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white metal
Another great summer day! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Today is another great summer day! So, I took to spraying the Handrails and Davits. The handrails that go around the cabin aft. Need to be made up and sprayed as well! The Life rings that come with the kit. Are made of white metal. I figure for now spray them orange. And put white ribbons every 90 degree's! Kind of make them look like life rings!

Crash Tender davit info... by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Hi Martin. I have a drawing that shows the davit but not in very much detail 🤔. It is designed to be swapped between attachment points on both port or starboard sides ( hence 'portable' davit) and when not required it is stowed in the centre deck with the ends locating in some sort of retaining points on the deck and then (presumably) secured to the wall of the cabin. I added some detail to the white metal casting that came with my Vintage Model Works kit and also modified it to swivel on a removable fixing bracket. See my build blog for more detail on how I made mine. Good luck with the restoration. Robbob.

Fire boat by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Kevin, having just got hold of a SLEC fittings kit for a birthday present from my dear wife I can confirm that in fact they are not in plastic, but white metal. All of them. There are no instructions or parts list. They are the old Yeoman fittings kit, a set of which I was promised by Ivan of IP Engineering as I was involved with his works for a while as a pattern maker and he showed me all the original patterns for what I assume is what SLEC now sell, as Ivan flogged off all his Vintage Model Boat Company rights to them. Chances are he is now just casting fittings sets to SLEC as they don't have casting facilities at their place in Watton. I had an original Mersey Marine set with my Crash Tender for my 11th Christmas, but it was stolen and they no longer exist alas. Cheers, Martin

At last, as step nearer to completion for the Crash tender... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi all, well having been disappointed by the non arrival of the wherry GRP hull as an early birthday present, my dear bride has agreed to let me send off to SLEC for a set of Crash Tender fittings. I was going to get them in white metal from Ivan at ipengineering, who had them and all the Rowell kits, but he darts from one thing to another and next thing I know is he's flogged it all to SLEC, so I have a set of 1/16th fittings coming to replace the long stolen set of Ripmax Mersey Marine fittings I got with the Crash Tender when I was 11. I had a new brother arriving at the time and would be chucked out of my boxroom, so Dad went nuts and got me the whole kit and caboodle from a new exciting R/C and boat shop in Collier Row, Romford for my 11th Christmas. Alas, the REP single channel R/C set has also been stolen, but the boat and its Taycol Supermarine are here still and now might even finally get finished. As a 12 year old I used the model in an unfinished state on Essex oyster beds for years after, using up lantern batteries like they were growing on trees by the River Roach. Going left, centre,right,centre, but I was having a whale of a time. I shall put an old set of early propo. in it, 27 meg, of course, so stay off green frequency if you don't mind. I was thinking it should be finished as a 60s model, but I can't resist the lure of detailing it now we have all the info thanks to this website, so rather than finding space for 2 of them I'll detail this one after all. The wherry will have to wait. Oh and that brother? He's due here in an hour having come over for a tour of the old country from his life in Australia with his 22 year old son! And he's going back with some old model boat plans from Gary Griswold and The Rudder, which I have amassed, so the tradition continues. I will work on the nephew! Cheers, Martin

Amati chrome plated ships wheel - Help! by teejay Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi all just a piece of general knowledge white metal is use in a lot of products in model making and jewellery where some my experience and patternmaking, in patternmaking we used to use tin lead, and of course this was changed and another alloy replaced lead, so the stuff you get now has various denseness, the model stuff tends to be soft and melts at low temp, as the stuff used in jewellery is a bit higher melting temp but not by point is that both are sometimes plated and are sold as silver plate or chrome , fact the jewellery plate is normally rhodium. if you by Celtic jewellery it will be rhodium and suspect that the wheel my be the same, and it does not like the heat of soldering and does turn to mush.

Amati chrome plated ships wheel - Help! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Black Dog, yep, had already found it, also tried the Amati site. Not very illuminating 🤔 Weight indicates more likely brass than white / 'muck' metal 😉 Nevertheless I would not solder it as it would be difficult to do without spoiling the shiny chrome finish. I would use the photo etch super glue and to hold the bits the so called 'Helping Hand', see pics. I wouldn't use plasticine, the oil in it might interfere with the adhesion! You're right, the wheel does look like it's from a Ford Pop 😉 My Dad had one too, the 'sit up and beg' model in the fifties, PYK421. Funny the things you remember ain' it!? Happy sticking, don't get too 'stuck up', cheers Doug 😎

Amati chrome plated ships wheel - Help! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Very likely teejay! When white metal gets hot enough it just goes 'Ploop' and all you have left is a Blob 😡 Of course if they are 'quality' they may well be chromed brass. If in doubt I would use the super glue specially developed for photo etch. Would help though if we had some pics of the parts, and maybe info about the source / manufacturer to see if we can find out what it's made of. cheers Doug 😎

Amati chrome plated ships wheel - Help! by teejay Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi black dog please don't use solder , it may be chrome plate over white metal if so you could lose it as you over heat the white metal, bad experience in the past.

