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Fairmile D 1/24 Scale Build by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 hours ago
Hi John, You seem to have missed the point entirely, as you also did with your first post on this thread, in which instead of trying to help Andy and answer his question you attempt to dissuade him from his goal. Unfortunately I missed Andy's question back in March as I was embroiled with family matters. BUT, if he hasn't in the meantime been 'scared off' by the lack of constructive response I will do my best to help, having several times been down the road of multiple screws, as have many other better constructors than me on this site. Nearly all my ships have two, three or even four screws. Only the Sea Scout and ancient Billing Boats fish cutter (a restoration and conversion from static to RC project) have single screws - as per originals. About a year ago I acquired a model of a US Elco PTB fitted with two shafts. I am restoring it, rebuilding as Kennedy's PT109, and will fit the third shaft to complete it to scale as per original. Why? Because that's what scale modelling is about and because it's a challenge - pushing limits. Far be it from me to decry or put down anyone (as you now seem to be trying with me). We all have the enthusiasm (or we wouldn't be here) and do the best we can with the skills nature gave us and what the budget and state of health allows. I have often been astounded and appropriately applauded, and supported where I can, what fellow members have achieved with very limited resources and under very different circumstances from those we in the so called 'Western World' enjoy. That guy in Bangladesh blows my mind with what he manages in the back of beyond! Look for his post about his March '71 boats. WHEN I pitch in here I try to do so with constructive assistance, drawn from my own modelling experience and a lifetime spent working with navies and shipyards, to help a guy achieve his aims and dreams. NOT to immediately deflate him by saying 'Why do that? I did mine this way, it's not what you want but it works for me'. So far the Likes, PMs and mail feedback, request for assisitance I have tell me I'm doing something right. If I do boob (we're all human) I'm prepared to admit it and make amends / corrections. I have no idea what this 'Hooben' is that you yatter on about BUT - if "every little detail (is) reproduced with superb accuracy" why then ruin the overall effect by not continuing this attention to detail on the underwater ship and fitting shafts and screws appropriately? Whatever you do have fun with it, but don't dissuade others from pursuing their dreams. True there are "many roads to travel before one reaches there (!sic) destination" BUT as Confucius said "Every journey begins with the first step." If at the first step someone says 'Your destination is the wrong one' instead of offering a roadmap ..... ! Regards, Doug 😎 BTW: still waiting for the pics / videos of your 'Hooben' (?) and the Perkasa.

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 hours ago
BTW: I grew up with valves (or bottles as we Brits also call 'em) as well. I still have a box of several vintage 'bottles' in the cellar, many of them new still in the original boxes. If you ever run out of triodes, pentodes or tetrodes give me a buzz! Think I still have some pristine EL80s - collectors items these days - lots of Oomph 😁 My next non-model boat electronic project is a pair of digital clocks in 'Art Deco' cases, using bottle decade counters. The forerunners of the fluorescent tubes and then the LED clocks, but much more fun😉. About forty years ago I spent a year or so servicing and calibrating the radiation monitors around UK nuke power plants using these decade counters. One cosmic radiation click = one jump in the base counter and so on. Never ever saw anything above the basic cosmic radiation background count which is always there. A remnant of the 'Big Bang'. 😲 Funny where an interest in electronics and radio can getcha 😁 Look forward to your chimney experiment report👍 My destroyer has two funnels but I found that the little railway smokers were not man enough to feed two funnels via a branched tube. But two working in parallel off the one RC channel did the trick. Regarding the chimney effect; Works well at rest or at low speeds, but I also found that instead of a fan some traditional air vent scoops mounted forward of the smoker augmented the effect well at higher speeds. And my long thin destroyer with 2 x 540s on 12V made a lot of 'speed boats' look silly 😁 Have fun, ciao, Doug 😎

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 hours ago
Hi Joe 👍 In the full size ships I worked on we used Co2 injectors to smother fires in our equipment racks! Guess you could try the Co2 capsules for soda siphons. I have a box of those I 'm considering using for torpedo power! Carry on innovating Man👍 Cheers, Doug 😎

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by Joe727 Captain   Posted: 6 hours ago
Doug, That's a very impressive list of ships! I was just thinking yesterday about how to build a smoker without a fan, your chimney effect caught my attention. My experimental builds so far push the smoke out quickly, I would prefer it puffing out. Deleting the fan and adding the proper length of stack could work, I will try. Your electronics are impressive, nice skills you have. I'm still working with vacuum tubes, valves. Regards, Joe

