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Decks by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi Norm, Norm (!) Oughs drawing may well be 'as built'. During the war she received many mods. Depends on the time snapshot you want to recreate. I may be wrong about the island (photo perspective) but it seemed that way. I remember standing on the topmost island deck of a Colossus class carrier, at the foot of the antenna mast, looking down at ants crawling about on the deck, and the even smaller ones on the dockside! 😉 I was up there inspecting the COMMS antenna fit. That was my job the last 30 odd years. On existing ships I would survey the COMMS systems for upgrades and refits. For new build ships I would discuss the requirements and possibilities with the navies and then discuss with the shipyards how to achieve them! All good stuff, but the last 10 years I was getting a bit stiff for the climbing, so I sent a younger colleague up while I discussed the existing system and any problems with the crew in the Wardroom😉 Can't see your pic, the site only accepts jpgs etc🤔 An irritation that has often cost me time to do conversions 😡 We'll have to 'gang up' on Fireboat (Stephen) to get this improved. i often wanted to upload a pdf page, but had to convert to jpg etc first😭 Where is this mysterious platform? Maybe I can find it. A large searchlight would not surprise me. Could also be an early radar antenna, need to research the types mentioned above. If the launch has a cabin it may be an 'Admirals Barge', and Admirals had a lot of freedom to paint them how they wanted. So black and mahogany sounds very appropriate to me 👍 Often said on this site (and elsewhere) but: 'The only silly question is the one you don't ask'! Keep up the good work, Doug 😎

Decks by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Some info. on radar, armament and wartime mods! 'Ya pays ya money and yer takes yer choice'! 😎 "Armament, electronics and protection The main armament of the Illustrious class consisted of sixteen quick-firing (QF) 4.5-inch (110 mm) dual-purpose guns in eight twin-gun turrets, four in sponsons on each side of the hull. The roofs of the gun turrets protruded above the level of the flight deck to allow them to fire across the deck at high elevations.[11] The gun had a maximum range of 20,760 yards (18,980 m).[12] Her light anti-aircraft defences included six octuple mounts for QF 2-pounder ("pom-pom") anti-aircraft (AA) guns, two each fore and aft of the island and two in sponsons on the port side of the hull.[11] The 2-pounder gun had a maximum range of 6,800 yards (6,200 m).[13] The completion of Illustrious was delayed two months to fit her with a Type 79Z early-warning radar; she was the first aircraft carrier in the world to be fitted with radar before completion.[11] This version of the radar had separate transmitting and receiving antennas which required a new mainmast to be added to the aft end of the island to mount the transmitter.[14] The Illustrious-class ships had a flight deck protected by 3 inches (76 mm) of armour and the internal sides and ends of the hangars were 4.5 inches (114 mm) thick. The hangar deck itself was 2.5 inches (64 mm) thick and extended the full width of the ship to meet the top of the 4.5-inch waterline armour belt. The belt was closed by 2.5-inch transverse bulkheads fore and aft. The underwater defence system was a layered system of liquid- and air-filled compartments backed by a 1.5-inch (38 mm) splinter bulkhead.[15] Wartime modifications While under repair in 1941, Illustrious's rear "round-down" was flattened to increase the usable length of the flight deck to 670 feet (204.2 m).[16] This increased her aircraft complement to 41 aircraft by use of a permanent deck park.[17] Her light AA armament was also augmented by the addition of 10 Oerlikon 20 mm autocannon in single mounts with a maximum range of 4,800 yards (4,400 m).[18] In addition the two steel fire curtains in the hangar were replaced by asbestos ones.[19] After her return to the UK later that year, her Type 79Z radar was replaced by a Type 281 system and a Type 285 gunnery radar was mounted on one of the main fire-control directors.[16] The additional crewmen, maintenance personnel and facilities needed to support these aircraft, weapons and sensors increased her complement to 1,326.[7] During her 1943 refits, the flight deck was modified to extend its usable length to 740 feet (225.6 m), and "outriggers" were probably added at this time. These were 'U'-shaped beams that extended from the side of the flight deck into which aircraft tailwheels were placed. The aircraft were pushed back until the main wheels were near the edge of the flight deck to allow more aircraft to be stored on the deck. Twin Oerlikon mounts replaced most of the single mounts. Other twin mounts were added so that by May she had a total of eighteen twin and two single mounts. The Type 281 radar was replaced by an upgraded Type 281M, and a single-antenna Type 79M was added. Type 282 gunnery radars were added for each of the "pom-pom" directors, and the rest of the main directors were fitted with Type 285 radars. A Type 272 target-indicator radar was mounted above her bridge.[16] These changes increased her aircraft capacity to 57[20] and caused her crew to grow to 1,831.[7] A year later, in preparation for her service against the Japanese in the Pacific, one starboard octuple "pom-pom" mount, directly abaft the island, was replaced by two 40 mm Bofors AA guns;[21] which had a maximum range of 10,750 yards (9,830 m).[22] Two more twin Oerlikon mounts were added, and her boilers were retubed.[21] At this time her complement was 1,997 officers and enlisted men.[7] By 1945, accumulated wear-and-tear as well as undiagnosed shock damage to Illustrious's machinery caused severe vibrations in her centre propeller shaft at high speeds. In an effort to cure the problem, the propeller was removed, and the shaft was locked in place in February; these radical measures succeeded in reducing, but not eliminating, the vibrations and reduced the ship's speed to about 24 knots (44 km/h; 28 mph).["

