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Twin motor control problem by reilly4 Lieutenant   Posted: 11 minutes ago
Another thought - The main difference between the bench and the water is the load on the system - ie increase in amps. This load may cause the reduction in signal and into failsafe? What size propellers are in use? Maybe a test with smaller props. I would also test without the BEC.

Twin motor control problem by John Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 hours ago
Hi Dave, I have used two radio systems Planet and Spektrum to see if that was the problem. The problem is the same with both. If you use either ESC and motor there is no problems. The esc were connected direct to the rx and are now connected via a mixer unit. I can not understand how it is fine on the bench but not in the water. I have tried lifting the transmitter to see if is about the height and walking away to see if it distance. Back to the water tomorrow with new ESC's. John.

Twin motor control problem by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 hours ago
Interesting. What radio system are you using? Can you try just using one motor and ESC at a time to see if the problem is still present? You mention a mixer but assume you are now connecting the ESCs direct to the rx?

3 x Brushless Motor control? by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
at the risk of upsetting some apple carts get a taranis system then you can mix to your hearts content just plug each ESC. into its own RX channel and do your mixing on the TX.

Layout and Limitations by NPJ Lieutenant   Posted: 2 days ago
Layout and Limitations Although I am really quite desperate to get on and put a few bits in, it did strike me that before I mess the current systems up on the Tug, maybe I should find out how they work. So although I am leaving the Bridge/Wheelhouse until after the Hull layout is resolved, I need to check out what connections are made to what before I detach it from the Hull. So having a look in you see a busy circuit board and a plastic bottle! Pic 12 -16 What is needed is to determine which leads activate which features before I start chopping leads to separate Hull from Bridge. To this end I attached the standard battery and fired up the Tranny. I reconnected the leads that I had unplugged and switched the boat switch to on. Pic 17/18 Action of motors, lights in three sets and ‘smoker’ cables were identified, but I have not found the ‘horn’ yet. So that established what leads went to what and also raised the question for the future ‘what can be used later’. I noted that some cabling groups and routes from Hull to Bridge where given the ‘silicon treatment’ which I intend to reinstate before replacing the Deck. Having established how the setup works and what can possibly be retained, I removed the ‘standard’ battery, unplugged it all again and loaded potential ‘extras’ into the Hull to see how it would sit in the water. Now I can separate the Hull from the Bridge completely which enables me to have a good look at potential layout and consider weight and its distribution. I did in the early days mark the waterline as it was with standard equipment and also the CoG point fore/aft, for later comparisons. Forgot about Lateral but I assume centre line....................... Maybe pointless, but I made a drawing of the Hull and also laid out some of the components that may be used in the Hull itself. Pics 14/15. Currently the weight of these ‘extras’ amounts to 562 grams 19.8 ozs, from which must be deducted the ‘standard’ battery weight 104 grams 3.6 ozs, when considering real differences, so 458 grams, 16.2 ozs and still below waterline So I now have all these bits, the boat in three pieces and I am considering putting up a banner in the garage which would read... All the gear and no idea! Next move will be trial runs on the new motor control set up and checking out the sound system using the Transducers. NPJ

3 x Brushless Motor control? by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
tomrack and Doug This thread is about brushless Motor Control. I suggest you start a new thread about brushed motor control as the systems you mention will not work with brushless motors. The Action P40e is suitable as it does not have the brushed ESCs

HMS Triumph by reilly4 Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
Another video from the sub-cam on HMS Triumph at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne, Australia. A Scratchbuilt British Trafalgar class submarine using two engel piston tanks for the ballasting system.

Hobby Engine Richardson Upgrade by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi Neil I sourced my TT25 type resonators from Their website is also a mine of info on how to install and use. They are in the Netherlands and my postage added about £7 but it was quick and I had no surcharges. Very friendly and excellent comms and tracking service. I checked Hobby King and it was suggesting the Global Warehouse. As they also sell the full Mr Sound system it's possible they are sourcing in the States.

Hobby Engine Richardson Upgrade by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi Neil, don't worry about the voltage specified. Seems to refer to the MRC Sound System. Has little to do with the speaker / transducer itself. More important is the impedance of 4Ohms! This means that if your amplifier output needs 8 Ohms minimum (a common standard) you should wire two transducers in series, one each side of the hull. Otherwise the 4 Ohm load could draw too much current from the amplifier and possibly burn out the output power transistors.😡 Series wiring means connecting the + (red) of one transducer to the negative (black) of the other. The 'free' - and + of the transducers then go to the - and + of the amplifier speaker terminals. 4 + 4 = 8 and everybody's happy😊 and you can make lotsa noise! Happy Ghetto Blasting! Doug 😎

