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Huntsman fittings kit. by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi Novagsio Do tread carefully if you intend to use Westbourne as there has been posts on this and other sites regarding their poor service level and lack of advertised stock. Canabus has a build blog Not sure exactly what fittings you require but Reade Models may be able to help as they supported fittings for many of the kits produced alongside the Precedent range. If you are looking for the window frames then you may need to fabricate from liteply, or if you have a 3D printer source have some fabricated.

34" sea commander Aerokits kit by rolfman2000 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Hey Garth. I feel the same as Doug. DO NOT ORDER OFF WESTBOURNE MODELS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. All the forms are strewn with people who have lost money to them and never got it back. Please heed these warnings. Kindest wishes, Dave W 😊

34" sea commander Aerokits kit by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi Garth, If you mean Westbourne Models DON'T TOUCH 'EM WITH A 10FOOT BARGE POLE! Every model boat web site is full of long running threads about order taken, money paid and nothing delivered and no contact or just bullshit excuses! Also here - better look somewhere else 🤔 Cheers Doug 😎

WESTBOURNE MODELS by none Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
I do and seen nothing

WESTBOURNE MODELS by tidtug Commander   Posted: 1 year ago
Have anyone who live anywhere near them seen if they are still trading.

WESTBOURNE MODELS by GYJOE Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi Lads, Many thanks for that,think i'll keep well clear Regards Joe

WESTBOURNE MODELS by none Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
There will be other model shops closer to you with the same items

WESTBOURNE MODELS by EAGLE Lieutenant   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi Joe I hate to talk ill of any model shop, but give them a wide berth. Dave

WESTBOURNE MODELS by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi Joe, if they are it borders on a miracle! Don't touch them, they have a shocking reputation for taking the money and delivering at best excuses. Check here - Cheers Doug 😎

WESTBOURNE MODELS by GYJOE Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi All, Are Westbourne Models still trading? Regards Joe

Westbourne Models by Peter47 Commander   Posted: 2 years ago
Yet they still show the shop frontage on their site and Magazine adverts. It was a sad day when my local model shop Ashton Models closed, know far and wide used it man and boy in that order, they were old school, seemed to know everything about any hobby you could think of, rarely where they stumped. If you needed a thingy bob for a whats it you call it, you left with the very thing you needed, it was a treasure trove. A sad day indeed when they closed.

Westbourne Models by twofloats12 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
hi this is the part of the miniutes from the club i belong to not looking good as i liked the old shop. 🤔Model shops - There are now no local model shops, Westbourne Model Shop are working out of a garage opposite their previous shop, not much stock is held and not easy to look at, some members have said its not worth going to😱😱

Tags. by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
the important thing about Westbourne models is to stop mentioning them ! 😜

Westbourne Models by jacktar Apprentice   Posted: 2 years ago
I ordered two props from Westbourne Did not receive them. When I emailed them NO reply.Had to go through PayPal to get my money back. After three emails with PayPal got my money Will never use them again.

Tags. by Fireboat Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
Hi Robbob, We're slowly and steadily tagging keywords across the website. It's an experiment at the moment more than anything else. I do like how you can drill down into boat names and keywords though, which then brings up other posts from across the website containing those words. It could be used for all sorts of things mind. Recommending things you might be interested in, to show trending tags, similar to twitter! It also helps search engines. The website is still a little lost in Google. Stupidly Westbourne models ranks much higher than both this site and meyhem! Stephen