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de Mist Naval Tug by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
Hi Tertius, Looks like the closest you're gonna get is one of her sister ships; the FC Sturrock. There was a build article of using these plans to build the JR More in Model Boats in 2012. Another possible source The guy who built it (Ralph Wilmot) also described it on this site back then. Cheers, Doug 😎

de Mist Naval Tug by Joburg-sailor Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
As I have made no progress on finding any drawings of the De Mist naval harbour tug ex Simonstown, and as kindly advised by Glyn as having been built by Dorbyl in Durban with VS propulsion, I am now switching my attention to the old steam tugs of the the late 50's and 60's...particularly the JR More (built 1961) that is currently decaying in the Durban Maritime Museum. Again I am on the hunt for drawings that must be more easily available judging by the number of models build of this vessel. She had twin props (rather than Voith Schneider or Schottel) which is something that I can handle! Any help or advice gratefully accepted.

VB30 by Joe727 Admiral   Posted: 20 days ago
Thanks for posting the photo of the barge build, gives me some ideas.... I have some tugs in progress, but no barges. I like the way you framed the hull. Joe

Book on Sailing Barges by ChrisG Lieutenant   Posted: 20 days ago
Hello Joe We seem to be of a similar mindset, my interest is mainly in sail although I have several tugs etc. I found a really useful reference book is 'Spritsail Barges Of Thames and Medway' which was published around 1948 and written and researched by Edgar J March. As well as being interesting and a good read has many illustrations and drawings of old gaffer rigs. May not be easy to find but well worth the effort. Another avenue for information is the Society for Sailing Boat Research I have contact details if required, it is possible to join and contribute to this organisation for £15 p.a. Best regards Chris G

TID Tug by rcmodelboats Commander   Posted: 23 days ago
This is one of my friends TID tugs at the Hubertus model boat club

de Mist Naval Tug by Joburg-sailor Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 24 days ago
Hi Glynn Thanks for your response. I was hoping that the dreaded words "Voith Schneider" would not come up as I have no way to engineer or buy a VSP (even looked in "Graupner" site but no info on buying units and I think it will break the pensioners bank anyway! This is my first contemplated tug build so would be interested if the model tug Guys would perhaps advise what they do when the dreaded 2 words come they cheat a little below the surface and substitute other propulsion sources when a VSP would be "true scale"? Glynn, what Dorbyl built SA tugs do you have knowledge off that are not VSP equipped? I think the other older Simonstown Naval tug is the "de Nuys" but I presume she will also be Voith Schneider Propeller driven. Regards and Happy New Year to you and all on MB's.

Brushless motor(s) by Joe727 Admiral   Posted: 28 days ago
Charlie, Good question. I have a number of brushless motors and esc' from my model airplane days..... I model slow boats like tugs and just assumed that they would be too fast for these boats, but I don't know if this is true or not.... Maybe someone out there knows? Joe

Deck, servo mount by Joe727 Admiral   Posted: 28 days ago
Put together a pilot house based on some tugs I've seen. Just freelanced it as I went. I build a lot with styrene so I am used to just cutting and building. I use liquid styrene cement that fuses the materials together. See photo, will trim it out as I mount it, need to add some detail at roof and some Navigational lighting. Put on on 3mm plywood deck, same as hull bottom. The deck is also curved (proper term is SHEAR) and I started to build up some wood edge at the opening. Will sand everything well, then start sealing and priming all surfaces. Made a bracket for the rudder servo mount and an adjacent platform for the ESC and RX. Ordered two 6v 5ah SLA batteries. I will wire in parallel to stay with 6v and get 10ah. I like to stay with 6 volts as I want the motor to run slow like a tug should. Will wire in an in-line fuse. Haven't decided where I will put switch, up high somewhere to avoid water. I will show the wiring once I get to it. This build is going fast because it's a simple design, just what I was looking for. I work on it late afternoons and into the evening while I watch basketball games. About 4 hrs a day. Looking forward to building the hatch and getting some primer started tomorrow. Regards, Joe 👍

aeronaut classic by sandgrounder Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
i have bought a aeronaut classic kit to build over the winter , i have had to suspend other models (tugs) due to fumes and winter ventilation . it will be my first wood kit build , i would like to fit a brush-less motor in the Classic but do not know which motor i could use to replace a speed 400, can anyone recommend a brush-less motor for the classic

