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Over Spray! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 hours ago
Go easy with the solvent! In case it attacks the plastic. What type paint did you use? I might try polishing it off first. Overspray is not normally so thick or so firmly 'attached' as where you actually wanted the paint😉

a bit more done by Steve-Teresa Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Yes, I know what your saying about needing weight, I have yet to find out just how much, however I am intending to run it from a 12v7a sla, and with two good size motors, so hopefully I shouldn't need to add to much if any, the original hull design is supposed to have a curve right around the bottom, this proved to be unstable and would need even more weight, so I cut it of and made it a flat bottom. I only wanted to make a recovery boat for break-down's, this seemed like the idea solution, but I think I am getting a little carried away with it other than just "bunging it together".

The other lot... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Nah, although it mentions my user name at the top, I can't hit a reply button as there ain't one and I can't even start a new thread to ask why I can't reply. If they wanted to keep me banned they should have refused to allow me in again. Sod 'em! Martin

Fitting Propshafts by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Rather than a model of a rope making machine, Doug, this is a machine for making model rope. Always wanted one, in case I ever make that marvellous wooden ship model. Martin

BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Whilst waiting for the new motors and ESCs, reviewed videos of the vessel under power and noted that as the speed increases, the bow lifts towards a plane. However, as she gathers speed the transom flaps become effective, forcing the bow down in a cloud of spray. At this point the plane has been lost and the model becomes almost uncontrollable. Decided to temporarily ballast the hull to simulate the new motors and ESCs, then try to establish the optimum flap angle using just the centre propeller and shaft. This is the original 2838 brushless motor installation with a 30 mm propeller. With this simulated drivetrain it would also be an opportunity to determine the best battery locations for both 2 and 3S Li-Po batteries. Made up an angle template with a spirit level to get the correct deck inclination with the vessel floating at rest. From this located each type of battery statically - somewhere close to the mid-point of the hull. Which also seemed as good a place to start as any! Somewhere in the research for this model found a reference to the transom flap angle. This was at a 2 degree -ve (pointing downwards) angle. Installed the 2S battery and tried the model. The bow dug in at speed. Adjusted the flap to a straight and level position and tried again. The bow still wanted to dig in, but to a reduced extent. Readjusted the angle to 2 + ve and repeated. The bow now lifted so the forefoot just cleared the water and then remained in that position. Replaced the 2S battery with the 3S. The extra power obviously increased speed and the bow lifted slightly further. The spray was deflected by the chine rails and a level plane established. The conclusion is that the transom flap angle is critical to the correct planing of this model and that it should not be negative. Until the new motors and ESCs are fitted will leave the transom flap and battery locations as is. Once these components are installed, intend to repeat the test. Am confident that with some fine tuning the model can be now made to plane properly at a scale speed. Interesting to note that the model will just about plane with only one propeller operating – wonder what it will be like with all three?

54 year old Crash Tender by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 days ago
Sort of! All done with Giant Duplicolor spray cans! 😉 Nearly shook me 'and off 😲 Yep. learned about the diaphragms! They were a bit tricky to balance but made a hell of a difference compared with the crappy standard Solex. After crunching the Minx on black ice in Thetford Forest 😡 I took 'em off and put them on a Triumph Herald. That and gas flowing the motor ins and outs bumped her up from 75HP to about 125 😊 Getting the needles and jets right was the trickiest bit. Tested on the Rolling Road at Marinello's in Egham near Staines where I lived at the time. Then changed all the suspension and brakes to the Vitesse types. Had to stop her somehow 😲 The Herald had piddly drums! I resprayed it ('hired gun' this time😉) from hideous pale lilac to metallic mid blue. Ended up swapping it for our Finance Director's Rover cos he wanted the souped up Herald for his girlfriend 😉 Then started respraying that; black and silver 😊 Sanding back my cutter I've just discovered another thin spot I can see light through 😡 Back to the resin and tissue stage. BTW: also seem to remember reading about the airscrew-masts some years ago. Don't think it was a general thing but 'they were there' and obsolete for current aircraft. It WAS an RAF boat after all😉 Happy Vincenting, remember looking for the photos last year. Cheers, Doug 😎

