superstructure both to fit the same Hull. Hence a few boats all using the same Hull and running gear. Having the advantage of Not having to buy another hull or the electronics and motors... Running gear and the electronics I have not as yet sorted anything out. So will have to look about for that OR use the electronics and motors from the Ayton Cross tug as I made them removable as well. Another wait and see thing I guess...

Dr. Ing. Sander by Inkoust Lieutenant   Posted: 5 days ago
The German model of fire boats. Hull with plankováním-wood, fiberglass superstructure. Drive 2 pieces motru 400 with gear ratio 1: 3, used customized truck from washer pump and powered by the 400 system. Complete illuminated flagpole, lights, cabin space and marker lights. Lifting the fire escape personally manufactured servo. Two functional water cannons. Batteries 2 pcs NiCd 3000 mA

Build Update by Pav403 Commander   Posted: 6 days ago
Hello all, Hope you are well? It's taken a while to get to where I am but I can start to see some real progress. I've managed to get the main superstructure complete, they are at a stage where they could be connected to the deck if it was ready. The Hull is now covered in a layer of Balsa, it does now need a lot of rubbing down so I can then look at applying a layer of fiberglass. I've not ordered this yet but I have seen it advertised at Cornwall Model Boats. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fiberglass I'm happy to hear any advise as this will be my 1st time. Good luck with your builds Regards Dave

Lacquering the hull. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Now that the self-adhesive vinyl lettering and hull markings are now applied and correctly positioned…😉 I can now spray the lacquer finish on the hull. The gloss black areas will have a number of coats of Halfords clear gloss lacquer and the red ‘anti-fouling’ areas finished in Halfords clear satin lacquer. I started with the gloss lacquer first, so the all the deck area and the red ‘anti-fouling’ areas were masked. As I wanted the white waterline to be sealed with the gloss finish I masked below the line. After a thorough wipe over with some panel wipe the first coat of gloss was sprayed followed by a further two coats at 30 minute intervals. Fortunately it all went on without any runs or blemishes so I left it for a week to thoroughly harden after removing the masking. The black area was then masked from the bottom of the waterline, the area cleaned with panel wipe and sprayed with three coats of Halfords clear satin lacquer. With all the masking removed the boat was them put aside and left for a week for everything to dry thoroughly and then I polished the black area with some ‘T-cut’ polish to remove any surface blemishes and bring it to a full shine. All the hull marking and lettering are now firmly fixed and sealed and I’m very pleased with the final results. The next job will be to spray the deck and superstructure with the BS631 RAF Light Grey and then the majority of the paint process will be complete 😁

SMIT NEDERLAND by Inkoust Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
Construction of laminate hull, superstructure and accessories are made of ABS and laminate. 2 pcs drive motors 600, 2 pieces of lead acid batteries 6V 10A. Scale Processing of fully functional rudder, mast complete lighting, headlights and hooting

Gaffer by NeilHodson Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 40" Gaffer Capable of 1mph and a runtime of 120mins Single Propellor (3 Blade 25mm) Direct Drive to a Mtronics 400 (3 Blade) Powered by NiCad (6v) 15Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Chinese (5Amps) ESC - Comments: Built on an R36 hull to a home design based on a broads cruiser. Deck, superstructure and cabin interior finished in mahogany. Gaff rigged with treated cotton sails and fully working rigging, the mast folds at the tabernacle for transport and storage. two captive drum sail servos are mounted on removable trays either side of the mast and hidden behind a panel accessed from the cabin. Electronics are hidden inside a cupboard and the motor underneath a table. Rudder servo sits in another movable tray behind the seat in the drop cockpit.

Sad News by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
I had San Pedro in the bath a day ago, Just doing a seaworthiness test! I think she was in the water for about 5hrs, needles to say she took on about 4oz of water! I didn't realize until a day later when I picked her up to put her back in the water. I saw a water stain didn't pay to much attention to it. I went to turn on her running system. As you can imagine I had a look of dread, when I saw all that water and no pump to pump it out of the engine room... I took the batteries out, they suffered no damage. The electronics was pulled out and dried! I left the superstructure off so the engine room can dry. It will be a few weeks of drying, before I can try to access where the leak is coming from.😡😡😡 But I think it's all the weight she carries. 21lbs is quite a bit to carry! Oh, well I'll figure it out later...😭😭😭

OSA 2 Scratch Build Missile Boat by clogboy Seaman   Posted: 12 days ago
Received the MB March edition in the mail yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised Dave Wooley decided to scratch build a Russian OSA 2 Missile Boat. I started a similar project late last year. Like Dave, I had no plans and only very few photos (only pictures from the static plastic Merit kit). My hull is a modified version of Glynn Guest's MTB (MB2009 edition). The hull is enlarged by 15% from the original plan, the additional front deck of the Vosper MTB is eliminated plus I modified the top half of the hull to obtain a more "v" shaped look. Model is all balsa and hull is cured with old panty hose and resin. First tests in pond were positive, aside from Antenna breaking off on maiden voyage. Superstructure need further work but might wait till I see Dave's ideas for further inspiration. I've got 2 other models in my dock yard so plenty on hands anyway. Cheers from Newcastle Australia. J.

HMCS Agassiz by Rod Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi Dave Nice to hear from you again Yes the total superstructure and mast are removable to get into the steam engine The engine is manufactured by Saito and is a single screw with single boiler and pressurises up to about 60 psi Heated with a methanol fueled burner and runs on full steam for about 25 minutes The unit runs very smoothly and creates smoke through a built in smoke generator for more realism Cheers Rod

HMCS Agassiz by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Nice realistic weathering on the model. Does the whole superstructure and masts/rigging lift off? That's a nice looking steam unit, was it home built? Thanks for sharing it should inspire us all to get building.

WheelHouse and Superstructure. by sandkb Lieutenant   Posted: 14 days ago
Beginning to add some detail to Wheel House and Superstructure.

Big Blue by sonar Lieutenant   Posted: 16 days ago
The superstructure or most of it has now been painted in primer. Now I can see what needs more sanding and filling. It could be a few days before it is dry enough to do more to as this was household paint from the local tip 50 pence for a near on full tin. The large cut out in the sides of the superstructure is to house a life boat station on either side. They have just been Finished to the best of my ability. And need to be fixed into position when the top has been completed. So I am thinking it will be time to do a little more on another model I have started..