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My first boat!! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi Nick, Congratulations on winning a model boat! also welcome to the website. you will find a bunch of people here that are very friendly and very helpful! Which fishing boat did you Win? Ed

Mount Fleet River Queen by Robo177 Petty Officer   Posted: 4 days ago
For sale a Mount Fleet River Queen kit. The kit was bought over two yrs ago. I started it but has been left for a long time. The kit is complete as per website spec except for prop shaft. All bits are still boxed or in original packaging. The kit is £225+P&P on Mount Fleet site. I'm looking for £175. Ideally collection only but will post at buyers cost. I live in Burnham on Sea, Somerset. Please don't hesitate to PM on site if you would like more info. Kevin

2 motors 1 esc by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Another suggestion is to look on the Cornwall Model Boat Website for their recommended Capacitors.

2 motors 1 esc by sonar Lieutenant   Posted: 5 days ago
Many thanks for the suggestion I will take a look Funny you should mention this website as I just ordered the props from them just a few seconds ago

Thin Flat Timber by sonar Lieutenant   Posted: 8 days ago
I have been looking for some thin flat timber for another project for some time and ended up on Ebay. Then another thought have a look down the local tip seems I spend A lot of time there but I don.t I Just look about when throwing out something that I can Not give away on freecycle. Anyway looking through the paints again Yep bought 4 small tins Assorted colours. £1 and tripped over a window blind that was left leaning against the wall. Picked it up and realized it was a wooden blind. And Guess what it was wood constructed with thin strips and NOT plywood.A little under 3 mm thick and 25mm wide. I guess ripped down into very small strips it would be Ideal for those that make wooden boats or even strip wood hulls. So yet another £1 spent. and stored away for later use. I guess buying something like this from elsewhere could cost a small fortune. I am thinking that your local freecycle website may also be a place to look..For free wooden blinds.

RH side bar by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Hi Glyn44, Have you tried looking at the top upper most corner on the right. Their you will see the toggle (Active Users) sound on/off and to be able to close that panel! Look at the upper right hand corner of the website... Also you may have your text size really high. Hope this helps...

Guestbook Post by sonar Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
The website has been of great interest and useful to me as a starting point for modeling. Been modeling for just a short while and have received some good advice . Not the sort of website that is so over busy as you can follow posts and blogs at a slow and informative pace. All the members are friendly and helpful. A great all round forum for modeling.

First post... by Midlife306 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 12 days ago
There is also a guy called Fred Bloor, his website is He does a plans CD that has some interesting detail. I've not seen a plan with the correct nose shape yet though. Cheers Wayne

OSA 2 Scratch Build Missile Boat by Dainesh Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 13 days ago
Hello my Friend, Finally somebody build Russian boat on this website. This was my first boat, I learnt how to built a boat from scratch. I have the plans and the detailed drawings 😁

Arrival of new Crew by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi Dave, Thanks Dave, your link works like my link works I'm not sure why I get such a long link! I'm going to reprogram my Icon for C.M.B. also if any one ask I'll give them the shortened version of the C.M.B. figures at the website URL.... I have a funny feeling I get the long URL because I'm in the US. has to be I don't know!

Arrival of new Crew by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi Ed The link you posted is rejected by my McAfee. However if you just go to the website http://www.cornwallmodelboats. and then type scale figures in their search box you can see all they have on offer. Adding the scale you require (eg1:32) produces just this scale figures. As you have already found the figures perhaps you could share the section and scale details? Dave

model boat fittings by sonar Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
I have some model boat fittings given to me a while ago.. 10 x doors 26 mm high 13 mm wide. 10 x life raft canisters 12mm wide 24mm long x 12mm high. 2 x Anchors 30 mm wide x 38 mm high. 10 x Hatches 14mm x 12 mm. All above in plastic . needs trimming sanding and Painting. Just a small donation to the forum website and I will get them posted..

Good plans by Dainesh Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 19 days ago
Hi Dave, Thank you. That is a really good point what you wrote. I forward it to the owner of the website. He is my friend and he made the drawings after a lots of research in Hungary, Austria and Croatia. In some cases in Italy. Quick help: I was have some scale models like on the website. One of them is in my harbour, and you can find it among the For Sale/Wanted that is the 1st World War Torpeedoboat.That is the TB XI, but I have the TB IV as well. Above this I have some drawings Nostalgianavy here in the UK.

Manx Model Boat Club by Threelegs Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Mark all details regarding our club are on our website I am very sorry that you could not establish any contact. We are a very friendly club and always make visitors welcome.

Manx Model Boat Club by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Mark Their website says "On weekends when we don't have an organised event, you can find members having a sail on Sunday mornings at Silverdale Glen lake starting at 10am." Beautiful island and very friendly people. I still have relatives living there. Dave