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DAMEN STAN 4207 by RHBaker Admiral   Posted: 2 days ago
Blog 20 (Conclusion) Posted 18 Aug 2017 Have experimented with converting the jet ski into an RIB with some success. The project is not complete, but have made provision for it in the sternway. The RIB weights something around 8oz, so decided to move the LO-PO cell forward to compensate for this addition and also improve accessibility. Much to my surprise the cell fitted neatly in front of the rear bullhead, about 2” forward of the previous position. The nett result was that although the model is slightly heavier, this is not readily apparent. The waterline remains just above the water level. Have now conducted several trials in a sheltered local pool, so ventured forth onto a much larger open lake. One reason was to try to get a video of her on the water as requested by one of my peers. This has been submiited to the Video Gallery. This lake is large and deep. As there was a 10 – 20 knot gusty breeze and was apprehensive about going far from the dock. Would estimate the video speed at about 85% of her maximum, quite fast enough to exceed scale. The model performed well; even when heeled by the wind in a turn there was no water over the lee deck edge. The effect of the stabilizers is apparent, she answers the helm quickly and remains stable. In summary, a very satisfying project, one that will give years of pleasure. This is the concluding blog entry as am now moving onto a new project, a scale model of M.V. Teakwood.

Seabreacher by canabus Commander   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Steve The Graupner Speed 900BB Torque specs are 6-40 volts, 6,500 rpm, 54A amps, shaft 6mm, dia. 51.5 mm, length 95mm and weight 645 grams. A brushless motor like the Hobbyking L5055 600kv is 11.1- 22.5 volts(3S -6S) power 1500watts, 55 Amps, shaft 6mm, dia. 50mm, length 55mm and weight 311 grams. On 3S=6660 rpm, 4S=8880 rpm and 6S=13500 rpm. The brushless motors are far more powerful and with an ESC with handles up to 6S(22.5 volts) you would have rpm's to drive a water jet unit. Canabus

propshafts by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Dave, Yep, agree, to a certain extent. I have also had surprising results with 385 / 400 sizes; for instance with my 110cm heavy and cramped submarine. On the surface it outruns most boy racers 😁 Not exactly scale but all good fun. A little down angle on the forward planes and it throws up a beautiful handlebar moustache of water 😊 Not too much angle at speed or it sticks it's tail in the air 😲 No, the main question was that Fred already has the 700s so I simply suggested a decent match, 5mm shaft and so on. If he wants to spend on more motors fine. the the 3mm shaft would surely save weight, mostly through the smaller tube. Don't know the rest of the detail of the boat; beam, draft, safe waterline etc, but I would have thought a 3 footer would have a reasonable carrying capacity, like my 3 and 4 foot warships. Most of those run on multiple Speed 600s. And there I have the usual warship high length to beam ratio and associated stability problems! Like I said; he pays his money and takes his choice. Personally I would give it a whirl with the 700s since they are in the box! Maybe though with a 3 or 4mm shaft and appropriate coupling so he can adapt later if he wants to. Would still think a pair of 35 props would do the trick. Whatever, have fun Fred. Look forward to the Sea trials Report! (Wrote, read and commented enough of 'em in my old job!) Cheers Doug 😎 Oh no! Yet another thunderstorm just started, my terrace is already swamped 🤔

propshafts by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Doug I agree a 600 is probably too heavy. Looking on Cornwall Model Boats site the motors sold for the kit (currently unavailable) look more like 400 size. I have used JP Power 480 motors in small craft and they are very punchy, light 92g and will work very well on 7.2v with a shaft diam 2.3mm. I agree the Raboesch prop shafts are good but to keep the weight down I would be looking at 3 or 4mm. Prop Shop have three bladed racing props specifically for this motor. Dave

propshafts by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi, The 600s strike me as very high revving for direct drives in such a twin set up. The the alternative would be the #1793 600 Speed. Remember Fred it has only a 3.17mm output shaft. Weight difference is not dramatically less, 15g. (250-235) Power is only 2/3 (60W) so it will probably 'potter'. Current draw at max . eff. is 1A less (>10%). So I don't see that the 700 needs a significantly bigger / heavier battery - don't have to put the pedal to the metal ALL the time 😉Anyway; Fred already has the 700s, 6316s! 👍 Whatever you do Fred enjoy it not regret it. 😉 Cheers Doug 😎

propshafts by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Fred For a 3' boat the 700 size motors and required batteries will make for a very heavy model. The table Doug has provided indicates a speed 600 size motor would be more suited and would certainly be about half the weight. I have two 700 motors in a 4' hull for a RN Exploit model which does require the weight and can carry the large capacity batteries. Each motor can and does draw about 15-18 amps. I do not know your model but if it is anything like the Rivas then weight and internal space will be at a premium.