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by Joe727 Captain   Posted: 7 hours ago
Doug, Yes, thanks for clarifying the Vision, sound good. I think I will add a monoammonium phosphate fire extinguisher system to mine so I can just keep on sailing. Regards, Joe

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 hours ago
Hi Joe, "If an alarm was used, you still need to get it back to shore before it .........." That's why I suggested a circuit to cut off the power to the heating coil. An alarm is only useful if you are 'hanging around on the spot' to do something about it! 😲 Do you have 'the Vision' now? 😉 PS That's also why I made the decoder to make mine RC.

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 hours ago
Hi Joe, When you click on the Media File icon have you ever noticed the [Download] button in the top left corner of the media window!!?? 😲 Click on that and you are given the choice to Open or Download the file 😉 BTW: to answer your question above - No scale railway at all! I intend to use the loco smokers in RC conversions of 1/350 scale plastic navy ships, such as; HMSs Ark Royal, Colossus, King George Fifth, Prince of Wales, Exeter, and KMSs Bismarck and Graf Zeppelin. As well as RMS Titanic and my 1/128 HMS Belfast and Graf Spee. Two more perhaps for my Southampton tug. Have used them in the dim and distant past for my 1/72 scale RN destroyer. Built a little RC pulse decoder using CMOS chips followed by a transistor driver to switch a relay supplying the smoker coil. See pics of self etched decoder board. The other three outputs are for various lighting effects and destroyer 'Whoop whoop' siren. 30 years old now and still going 😊 The smokers work pretty well just using the capillary action of the thin glass feeder tubes. So no wick to come into contact with a a hot wire coil 😊 They were mounted on a bridge across the cap of a large spray can which I used as the oil tank. Exhaust used the chimney effect of a 10mm alu tube running up the funnel. I'm also still pondering how to turn the usual white steam/smoke black! Cheers, Doug 😎

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by Joe727 Captain   Posted: 19 hours ago
Did the video work for you guys? I still can't see it.... Joe

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by Joe727 Captain   Posted: 19 hours ago
Michael, Anything can be done but I strive to keep things simple. Like a dipstick for level and fuses to protect the electronics from getting out of control. I generally end up with double fuse protection as well. Best to just get in the habit of keeping an eye on things. The fluid drain is very slow so I don't foresee a real issue with that. If an alarm was used, you still need to get it back to shore before it .......... Cheers, Joe

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Yep Michael, A thermocouple, a capacitive level sensor, an OR Gate, and a transistor driver for a cut-off relay. Calibration and setting the threshold limits are the tricky bits 🤔 😎

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Great result , well done that man, is there any way of putting an electronic safety device to protects against overheating/lack of fluid etc.

Motor, mount & prop-shaft. by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Thanks for your reply. I am more of a speed freak. I love the Vosper /MTB's style hulls as you can really push them to there limits, as I can also with the deep V huntsman style hulls. My Proboat Miss Geico catamaran I can run flat out even on turns. But am unsure about fitting an out runner, I have scaled down the Crash Tender to 28" and have just put in a small outrunner but very apprehensive of running her. This is because i'm unsure of overheating and catching fire. Silly rally as she is a fireboat. But as you have one in your Crash Tender with no problems, then I will finish her off and give her a run. Thanks for your help. I am watching this build as eagerly as I did your wonderful Crash Tender. I cannot wait to see the en result and some video of her on water. I'm sad I wasn't able to get along to the show this weekend.

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by Joe727 Captain   Posted: 3 days ago
One more thing, I did not try just straight Baby Oil, will try that later... Joe

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by Joe727 Captain   Posted: 3 days ago
Thanks, did the video PLAY? It's not showing up on my end. For smoke fluid, I used some Baby Oil (mineral oil), and some glycerin. Using an eyedropper I used about 5 eyedropper of baby oil and 1 of glycerin. 5 to 1. The Glycerin was purchase from a store that sells cake decorating, it's used in icing, in the states, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, etc. I would think that pharmacies would have as well. The baby oil is Johnson's. Thanks for the comments, Joe

Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Great success Joe, What are you using for fuel?