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3d printer
BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Doug, Certainly having fun and gaining more appreciation for the various drivetrain combinations available to us. My objective for this summer is to get a combination, using all three shafts, that works properly at all speeds. This coming winter will refine by using items such as you recommend. That item would help, so will keep the details on one side. The program would be assisted enormously if a supplier (located in Hong Kong) was able to meet back-order commitments!

Windows, stoopid question. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Well at least they went to a good home. I have an Adept shaper which I am restoring in the Winter. Martin

U-181 by reilly4 Captain   Posted: 11 days ago
My crew were made by Shapeways. Somewhat expensive, but I needed an unusual scale. I asked a question and the designer got back to me. I was able to select from a few different groups and he also did a few pose mods. The crew is available as U-181. I think they can be scaled down to any scale, although the Revell U-boat crew are also available and a lot cheaper. Some of them now sail on my 1/72 Z39 destroyer. So far I have put 6 crew members onto the boat and I have 6 remaining. They are mainly for the front 105mm and rear 37mm guns, and more sitting (for the seats on the wintergarden). My periscope has a very simple working method. A balsawood cylinder at the bottom of the periscope. Sub dives and the periscope comes up. Sub surfaces and the periscope goes down.

RE ads90's Vosper Firefloat by nasraf Commander   Posted: 14 days ago
It is a little while ago since this subject was raised but I came across it to day whilst passing my time looking through this continuingly interesting web site, but for what it is worth I will outline a bit I know about the RAF marine branch. I was one of the last National Service RAF enlisted men and started my service 5 th April 1960. I was then trained as an Air Wireless Fitter at Yatesbury and on passing the reqired tests was posted to RAF Mountbatten in May 1961, this was sited on the coastline of Plymouth Sound and the marine craft were moored on the Cattewater. Not long before I got there, the main base for the RAF Marine activities was on the I. of W. at Calshot but the decision had been made, due to the great contraction of the marine arm, as helicopters had taken over the rescue task and the loss in interest in aircraft operating from water, the MU ( Maintenance Unit ) was moved to the operational station at Plymouth. Mountbatten was quite busy with various activities and it was the H.Q. of Coastal Command the other activities was in providing targets for Shackelton training, dingy drill for aircrew and survival training for aircrew on Dartmoor. All the useful marine craft were moved to Plymouth and I would imagine things like Fire Floats would have been disposed of prior to the move. All that was at Mountbatten were RTTL's of various standards, RSL's and Pinnance's. The only strange item was an old Rescue Launch which was powered by 3 Napier Lion engines, all the later RTTLs had Rolls Royce Merlin derivatives. This was the only large boat that I ever had a fast ride on, but unfortunately we were only a few miles out of the Sound when one of the engines failed and we had to limp home. I never had a fast trip on a RTTL. I used to have lots of trips outside the breakwater on RSL's on RAF crew dingy drill, when the pilot under training had to jump off the boat with his uninflated dingy and when the RSL made as many waves as possible he had to inflate it and climb in whilst the launch continued to rough the sea up as much as possible. He then stayed in his dingy for about 45 minutes which was not very pleasant in winter. It was for us lesser mortals an enjoyable spectator sport to see commissioned officers undergoing sme discomfort. I think that all the odd marine equipment was lost when Calshot closed.

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
Hi Martin, No need to get yer knickers in a twist 😲 With the NiMh just stick 'em on your iMax every 2 months and run 'em through a discharge / charge cycle. Otherwise in three months they'll probably be Dodo-like 🤔 NiMh batts lose about 1% charge per day. So, assuming fully charged to start with, they will die in about three months. They should not be discharged below 1.0V per cell or they most likely will not recover and will not take a charge anymore. Your TX LiPo you have no control over so just rely on the charger in the TX. Over winter just switch it on every month or so and check if the red LED lights. If it does stick it on charge until the green LED lights again. Your other LiPo you can give a Storage charge with the iMax. Check it with your Capacity Tester now and again. Storage charge will probably indicate 30 to 50%. If it's less than 30% put it on a Storage charge again. Voltage per cell should never be allowed to go below 3.0V MINIMUM. Start a Battery Diary!! Cheers, Doug 😎 Back to hull sanding for me 😡 P'ing down again today so no outdoor spraying🤔 Just discovered construction fault in my fish cutter😲 First hull planks were set flush with the keel bottom instead of leaving about 1/4" of keel showing 😭 To saw or not to saw ? That is the question!!

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
I thought they all had to be cycled to keep any charge in 'em. What do I know? All my batteries have died...Lead acids, Nimhs (except for the new ones for the testing of the Spektrum). I hate bloody batteries. I don't use my stuff often enough to keep them working. Such as all Winter. Basically from September to May all boating is on hold. So batteries get left. I now have a Digital radio which uses 4 AAs, but they get charged in a wall wart, no packs of them and no fancy connectors, so that still leaves out the NiMhs. I suppose all you can do is run a motor or something. Maybe a light bulb. Then recharge. What a faff. I wasn't cut out for working models. Cheers, Martin