Union Jack and Flag Staff! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
I've placed the Union jack and the Flag staff. In place just to see what they'll look like! Yes, I know eventually I have to start painting the model! The base of the union jack is made of white metal. Drilling it was a challenge! Cut my finger in the process! It's a bit sore. Good thing I got a tetnus shot six month's ago!

Vintage Aerokit Crash Tender by CB90 Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
Brought this vintage Aero Kits RAF Crash Tender for £50 from Newcastle area, it is the 34in version. To my surprise at home I found that it had a Bullet 30 motor installed these motors were the top drawer motor of early fast electrics in the early 1980's and its the only one I've ever seen, it can run on 24v and pull around 15A giving 300w not bad for a brushed motor. due to the power of this motor I have modified the hull under the water line with turn fins and trim tabs to reduce torque roll and improve turning stability, the underside is incorrect already as it only has one propshaft, where the original had two and I believe that both props turned in the same direction. The Pictures here show some of the work in progress I have remounted the motor and added a speed controller rated at 24v I have remade the stern compartment and rudder gear under it. I have blocked windows and foamed the front half of the boat. made missing parts and repaired delaminating ply. Note old ply is not as good as modern, the glue is not as water resistant. Have painted the hull and have just ordered the decals from Cornwall model Boats :- The 34in is 1/16 scale Fitting can be brought but many are cast white metal and can add weight to the boat, I have made two water cannons and plan to buy plastic fittings from this site. This has turned out to be a task that is difficult to assess how much effort and money to spend on a hull that has been built by someone else (say no more). Have just finished the steps for the stern compartment. Painted and now for the test run. the Bullet 30 motor ran well between 14 and 18v,

Fire boat by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Kevin. Welcome to the forum. A resin fittings kit for the 1:16 (34.5 inch) fireboat is available from SLEC: They are made from styrene and are consequently won't add too much additional weight. There is also a white metal fitting kit available from Model Slipway: This set looks more comprehensive and will add a bit more weight but will be much sturdier. Not forgetting the range of 1:16 fittings available from the 'Model Shop' on this site.👍 I hope that's helpful. Robbob.

Bondo the keel! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Mornin' Ed, Not surprised that this is your last Dumas kit🤔 I recently bought the Deans Marine kit of HMS Manxman, a WW2 fast cruiser / minelayer, 1:96 53". It has a superb fibreglass hull that I can't fault and hundreds of cast resin, brass and white metal bits n pieces 😲 On the other hand the drawing supplied is a bit limited, but no sweat as I have several detail photos of the original anyway😉 Rather that way round than like Dumas! Attached are a few pics from the build instructions (there are hundreds on a CD). Good luck with the rest of your build👍 😎

Thurl pin rack by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
Hi all I have just spoken to Brian at Mobile Marine and he advised the term was based on a very old English name for belaying pins. Basically its a wooden plank with holes for the belaying pins and fastened in a raised position to the deck. The shrouds are wrapped in a figure of eight round the belaying pins which in an emergency can be knocked out to release. They are used on the davit fixings, not the mast. I have small hooks on the shrouds to the bulwarks and on the fore mast fitting. My model requires the top cabin to be removable so I have made a fixing out of wire that can be quickly released from the white metal fitting on both sides.

Thurl pin rack by deepdiver Commander   Posted: 5 months ago
Hi Alan I dont know if you have read this,7930.... the other link to a write up on Lady T is this one I hope the links works, they are by Footski. yes I have read that some of MMM white metal parts do need a lot of work to make them look good, Dave M on this site has also done the Lady "T" I have uploaded a photo of the label from the inside of my Lady "T", as you can see I have had her for some time now and I have only just started to lay out the internal parts. Fred

Thurl pin rack by AlanP Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
Thanks for the reply Fred. I have looked on MMM site and found the Thurl pin rack made in white metal, can't say that it appeals to me, so I am going to make my own. It's nice of you and Doug to take an interest and I appreciate it, it's a very nice model but there is a lot of work involved in the woodwork and making of the bits. Thanks again Alan