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On/Off button or Kill Switch by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Les, what you have on that switch are JST connectors. Sometimes known as BEC connectors. The RX end will fit your receiver . You can plug it in any free servo socket. Just make sure red is on the middle pin and black towards the outside of the RX case. Then you only need to match the plug on the other side of the switch to your battery, which unfortunately you omitted to show us 🤔 Looks like the receiver has the standard JR type plugs. Cheers Doug 😎

Crash Tender Shaft Tube Poistion by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi Doug (time for bed now!) dont know to this day what it was, water was high, it was winter, its a big lake, no sign of something floating, but it was a right loud whack! It was in my home town of Liverpool, so maybe was a stolen car or shopping trolley dropped in the lake!😁 I was convinced it was a right off, luckily it survived! (you had a much better description of the skeg!)

fairey huntsman 31 1/6 scale by englishbiker Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
Got this boat about 3 weeks ago could not beleave the price i won it for £26.01 its 63 inchs long (5feet 3inchs)the guy that started to build it had passed away it had be in a damp shed for 3 or 4 years.The cabin top was half fitted and when i fitted it the cabin was twisted. All so the couriers had damage it around window frames,but i wanted to keep it as it was so repaired the damage and did not replace it.After lots of wet towels and wifes old micro wave a few swear words when i burnt myself i manage to untwist the cabin.A lot of you might not like the planking i have done but i wanted it to stand out.I used styrene over the repaired window frames so it would be easyer to paint them and to make them a little stronger.Cabin now planked a wood strip to fit between cabin top and deck to stop splashes getting into the hull.I have had 4 strokes so my brain works a little diffrent now and maths is one thing i have lost.If any one has a copy of fairey huntsman 31 1/6th scale to sell please let me know as it would help a great deal any spelling mistake i will say sorry for now here are so photos of where she is at now.I say she as i am going to call the boat LADY LUCY after the old boys daughter also going to put brass plate on with built by tom as he did build most of it and its a nice way to remember him

Individual Insurance by deepdiver Petty Officer   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi I used to have Insurance with Walker Midgley http://www. style='background-color:yellow;'> when I was a member of the A.M.S. This is also the Company that the last two club's I belonged to used. Fred

HMS Erebus by Gdaynorm Lieutenant   Posted: 15 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 51" HMS Erebus Capable of 1mph and a runtime of 60mins Twin Propellors (3 Blade 25mm) Direct Drive Powered by NiCad (7.2v) Batteries - Comments: Scratch built using Admiralty drawings from Greenwich and miscellaneous photos. Hull carved from basswood, as are her boats. Guns turned brass, main armament mount in basswood turret. Bridge tower anf funnel tinplate, rigging and aerials steel guitar strings. Sails well and steers remarkably easily considering her beam. Logged hours on construction 611, not including research.

Ocean and harbour tug for sale by Nev01 Petty Officer   Posted: 15 days ago
Hi Iam down sizing my boat collection so selling my harbour tug named " Rebecca " this is a beautiful model with loads of detail, it has been built to a high standard, built for model towing competitions. It has brass prop shafts and brass props it also has two decaperm motors for extra power, these motors are American and considered the Rolls Royce in electric motors they cost £80 each. It also has a fan cooled speed controller for reliability. This is truly a beautiful model and will give hours of entertaining sailing and reliability. It also comes with a new battery and carrying cradle. All you will need is a receiver that is compatible with your handset and away you go. Length of the boat is 36ins and beam 10ins. £450 Ono Please feel free to contact me anytime Iam based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

Crash Tender Shaft Tube Poistion by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
Hi Neil I have just been and measured my 34" Fireboat. The shaft is 8" long. In situ it is 3/4" below the hull bottom and 3/4" above the hull inside. Inside the hull the shaft rests on the former aft of the original engine space The prop is a 30mm 3 blade brass. My rudder is 2" in from the hull stern. The shaft is 3 1/8" inches from the hull stern. My skeg below the hull is 1 1/4" deep as this was on the original hull I renovated. It finishes 3" from the hull stern. If you haven't already I suggest you remove the water scoop and fill the hole with dowel and filler. I agree with Doug, leave the rudder in place if the distances are similar to that I have given. Looking at your pic it would seem you will be able to raise the shaft and still have room. To do this you need to cut the shaft hole towards the stern so the shaft can be closer. Do make sure the shaft is in the centre and straight and not aligned to the off centre rudder. A small hole aft of the rudder on the centre line with a cocktail stick may help. The water pickup is about the right distance below the hull but needs removing. You do need to check inside the hull to see that there is sufficient height on the prop tube to allow for alignment with the motor and base. This is just a check, the motor can be fitted and aligned later. Looks like a nice claen hull Cheers Dave

