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I want my workshop back! by aanside Petty Officer   Posted: 9 hours ago
I already mentioned in another thread ("Any Clues") that three boats have been dumped in my workshop to see if I can find a buyer for any of them. 1) Caldercraft "Joffre" Tug, already built but in grave need of TLC with the propshaft tight and the rudder shaft too tight to move. The vessel is filthy dirty. 2) Billings "Le Pourquoi-pas", hull assembled with decks, remainder of kit & fittings look to be complete 3) Billings "Smit Nederland" Nr 528 - unstarted kit but does not have detail fittings I can post any of these boats and would appreciate a sensible offer for any of them - I do need the space to get on with my own work. Please PM me for any further information Regards Barry

Any clues? by aanside Petty Officer   Posted: 10 hours ago
"This is certainly NOThe the model of a Thames or Coastal barge hull" I had come to that conclusion. Researching typical twin masted vessels with that sort of beam (thereby ruling out most schooners) it could be a Brixham Trawler or some kind of ketch. One suggestion was a Moray Firth Scaffie but I need to go to one of the local museums to see if there is a model or a drawing. Interesting clue - the rudder post is carried above the deck. I guess half the fun is trying to see what I can make of it and then get it on the water.

Any clues? by aanside Petty Officer   Posted: 2 days ago
The vessels mentioned in my last post have now been dumped in my workshop so they are available if anybody is interested. Le Pourquoi-pas has been started (hull & deck) looks as if most fittings are there but the workmanship leaves something to be desired. Joffre is in need of a lot of work - it is built but filthy dirty and needs a lot of work plus the prop shaft is on the edge of being seized and rudder shaft is so stiff I daren't move it The Smit Nederland kit is complete and untouched BUT does not have the detail fittings. If anybody is interested please contact me direct regards Barry

H.M.S. BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Just to clarify. Shipping was only 7 days to Canada, manufacture slightly longer. Examined the hull closely and was pleased. It is dimensionally accurate and robust, but light. It had also been reinforced in strategic areas and trimmed to the correct deck line. My many questions to Christian Sheppard – Capurro of MTBHulls were quickly and knowledgeably answered. A company I would recommend others. Reviewing the build blogs and U Tube videos of the both the Brave and Perkasa models, shows most use either single or twin screws. The original vessel had a triple screw contra - rotating layout. Experience from others suggests the third screw just adds weight and complexity, but little to the performance. Nevertheless, it was how the Braves were built, so that was how it would be. Christian gave several suggestions for other modelers who have built this vessel. Contacted them and was readily provided with information and advice. The finished weight of this model is important and a target of around 6 lbs recommended for a 1:32 scale version. This is to achieve the potential performance. Plans for drivetrain are 3 x 2835 4500kVa brushless motors, direct driving 3 x scale 3 blade 30mm screws. Decided use a single Li-Po battery for the best performance with minimum weight. It was suggested three batteries, each powering a single motor would be the best layout. After some research, concluded this would introduce a weight penalty and was discounted. There are various ideas for the best drivetrain. Unfortunately none for triple screws. Decided the best approach would be to fit the bare hull out as planned, then try it. Leaving all the finishing features for later. A contact in Australia had already done this using a single screw layout and kindly sent pictures of his hull layout and then under test. Very informative. The positions of the rudders, propellers and shafts are established by the scale dimensions and were permanently installed. Everything else was to be temporarily fitted, so it could be moved or replaced if necessary.

H.M.S BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Thinking of a future project and decided upon another launch type vessel. My earlier Daman 4207 project gave an interesting model with good performance. The Brave class of FPBs (Fast Patrol Boats) caught my attention. Can remember the incredible performance they offered when entering service. Only two of the class were used by the RN, although variants were used by other navies. Have decided to use proprietary Glass fibre hulls in future as they probably cost little more than building from scratch using wood and resin. They give a robust and watertight hull, but one which still requires thought to complete properly. There are several companies that offer a “Perkasa” hull, a Brave class derivative with an almost identical hull. From previous experience have decided to limit my models to 40” long, larger vessels become difficult to transport and handle. After much research considered the hull offered by MTB Hulls in Gibraltar met my requirements best. The inquiry to MTBHulls was well handled; the quotation acceptable, so placed an order. Was pleasantly surprised at the shipping costs. From the UK these often approach the cost of the hull, but from Gibraltar they are much more reasonable. Delivery only took 7 days.

Hull identity???? by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
Well I've been trying to sort out my storage areas and found this Hull, but have no idea what type of vessel it is? I was given it many years ago and had forgotten it was in my collection, so I'm appealing for help in deciding what to make with it. It's 36" long with 8" beam. I've never worked with a molded plastic hull before so I'd appreciate any instructions in how to proceed and how to fix frames and bulkheads. I'd like to use either 6 or 12 volts as I have a decaperm and a hectoperm motor to choose from, and a good selection of batteries to choose from. Hopefully Colin.

