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Warped wood by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 hours ago
My pleasure Martin, Thanks! Praise indeed from an 'old pro' 😊😁 I hope Dad wasn't to busy with the angels (or Vestal Virgins😲) and had time to look down and check what his 'little boy' was up to 😁 Yep the meter could help when checking the connections PRIOR to applying any power. More so if you use individual diodes. Easier is if you use a Bridge Rectifier (like I did😉) which already has 4 diodes in one encapsulated block, clearly marked with the AC ~ inputs and the + and - outputs. That's the black block in the middle of my test board in attached pic. For your Taycols get one that is rated for 10 or 15 Amps. Use 10A fuses to protect the motor coils and a 15A fuse in the battery supply to protect the ESC and rectifier.👍 I will probably put this board and the Taycol Target in the Danish Fish Cutter I am currently renovating - parallel to the PTB! Need to start two more Blogs! Glutton for punishment 😁 Cheers, Doug 😎 PS 2nd pic is the one I now use for my PC monitor background pic😊

Warped wood by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 hours ago
Thanks, mate, I'm always on the lookout for good materials and that looks terrific. You did a very thorough job on that little boat, your Dad will have been most impressed. BTW, I just bought a multimeter for models and house generally, which has a diode direction tester? I'm only guessing, but I figure that'll help when I make the bridge from your circuit, for my Taycols. OR.. I could be talking out of the old popper! I'm sure you will let me know Cheers, Martin

what have I got? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Yep, that's what the Aussies have replicated with better magnets 👍 Should run fine on a 10 cell 12V NiMh or a 3S 11.1V LiPo. AFTER you've checked and cleaned up the brushes and commutator!! Have fun restoring, I know what's ahead of you cos I just did the Sea Scout my Dad built in the early 60s and have started on an ancient Billing Boats fish cutter. Cheers, Doug 😎 BTW To go in the cutter I renovated a 50s Taycol Target Dad had put in the Sea Scout, and modified it to run forward and reverse via an ESC and RC. Details are on the site somewhere 😉 The Sea Scout is now brushless!

GRP hulls by the million... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Evenin' Martin, Seem to remember we had this discussion about a year ago, when I mentioned that my warships are all around 4 to 5 feet! 😉 A new challenge is to motorise 1/350 versions of Hood, Ark Royal and Prince of Wales. They come out at about 28" to 36". Big enuff I reckon. I envy you your loft 😉 All the best, Doug 😎 PS: thanks for the tip about old credits cards for filler 👍 I just used an otherwise now useless Air Berlin Top Bonus 😭 to apply filler to the Danish Fish Cutter I am renovating and converting from static to RC. Works great 😊 I plan to use the Taycol Target I modified last year to go both forward and astern under RC.

At last, as step nearer to completion for the Crash tender... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi all, well having been disappointed by the non arrival of the wherry GRP hull as an early birthday present, my dear bride has agreed to let me send off to SLEC for a set of Crash Tender fittings. I was going to get them in white metal from Ivan at ipengineering, who had them and all the Rowell kits, but he darts from one thing to another and next thing I know is he's flogged it all to SLEC, so I have a set of 1/16th fittings coming to replace the long stolen set of Ripmax Mersey Marine fittings I got with the Crash Tender when I was 11. I had a new brother arriving at the time and would be chucked out of my boxroom, so Dad went nuts and got me the whole kit and caboodle from a new exciting R/C and boat shop in Collier Row, Romford for my 11th Christmas. Alas, the REP single channel R/C set has also been stolen, but the boat and its Taycol Supermarine are here still and now might even finally get finished. As a 12 year old I used the model in an unfinished state on Essex oyster beds for years after, using up lantern batteries like they were growing on trees by the River Roach. Going left, centre,right,centre, but I was having a whale of a time. I shall put an old set of early propo. in it, 27 meg, of course, so stay off green frequency if you don't mind. I was thinking it should be finished as a 60s model, but I can't resist the lure of detailing it now we have all the info thanks to this website, so rather than finding space for 2 of them I'll detail this one after all. The wherry will have to wait. Oh and that brother? He's due here in an hour having come over for a tour of the old country from his life in Australia with his 22 year old son! And he's going back with some old model boat plans from Gary Griswold and The Rudder, which I have amassed, so the tradition continues. I will work on the nephew! Cheers, Martin

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Muchas gracias Ed 👍, was worth all the effort. During one run a nice American lady showed up with her grandchildren who were quite absorbed with the boat's antics. We had quite a nice long chat. Was a good afternoon. Now considering what's next (apart from final fittings and cockpit outfit for the Sea Scout): the old fish cutter restoration with my modified Taycol motor or the upgrade / conversion to PT-109 of the 1:35 ELCO PTB I bought last year !? Cheers Doug 😎