Tank Steering by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Doug. Yes that's correct, the trainer socket on the back of the TX is used for the firmware update. I found the info for the TX mod on another site and happened to need a few bits and bobs from Hobbyking so I added them to my order, so for £18 I can unlock the 10 channels that the system will support 👍😁 As I said I've not done the mod yet but when I start the new build I'll probably do the update and then use the old 6 channel RX in the new boat and store a new model preset in the TX just for 6 channels. Robbob.

Tank Steering by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi All The Turnigy/Flysky iA6 are amazingly good value systems but did you know that they can be upgraded to full 10 channel operation! You will need to buy a new 10 channel RX for about £15: And a cable to go from your computer USB port to the connector on the back of the TX for less than £3: And then the firmware update from this site: There are also some YouTube videos to guide you through the upgrade process. This is one of a number of them on YouTube. I have bought the bits but not got round to doing the upgrade yet but apparently it is a very popular mod that allows you to assign a separate auxiliary channel to each of the switches and knobs. Robbob.

Tank Steering by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Dave, It didn't twitch back and forth, it jumped (!) like it had a stepper motor !? I tried it on the Robbe servo tester and it seemed OK. T'other was still dead 🤔 Both servos are fairly recent. The jumpy one a mini Hitec HS-81, the dead one a Conrad (🤔) 8gm micro. If the dead one stays dead the insides will end up in my 'Useful bits' rack! I have a reasonable servo stock so it's not really worth spending much time repairing it. BUT I do like to know how things work and above all why they don't! Bonner: Did you mean the one with the 6 pin plug ? Can't ask the chap who gave me them, also Dave (!) an ex RN Captain I met at the Ostpark lake, I think he died about 10 years ago - RIP. We used to go flying over the Alps at weekends in his ancient Cessna, great fun BUT LOUD. My little daughter loved it 😊 The then wife you couldn't get within a 100yds of it! I don't expect any range problems either, 100yds to the other side of the lake to wake up the sunbathers (Whoop whoop!) is enough for me😉 Cheers Doug 😎 PS: think maybe I'll start a separate thread to continue this saga; testing and product review etc. Just like old times - designing and presenting Comms systems 😉

Tank Steering by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Dave, Yep it's the HT6, see my photos above.Good choice for a raffle prize👍 During my test I found two servos which were very jumpy and twitchy, and one 'what did nowt' 🤔 most worked perfectly 😊 Will do some more tests tomorrow with other TX/RX sets to find out if it's the system or the servo itself. Wayne: Sorry, no range check yet, it's been around 14° and peeing down for days. Likely to last until Tuesday - then we get sun and 34° !! Must be the b....y North Koreans 😉 More soon, cheers Doug 😎 PS Re older servos; How right you are, several years ago I was given a selection of old servos, including linears. Long defunct US make I think. Most had the red lead on the outside. I modified some but many refused to work with either my Futaba, Sanwa or Graupner. So I gutted them and used the motors and gears for other things; e.g. radar drive for HMS Hotspur! PPS the linears had a peculiar 6 pin round plug like mini DIN plug!

Dont throw your tins out. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Aha! An 'oil shoveller' 😉 Yep, I saw Brilliant (then renamed F47 Dodsworth) in Rio, Arsenal do Marinha Ilha das Cobras, several times. We fitted a new VHF/UHF comms system to her. Afraid she was scrapped in Turkey 2012. 🤔 Cheers to another 'Old Sea Dog', Doug 😎 PS Re Maggie's reign, during the Falklands business I was on a business trip to Scotland, remember seeing reports of the Vulcan attack on TV in a bar in Oban!

What motor have I got? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
PS: we used to use 24V motors and high precision gears in our automatic tracking filters for VHF/UHF radios, until, like most things, they went digital. I still think the analogue system was better for that application. But digital is cheaper to produce 🤔 Cheers Doug

ESC POWER by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Very impressive. I look forward to seeing the video when available. Thinking about my last post I may have given the wrong advice about the switch on sequence. Some ESCs set the neutral point at switch on and some 2.4Ghz rxs take a few secs to power up resulting in the ESC not finding a signal. So if you have such a system I would switch on the rx power source first and wait for the rx light to show solid before switching on or applying power to the ESCs. Dave