Crash Tender davit info... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
Gents, chinchilla dust is the flavour of the month treatment for making country lanes in model scenery, which, as you know, is my Winter pursuit. But, having a wonderful clear up in the workshop to incorporate this mornings win at a local auction of a 10 drawer document cabinet, I found my dust and it was a bit course. The Chinchies were obviously a little damp when ground So, perhaps a trip to Wickes is called for. I was right next door earlier and forgot all about it, dammit. No matter, plenty to do afore then. So nice to get all my plans and decals and info sheets in their own drawers. Tea break over, back on me 'ead. Cheers, Martin

MV TEAKWOOD by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
She looks superb Rowen, winter very well spent. Hat Off 👍 A wisp of smoke, a light or three and a flag or two and she'll be Peerrrfect! 😁 The voltage stepper is a neat trick! What current can it handle? Cheers, Doug 😎

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Doug, what gave you the idea that I spent all that on my Spektrum DX5e? It cost me 45 quid from somewhere up North, brand new. The Rxs were, I thought, too much, so I got an Orange for 8 quid. I got the Spektrum because I was considering doing aircraft. 4 footers, scale, so not needing anything fancy, but costs of everything else stopped that. If they did a 2 function set cheap, I'd have had it. No chance selling the DX5e as it will have been superceded at least twice since I bought mine, probably at least once since I first removed it from its box! The Tx., isn't complicated. I was careful NOT to buy one that needed a degree in pooterism to operate. It's a toy boat fer Krissakes...go left, go right, speed up, slow down, stop, maybe go backuds, although my kind of real boats rarely do. I'd use my old REP single channel if some toad hadn't stole it. But it doesn't stand me in that much. This new Rx. which states DX5e compatibility is 7 quid. After that, if it don't work it will be back to the 27 meg. or nothing at all (much better exercise). As to the battery capacity thing, it is exactly the same to look at as the ones you linked me to, but, although it didn't say it didn't do Nixx, the fact is it doesn't. On the box is a row of x's where the facilities are shown under NiCd and NiMh. Sending it back would cost almost as much as the thing cost in the first place. In the unlikely event that I ever get any LiPos, it'll do for those. As to the NiMhs, I'll put them through a discharge recharge cycle on the imax thing according to what you and Haverlock have said. Then, just do the same when I've finished sailing. I use this stuff so rarely I suppose I should think again about whether to get any more stuff at all. Is it possible to constantly cycle the batteries during the long winter fallow period? Should they be discharged by running a motor or can one trust the imax to do the job? Once again, thanks for your time, Doug. I do appreciate your efforts to help out the Luddite. BTW, when I bought the DX5e it really was the cheapest option, trust me! Now, I'd probably get one of those cheapies that are sold by the same outfit I bought my DX5e from, but they weren't around then. Cheers, Martin

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Doug, I'm told that all the goodies are on their way, so should arrive tomorrow or Saturday. Saturday, I hope as I won't be tempted to play with them when I should be doing work-type jobs. Weekends is boaty time this time of year and slot racing/scenic time in the winter. I wouldn't have dreamed of correcting your memories of the Navy Lark in public! And when I speak of my "dear wife", Chris I don't mean that she is in any way like Ramona! We used to cackle to the Navy Lark while the Sunday lunch was in it's final stages of cooking every week. There used to be 2 shows together Sunday lunchtime, Navy Lark and Round the Horn/Beyond our Ken. Both were a scream. The Clitheroe Kid I could live without though. "How bona to varda your jolly old eek". You'll remember that I'm sure. Cheers and thanks again for your help. If I can get the iMax to do 0.3A, I'll do the 12 hour jobby. Cheers, Martin

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
That's like what my Dad always told me: 'Practice the hard parts'. On the other hand: the fish cutter is a long term full restoration😱 and I would dearly love to finally see the Belfast and/or Graf Spee on the water. Both together would be great, they are both around 1.3m LoA!! Then there's the Akula II and HMS Manxman new builds😲 I must be nuts 😉 I think I'll tackle it this way- The fish cutter as a longish term project from time to time while I'm refitting the Belfast and Graf Spee which 'only' need internal work. Akula and Manxman can wait to next winter! We'll see, I will be updating my 'Harbour' and 'Build Blogs' as appropriate. When do we get to see Sea Trials of the 'Brooklyn' ? 😉

getting a bit slow?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Winter used to be model railways and slot cars. Now just slot cars and small scale static boats, 1/48th scale. I always promised myself a collection of 1/4"-the foot inshore craft. I really can't be doing with the over-pensioned old fools who spend a fortune on some very average kit and another on wheels and gearbox, motor, building, painting, lining, weathering, blah, blah and finally bragging about on forums. Kit snobbery is not only annoying, but to a scratchbuilder like me it is utterly stupid and pointless. And as a model railway club near me now charges 100 quid to join and still only turns out a glorified toy train set, it is, alas, no longer a hobby for me. We have a sign on our wall that says, "The more I learn of people, the more I love my dogs". QED. Martin

getting a bit slow?... by deepdiver Commander   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Martin TEA work of the Devil, I just know what you mean about winter I do try and get some work done on my boat's but I feel more like it in the summer, only thing is I try and sail them as much as possible. Fred

It's a sad day!. by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Come visit us at Tarlair - you can run IC or anything else on our pond. Beautiful location too - just stay away in winter or when it is windy

getting a bit slow?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
I do my interwebbin' when I have a cuppa. Even decorators gotta drink tea? I would have thought that model boats come alive this time of the year, with the better weather. I don't touch mine all winter. Martin