Hobby Engine Richardson Upgrade by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi Neil, the transducers are from HobbyKing/ They take a bit of finding! hardware & Accessories -> Audio Systems & Parts !!! Or just look for the TT-25. BUT: make sure they come from UK or EU Warehouse stock. I wasn't paying attention and mine came from the HK 'Global' warehouse and the German customs stung me for €62.68 duty and admin 😡 Had to pay the DHL man in cash or he wouldn't give 'em to me 🤔 Mind you I did buy 10 in one go, at US$19.99 each! Maybe they thought I was some kind of business. Weight incl. cable and plug 81gm / 2.85oz, diameter 5.2cm (~2"), height 2.1cm (~0.8"). Happy modding, Doug 😎

3d printing by Delboy Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 14 days ago
Everything is feasible. You have to realise the constraints of the system though. My printer has a maximum build volume of around 200x200x200 mm which is generous in the home printer category. Many are much smaller. So, to get a model of any size, you might have to cut it into blocks which are glued together after printing.

Hobby Engine Richardson Upgrade by octman Captain   Posted: 16 days ago
I have an old Southampton , off E.Bay a couple of years ago. I fitted the Components shop mixer, 2x 3400mAH NiMh packs(one for each motor)2 Mtroniks 15A Marine vipers, Technobots diesel sound system and also a Technobots 16 channel sound system. There is not a lot of spare space! I had a problem with the mixer eventually. It worked very well, as I did not think the turning circle in the original form was very good. I took it out eventually and went over to tank steering, which is OK but seems to be more effective in turning one way rather than the other, it's fine in a straight line. I found out after I had removed the mixer that the supposed problem was of my own making. So many wires inside that I was not in fact charging one of the battery packs so it ended up flat. Nothing wrong with the mixer at all! I mounted the engine sound speaker in the lower half of the cabin,where there was just enough room, where the window openings are not glazed(at least on my boat they aren't). Sound was OK but it was a bit lacking in volume, but I may need a higher power speaker, not sure as audio is a non area to me. The 16 channel unit is good in that a micro SD card is supplied with pre- recorded sounds, and instructions are given on how to record your own. The difficulty with this particular sound system is finding somewhere to put the second speaker as the 2 systems cannot be fed into the same speaker. It was a bit faint to say the least,possibly due to the tiny speaker I used. I tried to fit a transducer glued to the underside of the deck but there was no improvement so that is a work in progress. The inside of the hull resembled a very untidy birds nest! CHris

Forum Posts by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
The sites Terms and Conditions contains the following: Posting Rules While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters. Refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum email and private message system to spam other members. Although the forum contains a for sale category generalised advertising is still not allowed. This section can only be used for one off items. Please wait a reasonable amount of time before bumping posts. For general 'how-to' questions this should be 24 hours. For specific troubleshooting issues, use 12 hours as a guideline. We also do not allow posts that are sexual in nature or violate forum community standards. The moderation team shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate community standards. Discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed. Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed. We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice. Users must always post messages in English, other languages will be deleted. Animated avatars or avatars that may be confused with official administrator avatars are not allowed. Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. You cannot post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal. You cannot post any contact details including email address and telephone numbers, these are for your security as they will otherwise be detected in search engines for spam bots. All contacts details should be sent through the private messaging system. You cannot post advertisements or notices for contests. We also reserve the right to ban anyone who wilfully violates the website rules, as access to this site is a privilege and not a right. Any threads/posts of these types will be deleted.

What paint type by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi Doug, Common market, Common charges??? NAH, each postal system cross charge into their system, UK Customs charge +. £8 surcharge/ handling charge by Royal Mail. Just as a point, Customs don't bother with charges below about £25 so don't order multiple items above that level, even if you cop extra postage it will still be cheaper than RM surcharges Mark

St. Albans model show. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
I’m pleased to report that the fireboat finally got it’s bottom wet at the St. Albans model exhibition last weekend. Sadly it was only in the very small temporary pond that the club set up for the ‘have a go’ boats during the ‘free sailing’ session at the end of the second day, nevertheless it was a good ‘tank test’ for the motor and systems. The boat gets up onto a plane immediately and crossed the water into the hands of a ‘catcher’ on the opposite corner in seconds and when held static under full throttle it’s quite a job to counter the thrust. She sits nicely on the waterline but needs a small amount of ballast to correct a very small list to port, and I also need to extend the rudder servo limits to reduce the turning circle a bit. It’s a shame that there was no one to hand to take some action pictures and video so I only have a few static shots that I took. The St. Albans model show was itself a phenomenal success with public attendances breaking all records over last year and was well supported by numerous other clubs and societies. The glorious weather on both days also helped too! If you attended the show I hope you had as much fun as I did 😁 It was also great to chat with other modellers who inspected my boat in the clubs display room at the show, many of whom have also made this model or have one under construction, it's was a pleasure meeting you all. Robbob.