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waterline model plans by kenbestford Seaman   Posted: 2 days ago
firstly many thanks to those members who helped me with my recent request for small scale vents ive recently received over 50 plans from various mags dating 1933 to mid 60s these are merchant ships of the period and are a3 size and laminated and look ideal for waterline modelling as they came from deceased amateur modelmaker there are too many to list but anyone interested in purchasing any of these at £4 plus postage then please contact me at ++ email removed pm only for your protection++

Admiralty drawings by RHBaker Admiral   Posted: 4 days ago
Norm, the SS Great Britain and the SS San Demetrio could be interesting, are they waterline or full hull drawings? Rowen

Damen Stan 4207 by RHBaker Admiral   Posted: 6 days ago
Decided to advance LI-PO plans and try a 4S 4000mAh pack. This weight of this pack reduced overall model weight by 8 oz, so it is now 9.6 lbs, close to the original target. Was also to slide the pack further sternwards until it touched the inner face of the RIB slipway, about 2.5” from the stern. The effect on the waterline was limited; the model now sits slightly higher with the waterline remaining level. Slowly increased the speed of the motors to assess the LI-PO performance. There was a significant improvement. There is no need to use “ full” power as it probably exceeds max scale speed. As the model accelerates the bow lifts exposing an area of the red bottom paint. The wake streams down the side of the vessel and curls off the spray rails. She looks very realistic. The attached picture is at part speed. The model is totally controllable, the influence of the centre fins is noticeable as the heeling is not pronounced unless extreme manoeuvring is tried. After 90 minutes of use decided all original objectives for the model are now accomplished. She looks and performs well. The next task is to tidy up the temporary wiring and fit the LI-PO properly. Will also have to re-route more accessories through the voltage reducer fitted for the bow thruster so the LED lights are not overpowered. Have also bought a small r/c controlled child’s jet ski toy with the intention is using the drive and control system in the RIB. It will require much mutilation of both the jet ski and the RIB to work them in together, but think it can be achieved. My next blog will tell.

small cowl vents required by kenbestford Seaman   Posted: 14 days ago
im making waterline models of merchant vessels of the 50s and 60s and having trouble to get cowl vents scale 1.250 length approx 8 to 12 mm.Does anyone know of a supplier for such and any other fittings of this scale

Fairplay X - Plastic Magic! :-) by saintsalvio Commander   Posted: 18 days ago
I used the stack two motors; the circuits and the esc so as the control radio of the tiny submarine i got for the purpose; the weight was right to float correct by the waterline; you can see it on a video on my little Youtube channel (look at Salvatore Mazzarella ) rescuing a sunseeker predator yacht with many glamour ladies in the bathub. P.S. unfortunately I am still living at work!

Shelduck by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 21 days ago
PS: I noticed that the waterline (transition yellow to red) follows the wave line! Small tip: to accurately set the true waterline and keep it straight set the hull up on the building board dead level and vertical according to the plan. Use spirit level to check port / starboard for horizontal! (I.e. athwartships in marine jargon!) Make a small right angled jig to hold a soft lead pencil (or simply use a small try square). Attach the pencil to the jig / try square at the waterline height from keel according to plan. Then just trundle round the hull marking the WL with the pencil point. Tip 2: use narrow (ca 10mm) Tamiya masking tape (from the plastic magic department) to mask off the line itself. The rest can be masked as usual with cheapo decorator's masking tape and newspaper. Spray away to your heart's content. The Tamiya tape gives a wonderful clean line with no paint creep. Please don't be offended, nobody's perfect and I'm still in awe of your woodwork! 👍 cheers Doug 😎

a very noisy fireboat by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
its early on with this project, I was going to wait until its completed, but not sure when that will be, so Ill give you a sneak peak. I've been using a sound system in one of my model planes, and over time have become friendly with the guy who makes them, helping him with various things. I got thinking about the 4 foot fireboat I have, and how cool it would be to have a sound unit. So, to cut a long story short, I knew he had a plane sound with twin Merlin's for a bomber, and I use a merlin for my P51 Mustang model. After a serious amount of pestering, I got him to modify one of the 5 stock sounds on his Boat sound unit, using the twin Merlin sound from the planes. It took some work, getting rid of the propeller sound on the start up and shut down sequence. I ran it for the first time last night, but forgot to take spare batteries, and a small screwdriver to adjust the settings, so couldnt change the settings, in particular, the volume was set way too loud, losing some of the clarity of sound. This is pretty close to the real engines, which where v8 meteor, this sound is an actual recording of the v12 Merlin, its doubled up, and staggered, so you can hear the two engines running. It has start up and shut down sequence, it isn't clever enough to read reverse unfortunately. Its a speakerless system, using transducers instead of speakers, which are much louder, smaller and lighter. They rely on vibrations, they are epoxied to the hull, and the whole boat becomes the speaker! Its the first time I've done this, and its pretty new on the market for boats, planes have been going for a few years. I've realised that whilst I put them above the waterline, I didn't account for the roll of the hull, when one (there is one on either side) goes below the waterline it muffles the vibrations, and causes a funny sort of gurgling noise, ah well, like I say, its early days! Still a bit of tweaking to do, but you get the idea. Stock sounds are Turbo cat diesel, Johnson outboard, evenrude outboard, mercule v8, steam. They also have aux sounds, such as ships bell, steam whistle, horn, seagulls etc. I think on my system the Johnson is dropped in lieu of the twin merlin sound. Have a look at