Spektrum, new, useless... by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 days ago
In view of the age of the Tx has corrosion of terminals or wiring been considered. So called "black wire " corrosion can creep under insulation and cause breaks. I would open the case and check continuity of wires and everything else I could and clean the terminals. Could be that simple.Maybe spot of switch cleaner or just WD40 on switches and contacts. OR all over. It worked for my two Futaba T6 x's One of which is the 5oth Rip Max anniversary one. They had been in a nice dry ,clean garage, for 8 yrs, but there was still a little corrosion present on the terminals I have yet to test the Rx's and servo's as a few days after obtaining the models I became unable to get int my workshop.I was given such a lot by this lovely widow and her lovely .daughter. They wanted nothing for all the kit and models they gave me and I felt very guilty as I had only taken a tenner with me.Mum wanted them just to a good home and wanted nothing for them. End result she said she would put the cash to a charity of her choice.There was so much stuff and models and unused kitsI could barely close the back of the car. Oh yes there was a boat amongst them. That lives in the house on it's display stand. It is a customs launch made from a plastic kit by all appearances nicely finished in Royal blue and white. Small brushed motor with two 7.4 Nimh batteries packs.One in either bilge for balance. In contrast all the electrics in this "Futaba,"3 Channel, were clean and all worked perfectly. A bit odd but the Tx was kept in it's box so maybe that made the difference? Sorry to hi-jack the thread but it was to illustrate the point about potential corrosion. Oops a pun😁 Apols mods😊

Spektrum, new, useless... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
Doug, I may well take you up on that, mate. I would really like to get it going. Could you PM me your postal address? The Jeti I first saw was the 14 channel and that was £845 for the TX and £70 something for the RX. but I was only interested in the Tx. I wanted to frame it and put it on my wall! Czechs are SO clever and the women are stunning. The new 18 channel is about £1400, but they aren't anywhere near the dearest, even if they are the best. Haverlock, you can sing the Taranis praises all you like but anything that needs a PC to fiddle with it to get anywhere is the last thing I would pay good money for. I am a great deal more impressed by aesthetics in engineering, than complication. If I wanted to know what the batteries were doing I'd bring the boat in for a look. It would add some interest to what is essentially a rather tedious pursuit (which is why I have a preference, still theoretical, for sail). Believe me, I would never "get" the Taranis or anything like it, in a month of Sundays. I'm just not interested in all that techy stuff. Norman, I'd appreciate any input if you fancy digging around in yours. I wouldn't know what to look at. I didn't when it was soft valves and 90Volt Ever-Ready batteries and I don't now. I might have had Radio Control Models and Electronics Magazine from No 1, but none of it made the slightest sense and my Dad, (who paid for the subscription) never had the time to read it. I couldn't tell you the difference twixt a Super-regen and a superhet, a tone or a reed set. My old chum still has a working ED reed 8 channel set, but when flying, he has to constantly retune something with a plastic screwdriver, WHILST FLYING!!! And how did anyone ever do full aerobatics with single channel bang-bang escapement rudder onlies? Cheers, Martin

Seaplane Tender 360 by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Tudo claro, 👍 Good luck and much success. Look forward to the Progress Reports 😉 All the best, Doug 😎 PS the previous owner of my PTB would probably have a heart attack if he saw her now 🤔 But then he knew I wanted to refit her as PT109 in Pacific theatre colours.

