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arun 54 by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Tug to rescue my other ships - yes 👍Lifeboat for the crew - 'ard luck 🤔 Good luck with the witches pipsteam 😉😉

Success by Trillium Commander   Posted: 8 days ago
Maybe you can answer a question about these tugs for me. The plan I have shows large washports in the bulwarks. On all the pictures I have seen it is very difficult to make them out. So my question is, where these tugs built without them, or did they have hinged covers which were tight fitting, or some other arrangement? Too late to make changes to my model, so this is simply out of curiosity.

Jet Sprint Boat by Rod Commander   Posted: 10 days ago
Hi Wayne Can't have that lol Fitted engine and currently wiring up all the controls Has taken a bit longer than I thought because of my other projects like finishing Sovereign of the Seas and preparing RC Beaver for flight oh and trying to get a bit of oil painting finished off Who says retirement is boring lol I just keep running out of time not enough hours in the day We have a national model boat show on over labour weekend in October so I hope to have the jet finished by then but have to do some R and M on the Corvette and Amara tug steam engines before then as well Have posted latest pictures Cheers

Sea Queen refurbishment by colinhubbard Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi Boatshed, the Queen was treated with TRICLOROETHANE. Sorry can't divulge where but it was done in a laboratory by a guy who owed me a massive favour from when I was working. Even I don't know exactly how its done but sure worked. Wish I could get all my old boats done, as you I have many including an original fireboat from 1957. Also a Sea Urchin, and two Swordsman, a large launch from the early 60's Caroline is 56 inches, plus a 46 inch tug, about 8 other boats that need work, not to mention 5 sailing boats. Most of the fleet are used for displays at vintage and steam rally's. My wife and I spend the winters doing restoration work on models that get donated to us. Good night. Colin.

Upper deck by greybeards Seaman   Posted: 13 days ago
I have been away from this site for quite some time, I have just seen the SMIT OCEAN TUG. What an absolute work of superior craftsmanship, your attention to detail is amazing, sorry I gone on too long. Outstanding effort👍

Smoke Generator (Water Vapour type) by andyhynes Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 15 days ago
I recently required a smoke generator (ultrasonic Type) it is not in working order but I have rigged it up to test and bypassed the circuit board powered by 2 X 12 volt batteries and managed to get the vapourising unit to function, and the 12 volt fan motor with a separate supply to also work. With some work to replace the 12v to 24v converter CN6009 it should satisfactory. This unit appears to be a DIY job but very similar to MMB Foggy Smoke Generator which is available. Note the component required CN6009 I have sourced on ebay. Soon as it arrives I will set it up and test its suitability for a 1/24 scale TID tug boat model I am building. Problem might be size of smoke generator and other components required to fit in the hull in addition to a 12 volt 9ah battery scooter battery, there aint much space. There are smaller smoke generators available which burn oil (fan powered) which I have in one of my other models (Blazer Tug Boat) which is OK with no wind and close up but at any distance hard to detect if any smoke is being produced. The Oil recommend for this unit is Baby Oil which smells OK but I have wondered if I could use another oil based fluid which would produce more smoke (Any suggestions)?

Al Khubar 2 by Welshsailor Seaman   Posted: 16 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 30"/8000g Al Khubar 2 Capable of 4mph and a runtime of 120mins Twin Propellors (4 Blade 50mm) Geared to a Torpedo 500 (4 Blade) Powered by Lead Acid (6v) 7Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Action Electronics P94 combined twin controller/mixer unit ESC - Comments: This is a Model Slipway kit, of one of 3 actual tugs produced in 1976 which worked in the Middle East. Numbers 1 and 2 were sunk during the Gulf War. Number 3 has been converted for dredging work in the UK and still in use under name of Flatholm.

Ayton Cross Tug by chugalone100 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 21 days ago
Jose Miguel: Looking at your knuckleboom crane, tells me that you are a great craft master. I will be facing soon the same situation. My crane is made in your homeland I believe. Ibercisa Estrada Muíños 25 36213 Vigo - España Julian from Miami😎

Painting Wood and styrene by chugalone100 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 21 days ago
Hey guys: Im getting ready to slap some paint on my Statia Tug. What kind of paint will be the best to paint my wooden hull and styrene upper structure?

floating barge and another ! by JoNo Seaman   Posted: 22 days ago
Hi all, new on here and a multi-hobbyist ! I've just put a big pond in my garden and am looking for 2 boats to moor, floating in it (anchored), as a great feature! Both say 36"-46" ish long. I want to leave them out in the weather but not all year round. Looking for a nice canal type barge and maybe something else interesting such as a schooner or fishing boat/tug. Been having a look on ebay and popped by a couple of local model shops but nothing found yet. Maybe some old radio control ones (without working parts) or ones needing some repair if anyone has some gathering dust and needs space. All suggestions welcome - based near Windsor in Berks UK

Kingsmill mbc 10th anniversary open day by kingsmillmbcwebmaste Seaman   Posted: 23 days ago
Kingsmill mbc are celebrating there 10th anniversary this year and we having our special open day on Saturday the 29th July 10am to 4pm there will be the usual tug towing , steering courses and a free sail area for electric and sail with prizes to be won through out the day all are welcome to join us but any clubs wanting a gazebo plot then please contact our secretary on to book there plot this event has been sponsored by the following traders Nylet , Prop shop , Always Hobbies and Mac mouldings although they will not be attending they have kindly donated items for prizes and for raffle so we hope to see you their

Working radar by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Hi Julian, Don't panic ! My comment above was a stupid joke directed at Wayne (Midlife306) and his comment about what his wife always says! 😎 No reflection at all on your posts or questions intended. Just my weird British sense of humour 🤔 Similar to Wayne's! By the way: complementos on your English 👍 Much better than my Spanish, despite having worked with South American navies (mainly Brazil (Portuguese I know!), Chile and Ecuador) for several years. "It is better to give than receive" and "It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive!" I just realised that you are in Dade County FL 👍 Nice place to live, haven't been there for years but liked it very much in the nineties; Hurricane Andrew and all that. Still have the 'I survived Hurricane Andrew' T Shirt! Saludos Doug 😎

Working radar by chugalone100 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 28 days ago
Hey guys!!! I'm looking on the web to find a way to build a working radar for my 1/32 Statia Relaint tug. I don't like the idea of feeding the radar movement from the bottom with a rod but rather with pulleys or a micro motor with low rpm that would fit under the radar base. (Third photo to the right). By the way, the radar base will be aproximatly 3/4"-12/16" I know you guys have,the answer to any of our rookie questions. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

No power by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Hi tidtug! don't get too excited - we don't know if we've solved it yet! Mainly cos Nick's feedback is very sparse and we're not sure if he tried the step by step tests we suggested or what exactly he did and happened. 🤔 As an electronics engineer I learned long ago (the hard way!) that fault-finding can only work efficiently if you change / test one parameter at a time. cheers Doug 😎

Model Engineer December 1962 by AllenA Commander   Posted: 29 days ago
I wonder if this young man still has his passion for model boats.. He is Charles Martin of Walton on Thames giving a final check to to his tug before launching it on an indoor pool at the Model Engineer Exhibition in 1962. It says in the write up that boys and girls can see radio controlled models demonstrated. I guess most boys and girls now own one. Charles must be about my age and I hope he is well and still sails regularly.