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Holy SMOKE !! Video, Tin Can Madness by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 26 days ago
BTW: I grew up with valves (or bottles as we Brits also call 'em) as well. I still have a box of several vintage 'bottles' in the cellar, many of them new still in the original boxes. If you ever run out of triodes, pentodes or tetrodes give me a buzz! Think I still have some pristine EL80s - collectors items these days - lots of Oomph 😁 My next non-model boat electronic project is a pair of digital clocks in 'Art Deco' cases, using bottle decade counters. The forerunners of the fluorescent tubes and then the LED clocks, but much more fun😉. About forty years ago I spent a year or so servicing and calibrating the radiation monitors around UK nuke power plants using these decade counters. One cosmic radiation click = one jump in the base counter and so on. Never ever saw anything above the basic cosmic radiation background count which is always there. A remnant of the 'Big Bang'. 😲 Funny where an interest in electronics and radio can getcha 😁 Look forward to your chimney experiment report👍 My destroyer has two funnels but I found that the little railway smokers were not man enough to feed two funnels via a branched tube. But two working in parallel off the one RC channel did the trick. Regarding the chimney effect; Works well at rest or at low speeds, but I also found that instead of a fan some traditional air vent scoops mounted forward of the smoker augmented the effect well at higher speeds. And my long thin destroyer with 2 x 540s on 12V made a lot of 'speed boats' look silly 😁 Have fun, ciao, Doug 😎

Can't stop adding stuff by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Good stuff Joe👍 Detail of the smoker please! That's the trouble / fun with ship modelling, so many possibilities. The only limit (within weight and available power considerations) is imagination and ingenuity. I've even seen a tug on which a cabin door opens, a sailor comes out and pees over the side😲😁 Some crew would liven up your boat. And a horn? Working winch and towing tackle? Crane? Radar? Signalling lamp? ... I once fitted a working monitor on a boat - just to keep inquisitive kids with sticky fingers at bay! BTW; fires DO do VERY WELL on boats; all that paint and other inflammable material!🤔 Cheers, Doug 😎

Guestbook Post by Joe727 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hello, Just been a member for a short time now and I really enjoy this site. Couple of reasons, I enjoy getting information from different parts of the world, different views. One of my main interests is English Working Sailboats, I find the feedback from the UK guys great! My ancestry is English, having sailed on the ship Abigail in 1628. My enthusiasm has been encouraged by all of the very helpful posts. Fast way to get information and collaboration. Regards, Joe

fuse holder by teejay Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi all , can any one recommend a fuse holder type for RC boat , I have tested the schenllboot in the testing tank got all three working but intermittently , motor 1 fuse blown motor 3 smoking ,its a 15 amp 7.2v aim is to replace Halfords fuse holders with ones more suited to model boat cant find any on internet which are specific for model boats , also planning to change wire for mtroniks wire for the fuse holder, programing the ESC works better doing one at a time

Cleaning sails, toy yachts, etc.... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
I just got a lovely old Star SY 3 yacht and needed to clean some filthy sails. My wife suggested Vanish and blow me down with a genoa, it's working. A generally mid to dark grey (I believe oil based) grubbiness has all but disappeared and I should be able to re-rig them with some new off white 1.3mm string from Caldercraft fittings at Cornwall Model Boats. I can make new styrene bowsies and any metal hooks and loops. I've scraped the mast and bowsprit fittings of rust until they look shiny again, repaired a broken mast and repainted the green edging which had been a bit knocked about. I love doing these restorations more than making new stuff! Martin

Guestbook Post by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
Hi All. Many may already recognise the 'nutter from Munich' 😁 but I just wanted to say- I first stumbled across this site and enrolled here in 2014 but was still in harness and trundling around the world working with various navies and shipyards on all sorts of naval ships from small Fast Patrol Boats through subs, Corvettes and Frigates up to LPDs, Heli and Escort Carriers. So I didn't have much time for model building (sounds better than 'Modelling' somehow 😁😲) or contributions to the site, but I did try to keep up to date with advances, as I always did in my profession - Naval COMMS systems - and dipped in and out of this site without getting involved. Since I retired last year I have become an active member and have also dipped into, and registered with some, other Model Boat forums in various countries. But in all of them I have never found such an international, friendly and knowledgable bunch as on this site. Or such a well organised site where it is 'relatively' easy to find the info you need, or to just ask and get informed answers pronto. Sure there is room for improvement in some areas but "Tempus fugit" and things move on - so is it also on this site. I understand that a facelift and changes are afoot😉 whatever the outcome I'm sure you won't find a better web site for informed (bin there done that!) info on model boat / ship building as well as research on the original vessels this side of the asteroid belt! Welcome aboard and Happy Building and Sailing, All the best, cheers, Doug 😎

Tony O by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
"Thus spoke Zarathustra, Harbinger of Doom and Gloom" Martin: if any youngster with a glimmer of interest stumbles across this site and immediately sees in 'Latest posts' comments such as Quote "F*** em all" and "My attitude, as ever, has to revert to "F*** 'em all", do you really think that that is encouraging? There are glimmers of truth in what you say BUT mis- and overuse of smartphones / I-Pads etc etc can be restricted by the use of apps designed for just that purpose. Apart from the fact that the parents (to a lesser extent perhaps also the grandparents) of course have a major guiding role in such matters. Or should have! And don't come with the old chestnut that the kids today can get around such apps. If that's really the case then leave 'em alone to go on to make their millions writing software, designing games or hacking banks and insurance companies! 😁 Those are the extreme exceptions though. As long as 'WE' live WE will not witness the death of model boating! Oh! and BTW: just because someone has other interests and a different attitude to life to your apparently somewhat blinkered one (e.g. w.r.t. 'woodies' versus functional working boats and ships), e.g. angling, does not mean he is a moron. That said it doesn't surprise me at all that you had no luck trying to start a club. Lighten up a bit and 'Live and Let Live'. Nevertheless, all the best, Doug😎

Sails back on by GrahamP74 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
Nice ideas Martin, I did the VOR as a challenge from my company (Musto / Helly Hansen). It was in one of my stores looking sorry for itself! I am more into a working trawler or Gill netter... been working on Cygnus style boats recently (see blogs Emily PII and Emily PIII) but am thinking my next one could be a steel boat as I do like a bit of rust!!!

