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Richardson/Southampton Smoke Generator by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 hours ago
Morning Pete, I'm so glad you found out where to put smoking liquid. 👍 Especially where to put it! when you have the Tug smoking make a video! We would all like to see her smoking! Now all she needs is her lights! But that's a different project.... PS. When you use the smoker. Don't let it dry out. You'll burn the coil! Just keep track of it! And have fun!!!😊

Richardson/Southampton Smoke Generator by Pete Lieutenant   Posted: 10 hours ago
Hi, Ed: I did more web searching & struck gold. I found some excellent photos & great information about the Southampton’s smoke system (the Southampton is identical to the Richardson except paint & markings). Smoke fluid goes in the little tube on component “B”, not “A”. When the deckhouse floor is installed that little tube fits snugly into a raised ring on the inside surface of the deckhouse floor. The rubber plug goes through a hole in the deckhouse floor (see photos) to seal it up the filler tube. I’m going to rework the filler tube arrangement by enlarging the hole in the floor so it’ll fit around an extension tube that I’ll add onto the existing filler tube. I’ll seal the extended filler tube with a snug-fitting vinyl cap (I have dozens of vinyl caps on hand). Doing this modification will make it a lot easier for my clumsy fumble-fingers when smoke fluid needs to be added. I emailed Hobby Engine today via their website’s “contact us” page & asked them for information about the smoke system. I’m also going to contact Nick at Harbor Models tomorrow & ask him for advice as you suggested. I’ll be sure to “tell him Ed sent me”! By the way, have you had any contact with Doug (RNinMunich) lately? I half expected him to offer up some advice about this topic. A couple of weeks ago I replied to something he posted on the “LED Mast Lights” topic, but he didn’t respond. I also sent him a PM to ask how he’s doing, but he didn’t respond. He used to reply pretty much right away whenever I asked him a question or for advice. I hope he’s all right & I also hope I didn’t say something that insulted him in some way. He did a lot of design work for my tug’s lighting upgrade project. That upgrade is definitely going to get done; it’s been held up all along by a string of eye infections, then my fall, surgery & recovery. If you hear from him please say “hello” for me. I’ll post back later on & share whatever information I receive about the smoke system or fluid from either Hobby Engine or Nick at Harbor Models. Thanks for your input & advice, Ed. I appreciate it! Thanks, Pete

Being Sociable. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 hours ago
Hallo Gary, Your curious response to my post prompted me to look back at your history. In your very first post on the site four years ago I ran across this about a tug project of yours - "My reason for trying to build this particular kit in the first place, is it is 39 inches in length with a beam of 10 inches, with a one piece large superstructure making it ideal for a steam engine." All very fine but it underlines the snag many of us have, especially naval modellers with 10to1 LoA / Beam ratio, that we simply don't have the beam and superstructure height necessary for steam power plants. Regards, Doug.

Tug Brooklyn! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 hours ago
Go for the Corona-Corona-Extra next time Ed 😉😁

Tug Brooklyn! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 hours ago
Nick, Said not enough smoke! Send it back for repairs! I personally think the heating element is bad! We shall see ….

Tug Brooklyn! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 hours ago
Except the smoker Ed? Looking forward to Nick's answer 😉 Like the whistle👍👍 How about a little steam release to go with it? Servo operated valve to let a little 'steam' out from the smoker perhaps? (When you get the new one set up😉) Very nice build Ed Hat off 😎

Tug Brooklyn! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 hours ago
Thanks Marky, Yes it does! I finally have everything working the way it's suppose to!👍

Tug Brooklyn! by marky Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 hours ago
Nice boat and video ,dancing with joy when it all comes together tends to make the camera move around 😂👍

Tug Brooklyn! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 hours ago
Tug Brooklyn Steam Engine Sound along with Steam Whistle Sound! Sorry about the shaky camera. Trying to do too much at one time!

Richardson/Southampton Smoke Generator by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Hi Pete, Feel better that's for sure! Maybe after that you'll be able to. Do some work on your tug! Pete, It looks as if you would. Put the smoke liquid down part "A"! Pete, Your going to have to find that plug! But, I believe where the plug goes. That's where you put the smoking Liquid! Don't you have the instructions to the model? Maybe you can get in contact. With Hobby Engine see if they'll send you a copy! Regards, Ed The smoker bottle come with a dropper. I would just put one or two dropper. Full of liquid see if that works! Pete, When you call Nick at Harbor Models. Tell him Ed from Connecticut sent you!

Richardson/Southampton Smoke Generator by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Hi Pete, Is it possible for you to take a picture. And show us the location of the plug! Why don't you call Harbor Models in California? Their number is 626-963-4591 The guys name is Nick! He sells Smoker Liquid! And he's very helpful! Ask him if you can use it for you tug! Regards, Ed

Richardson/Southampton Smoke Generator by Pete Lieutenant   Posted: 2 days ago
Hello: My Hobby Engine Richardson tugboat is a “premium” model with a factory-installed smoke system. Unfortunately, the instruction manual has no information whatsoever about the smoke system; not a single word. With a lot of generously given advice & help from Doug (RNinMunich) & other Model Boats members, I’m working on upgrading the tug’s lighting system & adding missing details. Unfortunately everything came to a halt last fall because of a fall & surgery to fix me up. So, for the time being I’m doing things that don’t require much finesse for fine work. I’m working on plans for future work as well as disassembled the tug’s deckhouse to access its circuit board. Once I had the deckhouse floor removed, I discovered that the smoke system isn’t a single unit. There’s a blower motor mounted in one location & the component that creates the smoke mounted in another spot. Tubing connects these two parts, then additional tubing exits the smoke generator unit & splits via a tee to each funnel. If anyone reading this post has a Richardson or Southampton “premium” model I would greatly appreciate information about the following: 1. There is a black rubber plug underneath the deckhouse. When the plug is removed I can see that it’s directly below the smoke generator. I noticed that the generator has white foam rubber inside. Is this where smoke fluid is to be placed? If not, then where? 2. Assuming there are different types of smoke fluid available, which one should be used in the tug? 3. How many drops of fluid should be placed in the system? I would appreciate any information about the Richardson or Southampton smoke system specifically & smoke systems in general. I’m not familiar with them at all & I need to learn. Thanks very much, Pete

Final Entry! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Captain's Log: Final Entry! Tug Brooklyn is totally completed. Along with sound effect and Running Lights! I'm looking forward to a Maiden Voyage in the spring! On to the next project!!! Well, anyway some where out there is my next Project! In the Spring I will Post her Maiden Voyage! End Last Entry........👍 PS. Next Build a 1/25 scale Tug Douglas Greg!

Being Sociable. by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
I would have loved to put a steam plant in Tug Brooklyn. But, one is cost the other would be. The Brooklyn is all Plastic! Now really have you looked at the prices! Talk about sticker shock! And for that reason. I use electric motors! But for those fortunate to be able to get steam engines. Enjoy!

Tug Brooklyn by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Tug Brooklyn Steam Engine Sound Generator Test! With her Running Lights on! I couldn't use her Steam Whistle!😤 I only had one 9 volt battery!😭 Anyway here goes nothing!