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A Tragic Tale Unfolds by boaty Admiral   Posted: 4 months ago
Winter of 1967 / 1968 was a bad time for trawler losses. St Romanus, Kingston Peridot and Ross Cleveland went down. The St Romanus and Kingston Peridot were side haul boats and this made them unstable when taking in nets that were full. I don't know what type Ross Cleveland was but soon after we had lessons in school about the tragedies and our teacher explained how the later stern haul boats were much safer. Boaty😁

A Tragic Tale Unfolds by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
About a month ago I came across a wooden model of a Side Trawler by the name of ‘Maartje’ dating from what I assume was the Sixties. It is 84 cm long (33 inches) with a beam of 19cm (7.75 inches). The then owner had found it in a poor state and had reconstructed and painted to a large degree, but then turned to model trains. It was not known whether it was a ‘kit’ or ‘scratch’ built but he had however found it was a model of a boat, UK 223, lost with all hands in the North Sea off Texel (NL) in 1967 thought to be registered in Diss UK.. I am aware that such a tragedy is not uncommon with sea fishermen but I had never come across a model of such a boat. I had some time on my hands so I started to make enquiries and I was surprised how helpful people were. I had contacted the Dutch Embassy in UK, the Press Association in Netherlands and the Texel Tourist Information Centre. Within a very short time I had responses not just from those sources but also from others they had contacted. A major response was from the Embassy with the names of the crew of five, some were never recovered and important, was information from the Harbour Master of the Port of Urk, Netherlands confirming the boat was registered there and who then contacted the son of the captain of the ‘Maartje’ and gave him my contact details. I am pleased to say the captain’s son Jauwk contacted me and we are now in frequent communication. So we now know the date of the loss, the sea area, weather conditions names of the crew and results of the enquiry. Also very personal and emotional information including the fact that two of the crew were father and son and that the captain’s wife was carrying his son, Jauwk at the time of the loss. You never know what this hobby may lead you into. NPJ.

Sails back on by GrahamP74 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
Nice ideas Martin, I did the VOR as a challenge from my company (Musto / Helly Hansen). It was in one of my stores looking sorry for itself! I am more into a working trawler or Gill netter... been working on Cygnus style boats recently (see blogs Emily PII and Emily PIII) but am thinking my next one could be a steel boat as I do like a bit of rust!!!

CUX-13 by robtroi Lieutenant   Posted: 3 years ago
Carson RTR boat Fishing Trawler with working up/down nets.

trawl netting by skiboo Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
where can I buy net floats to suit model trawlers and net making material please Robert w angus

Ben 10 by topperles Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Built from kit . It has full lighting and smoke from the shrimp boiler (the lid Is off my wife's coat )and working trawler nets ,( causes a right drag when deployed)

a h c waterson b 444 by skiboo Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
iam building a model trawler scratch built using fibre g lass hull was moulded by models by design powered by 385 mot0r driving 35 mm 3 bladed prop wheel house Is just set on since these photos gunnel cappings have been fitted made from 4mm oak hull has been stained and varnished starting to take shape this boat was built In 1948 In portavogie codown for my uncle john and my dad was powered by a 66 k3 kelvin diesel used for seine netting scallop fishing and long lines will post more photos In near future skiboo

Inshore fishing boat by AlanP Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 years ago
It was at this stage and after much thought, that I decided the hump, sorry, the curvature of the forward raised deck was to much, so using a hacksaw blade, two elastic bands, straight edge, and a sanding drum It was altered to my liking. The drawing has now been discarded and I am working to photo's of trawlers of the Internet. For those that have been snooping around my workshop (grin) where the blue plastic and drawing are, a stoothing wall has been built with a door In It, the dryer and freezers are now behind It, this keeps the workshop a lot warmer, and the wife has to knock to come In (with my cup of tea)

Le Zenith...Renamed Cheryl for personal reasons by BASHER Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
My model of Soclaine (MGS) Built In 1985. Trawler kit originally called le Zenith 1/24 Scale. My name change Is In memory of our beautifull daughter who went to heaven just over four years ago. Anyhow model Is beautifull on the water powered by Como MFA 919 Series Electric Motor. All power Is from a lead acid 12 volt battery,lights, running gear . Using a simple set up of two channel Planet T5 Radio. I sail the boat at Rutherglen Boat Club Glasgow. The weight of this boat Is really awesome and I kept adding lead untill It was nearly Impossible to lift,must be getting soft In me old age.. 👍 lol Deck crane Is made from odds n ends and an addition..IAN