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What is going on here? by Grandpa Lieutenant   Posted: 12 days ago
This large container ship just sailed in front of my hotel window, towing a tug boat, or so it appeared. But why? We are in Dobh, Ireland where the final boarding of passengers were taken aboard the Titanic. A lot of history in the waters of this Harbour in front of our hotel.

Help! Mystery Boat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi All, anyone have any idea what the boat in the attached pics is, or where the registration comes from? I suspect a south coast or north sea fishing boat - cutter?, English or German? In the bow there is a space (something broken off!) indicated as 'Gas Anlage' - sehr Deutsch! FE I would have recognised from Folkestone, my home-town but 'E' I can't find. I inherited the boat from an aunt who died last year, found it in her art studio, she was an artist and art teacher, had some exhibitions at the National. She was also in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest surviving paraplegic, paralysed in a motorbike accident when she was 16 and died last year aged 86!! Back to the boat: it's a bit crude and built as a static model from an ancient kit I believe. I want to renovate it and make it mobile, might be a better candidate for my renovated Taycol Target? All contributions gratefully received 😎

Coming to Ireland from Canada May 11 by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Picky picky 😉 The countryside down there is nice though. View from Blarney tower was good then - 40 years ago! 😎

How do I resolve my varnish problem? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
@ Vic, hi if the wood starts to swell it was too wet and the water soaked in 🤔 I use a flat dense sponge damped only, wiped against the grain. But in John's case this now seems to be academic. Looks like he's heading towards paint! (Back to the acrylic/ enamel discussion ?? 😲) @ John; whatever,I hope it is still 'fun' to do and you don't despair and jack it in. Cheers 😎

Futaba antenna by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
Hi Hugh, strip both ends. Twist the wires around each other and solder. Cover the joint with heat shrink sleeving. I cut the antenna of all my receiver and fit a small 2mm plug and socket so I can take the RX out without destroying half the ship. This was essential with my U Boat as the antenna is led out of the pressure hull through a waterproofed (epoxy sealed) hole in the bow. Topside the remaining wire was fitted with another plug an socket, so I could remove the whole sea-deck for servicing, and stretched over the conning tower and down to the after deck just like the real ones. Plus or minus a cm or so won't make much difference. Wavelength at 27MHz is about 11 metres and at 40MHz about 7.5m. So our antennas are working at about 1/16th of the wavelength. This is normally compensated (a bit!) inside the RX with a coil which increases the effective length that the RX input sees. My first boss always told me "RF is a black art!" 😉 Maybe if you try to beat the physics, but it took me around the world! Cheers Doug 😎

info on old yachts by Westquay Captain   Posted: 24 days ago
Yes, I got that one short mention in "in the boat shed" on my search. I provided those pictures to him and most of the history, as I did to Alex Laird when he was trying to sell her through his boat brokerage in Classic Boat magazine in the 90s. She was towed by a fishing boat from Burnham round to Canvey where an ex Police mechanic and his girlfriend were living on her, then the next I know she's out at Dauntless's yard on Canvey, then gets transported by road to Bristol. By now she was in the ownership of a John Ord, an antique print and book seller. She has remained there ever since. I visited her when she was in a creek at Canvey and spookily, as I looked into the water, a piece of her interior floated past me! The Police mechanic guy said they'd stripped her interior for safe keeps and it was in his mother's garage in Leigh-on-Sea. Well this piece wasn't, was it? I tried to get it with a stick but couldn't. I'd have kept it if I could have got it! That was the last I saw of her. I imagine by now she'll have been destroyed. Mark Rolt, who was in charge of her where she lay in Bristol, is a nephew of the great Tom Rolt, who started the Inland Waterways Association, the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society and the Vintage Sports Car Club. All major interests of mine over the years. He will be revolving in his grave like one of his beloved Alvis engines. Doug, she was one of a class called C-Class and fitted the then rules for only a few years. She was built in Dan Hatcher's yard in 1885/6. The chap I bought her from, Steve Bowen, gave me the picture of her afloat and rigged. I stayed friends with Steve for years. He then got picked up by a rich lady and went touring around the chateaux of Europe, most of which seemed to be owned by her friends. Nobody could have deserved such a fate more than Steve, one of nature's true gentlemen. It is thanks to raggy arsed enthusiasts like Steve and me that these old boats were preserved as long as they have been for rich gits to take advantage as they now do. Martin

Tamco Tx/Rx by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Nick, So which 2 pins did you use??? As far as I can tell both Hitec and Tamco use the same convention with the battery + in the middle. ALMOST the standard these days! BUT, some receivers have the - pin towards the outside of the RX case, some towards the inside. Hitec I'm not sure, Tamco has the - pin towards the outside. See photo. So you need to put the 2 pin batt plug in the outer 2 pins, with RED in the middle. If you accidentally put the batt on the inner 2 pins and back to front(i.e. black in the middle) you may have blown the receiver! Can you identify which component (RX, servo, ESC) smoked? And how much smoke was there, a quick puff or lots? From the symptom, screws revving like mad, sounds like you may have had + volts on the signal line and blown the ESC! And probably any other servo connected 🤔 A simple servo tester will tell you if the servos are dead. You can also check the ESC with the tester if you put a little motor on it or a voltmeter. Good luck 😎 PS I now use Spektrum (DX6) and my older sets were Graupner, Futaba. All still going strong after years of service 😉 Attached are common pin outs for the popular brands.

