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Bristol pilot cutter mascotte by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 minutes ago
Beeuuutiful woodwork 👍 Which varnish did you use? Love the contrasting woods 👍

raf 93 and 94as mentioned earlier boat 93 was purchased from internet built in the late fifties by a scots gentleman by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 minutes ago
Both great looking models. Where did you get your little men for the boat ? For my ninth birthday (1959) my parents bought me a 34" Crash Tender and my father (RIP) and I built it over several months and for Christmas that year they bought me an ED HUnter 3.46cc engine. As you said R/C back then was too expensive. We used to go out with it to the nearest pond it was about a mile and a half walk and use it there. Blackheath pond south London. It was either do a straight line to each other and then round in circles until it run out of fuel and the wait until it drifted back in with the breeze. When we built it my dad used to bring home old tea chests broken down in pieces and would use a fret saw to out out more pieces to build a second one at the same time. He said this was so that we didn't do anything incorrectly to the original one. That other one was given to my younger brother and they bought a Taycol Standard and put that in it for him. They were great fun In all we built seven of them 6 were out of tea chests and old orange boxes. He gave them away, I know one of them went to our milkman one to a work mate if his can't remember where the others went. When I left home when I was 20 I left mine there and I never found out where that one went. I have a 46" from the Vintage Model Workshop people and a 34" that I purchased in 1994 on the 50th anniversary when they made a limited run 50 of them, in my shed still in the boxes unmade. I drew round all the parts onto paper and on the Epson printer/scanner I reduced the parts and have built a smaller one I think she is 28 inches long. It is virtually all balsa wood the only parts that are not are the side stringers they are Obeeche strips and the two bottom skins where I done a second skin of 1/64th ply to strengthen it in case of any mishaps on the pond edges. I have not finished that one yet. She did have a trial run on water but due to a too larger 4 bladed prop and too big rudder and maybe the wrong motor she was a bit of a disaster I lost heart for a while after that. I had a bit of a mental brake down due to a serious work problem and gave up on her. That was about 6 years ago now and she is sitting on top of a cupboard in the living room . I will get round to finishing her one day, now I'm retired and back to good mental health.

Bristol pilot cutter mascotte by kmbcsecretary Lieutenant   Posted: 8 hours ago
After fitting the 2 lead gel batteries in place (6v 4mah) either side of the mast support and fitting the electrics the sub hull 4mm ply was fitted and glued in place using gorilla glue. If you hadn't guessed I decided to try using the brown gorilla glue on this build to see how it fairs compared to the usual resin and normal wood glue's and I must admit I have been impressed with the results so far . Sorry no pics of this stage as I forgot to take them at the time. This picture shows the area were most of the electrics will be situated for easy access.

Roof Skins by mturpin013 Captain   Posted: 13 hours ago
Having sorted the windows out, they can now wait until the detailing is finished before final fitting. The roof skins are all compound curves so they will need to be steamed and formed before fitting as they will definitely have to hold their shape as there isn’t as much to fasten them to in terms of framework. After final fitting I will glass both inner and outer faces which will ensure the shape is retained and also help strengthen them to withstand any bumps /knocks during its lifetime. I made formers out of some softwood to match each of the roof profiles. Each piece was then soaked in hot water for around 5 mins and then clamped on the formers and left to dry for a day or so.

The Lone Ranger Rides Again or Hull Finishing ;-)) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 hours ago
Hi Boatshed, Know what you mean about brushing and brushes! You CAN achieve the same effect with brushes, but it takes much longer, with much more flattening in between coats. So much more 'secret ingredient is needed! Brushes from DIY shops, and most model shops, you can forget 🤔 too synthetic, too coarse and too prone to shedding hairs. 😡 For tiny detailing work, esp on Plastic Magic projects, I went to an art supplies store! Prompted by the GF who is into oil and water colour painting! There you will find a great selection of very fine real hair brushes in sizes from 'Help I can't see it'! to about 1" flat, used for applying 'washes' 😉 Not cheap, but quality never is! For example; I'm using a 1/4" flat camel hair brush for renovating the wood decks of my Graf Spee and HMS Belfast with sealer and satin varnish from the Lord nelson range. Will also apply some Jotica Oak stain to dampen the bright colour a bit. For the pinstripe / Boot Topping on the Sea Scout I'm 'Going for Gold', to be applied with the finest airbrush nozzle I have and using Tamiya masking tape to get a good clean edge. hardest part will be getting the tape on right 😲 Hope I don't mess up what I have already achieved! Cheers Doug 😎

