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torpedo motor
Deck furniture by rolfman2000 Commander   Posted: 11 days ago
Sorry guys... I should have added that Battlecrafts do loads of armaments in various scales for lots of ships. If you have the money, they have a complete set of fittings including guns, torpedoes, and ALL the deck fittings for both 1/24th and 1/32nd models of the Perkasa. I have only added a few bits plus both guns on my 34" one, but it does add a lot of "realism" to it. Pics will follow when she's complete 😊

3 Footer on a very rare outing by BOATSHED Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
So the Crash Tenders only had a speed of 30 knots and that isn't that quick. The scramble nets were used for recovering airmen downed in the water, they had to get to them quick. Have you been on the water at 30 knot's compared to in a car it feels a hell of a lot different. British Power Boat 60 ft MTB. They were based on the British Power Boat rescue craft and were originally designed for the Royal Air Force but reduced to 60 ft (18 m) in length. They could carry two 18-inch (457 mm) torpedoes and achieve a maximum speed of 33 kn (38 mph; 61 km/h).

Counter Rotating Props by Trillium Commander   Posted: 4 months ago
Inwards or outwards - should the props be turning to meet together above the shaft or below it? Also from Wikipedia "Contra-rotating is where parts of a mechanism rotate in opposite directions about a common axis, usually to minimise the effect of torque. Contra-rotating propellers should not be confused with counter-rotating propellers, a term which describes non-coaxial propellers on separate shafts; one turning clockwise and the other counter-clockwise." Torpedoes are a marine example of contra-rotating props. Roy

Precedent Perkasa by cormorant Admiral   Posted: 10 months ago
Hi Dave Chris, who you met when I collected the boat, suggested looking at replacing the bearings and shaft, but as it was non metric, I didn't think it would be as straightforward as you suggest. I'll store that info away in case the needle couplings don't work. The couplings will be with me tomorrow, so I will let you know how it goes. I have attached a pic of my previous boat, unfortunately I have none of the power train. As you can see, it's pretty basic and all the fittings came with the kit except the gun barrel (machined metal) and torpedoes (broom handles). Thanks once again for your help and advice. Steve

Shengking 11 by michaelpboyes Petty Officer   Posted: 1 year ago
[Score: 8/10] 30"/3400g Shengking 11 Single Propellor Direct Drive - Comments: SS Shengking built Clydeside 1930 for China navigation co. Traded between ShanghaI & Tiensin from 1934, was carrying aviation fuel in WW2 just avoided 2 torpedoes, eventually sold, finally scrapped in 1962

MTGMB by DodgyGeezer Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
He probably wants an 80ft Elco American PT boat. They had several machine guns, several cannon, torpedoes, depth charges and missiles. Also, occasionally, anti-tank guns and mortars...

HMS GREY GOOSE by DodgyGeezer Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
Are the torpedoes scratch-built, or from a purchased kit?

Perkasa progress by Northumbrian Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
I have added a few more fittings ie cooling stack Bofors & Oerlikon guns lockers hatches radar & the anchor is in progress the torpedoes & racks are nearly finished when the deck is finished i will fit the stanchions slowly getting there 💭

Perkasa by Northumbrian Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
The torpedoes & racks are in place the stack lockers are ready to rub down then seal & undercoat,The next job is to paint the bottom black

MTGMB by fid2b Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
This the story, possibly to be a long drawn out one, of a scratch built wooden boat. Nominally for my six year old son, he has provided the spec for the armament, and as no amount of firepower Is too much for a boy, he has asked for torpedoes, guns and missiles, hence the name!

How to fix torpedos by lesfac Lieutenant   Posted: 3 years ago
On looking at pictures of other models I noticed some of them displayed ropes securing the torpedoes. I opted for using some elastic laces as ropes lashing them down. By tying a loop like an elastic band I was able to thread It through a hole In the torpedo carrier and thread the torpedo through the loop. The elasticity holds the torpedo In place and Its easy to remove. 2 bands per torpedo, one each end of the carrier

How to fix torpedos by AlanP Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
Another Idea Is to glue the torpedoes to the cradle with small amounts of canopy glue, It dries clear and does not go hard, they could then be removed with a small amount of pressure If needed. Alan

How to fix torpedos by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
HI lesfac If you can get to the under deck area Inside the hull, you could fit the cradles with 2mm treaded rod through the deck and secure with nuts and washers, to hold the torpedoes In place, small stainless or brass screws fitted up through the cradles, small screw dab of matching paint, hay presto It vanishes, also giving you piece of mind If you want to repair or up grade the weapons fit. Regards Mark

How to fix torpedos by lesfac Lieutenant   Posted: 3 years ago
I am building a Perkasa and I want to make the torpedo cradles and torpedoes removable to make repainting easy when It comes to It. I have screwed to the cradles down using 3 mm bolts and nuts under the deck. I am trying to think of a method to fix the torpedoes Into the cradles so I can remove them. What Is the usual method are they glued? I have thought of a screw through the back of the cradle Into the torpedo but that would be visible If you care to look. I also thought of drilling 1/16 holes down the 3mm ends of the cradle and use Rod In these holes that Is fixed In the torpedo. Any alternative Ideas appreciated

Fittings, winches cranes gun mounts etc. by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
Met this chap at the Bury Metro Tug tow. He was selling of his own stand with lots of good quality bits on offer. Different sizes of towing winch. Hyab type hydraulic cranes, various guns and mounts, torpedoes and tubes, lots of nice pieces. As well as his stock Items apparently he Is happy to do special orders, different scales etc. Michael Mcguinn, 20 Rochester Avenue, Bolton. BL2 5ED. tel 01204 559525. No web site but email (Email Removed - PM Only)