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Clinker Potting and Crab Boat by Ballast Lieutenant   Posted: 18 hours ago
Thanks for your mail Robert and I look forward to the hull arriving. Your Clinker Crabber is a typical south east coast beach boat like the ones in the picture from Hastings invariably had a foremast and mizzen mast. The foremast was for carry hauling gear and lights and the mizzen had a sail to assist the boat to lie into wind and tide when hauling pots. Notice the simple wheelhouses. They were lovely old boats with loads of character as your is. My profile picture is the boat I am building.

Clinker Potting and Crab Boat by Ballast Lieutenant   Posted: 20 hours ago
Me again Sonar. My Crabber is a traditional South Devon Boat from the 70s/80s. They traditionally had aft wheelhouses but then the trend changed when crabbers used the stern of the boat to shoot pots for safety reasons. You boat, in my opinion suits an aft wheelhouse and it wants to be set higher. I actually think it is a bit to modern as well for the style of your double ender (cruiser stern boat). She is lovely and warrants a wheelhouse of the time. Only my views, after all she is your build.😉

Clinker Potting and Crab Boat by Hugh Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 days ago
Nice detail.I think the wheelhouse should be at the bow, just my preference👍

Clinker Potting and Crab Boat by sonar Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
I noticed the same the wheelhouse was a little to low. But I worked on the wheelhouse when it was on floor and at the time it looked right. Eye level and it disappears into the hull. The figures will be 5 1/4 to 5 1/2 inches tall and the scale then looks about right

Clinker Potting and Crab Boat by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Sonar, I think the wheelhouse would look nice toward her Stern! Lift the Wheel House about an 1" or so, to give the wheelhouse good visibility facing her bow. And have her fishing hardware facing forward towards the bow!

1/12scale SPEEDLINE Trent lifeboat kit by modeltugman Admiral   Posted: 8 days ago
I Have been asked by the widow of one of our old members to sell this kit, it is the complete works from speedline for the Trent lifeboat at 1/12 scale. 48" long. Very little has been done to the kit so far. comprising of:- Hull and wheelhouse Handrail stanchions and kicking boards Casting set Window set Vac forming set Brass rod Screws very small nuts and bolts Running gear set Brass detail set 3 made up crew members She would like offers very near. £600. PM me if interested for contact details this would be for collection from Gravesend Kent only.

The deck anti-slip finish. by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
do the wheelhouse rob,👍 only because I have not seen any others with a scale finish. I was going to do the full wheelhouse, even had a figure for it, but decided the dash was enough!

The deck anti-slip finish. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi Canabus. That does look like a pretty good example you have picked up there👍 As Paul says it's good to put your own spin on the refurbishment, yours appears to be 180 degrees judging by your 'photos 😜. I made the opening wheelhouse hatch to allow me to get to the servo that turns my searchlight but I soon realised that I would need much better access to fit the wheelhouse glazing, portholes and all of the metal fittings that are on threaded studs, and of course all of the servo and lighting wiring. I have also got a great deal of inspiration and ideas from this site, for instance I also took a leaf out of Paul's book and cut away some of the wheelhouse bulkhead and cabin former to give me room to get a hand inside the space. It looks like you intend to do the same judging by the pencil marks on the cabin former in your last picture. I can now also, at a later date, put some detail inside the wheelhouse such as steering wheel, instruments and controls fairly easily which would have been impossible before. Good luck with the re-furb. Rob.

The deck anti-slip finish. by canabus Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi Robbob I bought one built without running gear two weeks ago, but with a new set of Decals and new life buoys which I will make the locating bits as the old one's where only glued on. Half the bulb lights do not work so I have removed the wheelhouse roof. The grab hooks(which I have made), the drive line brushes required replacing so I replaced the shaft as well. Installed a Hobbyking 3648-1450kv with a 2 blade 40mm prop. I do not think my boat will be as nice as yours, but, I have seen a few bits on yours I can make, like an opening wheelhouse hatch

WheelHouse by sandkb Lieutenant   Posted: 15 days ago
Some more pics of detail.

WheelHouse and Superstructure. by sandkb Lieutenant   Posted: 16 days ago
Beginning to add some detail to Wheel House and Superstructure.

Wheel House etc. by sandkb Lieutenant   Posted: 24 days ago
Working on Wheel House and upper cabin, Radar mast fitted and funnels constructed and installed. Diesel engine exhaust pipes yet to be built and fitted. Wheelhouse interior yet to be built.

Wheelhouse by sandkb Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
Construction of the wheelhouse.

Wheelhouse roof detail....and a paint problem ! by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 30 days ago
I gave up on Halfrauds a while ago, the cans always seem to give out way too much paint volume, I suppose they are actually designed for cars!

Wheelhouse roof detail....and a paint problem ! by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 30 days ago
HI Rob, yes an airbrush is the way to go, I have 2, a normal airbrush and a mini spray gun for large areas, get my paint made up at an auto paint shop in Stockport, take the colour you want and the match and mix, either ready to spray or plain acrylic paint. P.S. Get a compressor with a tank, no spluttering and a constant flow of air