HMS HOOD by Trumpeter by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Servus Peter, yes it is. My Hood is also 1/350 but Trumpeter. Both kits look pretty well detailed but I've also bought some PE, metal props and of course the wood decks. Also have Titanic, Ark Royal, Prince of Wales and USS Enterprise in the same scale in the stash. I should live so long! Flat's bustin' at the seams already - no chance for 1/200 versions 😲 Ciao, Doug 😎

Doors by AlanP Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Colin, I think the wood for the doors is about 2mm thick, a thin strip slightly wider than 2mm of plasticard is super glued around the edge, then using wet and dry sanded flush front and back. After drilling the hole for the porthole, the whole lot was given a couple of coats of Halfords clear lacquer and the knob stuck on. 👍

The Caprail Guards by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Round off the edge? Difficult to believe that they'd deliberately add a piece to protect one thing but endanger another 😲 Presumably it was to prevent the line chafing the painted caprail and was considered expendable and replaceable. Looks like unpainted wood in the picture. Bolted on? Happy Capping 😁

HMS HOOD by Trumpeter by cormorant Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Having sorted the wooden deck, I would now like to have smoke from the funnels (no pleasing some folks you may say!). I have no experience of smoke generators, but I have just got a Graupner 12v system. I am hoping it will generate enough so I can just use the one and manifold it - with brass tubing perhaps? - through both funnels. Can anyone help please? Thanks Steve

SkyLight! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
The skylight is completed. But not glued in place yet! The picture in the middle show the skylight without detail. Because it has to be painted! I placed 1/4" squared pieces of wood to center the skylight assembly! I'm putting lights on my tug so now. I know where to place the switch! I'm placing it under the skylight! The skylight will be removable to gain access to the switches! The forth picture is of the underneath of the skylight. Just to show what it looks like. And how I used the squared pieces of wood. To center the skylight!

HMS HOOD by Trumpeter by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Steve, Great! Worth all the searching, waiting and effort 👍 A word to the wise! Don't rely completely on the self-sticky back! I made the experience with my Graf Spee that it tends to lift at the edges, and always in the most awkward places to get to 😤 - Thanks 'Murphy'! Recommend gluing round the edges with a medium thick gluper-sue!! Or sealing with a thin type if already fixed on! For my Flower Class, PoW and Bismarck & Co I shall stain the wood decks with Jotica Oak and then seal with Lord Nelson Sanding Sealer, as I also used on my Sea Scout. Followed by Lord Nelson spray satin varnish. BEFORE I fit it to the ship!! I am also going to refurb the decks of my Belfast cruiser and Graf Spee the same way. Keep on blogging, cheers Doug 😎 BTW: loved the antipodean 'deck' care instruction!! 😲😉 Would have loved to have been a 'fly on the wall' when your Missus found it! Can almost imagine the giggles 😁

The Lone Ranger Rides Again or Hull Finishing ;-)) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Thanks Boatshed👍. Yep, after consultation here on the site I've decided to 'Go For Gold' pin-striping. Never attempted that before, hope I don't screw up the hull 😲 Sea Trials have been postponed due to snow and sub-zero temperatures again 😡 Soon as it warms up I'll be off with TX and cam! Oh yes, and perhaps the boat as well😁 PS: Have some gold enamel (14ml tin) so will fire up the compressor and use my smallest air brush nozzle ~0.03mm! Out of practise so will try on scrap wood / gloss photo paper first!!!! 😉 Many thanks to all for the very encouraging responses 😊😊 All the best, Doug 😎

Steam box by Ron Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Anyone using a steam box and if so, did you build it ? Considering make one from 4” PVC material. Which wood species did you find easiest to work with? Ash, Basswood, Poplar, White Oak, Mahogany

Main deck and cabin walls by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Many Thanks MT, 👍 You're right! I've already marked out the 'hatch' on some 1.5mm mahogany to match the roof. Have to think about the surround, i.e. have a rummage through the bits box! But I reckon you're right again, it would look better with some sort of frame. Still haven't figured out what to do with the cockpit, or even what scale crew I should be looking for ... Help!😲 Re Cabin roof detail .. That's it for now, until I start fiddling with mast and lights an' such 😉 What did you want to know? I've got a ship's wheel ca 1", some chrome deck fittings and Skydive has given me some inspiration regarding the 'Pulpit' rail, apart from that ...... Ciao, Doug 😎 Just remembered; I've started cutting out some 1.5mm mahog strip to make the wooden handrails on the roof. More later 😊

Main deck and cabin walls by mturpin013 Captain   Posted: 4 days ago
looking good, as for the aft deck 'hatch' go for mahogany, and maybe a bit of surround in another wood round a hatch to break up the area. Anymore detail on the roof?