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OUTERLIMITS XXX by BOATSHED Commander   Posted: 3 days ago
Have you posted any video of her running yet ??

Aeronaut Pilot by Skipper44 Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Current stage, I will be making a video on how I have done the boat thus far for the superstructure, and the cab which is currently being built!

Solent Class Lifeboat "Douglas Currie" by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Very realistic and nicely sailed model. The Solent Class were not fast afloat boats and had a max speed of about 9 knots so its nice to see a scale model sailing at a realistic speed. Well done and thanks for sharing the build and final on the water video

Maiden Voyage! by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
What a superb result. A credit to your determination and modeling skills. She looks brilliant in the photos but in the video the poise on the water makes it all worthwhile. Mark

Solent Class Lifeboat "Douglas Currie" by Skydive130 Admiral   Posted: 5 days ago
so here is the long awaited video of my scratch built Solent Class lifeboat based on the vintage Aerokits plans purchased on ebay. Sailed today for the 1st time and went like a dream, so pleased with it.

raw video by Skydive130 Admiral   Posted: 5 days ago
just uploading to youtube, will post link when done. see if this works

Maiden Voyage! by Skydive130 Admiral   Posted: 5 days ago
So, today was the day, she sailed wonderfully on a cold crisp Needham Lake nr Stowmarket Suffolk. The water level is very low at the moment, but got away with it! The only thing I need to do is try and get a bit more rudder throw as the turning circle is quite big, however with careful throttle use she really does look the part. So, yes, I am very pleased with how this model has turned out, on the most part a joy to build. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to comment on this build. Trying to download the video thats been edited. I might have to post a link to it so it can be seen in full.

Motor problem by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Richard, its going to be great to see your boat on the water, video would help even more Mark

Motor problem by RichardSReade Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
Thanks chaps at a rough estimate and using the keel as the straight edge it is about correct for the electric motor. new cables and connectors along with a couple of mini servo's, arriving tomorrow, which I intend to rig up to operate some micro switches for lights and the like, cheaper than pukka switches. Jarvo and pmdevlin, when I can get the boat to water I will take some photo's and maybe a video with the battery's in the rudder compartment and also in the compartment just rear of the motor to see what you both think.

Motor problem by RichardSReade Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 12 days ago
further to my previous post, I have now fitted the two NiMH Batteries (not nicad as I kept saying)in the rear compartment, held in with Velcro, and tidied the wires up and fitted an inline fuse, yet to be wired, the boat is much lighter, however all the other Velcro is still in place so I can move them forward if needed and fit the lead or Lead acid battery, so one visit to a pond and hopefully I can get it sailing correctly, my problem is I would not know what is correct and what is not, at least I have Pauls video as a reference.

Motor problem by RichardSReade Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 12 days ago
very interesting Paul, I watched the video, I have weighed the boat as best I can, using the kitchen scales, the boat without any batteries or lead is 6Ib 3 oz (2815 gms)the lead ballast is 2 Lb (915 gms)the lead acid battery is 5Ib 9oz (grams) and the two NiMH batteries are 1Ib 10oz (747 gms) the boat now has an 850 motor with a 55mm 3 bladed prop, I do not have the experience to know whether the boat is sitting correctly without the ballast but do know that if I have the lead acid 12volt battery fitted in the only place it will fit then I need the ballast in the forward compartment making the boat weigh 13 Ib (6252 gms). if you are saying that I should keep it light then I could move theNiMH batteries to the compartment rear of the motor thus moving the weight towards the back and ditch the LA battery and lead ballast, I have no idea which part of the country you reside in, is it too far for me to drive to? as your sailing pond looks a lot better than the postage stamp we have to use in Swindon.

Floatation and ballast check!-tick! by Skydive130 Admiral   Posted: 12 days ago
So, she has this morning sat in the bath fir an hour whilst I walked pooch! I half expected to come home to find it sunk into the depths beyond reach, but joy of joy, floating and more importantly bone dry inside! I’ve had to add about 2lb of lead up front to get the latteral balance right, but apart from that sitting on the waterline and no Listing either. I’m happy that there is enough weight at the bottom, tried to tip her over but it was having none of it! Next stop the lake next week with some on the water photos and videos!

Motor problem by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi Richard, that lead acid is way too big and heavy. I Remember going on hols as a kid, car was loaded up, all family, roofrack, deck chairs, tent and so on, and Dads old Moggie Traveller would barely climb the Welsh hills! Same here, its just dead weight, ideal for a tug etc, no speed required, and ballast needed. This boat wasn't any slouch in its day, As Havelock says, it was originally built as a ic powered model so could stand being heavy. To achieve balance, its a matter of moving things around, not adding, so just move things forward, you will be surprised how the weight increases once you start adding Deck clutter, fittings and so on. Lightweight, is good. Your comment, stood up in the water at half throttle isn't going fast, its just bad weight displacement causing the bow tyo be too high. That setup would never have been that fast, the motor/battery combo will never cause a heavy ply boat to be going that fast its standing on end Couple of things to consider. Your nimhs, how many times have these been cycled, and what sort of charger are you using? A reasonable charger will give the information, if I know what you are using, Ill advise accordingly as you might not be getting the best from these batteries what prop are you on Think of an rc plane (if you fly them its easier) If the cog is too far back, the nose is pitching up, and its almost impossible to control, it almost porpoises in the air, and is very bad. COG is vital on a rc plane, nose heavy is better, only because its more controllable. COG is equally important with a boat, but harder to see the implications, the hull will give us false info, such as if the bow is up its on the plane, no, not necessarily, its not planing due to speed, its just out of balance. Shifting the weight radically will let you see this, sorry for the ramble, Wish you where closer to me I would love to help hands on👍 Ive tried to find a suitable video of my Huntman to display what I'm rambling on about. This video is poor quality, but it displays that boat moving very fast (25mph with on board data logger) but look how flat it is, its planning, as the forward 1/3 of the hull is out of the water, but its not standing on its tail, this is because its balanced. You boat is pretty similar in design to this so whilst you wont want to go this fast, the picture should look the same. This Huntsman weighs 6kg with batteries (lipos, you will NEVER get a nimh or lead acid to do this) and is 4 foot long, so quite a heavy old girl first constructed as an IC model in the early 70's. and here is a picture of my 3 foot aerokits fireboat, bow up, is it planing, no, its way out of balance, it wasnt actaully going that fast Hope that helps Paul

rotating radars off mast by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
I have just posted a video of a model of the Ayton Cross by Alan Read of SRCMBC. As Doug says the motors need to be small >6mm.

Ayton Cross by Alan Read by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Just seen this video of An Ayton Cross tug. The radars can be seen, stationery on this model.