Scottish ship show by marky Captain   Posted: 18 days ago
Great day out at the Scottish ship show ,thanks to everyone who answered my inane questions and to everyone at Greenock town hall for a great day out ,first time visiting an event like this will do so again .

schumschimmer by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
Hi Les, you may be right - if you want to build a drag boat with reactor power! New NATO designation HBN (Hydrofoil Brick Nuclear!) 😉 Just look at some of the fast hydroplane ferries in use - took one a few years ago from Porec in Croatia to Venice - nice! None of them have a displacement hull. A deep V would probably work pretty well, as long as the hull flattens out towards the stern. There are reasons why the fast ferry builders choose the hull forms they do. Ask me how I know! 😉 Cheers Doug 😎

Albatross by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi Baggie, Re: "The boating lakes are at Aldeburgh in Suffolk... right by the beach ... good wind👍 there and a lovely town too. The one with the Tug and the yacht is Cromer small boating pond ... lovely park and cafe there. Overlooking the sea. Again good wind. " and "Mine is as purchased . Bought the rope, figures, barrels and fog from Revingham Models. 👍" Ta for the info. You don't need to use PM for such things as there is nothing personal in it and I'm sure many others would also be interested and find it useful. Cheers Doug 😎 By the way: Where is the dog hiding???

M12 by Brucef102 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 23 days ago
From the photo it seems they and you were minding your own business not disturbing each other keeping your distances. I would imagin if you went for or toward them they would get aggressive but it's all nature and we're there to enjoy - great photo and experience thanks

SeaBoard by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
So ein Sch..ß! The last thing you want on holiday.😡 Ugly looking thing :-( The aircraft banner reminded me of the 90s in Rio. Light aircraft used to tow even longer banners along Ipanema and Copacabana and round Sugar Loaf into Guanabara Bay. Made we wonder what the whole shebang looked like from up there. So I took a bubble chopper flight from the heliport, in the Laguna behind Copacabana, along the beaches, over the city and up to the Corcovado, where we circled the massive statue of Christ. Unforgettable! 😊One of the few days it wasn't shrouded in fog👍 One of the perks of working on the carrier Minas Gerais (ex RN Colossus class) in Rio harbour 😊 happy days. Cheers Doug 😎

Decks by Gdaynorm Lieutenant   Posted: 30 days ago
Searchlight fitted. I wonder if it was the only one. I have been assuming boats were handled by the aircraft cranes, but that could only apply to those stowed in the bays within reach of said cranes. She must have had some sort of retractable arms that either turned out or were run out. I have come to the conclusion my model will have to be a bit of a hybrid of dates. The best pic I have of her masts, rigging and aerials is of her in the Pacific, with damage to the bridge showing from the kamikaze attack.

Looking for a Sea Queen by philpjuk Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Dave,would £70 be ok?,I live at kelham near newark.This boat was used to tow a dinghy with me and my dad in it when mackerel fishing off Anglesey. Too many projects on,I underestimated the time available now retired!.

Sea Queen refurbishment by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Doug Resin is heavy and applying by coating the inside of a boat will if the wood is porous absorb lots and greatly increase the weight. The thinner it is the more it will be absorbed. Layup resin is of a similar consistency to liquid brushing paint (not the gel type). It goes more pourable as the temperature increases. It is much thinner than the Isopon resin sold in many car repair packs. Adding styrene will thin the mixture allowing it to penetrate the glass cloth or matting. It is worked well into the mat to keep the weight to a minimum and any excess is mopped up with paper towels. After several coats the fibreglass will be formed and dries rock hard over a couple of days if the correct temperature is maintained. High temps will reduce the time but will be more difficult to work with as the gel stage will happen much quicker. Sorry to rabbit on a bit but I am trying to warn you that you may end up with a very heavy model if you do not use sparingly. If you can get the consistency similar to yacht varnish you can, like me, paint inside the boat including the underside of the deck. Paint out any runs and remove any excess with paper towels. You really only need a very thin coating. If you need to add strength then use some cloth or matting and work the resin well in and mop off any excess with paper towels. If you want to use your brushes and mixing pots again Acetone is the best cleaner but do keep it away from the resin. Both your alternatives would work just as well. It must be Summertime as we keep having rain showers! Cheers Dave