H.M.S. BRAVE BORDERER by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Rowen, Bad luck🤔 Not necessarily a short, maybe just very high current draw due to the 4500kV motors and a dodgy connection adding resistance. In the wet stuff you have of course a load on the propellers which you don't have on the bench/bank, hence the higher current draw through the ESCs. I did wonder before about the 3 x 4500kV !! Since I went brushless I always use only 3.5 or 4mm gold bullets to connect them to the ESCs. Suggest you do the same and remove the corrosion susceptible screw connections.😲 Surprised the motors weren't available😲 I recently bought some, also 28mm,and some EScs for my PTB and they were here in 4 days! Oops, sorry, did I buy the one's you wanted 🤔

Elizabeth by muddy Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
After a long lay-off, not requested or wanted. The call of the sawdust was here again.. Looking back at the Gentlemans Cruiser, i decided to start afresh with its sister ship, Elizabeth. She is a hard chine construction so was hoping to get her to water in record time. But the gremlins set in when the hull had to be skinned.. The bottom skins did not want to play ball, or maybe it was me on a not so good day, but persevered and then planked the bottom in Obechie 6mm x 3mm, and then fitted the side skins vertical grained, and i must admit they fell on, no grunting and moaning with the hull frame in a half nelson trying to bash home a few pins, it was like hanging wallpaper.. The basic hiull is not as drawing with built up bulkheads but the keel and bulkheads are 5mm ply. Chines are 3/8" x 1/8" spruce and Obechie, obechie to the outer edges, easier to work.

Help by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Martin, Damon is in Basingstoke. He is trying to build a 6foot model of HMS Lion, the WW1 battlecruiser. He has some difficulty I'm afraid. Here is his first plea for help from a year ago. " Help Me Please by Damon Lieutenant Posted: 1 year ago I have a rather expensive dilemma and am really hoping that somebody might be willing to help me please…I have a £100, HMS Lion hull and £200, driving gear made specifically for this ship. I used to make RC Ships with a close friend, but he passed away beginning of this year. The problem I have is I was in a road accident a long time ago and as a result I damaged my brain, fracturing my skull. My friend use to be my memory for me explaining what has/had to be done because I forget after a very short while. I am not asking you to pay anything, it was our ship, his uncle or something served on her just after Jutland and Bill wanted to make as much as he could, this is now I want to make as much, I realise that I am asking a lot, but I’m not that bad and it might be fun, I’ve already built 4, ships with Bill, if you’d like a chat my email is or leave a message here I’ll then give you phone numbers…Thank you Damon😁 PS. After all the above I forgot to mention where I'm located, sorry...I live in Basingstoke, Hampshire I apologise for not replying folks but I'm afraid this is part of my problem, I forgot I'd placed the request & I now need to remember how to reply to each response 07706,439865 this is my mobile...thanks, sorry I have plans of HMS Lion, but there isn't any measurements on the plans, I've tried converting the plan to the size of the hull I have, it's about 6ft in length" A sad tale but Damon seems to be doing his best to get through. Wish I was close enough to Basingstoke to be able to lend a hand 🤔 Basically he needs someone to be his memory and guide. Best regards, Doug

Cigarette by Skipper44 Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
I thought you wanted to sell😂

Added some paint by GARTH Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
I haven't been working on the floating light house for a while .Took a long time to fix the hull as it was in poor condition finally fix as best as possible & put some paint on her . added motor mount stuffing box & I'm quit proud of my cabin holder to hull used a magnet from a P/C that had broke down .Man those magnets are real magnetic . just wanted to add Lancaster it was on the tarmac & would be flown down to Washington for a Royal air-force reunion later in April After it flew down We had a major snow storm here in Ontario so she was stuck in Washington for a few extra days

Red Oxide Primer! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
I went to the local autoparts store. Looking for ruby red primer! I was lucky to find Red Oxide Primer. Tomorrow if it's not windy. I'll paint the top half of the hull! This time I hope. I paint the right part of the hull! Oh, I had gotten a can of flat black. But it turned out to be kind of like a satin black. It had a bit of a shine to it! I didn't like it! Not what I wanted. But I found what I was looking for. A nice looking Black with NO shine to it at all!