Voltage increasing via regulator by EricMB Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks for the in-depth answer Doug, much appreciated! The component was incorrectly labelled - my fault.. it’s a Voltage Booster! Pic attached... to clarify, it’s really the bow thruster (a very small one at that!) I’d like running a bit faster, you’re right about tugs not being sprinters! Regards, Eric

Voltage increasing via regulator by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
A somewhat confused question if I may say so Eric!😲 You can't 'regulate up' only down. The regulator's job is to produce a constant lower voltage from a range of higher voltages. I often use one to produce 5V for the RX and servos from a 12V SLA drive battery. A little 3 legged device (type LM7805) which looks just like the power FETs in a high current ESC. My version of a UBEC! 😉 What is this 'regulator' you have? Type number? Manufacturer? Photo? To get 12V from 7.2V you would need to use a Voltage converter (also known as an inverter). This works by converting the DC input from the battery to an AC voltage which can then be increased using a transformer. More elegant (and expensive!) versions use a transistor oscillator and amplifier. This uses hi-power transistors instead of the transformer. The AC output of the transformer (or amplifier) is then rectified back to DC. All this is very inefficient which is why it is normally only used for very light currents, where the losses are not so significant, and when there is no other alternative, not often the case! You can't beat the physics and you will never get the same power out that you put in. This leads to a basic design question:- What is the total current consumption of the load? I.e. the motors. A simple example:- Let's say that at 7.2V the motors draw 10Amps total, i.e. 72W (or VAmps). Assuming a utopian 100% efficiency at 12V this would equate to 6A. Due to the three stages of conversion; DC to AC, transformation / amplification of AC to 12V, AC back to DC, you'll probably be lucky to get an efficiency of around 60% to 70%. Thus if you stick 720W in you'll get around 430 to 504W out. Not much of a gain is it!🤔 Your battery would be exhausted in about 2/3 the time it is now 😡 If your motors draw more than 10A the problem just gets worse. So what is it you really want to do? If you just want to up the volts to your motors stick a 12V SLA or an 11.1V LiPo (3S) in and hope that you don't cook your motors! Frankly I don't really know why you're bothering, tugs aren't sprinters! If you want more pulling power with the existing setup try experimenting with prop sizes and pitch. Will probably achieve much more than fiddlin' about with voltage converters. BTW: All this assumes that the RX has it's own separate 5V battery supply or from a BEC in the ESC. Some clarification needed from your side. Cheers, Doug 😎

Kingsmere Model Boat Club by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
It would be nice to see a list of both ponds and lakes across the country where all IC model boats are allowed to be run. I live just outside of Dartford and have about a 35 t0 40 mile run either side of where I live to be able to use my IC boats. I'm now retired and cannot afford to change all my boats to brushless motors. Sadly I'm not into slow running tugs and the like. I'm into MTB's and RAF Crash Tenders mainly or fast running speed boats.

Anteo 2 Tug by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Dick, I have a few tugs and the largest at 49" uses a geared 540 running from a 12v 7ah sla battery giving a good 90mins running time. This model weighs in at 15 kilos ready to sail. I also have a caldercraft model tug Joffre. Which is about 30" long and runs using a 6v monoperm motor and gearbox. 6v 4.5ah sla battery giving about 1 hour run time. Weight is 5kilos ready to sail. Hope this helps. Cheers Colin.

Anteo 2 Tug by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Dick, as far as I know model boat/car style ESCs have a reverse function. I would think a geared 540 motor would be quite sufficient. People tend to overpower most model boats, especially those not required to take off like ducks on acid! Like tugs. Cheers, Martin

LED Tug Mast Navigation Lights by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Pete, Welcome back👍 Yes, I did remove the moulded rungs. No chance of cramming the wiring in if you don't. I just twisted them out with a small pair of pliers and machined the rest out with a 3mm milling bit in my mini drill. I had hoped you would come to the 'cluttered' conclusion about the mast! Don't know of any standards for lamp spacing, never thought about. Spect there is, maybe Ed (figtree) knows, but he's having internet problems at the moment 🤔 Thanks re antenna cables. Not difficult with a couple of chunks of copper wire and the pin-drill. Some time I will also add the two small booms carrying a GPS antenna and an anemometer. Re anchors: all tugs I've ever seen have anchors. This is on my list of 'Missing details on the model'. It's quite a long list🤔 Pics attached showing the anchor in a recess on the stbd bow. BECC still exist but only seem to sell through agents/stockists now. Here the US/Canada stockists;- This probably your best bet Some of the others have disappeared😲 Look forward to your winch sketch, cos I wanna build one too! Cheers, Doug 😎