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Part 1. Ideal conditions; nearly 30°C, cool Bier at hand😜 Sea Scout built by Dad in the early sixties with a Taycol Target and 6V lead acid wet cells (very wet😡). Renovated and dragged into the 21st century over the last several months 😉 See Build Blog 'Sea Scout 'Jessica'' for details! Motor: Propdrive 2830, 1000kV, 30mm 3 blade Raboesch prop. Quicrun 16BL30 (30A) ESC with BEC. Tested with 3 battery types, all started with 99% measured capacity- 1. NiMh 4.2Ah 7.2V, nom. 408gm. Result: Speed sedate (OK 😉scale river cruising!) No planing. Max current: 3.6A End status V / capacity left: At end of short run ca 3 mins. 7.78V 99%. 2. 2S LiPo 4.0Ah 7.4V nom. 257gm. Result: Speed still sedate but due to lower batt weight at least the forefoot came out of the wet stuff! Max current: 4.1A End status V / capacity left: At end of short run ca 3 mins. 8.25V 93%. 3. 3S LiPo 4.0Ah 11.1V nom. 315gm. Result: Now we're getting somewhere!!😁 Good speed, manoeuvrability and planing 😊 Max current: 7.5A End status: 11.95V 74% after several long runs, ca 20 mins total. Estimated (extrapolated) endurance on a 4Ah LiPo around one hour - mostly 'full bore' - 'Pedal to the metal man' 😊 See also: The competition! Final run. (Beer was getting warm😁) Cap'ns log entry: Boat dead-weight w/o battery: 1.8kg. Spray rails to be added!😲 Slight list to port to be trimmed. Rudder servo to be reversed!!😲 Keel protection to be added: some scratches and flaking from stony sloping shore 🤔 Summary: much as expected👍 Forget anything less than 3S. Anyone want to buy a batch (4) of new 2S 4Ah 45C Lipos? 'One careful owner'! Happy boating people, Cheers Doug 😎 PS Many thanks to Camera girl Gisela 👍 Recorded in 1080p HD.

It's a sad day!. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 29 days ago
Yep, built mine with my Dad, a 34" Crash Tender. We used the then new PVA glue and to be honest, 54 years later it still holds well and is waterproof. I really must finish it some day! I confess I never had an IC engine in a boat, but I've always had an ED Racer with water jacket and big brass flywheel. Still have it on my shelf with others, but I could never get the buggers to start! So Dad made sure the Crash Tender had a good electric motor when he spoiled me with it all for my 11th Christmas. I had REP single channel R/C and a Taycol Supermarine motor and Taycol coupling. That's what's in it and will stay in it. Alas the R/C gear was stolen. I could replicate the case, but there just ain't the time for all these things, so an old Mini Hex 1970s Propo set will go in it as a classic curio. I used it for years with the REP on the oyster ponds at Paglesham. Left, centre, right, centre, wiggle right, wiggle right and so on. The Taycol ate batteries! Martin

getting a bit slow?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Mornin' Martin, just to refresh your memory- "Couplings by Westquay Admiral Posted: 1 year ago Isn't it funny how I used my Crash Tender 53 years ago with 27 meg R/C and never ever had any interference problems. Now the fashion victims all want those ugly little cans from Mabuchi or brushless, suddenly the lovely old Taycols are unusable. Rubbish. If modern R/C is that fussy we haven't moved on at all. Maybe because I have an unbroken link to the Taycol and the Crash Tender I see no reason to just give in and use modern stuff I detest. I have never been a fashion victim and I am not starting now. I think this and any other model boats forum and I have reached the limits to our mutual usefulness. I'm off to do things my way. Where I've had help, thanks. Otherwise?............ Martin"

getting a bit slow?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Good ol' Martin, you haven't changed a bit have you? But then why should we at our age? Just as forth(or fifth?)right as ever😉 Was mildly surprised to see you pop up again a year after you so explicitly and expressively announced your departure! Getting bored? What might seem "utterly stupid and pointless" to you, as a lifetime professional model builder, is a very satisfying and maybe only possible way for many of us to enjoy this hobby. Is it really necessary to denigrate kit builders in this insulting manner? Some of us do a mixture of scratch and kit building, sometimes for the fun of building, sometimes for convenience / speed, as a a fill-in JFF job during a bigger build project, or because the scale is smaller than the 'small scale' of 1/48th you mention. I.e. working models at 1:350 or 1:400. Even then we fiddle about with embellishments such as photo etch, which itself demands certain skills. Even kits demand certain skills, especially the larger more complex ones. My next 'average' kit build will be a 1metre Akula II Russian submarine with diving tank for static diving. Utterly stupid and pointless but a great challenge and ultimately great fun I hope, with a built in mini video camera. A way down the line as other wooden boat restoration projects are still on the slipway, but something new to try. Maybe you should do that sometime? Have fun with your dogs. Viele Grüße aus München, Doug 😎 Oh! and QEND - Quad erat non demonstrandum! BTW: nice work on the Vanity woodwork, thought you had her finished long ago though. Did you ever get your old Taycols out of your son's loft?