ESC POWER by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Glad to hear you have solved your problem. Overrunning any system will result in some interesting issues and you are fortunate that yours shut down or failed open circuit otherwise all the electronics could have cooked. If you are getting a separate on-board power source the best option is to go for a switched mode supply, most will give you lots of amps without the heat problems of an ESC and are designed to work with higher battery voltages. You must disconnect any +ve power lead from any ESC to your rx. If your ESC has an on/off switch do make sure it is switched on, preferable before you power up the switched mode unit. Be good to see some pics or on water video Dave

ESC POWER by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Oh yeh! Every picture tells a story! Had we known that at the beginning we would have missed out on an interesting debate 😉 Looks like you triggered the ESC's thermal cut-out. Lucky it wasn't permanently damaged. MIL Standard 217 Handbook for calculating MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) lists the two top Stress Factors as Environment - Over-temperature and Exceeding rated Voltage - Over-volts. 🤔 After that comes Component Count - the more parts the more likely it is that one will go PHUT when you need it 😡 During my recently ended career I had a lot to do with MTBF for naval ship systems, and the associated FMECA - Failure Mode Effect And Cause Analysis! Lesson learned!? We all learn from our mistakes and those of others - I hope😉 Have fun with the new ESCs.👍 Don't get any speeding tickets 😉 Cheers Doug 😎 PS having a second power supply in the system more than doubles the MTBF. BTW: Where do you buy your 4.6 cell LiPos !?😲

ESC POWER by RHBaker Admiral   Posted: 13 days ago
First, thanks to all for their helpful replies. To answer a few questions: 1) The installation has two independently controlled ESC/Power train systems in a long, narrow patrol boat. They were fitted for maneuverability and achieve that target well. 2) All Rx functions failed when the ESC failed, pointing to a BEC circuit failure. 3) The ESCs are of UK manufacture and, I hasten to add, have previously worked well. Have used this product for years and am satisfied with it. 4) The presumed reason for failure was, in a effort to increase the performance and reduce the weight of the model the power has (after a series of trials with 9 to 14 v NiMh batteries) gradually evolved to a 17 volt Li-Po system. This final iteration had performed well for some time. Guess using a 12 volt ESC on a 17 volt system would eventually lead to failure - Mea Culpa! Funnily enough,when cooled down all functions work properly - until they heat up again. Have ordered 2 more ESCs from the same manufacturer, but now rated at 12 - 24 volts - should solve the issue. In view of the various recommendations to use a separate Rx power system, think this is the easiest solution to avoid a total system failure in future. Again, thanks for the advice.

Looking for a Sea Queen by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi Dave, to a private citizen you are quite correct! I do not buy from private citizens on Ebay. I checked the supplier through the German & Austrian Handelskammer (Chamber of Commerce) via a secure link which can be checked via the German IT Security Ministry. Don't know what the set up is in England these days but a bank transfer (Überweisung) here is protected, electronically receipted and can easily be reversed if something goes wrong. 😊 I also tend to use only those suppliers which are listed under 'Trusted Shops' for expensive items - highly recommendable. No, in my case it was maybe Ebay who screwed up because the payment did not go through them, supplier forget to tell them ? or an opportunist was trying to cash in. What ever, a quick call to the supplier confirmed the payment (I had long since received the goods) and Ebay shut up. I was not a victim! Too long in the tooth for that 😉 I also find that Ebay (and Amazon) are rarely the economic option. Ebay I only use for stuff I can't find anywhere else. Cheers Doug 😎 PS Whatever way you pay Ebay somehow the cash goes by wire! No one carts around suitcase of notes anymore, not even the Mafia apparently😉 I know you were in banking (Systems Analyst?) but where does one draw the line? It's always a leapfrog race between providers, banks etc and hackers 🤔 I use the checks available and don't open suspect mails. Where possible I trace the sender address, if I'm curious enough 😉 So far I only lost €3 to a Chinese 'shop', part of a larger Amazon order for various tools. It never arrived and Emails were not answered so I wrote it off to experience (Lerngeld - Learning money as the Germans say!) and put the shop on my Blacklist. 😎

U37 by mactin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 20 days ago
Hello MBWs U37 is made from 3 recycled Go system butane gas cans, clockwork as usual and about half way through the build. Im also trying to embrace new technology but its not easy because im a Luddite. The boat will end up 22" long and will dynamic dive or surface run. Total build time so far around 40 hours.

HMS Illustrious Aircraft carrier by Gdaynorm Lieutenant   Posted: 22 days ago
Hi Doug, No wonder you're a fleet admiral! Sounds as if you have had quite a time, and I'd guess just about retiring, which I've been for some sixteen years now after most of my adult life running tour coaches, twenty years overland to India and Nepal. Resurrected model ship building when I came to Canada. There is a guy in Hamilton with an American carrier which is about seven feet long. He has a special box and trailer for it. Installs the ballast after launching. It sails well, though does not like wind, and is not much to look at. He had it on our lake about three years ago for our annual Canada day regatta. My longest ship is HMS Ceres, five feet. Sails well and is remarkably stable for such a narrow really oversize destroyer. Back to sorting out pom pom control systems about half an inch high, and fguring out how to fit the windscreen to Fairey Fulmars. Best Norm