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Building the Control Room Part 2 by Bruno Apprentice   Posted: 11 hours ago
What was your secret of getting all the windows lined up at the right angle in order to glue them together. I have tried for two evenings now and still can't figure it out. Any suggestions. Bruno

Cabin by muddy Admiral   Posted: 9 days ago
Continuing with the cabin, trying to keep it light in weight. The sides and inner former's made up, started on the front windscreen's. Forgot the procedure about cutting the windows and then fitting the veneer, fitted the veneer and had to cut out the windows veneer and 3mm ply all glued up. Once the apertures were marked out, purposely drilled though from the veneer side just trying to avoid any splitting of the veneer, it worked. Fitted the front screens and reinforced the framework with 5 min epoxy, a quick sand down and all was well. Next item was the roof, as i wanted a light as possible upper works decided on .8mm ply, it looked and felt a little fragile, but once the Titebond glue was applyed all held down with elastic bands, also using 3 strips of 3/8" x 1/8" Obechie longitudinally down the top of the cabin roof to help stop ant edge "Barrelling" at formers. Regards Muddy.

Twin screw by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Mornin John, pdf works fine for me! Left click on the icon so that the larger one appears in the 'Media Gallery' window. Then left click on [Download] in the top left corner of the window. Windows then asks you if you want to Open or Save the file. If you're using a phone - DON'T!! Cheers, Doug😎

Range Safety Launch? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Hi Canabus, #382 may well have been what you say! But this model has obviously been built as a THORNYCROFT 43ft RANGE SAFETY LAUNCH. The cabin structure and fittings are totally different. For me the 'give-aways' were the three side windows and the foreward bulge on the cabin. I had wondered about the number on the model from the outset. Pics show one example FoC #1640. On the above url you can see several more. Pic 7 is a MK1 40 foot Firefloat #55. Last 3 pics are 40foot MK1 Seaplane Tenders, #377 in a sad n sorry state😲 but apparently about to undergo restoration? Cheers, Doug 😎 PS: Attached also a pic of Firefloat #90, a MK1A. She was converted to a Seaplane Tender #467 in November 1949. FF91 was converted to ST382 in Feb 1950.

Cabin/Superstructure by muddy Admiral   Posted: 11 days ago
Upperworks, this launch has a long cabin and a well deck ( Gin Parlour ).. Sides were traced out and cut from 1.5mm ply, internal formers are 3mm ply, spacers and struts Obechie, the cabin front is formed with Balsa which will be covered in 1.5mm ply, all the external faces have been veneered in Mahogany, except the roof which will be probable a piece of ply. The old favourite 1 inch ring saw came into play again for the cutting out of the windows. Applied the veneer after cutting out the windows, have found this easier and it tends not to split and crack the veneer, so one has to recut the window openings but its a very quick and easy job if you use a 1/2 inch drum sander in something like a Dremel hobby type drill. I,m afraid we have the oposite of Rain stopped play , its Sun stopped play at the moment.. You may notice the "Old Batteries" and cans, used as weights to hold down / compress the veneer, also the Jig saw, bolted to a piece of ply and then clamped into the B&D Workmate, I aint got room for a bandsaw which i would love, so this lash up has done me proud for a few years. Regards Muddy....

Exciters/transducers by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Thank you Doug. I still have to salute you of course................ I have been reading some of your 'builds/ refurbs. Picked a lot up from those. I assume 'Build Chit Chat' is the right place for the RAF Tender work. Also, as a result of having issues with 'scale' sizes, I now have some extra bits for the Richardson! I am sure Admirals should not have issues understanding 'scale', but I struggle to make sense of some of the proportions of deck furniture for example and windows............. Going to bed now to sleep on it. Cheers NPJ.

Making and Fitting tinted windows by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
This was actually done back in April, somehow it ended up in another thread and I forgot to put it here!🤓 After spraying the cabin white I used the windows 'oles to mark templates for the windows. Which I then transferred to 3mm tinted perspex / acrylglass and cut out on the table scroll saw. Despite careful marking and cutting still had to fiddle about with filing to get 'em to fit right 😡 Pics 1 to 3 show fitted windows still with protective film. Pics 4 to 6 film removed but still to be polished. 7th pic; Les pièces, 8th pic; ze glue 😉 I chose 3mm 'glass' a) to match the 3mm ply of the cabin walls - makes it easier to get a flush fit, b) could get it in green tint 😊 Think there was also grey and red !!!! Red for a 'Fun' Boat perhaps 😲 Glue used; Deluxe Materials Canopy Glue; "Thick, flexible glue. High grip. Dries clear. Fills gaps." Here endeth the advert😉 Last pic shows final result after polishing. Maybe sometime, when I haven't got more interesting things to solve and build, I'll make some alu or mahogany frames! 😉 Happy glazing folks😁 Cheers, Doug 😎

Aerokits MTB, what is it?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
Hi Martin, are you using a PC & Laptop or a 'Dumbphone? On a PC all you have to do is left click on the Adobe image, then left click on 'Download' in the top left corner of the image window. Windows will then ask you if you want to Open or Save the file. Save it to disc first then you can view it anytime. If you are using a Dumbphone I can't help you. I don't! Cheers, Doug 😎 PS I'll email 'em to you just in case! 😉

Robbe Smaragd by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
As you can see it has all the transfers.................... No deck rails on yours. Perhaps that is the way out of one problem. The windows really work for me. Still trying to open the plans. All the best. NPJ

Robbe Smaragd by East-RN Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 22 days ago
On the original kit, there were no portholes or windows. It was all done by transfers. Grey pieces of paper, slid onto the cabin sides. I cut the holes to the shape of the transfers. Then I planked the sides around the window frames, from deck to roof. Then I used some old cd cases, to cut and shape the window glass. It worked quit well. 👍

engine by hammer Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
Continuing with the separator. For anyone who is not familiar with a separator. The feed tube goes in to the top about 3/8" & the exit tube about a 1/4". So the oil & water can not turn quick enough & falls to the bottom. The empty tube touches the bottom & is normally shut off. When opened & exit shut off, steam will empty contents. Of course I still have the base to fix. The photo on window board, also shows my granddaughters steam engine, made for me. Proud granddad

Robbe Smaragd by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
Have not found your boat images yet................ With mine I am most concerned about the 'weak' stanchions, the fishing line rails and lack of any 'proper' windows/portholes. I will dig out some images and post them up. Re the RAF 'Tender'. Well wished on me in a way. More of that model on another bit of the site. All the best. NPJ

Windows, stoopid question. by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Discs, saw blades etc all on Bang good

Rebuild Flower Class Corvette by boaty Captain   Posted: 24 days ago
Looks like a real bargain. Great when you have a model to sail and also display on your window sill. I built an Italeri PT 109 six years ago and this is the same. Its very rewarding when you motorise a plastic kit as when at the lakeside people come up and say did you really build that. Plastic magic never fails. Boaty😎

Spektrum, new, useless... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
I tried using a protector piece, but it helped it slide all over the place. Ihave the first of those items. Old mould. Can't whack it. Better than mature Cheddar Micro Klear is that stuff that looks exactly like PVA glue (and probably IS) that model airyplane kitbashers use to glaze tiny airliner windows and such. It goes allegedly clear when dry, but is so bumpy a blind man can see it. Martin