Re: Donnieboy's Gina 2 by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Amazing! That is exactly the boat I inherited from an Aunt last year. Took me months to find out what it was. Originally I thought it was a Kentish boat, cos our family hails from East Kent (Folkestone area) and Aunt Beryl often painted fishing boats along the Kent coast. Eventually I discovered that she was based in Ebsjerg in Denmark, hence the E in the registration. Shame yours has been deactivated 🤔 I'm going to try to renovate mine and fit it with a 60's Taycol Target which I have modded to run forwards and backwards from a standard brushed ESC. Your pics will help, thanks 👍 Cheers, Doug 😎

Help Needed new Builder Billings St Canute by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks Ron 👍 I would have thought she would be a bit 'over-motored' with a 500er at 20K rpm anyway! 😲 I have a couple of old 540s in my 53" destroyer and she goes like stink on 12V 😁 See what you mean about the belt or gear drive, but might be a bit 'heavy' for a new builder!? Looks like I might have fun squeezing the Taycol Target into the ancient Billing Cutter I have. Cheers Doug 😎 Richard: if you do fit the 500 it looks like you may be 'Boldly going where no model boat builder has been before'! 😁

stripping paint by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
I inherited a Danish Fish Cutter (ancient Billings kit) in similar sorry state 🤔 A 'long term' restoration project! I have already renovated and modified Dad's old Taycol Target to go in it! Cheers Doug 😎

raf 93 and 94as mentioned earlier boat 93 was purchased from internet built in the late fifties by a scots gentleman by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Both great looking models. Where did you get your little men for the boat ? For my ninth birthday (1959) my parents bought me a 34" Crash Tender and my father (RIP) and I built it over several months and for Christmas that year they bought me an ED HUnter 3.46cc engine. As you said R/C back then was too expensive. We used to go out with it to the nearest pond it was about a mile and a half walk and use it there. Blackheath pond south London. It was either do a straight line to each other and then round in circles until it run out of fuel and the wait until it drifted back in with the breeze. When we built it my dad used to bring home old tea chests broken down in pieces and would use a fret saw to out out more pieces to build a second one at the same time. He said this was so that we didn't do anything incorrectly to the original one. That other one was given to my younger brother and they bought a Taycol Standard and put that in it for him. They were great fun In all we built seven of them 6 were out of tea chests and old orange boxes. He gave them away, I know one of them went to our milkman one to a work mate if his can't remember where the others went. When I left home when I was 20 I left mine there and I never found out where that one went. I have a 46" from the Vintage Model Workshop people and a 34" that I purchased in 1994 on the 50th anniversary when they made a limited run 50 of them, in my shed still in the boxes unmade. I drew round all the parts onto paper and on the Epson printer/scanner I reduced the parts and have built a smaller one I think she is 28 inches long. It is virtually all balsa wood the only parts that are not are the side stringers they are Obeeche strips and the two bottom skins where I done a second skin of 1/64th ply to strengthen it in case of any mishaps on the pond edges. I have not finished that one yet. She did have a trial run on water but due to a too larger 4 bladed prop and too big rudder and maybe the wrong motor she was a bit of a disaster I lost heart for a while after that. I had a bit of a mental brake down due to a serious work problem and gave up on her. That was about 6 years ago now and she is sitting on top of a cupboard in the living room . I will get round to finishing her one day, now I'm retired and back to good mental health.

1960S Taycol electric motor by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi CB, Re 'Faraday Cage: I see what you're getting at, of course you are correct that a sealed and grounded metal box would shield the surroundings from spark generated RFI. The 'box' would need to be 'hermetically and electrically sealed', not easy with prop shaft an' all. One hole is enough and Whoops, all those nasty waves have escaped😡. But actually a Faraday Cage works the other way round! It's purpose is to protect people and 'things' inside the cage from outside influences such as high voltage discharge (e.g. lightning) or unwanted radio or other high energy waves by conducting them around the outer skin of the cage to ground. I sat in one during my years of development of mobile radio systems to try to make sure that my test measurements weren't being falsified by external influences. I also didn't want to ruin the tests and alignments my 'bods' were doing on the current production equipment just outside😉 I also had the pleasure 🤔 about 30 years ago of standing inside one at the Deutsches Museum while about a million volts was fired at it! Hair raising😲 but I'm still here to tell the tale😊 and bore the pants off you all😁 Happy suppressing all, cheers Doug 😎