propshafts by fred12 Petty Officer   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi again Doug I meant to say the boat weight is approx 4 or 5 pounds

propshafts by fred12 Petty Officer   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Doug the motors (2no) are graupner 700 turbo the boat is about 3ft long not sure of the weight at a guess when finished 45 pounds ? kind regards fred

Tank Steering by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Doug Micro and mini servos are great until they break then they are a bin job. That Hitek has a broken drive to the internal pot. I have looked inside and could hardly see the components let alone repair. Had two go on my RG65 yacht. Early bad design of the rudder shaft which rusts and causes the servo to overheat, mine actually melted and the motor was welded. Now replaced with a standard size servo, plenty of room and not really a weight problem as I use a LiOn 6v battery and switch mode supply. 6V burns out the micro servos, as happened with my first servo in the RG65. If it has a 6pin plug it probably is an early Bonner servo. Doubt it will work with modern kit. Might be a collectors item so you could try flebay Good to hear you can upgrade the Flysky/Turnigy sets to 10 channel. Does it support s-bus as this will allow even more channels? Dave

What motor have I got? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi Dave Wow! What a treasure chest. 👍 I have a few, mostly rescued from old video recorders. Next time an accu drill or screwdriver or whatever packs up must remember to strip the motor (and gears?). Many years ago in Conrad looking at their motor selection there was big box of mini low voltage motors so I, in my naivety I bought a bundle for peanuts. Several years later I realised they were surplus from vibrator dildo production! 😲 Was a pain grinding the damn weights off the shafts 🤔 You live and learn. Keep up the good works, Cheers Doug 😎

What motor have I got? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Good 👍 Especially the end plate with connectors! Are all the dimensions the same? Shaft diameter, Can length / diameter, Weight! 😎

ESC POWER by RHBaker Admiral   Posted: 15 days ago
First, thanks to all for their helpful replies. To answer a few questions: 1) The installation has two independently controlled ESC/Power train systems in a long, narrow patrol boat. They were fitted for maneuverability and achieve that target well. 2) All Rx functions failed when the ESC failed, pointing to a BEC circuit failure. 3) The ESCs are of UK manufacture and, I hasten to add, have previously worked well. Have used this product for years and am satisfied with it. 4) The presumed reason for failure was, in a effort to increase the performance and reduce the weight of the model the power has (after a series of trials with 9 to 14 v NiMh batteries) gradually evolved to a 17 volt Li-Po system. This final iteration had performed well for some time. Guess using a 12 volt ESC on a 17 volt system would eventually lead to failure - Mea Culpa! Funnily enough,when cooled down all functions work properly - until they heat up again. Have ordered 2 more ESCs from the same manufacturer, but now rated at 12 - 24 volts - should solve the issue. In view of the various recommendations to use a separate Rx power system, think this is the easiest solution to avoid a total system failure in future. Again, thanks for the advice.

Dauntless by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Hi Nick, which Dauntless? See pics 😉 Size (LoA & Beam)? Weight? Motor? ESC? Prop? Desired run time? Without this basic info it's like asking 'How long is a piece of string'! BTW: how did your other little problem turn out?? Cheers Doug 😎

Deceased members fleet by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
Hi, I might be interested in HMS Zulu. Sadly the photo is out of focus, can you provide a better one? What scale / size and weight is she? Cheers Doug 😎

ESC POWER by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
Only if you put a blocking diode (rated for the BEC max current) in the positive (red) BEC lines to stop the BECs feeding back into each other. Otherwise you may damage one or both of the ESCs. Not quite sure how the RX would react but I think it would be OK (may depend on the manufacturer /type) and you would have the double current capacity available for servos and functions. Test it on the bench first !! Generally speaking you are right, and this is a problem I might be facing shortly with my twin screw destroyer Hotspur and quad screw cruiser Belfast! The more elegant way of course is to fit a Fail Safe switch which connects either the other ESC supply or a separate battery if the primary source fails. Such switch modules are available (at least here in Germany!) for a few quid. Cheaper than a damaged or wrecked boat! BTW: was the RX still doing anything? Rudder control? Not quite sure why the stbd ESC shut down if the fault was in the port unit! Cheers Doug 😎 PS That's one of the reasons I prefer a separate RX batt when space and weight allow!