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Older Billings Models by jelley_baby Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi I was unaware that the Samson and Polar Trawler had the same hull, I have had a Polar Trawler for several years, purchased as a project from that auction site “E” something and it sails really well, so if the Samon is the same Hull it should be a very good model. Somewhere on the site I have posted some articles about the Polar’s rebuild. Will try to find the links if I can.

Arctic Privateer H441 Deep Sea Freezer Stern Trawler by steve-d Commander   Posted: 2 months ago
But how do you know what shape to make the frames if you have no plans? You would have more success with a foam/plaster 'buck' where you can add and subtract until the hull shape looks like the photos. At that point you could then continue into GF or dissect the buck to get the frame shapes.

Arctic Privateer H441 Deep Sea Freezer Stern Trawler by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Have just made two small tug hulls from glass fibre and whilst, the results are satifactory, they are labour intensive. For a one off think “plank on frame” more suitable

Arctic Privateer H441 Deep Sea Freezer Stern Trawler by steve-d Commander   Posted: 2 months ago
Do you have any other photos? If you have plans giving the hull sections then you could build using ribs and plank but without them you have no idea where to start with the hull shape. If you have photos of her in dry dock or during build then you could model something from the photos using foam and plaster of paris. When you are happy with the result making a mould off of that is fairly simple and well documented on youtube etc. Does the build company (Built in at the Gdynia Shipyard, Poland for Boyd Line Ltd. 212 x 38,4 ft.) have a web site with info? Does she have a sister ship or were there a series of the same hull? Steve

Arctic Privateer H441 Deep Sea Freezer Stern Trawler by Carpcruncher Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
The Model That I am Planing to Build Is The Hull Freezer Stern Trawler The Arctic Privateer H441 My Problem is though I have never scratched built a ships hull before I have tried looking for ships hulls online to no avail. Can any one give me any help or advice on where to start Building the hull would Plank on frame be the best way to go or glass fibre hull which is i think the harder as I do not have a mould in in which to start as I have very limited knowledge in mould making Scale: I am looking at is 1:48 any help would be gratefully appreciated many thanks John

Newby by Carpcruncher Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
😊Hello Friends I would like to introduce myself My name is John I live Hull I am 66 years old I Have retired now after spending most of my life at Sea now That I have time on my hands I used to do a lot of the Plastic model Boats but i have now decided to have a go at doing A model Stern Trawler The problem is That I cannot get a Hull for the Ship that I am Planning on My Question is how do you scratch build a Hull what are my best chances and how do you go about it Has any one got any ideas as this is going to be my first Project please can anyone help Kind Regards John😎

Brixham trawler IBEX by sam Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi again, To remind you - I'm about to start a build of Cariad - about a meter long fiberglass hull made by Chris Wynn-Brown. Selecting the auxiliary motor I'm looking at a m500 but any thoughts about the prop used. Thinking 2 blade fairly small, 25mm. Not needed for speed, just to get to shore if the wind dies. And originally auxiliary motors/props would have been small. Does this sound right? Sam

Brixham trawler IBEX by steve-d Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
You don't have to think too hard about the keel position at this time as the bolt does not need to be central to the length of the keel. Just choose a rough position and do your hole in the hull. Later when you know more about how much weight you need and where it needs to be positioned you just make the keel to suit the rod position. Steve

Brixham trawler IBEX by sam Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Edward, Yes - thinking out problems is half the fun😊 My first build was a Vic Smeed Starlet - just completed. Pretty straight forward but I over engineered it to try out some ideas - thinking the ideas through was great fun. So although I will not start the Cariad until January I'm trying to explore problems now. The angle of the rudder shaft is one that I think I have a solution to. Take it right through the deck then put a handle onto it, hinged at the shaft so that it does not rise and fall as it is turned. Then a Bowden cable from each side of the cockpit to power the steering. I will enjoy building a mock up and trying it out! As to the rudder, I am thinking of a detachable extension - downwards. I'm also thinking about placing the prop to one side - perhaps more authentic but also well clear of the rudder. One thing that I'm still thinking through is the access hatch. I see some builders move the dingy to the centre and create a hatch here but I like the clean decking on the original, with the dingy to the side. A hatch to the side would work for everything but the top screw for the detachable keel. Some more time dreaming up a solution. Thanks Sam

Brixham trawler IBEX by cenbeth Admiral   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Sam, Yes, a Monoperm Super I think it is. It is only small as I reckon the original would only have had a small motor. I had issues with getting the rudder to work because the rudder shaft is at an angle. Another thing I'm anticipating is the size of the rudder; it may need to be increased in size. I think that thinking how problems can be overcome is half the fun! Edward

Brixham trawler IBEX by sam Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Edward, I'm going to cast a bulb which gives me some tolerance in positioning it on the keel to help with the final trim. Probably make the keel from two sheets of balsa with a central threaded rod screwed and epoxied to the bulb. But that's for a later stage, right now I want to build the shaft into the hull before fitting the deck. Are you fitting an auxiliary motor? if so what sort of motor is most suitable? Quite looking forward to starting but likely to hafe to wait until after Christmas - work intervienes Thanks Sam

Brixham trawler IBEX by cenbeth Admiral   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Sam, I guess so. If you want to be technical I suppose you need to think where your centre of gravity is, and where your centre of effort is from the sails etc. Are you going to cast the keel or make it up? Edward

Brixham trawler IBEX by sam Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Edward Thanks - just one question, if your model is twice scale does this mean my tube should be about one inch behind the mast? I aim to complete the boat before testing the weight of ballast needed then like you, allocating most to the keel and some to 'trimming' Sam

Brixham trawler IBEX by cenbeth Admiral   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Samnewbie I have a Cariad which is wooden hulled at twice scale. I decided to use a false keel but as I bought the hull completed needed to retro-fit one. I agree with you! If you can fit the tube as early on as possible it will make life a bit easier. My keel needs to be about 12kg and the tube is a couple of inches behind the mast. I am still trying to cast the keel; I'm now on my fourth attempt! I have calculated the keel weight and plan on it being about 1kg lighter than need be. This will allow me to finely trim the boat up once complete. Good luck with yours. Edward

Brixham trawler IBEX by sam Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi everyone, just hoping someone still reads this blog. I am just about to start building Cariad and have decided to take advice from this blog, and fit a detachable keel. This is my second build and first fiberglass hull so being careful thinking it through. it makes sense to design in the detachable keel before fitting the deck but clearly I can only measure the ballast - weight and position - once the boat is nearly complete. So id welcome some idea of the position of the false keel so that I can fit a tube now, and build the keel itself later. Anyone able to advise?🤔