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M.V. TEAKWOOD by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
I think your change of model is good, Teakwood looks a sleek rounded ship, Velarde does not look as good, much more stark and bare

M.V. TEAKWOOD by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Wow!! So big they needed double decker buses to get around the deck 😉 Seriously though folks! Nice looking vessel. 👍 Happy building (but the research is already half the fun😉) Cheers Doug 😎

M.V. TEAKWOOD by marky Captain   Posted: 2 days ago
stunning lines of the Teakwood in the first picture

M.V. TEAKWOOD by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Looking around for next winter's project, found M.V. VELARDE. A nice looking small reefer used mainly on the U.K. - Mediterranean trade. Decided to build the vessel using a Deans Marine glass-fibre hull and ordered one, planning to bring it back to Canada after a September visit to the U.K. The Deans documentation is designed for a kit rather than a a scratch build, I prefer to build as much as possible myself as enjoy the challenge, so started to accumulate the necessary drawings and photos. Looking though reams of pictures and other information began to think this vessel was not quite as attractive as first thought. Too late though, the hull had been ordered and paid for. Encouraged by other modelers who have adapted proprietary glass-fibre hulls to build different models, began to explore the possibility of using the Velarde hull for another vessel. Reviewing a book on cargo liners noticed M.V. TEAKWOOD, built in Sunderland in 1962. She had an attractive and unusual flowing look to her superstructure and rear deck. A comparison of scales and dimensions showed that a 1:96 scale Velarde hull would closely resemble a 1:133 scale Teakwood. Intrigued by the similarities, started to examine the two vessels in more detail. The length/beam ratio is almost identical and, as the Velarde hull is slightly taller, it could be trimmed down into the Teakwood. The Teakwood bow is steeper, the LBP longer and the counter stern fuller. Not sure about the hull sections, but freighters tend to be similar to other type vessels of the same era. Thus felt encouraged enough to further investigate modifying a Velarde hull into the Teakwood. Continued to search for an elusive General Arrangement of the Teakwood to confirm my initial thoughts.

Sea Queen refurbishment by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Hi Colin, that's absolutely terrific. I'm very happy for you 😊😊😊 New PC too, great👍 Shame about the Queen and Bounty. Your mention of Bounty had intrigued me, had hoped to see some pics - lots of intricate woodwork and rigging!!! 😡 Not my forte I'm afraid! All the very best, Doug 😎 PS: you're right about 'others', Granny always used to say "Never mind, worse things happen at sea" Good luck with the quacks. 👍

JOINING BATTERY & RECEIVER CABLE by Les-Forbes Lieutenant   Posted: 5 days ago
Ah Insulting Tape. LOL. That's for Donald Trump. I think I may have ordered the wrong switch fitting. I thought they were all the same. But the one I received does not fit the receiver, its a tad too fat. Perhaps I can return it for the correct fitting. Problem is I not at all versed in the various pugs types and associated names for them. You have been courageous in stopping me kill this little bit of apparatus. Not wishing to waste my time on this murder, I applied two new transfers to the little Proboat Westward 18 in preparation for its initial sail. I have three ponds I can go to, Knightswood Boat Club, Elderpark Boat Club and Richmond Park Boat Club. All within fifteen minutes drive of me. The suspense is killing me. Thanks again.

34" sea commander Aerokits kit by Rookysailor Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Garth, If you are not bothered about having a kit for the Sea Commander, there is a guy on Ebay, who sells the plans and the templates for cutting your own from wood/plastic. I built mine no problem, the templates even give you the wood thickness required, if you have problems finding him, let me know and I will give you his details. Cheers Peter.

Adhesive by colinhubbard Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Yep I've used it to fix water pick ups and outlets also rudder tubes and not had any problems with it sealing brass to wood and plastic to wood. Seems to take modeling enamel paint okay as well once fully cured. But my personal favourite glue is epoxy from pound land, you get a clamp and spatula free with it as well. Happy sticking Colin.

Knightswood Model Boat Club Glasgow by Les-Forbes Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
Knightswood Model Boat Club Club Glasgow helping out on the Knightswood Family Fun Day. Great excitement for everyone including the youngsters.

