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lowestoft trawler lt1203
nordkap trawler
trawler net
Any clues? by aanside Petty Officer   Posted: 7 hours ago
"This is certainly NOThe the model of a Thames or Coastal barge hull" I had come to that conclusion. Researching typical twin masted vessels with that sort of beam (thereby ruling out most schooners) it could be a Brixham Trawler or some kind of ketch. One suggestion was a Moray Firth Scaffie but I need to go to one of the local museums to see if there is a model or a drawing. Interesting clue - the rudder post is carried above the deck. I guess half the fun is trying to see what I can make of it and then get it on the water.

Emily P III by GrahamP74 Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
This is another scratch build fishing boat. The hull is a models by design Cygnus GM33. 16th scale. This one will be a pure trawler. I am going for an aft wheelhouse this time! The prop shaft and rudder have been purchased but all other running gear will be shared with Emily P III.

Angela Mary by JRF1972 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Trawler enlarged to 1/48 from a free plan called Constant Star in a July 1966 Model boats 385 motor, 35mm 4 bladed brass prop, 6v battery, featuring sound unit and working lights on 3 circuits, Built from Scrap, about the Same Size as a billings Nordkap, but a lot Cheaper😊

drifter/trawler by Baggie Admiral   Posted: 3 months ago
What a lovely old boat... very fine.

drifter/trawler by SelwynWilliams Admiral   Posted: 3 months ago
Model of a traditional fishing boat in The Ivy cafe on Weymouth Harbour.

Excelsior by SelwynWilliams Admiral   Posted: 3 months ago
I was going to do a day sail on her in Weymouth Bay but came down with a bug before I could. Quite reasonable terms too. Crew were very friendly. Not sure if they were in Weymouth for part of the Dunkirk film filmed in Weymouth Harbour, we had three such old trawlers and drifters anchored in the centre of the harbour. Great sight.

Excelsior by Gascoigne Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Here is the last of the Lowestoft sailing trawlers. Model built using working drawings kindly supplied by the Sailing Trust. Model about 12 years old. I got a little carried away on detail! As expected she sails and handles well as all the old work sailors do. Drop keel and rudder extension added when sailing. I was intrigued to discover that the deck winch was steam powered,no doubt to help with taking in the trawl net.

Excelsior by Gascoigne Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
[Score: 8/10] 34" Excelsior - Comments: Scratch built model of the last surviving Lowestoft sailing trawler which is managed by a sailing trust. And a much loved vessel. Model sails well with drop keel and rudder extension. 12 years old. Working drawings kindly supplied by the Trust.

Sarah Anne Trawler by bilzin Commander   Posted: 4 months ago
This as described in the photo gallery and was a house clearance find. (and is the Sarah Jane NOT Anne) 30" in length and 9.5" beam. and will require some finishing work to be carried out (slight) Motor and rudder servo installed, but my latest build means that it needs a good home now. as I'm thinning out my fleet at long last. If anyone's interested they can contact me either on here or on 007958 263772 (evenings)

Fish boxes by GrahamP74 Captain   Posted: 5 months ago
Made a stack of boxes and some that I will add some fish too also! Julie Jean is a trawler that my Dad fitted out and put the engines in and fellow modelmaker Ballast will note the nod given to his own model of DH142.

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
Looking for crew for your Tiger were you?? 😉 BTW: if you're going to put a sound module in the Tiger tank and want genuine sound bites: start up, (running with squeaking tracks), and stop, idle, shut down, gun fire, heavy machine gun fire: I have a whole directory of such sounds in wav or mp3 format. Can send if you want. Cheers Doug 😎

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
Here’s some examples👍 Cheers Wayne

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
WW2 tank crew tend to be 1/16 or 120mm scale👍 Cheers Wayne

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by marky Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
i mentioned this method before on another site and was shot down about copyright ,anyway method is if you have a figure take it to a copy shop where it can be scanned and then 3D print at the scale required the other way is to get cheap toy soldiers as in toy story cut them into bits mix and match limbs scan the hybrids and print at the required scale .the asda up in my neck of the woods has a scanner that you stand in and get a model of yourself printed no copyright issues all the crewv could be clones of the scanned person

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by bilzin Commander   Posted: 5 months ago
Looked just about everywhere so far and the only ones in that scale are a tad "pantomimish" (won't mention any manufacturers) I had the crew for my USCG lifeboat made by but they are a bit pricey although the detail is magnificent Any suggestions would be gratefully received Bill