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vic smeed
vic smeed
vic smeed
Guestbook Post by SpiderBruce Petty Officer   Posted: 9 days ago
Hello, Joined this site as returned to model boats after some years absence and think this site will be useful for info, hints etc. There are no boating hobbyist in my town, nearest boating lake is the superb one at Basingstoke, of which I am a member. Main work is finishing off a Thames Barge (kit)and a Vic Smeed designed Thornycroft MTB. Wishing you a fair wind in your sails. SpidedBruce

RTTL 2751 by JOHN Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
[Score: 8/10] Capable of 12mph and a runtime of 30mins Twin Propellors (3 Blade 35mm) Direct Drive Powered by NiCad (9.6v) 4Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through ACTion (40Amps) ESC - Comments: model was originally built by myself using a mixture of Vic Smeed plans and photographs/plans from a gent called Christian - my model is double-planked. Outer planking is scale sized; props both drive the same way as in the original boats.

MTB 49 by jbkiwi Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
[Score: 5/10] 36"/2400g MTB 49 Capable of 5mph and a runtime of 60mins Twin Propellors (3 Blade 25mm) Direct Drive to a 380 27MM (3 Blade) Powered by NiCad (7.2v) 2Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through CHINA (5Amps) ESC - Comments: Scratch built Thornycroft MTB from a 1960s Vic Smeed plan. Boat is 40yrs old from start till now. Bought plans in 1968 and finished 20 yrs later working on and off. Was twin prop with single Futaba ESC, on 27Mhz then an Electronize ESC on FM 40 Mhz now have just converted it to twin car ESCs and added a sound unit and is now run on 2.4 . Has a 100mm 12v computer fan for cooling with heat sinks on the motors. Has separate cabin lights and running lights.

Thornycroft MTB by Donnieboy Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Nice job.Great to see a boat running built from a Vic Smeed plan.Should do good in a steering competition with the manouverability you have.Lovely boating pond.

Thornycroft MTB by jbkiwi Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
Just converted this 40yr old twin brushed model (scratch built from a Vic Smeed plan) to a proper independent twin system plus a sound unit. Started off with a 70s Futaba ESC on 27mhz, then on FM, then replaced with an Electronize unit on FM, then to 2.4 and now on 2.4 with twin ESCs and converted TGY S6 (twin throttles). Maneuvers a lot better and makes a better noise.

Vintage style yacht designed by "Vic Smeed" by lhpen Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
Any one interested in buying my Yacht ? ''Starlet'' Vintage style yacht designed by "Vic Smeed" all plywood construction, 11" beam x34" length, sail area 465 Sq inches. Complete with heavy duty sail arm large servo and rudder servo installed. Good sails although slightly marked and rigging. Install a receiver ready to sail. PRICE REDUCED NOW £105 Best if collected in person. Located in West Surrey. 01252 727028

Brixham trawler IBEX by sam Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Edward, Yes - thinking out problems is half the fun😊 My first build was a Vic Smeed Starlet - just completed. Pretty straight forward but I over engineered it to try out some ideas - thinking the ideas through was great fun. So although I will not start the Cariad until January I'm trying to explore problems now. The angle of the rudder shaft is one that I think I have a solution to. Take it right through the deck then put a handle onto it, hinged at the shaft so that it does not rise and fall as it is turned. Then a Bowden cable from each side of the cockpit to power the steering. I will enjoy building a mock up and trying it out! As to the rudder, I am thinking of a detachable extension - downwards. I'm also thinking about placing the prop to one side - perhaps more authentic but also well clear of the rudder. One thing that I'm still thinking through is the access hatch. I see some builders move the dingy to the centre and create a hatch here but I like the clean decking on the original, with the dingy to the side. A hatch to the side would work for everything but the top screw for the detachable keel. Some more time dreaming up a solution. Thanks Sam

Vic Smeed's 'Waterbaby' by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Luv it 😁😁👍

Vic Smeed's 'Waterbaby' by Wingcoax Lieutenant   Posted: 4 months ago
As the late Derek(Blaster)Bates said," Ex is something that has been" and "spurt is a drip under pressure"

Vic Smeed's 'Waterbaby' by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Heartily agree Martin 👍 How does one become an 'expert'? LEARNING BY DOING!!! 😉 Cheers, Doug 😎 As they say in this neck o the woods 'Übung macht den Meister' - 'Practice makes the master'!

Vic Smeed's 'Waterbaby' by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
You really need to be self reliant on these simpler tasks, rather than use a local "expert". There is no such thing as an expert on drilling keels! And if he suggests he is...avoid him! Martin

Vic Smeed's 'Waterbaby' by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
You don't need an expert. Just go for it carefully yourself. Lead is easy to drill.Re internal ballast I would remove at least part of the deck to looksee.👍

Vic Smeed's 'Waterbaby' by Xtal Seaman   Posted: 4 months ago
Thanks for the advice. I have changed to a smaller battery and moved it fwrd (it is R/C). I have also tried to see if there is any internal ballast but that's not easy without removing the deck. I think its time to drill the lead keel as suggested. I have found a local expert who says he will do the job! Will report on progress. Many thanks. John

Vic Smeed's 'Waterbaby' by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
As Westie said don't use a Forstner it will take out too much at once. Use the 8 mm evenly both sides. Go gently.👍👍 Also see if any ballast has been added inside. This was often done to reduce heeling . It defeated it's own object as reducing the freeboard still put the lee rail under when heeling. Also what batteries are you using? A change to lighter ones may help. Lipos maybe but they may reduce duration.Nimhs may be a compromise. Or the ABC types All this assuming you are using R/c.

Vic Smeed's 'Waterbaby' by Xtal Seaman   Posted: 4 months ago
Many thanks Martin.