Aeronaut Pilot Boat by Skipper44 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 24 days ago
Thank you very much for the speedy reply! Yes I have purchased some LED's off Ebay, ended up with 10 of each colour as thats the minimum you can buy! So plenty to spare if anyone wants a couple. I have also got an electro magnet which I intend on gluing (or sticking somehow so it doesnt warp the side) to the inside of the boat just above waterline. I will operate it on a seperate channel where i can turn it on and off using a turngy switch. This way i can come along side the model jettys that I have which have metal in them and attach on. I have been greatly admiring your photos cormorant! If you have a chance anymore videos of her running would be amazing! When i start mine in a couple of weeks I am going to do a time lapse and a stage by stage review until she is finnished and post it on youtube I think, only because there is very little of this boat on youtube. Anyway, many thanks for the help! Tintin

DAMEN STAN 4207 by RHBaker Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
First open water test went well, but with two caveats: 1) Would like to increase performance somewhat, closer to her looks. The initial tests of the unfinished hull showed adequate performance. As the detail and superstructure have been added, it has deteriorated. The increased weight of over 2 lbs has increased draft and wetted area, thus drag. 2) The bow is slightly low. Decided the best way to improve performance would be to increase the NiMh battery output from 7.2 to 9.6 volts. Thus added two more cells to the forward “C” cell holder. Also increased the LED resistor capacity and added a voltage reducer to avoid burning out the lights and bow thruster at this new voltage. By examining the drawings and the model layout decided to tackle the second by moving the forward battery carrier from just in front of, to just behind, the centre of gravity. Fortunately the Damen drawings show the C of G location. This increased the stern draught by about 1/4”, with the bow similarly decreased. Also reduced the stern ballast to about 3 oz. A further open water test showed an nice improvement in speed with the model now sitting on the waterline. Running time exceeds an hour, she also looks trim and purposeful. Think this is about as fast as an 9.6 NiMh installation will operate. Adding more cells will increase weight, adding to the draught. Am toying with trying a LI-PO installation in the future. This will provide increased voltage with a weight reduction, but rather costly though. Have decided to enjoy the model as she currently is; there is plenty to look at with the working fire hydrant, the bow thruster, the work and navigation lights. Will concentrate on launching and making the RIB operate, have some ideas on how to do this and will report in due course.

3 Footer on a very rare outing by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
In response to Paul's question, the weight of my 46" crash tender is 6Kg without the main batteries and 7.2kg with. It got wet for the first time today with brief dunk in the 'test tank', and it sits about 10mm above the waterline all round 👍👍. I ran the motor up very cautiously while my son in-law held it tight, and the thrust even at about a quarter throttle is astonishing 😱. I didn't dare run it up to full throttle or it would easily empty the bath 😁. I just need somewhere to find somewhere to run it now, and the courage to 'give it some stick' to get it up on a plane (hopefully) 😉.

HMS Illustrious Aircraft carrier by Gdaynorm Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi, Thanks. What scale are you building to? I had originally intended to build to 1-96, but my workshop facility would not be able to cope, and my wife also pointed out I have enough sailing models already! So waterline to 192. Norm

Aerokit Sea Scout 'Jessica' Renovation by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
PS Pink was Jessie's choice NOT MINE! Think I'll go back to Dad's original colours; all white with gloss red below the waterline (wherever that is??!) 😎

glass cloth or tissue? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Yep, it can generate a lot of heat if you overdo it ;-/ Copper foil below the waterline will look great 👍 Your boat had more luck than a GF mine-hunter I once worked on. That put a copper plate on the keel to act as a counter balance for the comms antennas, which we fitted. Before it came to sea trials we noticed the comms performance on the HF antennas had deteriorated. The yard sent divers down and found that the copper plate looked like Chantilly Lace after only a few months 🤔 Maybe I'll start a Blog about my destroyer - "HMS Hotspur - A Never Ending Story" - it started 50 years ago and the ship has undergone many Life Extension Programmes since. Here a couple of pics (Box Brownie 127!) of the maiden voyage , ca 1965-66, in Radnor Park, Folkestone, Kent. Free-running on 2 cheap Mabuchis and a 4.5V cycle lamp battery! Those were the days, oder vielleicht nicht 😉

The boat hooks. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
I'm very flattered by your kind remarks, it's been quite an enjoyable process and I've learnt a lot about model boat building and quite a few new skills too. The boat is getting quite near to completion now, just a few more things on the list to do: The windows and frames, Kent clearview screen, anchor & mounting, mast & rigging, suction hoses, interior & exterior lighting and installing the propulsion and radio kit. Once all the heavy stuff is on board I will be able to get the all-up weight and put it in the test tank (bath) to see if she actually floats 😲!!. I'm hoping that it sits somewhere close to the waterline on the hull, might need some ballasting ?, won't really know until the maiden voyage. I hope you have been successful in finding a buyer for all your kit, I was really looking forward to seeing your build blog. Best wishes and get well soon. Rob.

Scale Sail Association by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Know what you mean about introducing Germans to British humour! My sideways look at events often brought the office to a standstill. My Graucho act was popular, or John Cleese Minister of Silly Walks. My aren't we showing our age?? Recently I made my colleagues some DVDs of the original 'Yes Prime Minister' series, I subtitled it 'or how to use the English language as a weapon', Cast list 'The Prime Minister - who thinks he runs the country', 'Cabinet Secretary - who really does run the country'. Went down very well, once they listened carefully and thought about it. But by then most of them had been used to me for 20 years or more. All good fun. I like it here too, so now I'm retired I'm staying here, all my friends are here, I'm a German League Ten Pin Bowler etc etc. Frankly I now feel a stranger in England 🤔 I also have Hood on my ToDo List, have the 350 scale kit already, LoA 75cm, beam 6cm! and have collected mini motors, pico servos, 2S LiPos and Micron RC gear to fit it out. Next step is to float the hull and find out what the max waterline load is. A fully fitted 9 foot hull would be a bit of a handful 😲 Would be pretty majestic though. 😎