1/16th scale Tamar by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
Hi Marlina, I agree with Martin👍 Brushless are overkill for scale working boats. A good quality and well lubricated brushed motor should not be noisy! Go for a 5 pole motor if you can for extra smoothness😉 Brushless motors whine like scalded cats, especially at low speeds / RPM. It's a consequence of the pulsed DC used to control the speed. Pitch rises with RPM until only dogs get annoyed!😲 Good luck with your project👍 Don't forget the Blog! Cheers, Doug 😎

Mahogany in Scale by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 months ago
Last I saw t, he showed it working. Alas he has been stricken with Alzheimers in the last few months. I was asked not to go round as his wife had had a fall and it was all rather awkward round there. So suddenly a good old friend (he's 84) has been taken from me. What will happen to all his stuff, I dread to think. There are over 50 flyable aircraft in sheds, caravans and his large loft, even some boats. He gave me a GRP hull of the Bloodhound and a freelance, very early GRP cruiser hull. I shall attempt to finish them in his memory, because it's like he's died. That E.D. RC set should be in a museum, but there ain't no model museums. Martin

Old Futaba servo wiring... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 months ago
Quite simple Martin, there's a chip inside the Tester which generates the same signal as comes out of a receiver. The pot on the top varies the signal just like the sticks on the TX do. Mr Karslake just didn't know how to do it. A 'stick-in-the-mud! Guess that was one customer who wasn't😡 Working models deserve lights like the originals. Even boats like your Hornet probably had at least a white stern lamp to prevent them gettin' rammed up the whatsit😲 Was only pullin' your chain a bit about the LED tester and RF detector anyway😁 Ciao, Doug 😎

At Last The Sea Trials!! Munich 25.05.18. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 months ago
Another Flashback - to 25th May at the Biergarten / lake in the Ostpark, Munich. Trials vids can be seen here on YouTube. Pt1: First run with a 3S LiPo. Pt2: 'The competition / residents'! Pt3: 'Final run', the Bier was getting warm. They are also posted in the Video Gallery with some info on the batteries I tried and resultant performance. I think all the effort was finally worth it 😊 Now working on a PT Boat refit for the Pacific Theatre as PT109, and the renovation conversion of an ancient Billing Boats fish cutter from static to RC. Cheers, All, Doug 😎 PS Filmed in 1080p. With thanks to my GF Gisela, the Camera Girl.😊

Inspiration for beautiful boat builders ;-) by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 months ago
Doug, I think compared with how it was relatively recently, there are, for argument's sakes almost no real scratchbuilders any more. I mean take, or preferably make a drawing and, using stock materials, make a model of something for which there are no kits. And there, the grain of truth is already branching out into a full tree. And that ain't gonna get any better when your own grandchildren, who have grown up watching you make stuff still can't conceive of working at a bench to make something they want, because they can't use their 'phone. I feel sorry for them on one hand and on the other I don't give a shit because I won't be around to see their despair when the power runs out and they wish they'd listened. My two twin granddaughters believe that a portable charger will always be able to charge their 'phones, wherever they are. Common sense has not even taught them to question where IT gets its power. OK, their education so far has been woeful and finally is improving now they've changed schools, but really, should that be necessary in the modern age? But that's a different topic altogether. On a better note, I have finally heard from someone local who wants to meet up for a coffee and a natter to discuss running model boats on the local river, a calm and canalised thing with almost no flow and a bridge to get both sides. Martin

Norfolk Wherry Fans by Nerys Lieutenant   Posted: 7 months ago
There seems to be some misconceptions about Dutch Barges. Most of what we now refer to as Dutch barges were originally developed as fishing boats suited to the area in which they were working. There were many different types and far from just being used on the canals fished all waters of the Netherlands and were quite capable of taking on the sharp nasty seas of places like Hollandsche Diep and the Ooste Schelde. I can assure you, even the Ijselmeer can get choppy under the right conditions. In fact Dutch Schuyts brought cargoes of eels to London from about the 1600s and a berth was still kept for them until the early 20th century, They were typical of what we would now call a Dutch barge. There were quite small ones like the Schouw and the Grundel that were inshore and lake fishers, then they varied in size through the Botters, Hoogars and Lemeraaks to the Tjalk and the Klipper which were cargo carriers. The Klippers were roughly the same size as Thames Barges and sometimes bigger and were rigged as Gaff Ketches, similar to our West Country Ketches. They were mainly fairly heavily built well in keeping with traditional wooden working boats. In latter days, steel replaced wood but they still followed the traditional designs. Luckily, so many Dutch Barges are still being built as yachts, decorated and fitted out very traditionally and there is considerable interest in the many events held for them every year.

What do you do when... by Steve-Teresa Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
Its possible we have all had this issue.. boat in the middle of the pond not working, I used one of the other boats I have to retrieve it, not very easy.. I am thinking of building a rescue vessel, square(ish) front, twin prop's and rudders tucked out the way for reversing and with soft rubber edging all around it to push or even guide (if damaged rudder) any boat back to shore.. or is this going a bit far?.. your thoughts or what you do when or if this happens when your out on the pond?