glass cloth or tissue? by Westquay Captain   Posted: 25 days ago
I bet you had a good time. My Dad always wanted to go back to Italy as he had a good time there in the War. There are likely to be 65 year old gingers running all over Naples! Thank God I didn't get the ginger gene! I went to town to get some tissue paper and came away with stuff that reminds me of Izal arse paper. Remember that stuff. Great if you had an itchy bum, but useless at wiping things. Then we went in anther big shop and they had cotton waste sheets as clean up rags. Perfect! Dozens of big cotton rags for a quid! So they will be epoxy soaked and slapped on the hull. They're amazingly strong too. Might then lay up the Izal arsewipe on top. It'll look like do as you like day at Kids R Us! But paint is a wonderful thing. Martin

Crash Tender planking by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 29 days ago
Hi Martin. I'm pleased that my blog is interesting and helpful, but I don't want to mislead you on some of the details I have included on my model. I don't have any real hard evidence that there was any type of fancy decking on either of the fireboats, indeed I do believe that it's more than likely that the deck areas that I have finished with planking were probably just painted the same as the main deck and upperworks. These were working boats that would get harsh use and treatment so any type of adornment would be a waste of time and money. I do have a drawing of the tow hook deck that certainly shows an underlying planked construction of the rear decks but no finishing details. The only 'photo of the rear well that I have doesn't seem to show any visible planking so I suspect it was all just painted. My decision to plank these decks is pure 'modelling licence' as used by many other modellers of these boats and I think it adds interesting detail to what would otherwise be a very utilitarian vessel. Without access to the full original Vosper construction drawings and possibly other photographic evidence the decking question is open to speculation. Rob (Robbob)

First Boat Build in Progress by metalikhajoe Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
Hello everyone! just starting on my first tow/pusher tug boat. planning to build this from scratch. found a pix of a boat dat I wanted and came up with this. Not much details on it yet but its always good to start somewhere.Laser cut cardboard box material for now. will use marine plywood once all details and proper measurements are ok.

The cockpit steps. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
A little bit more cockpit detailing....there's quite a lot to do in there and I want it to look as good as some of the inspiring examples that I have seen on other boats...sorry if I have stolen your ideas 😜 The cockpit steps were made from some 12mm x 3mm mahogany strip that I made up from some 10mm strip glued together and then cut down to the required width. The supplied drawing was to the correct scale so I was able to use this as a template, but one of the legs of each ladder needs to be slightly longer on one side because of the curvature of the tow-hook deck onto which the ladders are fixed. The treads were cut to the correct width and length and the forward edge rounded slightly. After marking the correct height of the treads on the sides I drilled some small holes through the sides into the treads for some 1mm brass rod to reinforce the glued joint. The steps were assembled using superglue and the brass rod helped to keep the piece square and true as the glue set. The protruding brass rod was then cut and filled flush with the sides. After a light sanding a mahogany stain was applied to enhance the colour and then few costs of satin lacquer sprayed to give the final finish. The steps will be fixed through the deck with some hex head wood screws from the underside so that they meet the bulkhead at the upper end without any fixing. I think they have come out quite well 😁. I'm making the foam tanks just at the moment....and I thought the steps were fiddly !! 😲

SMIT NEDERLAND by Inkoust Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
Model boat harbor tug. Drive motor 600 pieces 2, 2 pcs Pb battery 6V 10A. Super stable move on the water. Weight drawn tow 15 kg

Battery problems by Haverlock Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
A quick check on the specs of your motor /esc combo states its good up to 5s LiPo. So step 1 get a watt meter ( cheaper than burned out motors ) Step 2 check with your bank manager ( or wife) for available funds Step 3 buy the biggest 4s or 5s LiPo you can fit in the available space. you will also need a LiPo charger do not attempt to skimp on that step LiPo batteries need special handling and can be spectacular if you do it wrong. You have not mentioned the prop your using if you use the watt meter you can play around with different props so the current used by your setup heads towards the point you pick twixt performance / running time. If you do go LiPo you will also need a battery monitor part of the careful handing includes not discharging them below around 3.3 Volts per cell. 3s =3cells 4s=4cells etc. So if you go 4s then you should not discharge below 13.2V. some text on the care and feeding of LiPo batteries. The reason for your problem is a simple case of battery chemistry a lead acid accumulator cannot deliver a high current for extended periods gasses on the plates prevent the electrolyte coming in contact so the battery loses power. After a while the gasses are re dissolved and the battery can then go on providing power. Nothing wrong with the battery its just a case of wrong tool for the job.

The tow hook stays. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks Paul. I bought myself a new butane torch, as seen in one if the pix, as the 'pencil' type I used previously just couldn't deliver the required heat and my regular plumbing blowtorch was too large and unwieldy. My problem with silver soldering is putting too much solder into the joint and spending too much time filing away the surplus, 'less is more' as they say. Rob.

The tow hook stays. by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
nice job with that Rob, I fail miserably at silver soldering, never seem to be able to get things hot enough