GALA DAY VARIOUS by Les-Forbes Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Knightswood Boating Club Glasgow. A pipe band was in attendance today, making the fun and excitement even more intense. Why did I think this was going to be a small affair. I was so wrong. Well done Knightswood Boating Club.

GALA DAY VARIOUS by Les-Forbes Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Knightswood Boating Club Glasgow. Part 2. Again, great day with smashing stalls and a childrens play centre, with Knightswood Club providing a variety of small power boats for the children to get "Hands On' experience. It was a joy watching their faces when they realised it was THEM that was actually sailing the boat's. My only regret I didn't have my small grandson with me.

GALA DAY VARIOUS by Les-Forbes Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Knightswood Boating Club Glasgow. Great day out for everyone, from babies, children and those who should know better. Smashing atmosphere and I got a free coffee just for being there.

Gala Day by Les-Forbes Lieutenant   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi All, The next two events come in rapid succession, Saturday 16th " Knightswood Family Fun Day." (Gala Day). 12noon until 4pm. Members are requested to be at the Portakabin prior to this time to help set up. Sunday 17th Knightswood MBC." Night Sail " 18.00 Hrs.

Decks by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Hi Norm, The whole Operation Pedestal story is incredible! What else could they do with Ohio? Broken back and had been sitting on the bottom for a few years! For some time the upper (dry) decks were converted to troop accommodation. Re Carley floats: "The Carley float was formed from a length of copper or steel tubing 12–20 inches (30–50 cm) in diameter bent into an oval ring.[3] The ring was surrounded by a buoyant mass of kapok or cork, and then covered with a layer of canvas rendered waterproof via painting or doping.[4] The metal tube was divided into waterproof compartments with vertical baffles.[4] The raft was thus rigid, and could remain buoyant, floating equally well with either side uppermost, even if the waterproof outer was punctured. The floor of the raft was made from a wood or webbing grating. Boxes containing paddles, water, rations and survival equipment were lashed to the floor grating. Men could either sit around the rim of the raft, or, if in the water, cling to rope loops strung around its edge.[5] The largest model could accommodate up to fifty men, half inside the raft, and the others in the water holding onto the ropes." By the way; the Carley rafts on the stbd side of Lusty seem to be at least double stacked and lashed! Pic 1 shows detail of Carley rafts on HMS Rodney. You can just make out the boxes with paddles an' stuff! Note what looks like an ER Artificer lounging in a doorway while the 'matelots' are swabbing the deck! 😉 Pic must be a fairly early one cos you can see a useless Vickers Quad 0.5" machine gun on the upper sponson. These were rapidly replaced with 20mm Oerlikons after the first experiences in action! Re 'round structure on mainmast': NO! No glazing, it doesn't seem to have been manned and certainly wasn't a 'Fighting Top'. Seems more likely it was a canvas protection ( from weather and curious eyes!) for a radar antenna. Best pic I have of it shows it as not really round but 'panelled'. No openings at all. Access to it is by a short ladder at the rear from the small deck just below it, see pic 2. From the uniforms of the MPs I would guess that this was taken during her repair / refit in the US. Curious is that it is difficult to ascertain when she had this 'thing' and when it was removed. Probably during one of the many radar upgrades. Most early pics seem to show it, by 1945 in Sydney it was gone (pics 4 & 5). Re rebuilding the island; a razor saw would help to remove it, then sand the deck flat. But sometime we have to decide what date and refit / repair status you want to depict!! 🤔 Have fun in UK, say hello to 'Blighty' and sink a pint (or two😉) of 'Spitfire' and/or Breakspear XXX for me. 😉 Cheers Doug 😎

Crash Tender Shaft Tube Poistion by neilmc Commander   Posted: 13 days ago
Dave I won't take any photos yet as it's literally just the hull. You may remeber last year you provide loads of help on my plywood delamination issue and the build blog is still there which shows me reducing her to nothing and making new superstructure side from scratch. The rest of her is in boxes 😂😂😂😂