Grimmershorn II by CB90 Commander   Posted: 17 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 40"/5000g Grimmershorn II Capable of 7mph and a runtime of 60mins Single Propellor (3 Blade 70mm) Direct Drive to a 950 (3 Blade) Powered by Lead Acid (12v) 12Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through 15A 24v (5Amps) ESC - Comments: The Motor vessel 'Grimmershorn' was built in 1956/57 by Hansa Stahlund Schiffbau GmbH at Koln-Deutz for the Waterways and Shipping Administration at Cuxhaven.Her Daimler-Benz four stroke diesel engine had an output of 500hp. permitting a speed of 11.5 knots. The model hull and deck are vacuum formed ABS, timber work of precision cut ply, 2 full size plan sheets and a construction manual along with a fittings pack complete this kit. Technical Data Scale: 1:20 Length: 1038mm Beam 305mm The Grimmershorn was the second major kit I purchased from a model shop on the outskirts of Harlow in Essex back in the 1980s. The Krik kit is still produced and sold today. My build was a slow and lost enthusiasm so after completing the hull, deck, motor and bow thruster installation I gave the boat to my father in-law who completed the superstructure and sailed the boat for a while, eventually the boat was given back to me when the father in-law moved house. I then repaired the rudder, added a moving radar, a adjustable water cannon and pump also various extra fittings such as a detailed life raft and crane, buoys and captain figure. thus renamed the boat as Grimmershorn II a Search and rescue fire boat.

Just getting started by Baggie Admiral   Posted: 17 days ago
Thought members might like to see these Naval vessels and yachts from Ho An in Vietnam. If you go there you must visit this amazing shop. All can be shipped to anywhere in the world. I got my Vietnamese Junk from there.

Billings Waveney Class LifeBoat by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 23 days ago
Waveney class lifeboat was designed in the USA, but after minor adjustments the vessel was used by the RNLI in British coastal waters. I managed to pickup 1/40th scale Billings Waveney Class Lifeboat Kit from Ebay for £25 including postage that had not been started. This kit is designed for static display, but with some modelling skill it can be converted to R/C operation. This is now my challenge to convert this kit to R/C control and put as much detail on to as possible without spending fast amounts of money.

Passenger old GA plans by Lussino Seaman   Posted: 23 days ago
Good day to All I just start to searching for few General Arrangment plans of old passenger vessels .Few yaers ago is one company I think xplan they offer a lotnof plan but niw I am not able to find them again.I am intredting gor following plans 1.MM 452 RMS SAXON 2.MM 747 AFRICA 1920 3.MM NALDERA 1920 4.MM 927 AMERICA SS 1884 5.MM ARABIA 1897 Prefix MM with numer is numeric number if xplan site. Thanks in advanca gor any help Brgds Lussino

Old ships by Lussino Seaman   Posted: 23 days ago
Good day I start to search for GA plans if some old vessels.Few year ago its existing some site with a lot of plans xplans site from uk but for the monent I can't find nothing.I like to buy following plans 1. RMS SAXON 2.AFRICA 1920 3. NALDERA 1920 4. AMERICA SS 1884 5.ARABIA 1897 Any suggestion or help will be welvone. Brgds and thanks

Bristol pilot cutter mascotte by kmbcsecretary Captain   Posted: 28 days ago
here is some of the deck furniture i have made the chimney stack and storage brackets, these are not in the folder and found these after researching the mascotte and finding detailed pictures of the vessel.

firefly by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 29 days ago
Looks like the crew enjoy your efforts. Very nice looking vessel. My Caroline was based on one of the little ships that my dad built in 1964. Keep up the nice quality modeling. Cheers Colin.

ps marion by Tim-P Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
[Score: 5/10] 43" ps marion - Comments: still under construction. The original boat is still running at Mannum on the River Murray South Australia. The Marion was first commissioned in 1896 and the hull flowed i 1897 used as a barge then in 1900 was converted to a towing vessel having a Marshal & son 2 cylinder semi-portable steam engine and paddles plus a super structure added , in 1908 she was converted to a passenger and cargo then in to a passenger boat alone she spent money years on th Murray running between Renmark, Morgan, and Goolwa at the Murray mouth in 1989 she made her last commercial voyage under Captain Bill Drage from Renmark to Mannum were she was restored and runs lunch, and dinner cruses and over knight cruses. their will be a steam rally in November 2018 at mannum. for more information visit

WTF by Donnieboy Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
Hopefully a lesson was learned.Fast electrics stay away from slower moving vessels.Always keep your eyes ahead of your boat so these accidents don't happen.