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model yacht
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robbie estelle yacht
Help needed, running sheet to main by Bryan-the-pirate Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
That looks right now, if the servo is a bit weak the yacht may need to lose the wind from the sail before pulling it tight but you may be ok as you are.

Riva boat launch by Alan999 Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
Riva was finally launched in the Torrevieja boat clubs water last Sunday after eleven months work. Fifteen coats of yacht varnish and final Polish of Turtle wax she went like a dream.Plans came from America and the plywood from local woodyard.Graupner 37 motor pushed 31 inches smoothly. Dumas supplied the chrome fittings

Tempory computer by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi Ron, Thanks for your comments. The small Tug (EMANUEL) is 16" long, scale unknown. No crew as yet, but will try some of my model railway figures. The larger Tug (VALIANT) is 48" and is 1/32nd scale. But using 1/35th scale crew. As for your Gipsy yacht. I'd love a copy of your plans, could it be possible to copy and email. If yes I'll pm you my email address, it's quite possible I have a suitable part built hull that was donated to me at a show last year. Cheers Colin.👍

upgrading Turnigy i6 to 10 channels by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi Doug I hope this works for Chris. My fellow sailor Doug has a Turnigy clone, can't remember the name but I suspect it's a language translation or typo error. You have, I believe, the German equivalent of the Turnigy so I am not surprised that your documentation is more precise. Such a pity that the translations often prevent users from achieving the full benefits of the otherwise very good kit. I am switching most of my fleet to the FLySky from the Planet kit I was using. Still have the Taranis Plus for more serious control but the FlySky is great for everyday two channel models including yachts and seems to run for ever on dry cells (as did the Planet) so doesn't need charging each week.

Shroud to Turnbuckle by 00Trev Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 23 days ago
HI, on Yachts Joining the piano wire shroud to the turn buckle... How do you make the neat loop and coil? thanks Trev

Gypsy progress by Baggie Admiral   Posted: 23 days ago
I’m just about to start my first build. Good for you re this fine looking Yacht

Orange Mystery by lonestar Seaman   Posted: 25 days ago
Your yacht is a Battleaxe Marblehead with a modified keel

Pick axe,blood axe ? by lonestar Seaman   Posted: 25 days ago
Ken, the photo of the yacht is a Battleaxe Marblehead, hope this helps

rising damp by Bryan-the-pirate Lieutenant   Posted: 26 days ago
At a club sail on Sunday one member found he had lost control of his yacht. When it had been guided in by another boat it was found to be rather wet inside. the 27Mhz receiver was soaked as was one of the servos. A test with a different receiver showed one servo was not working. What is the best method for drying the components? The water is fresh so hopefully they will dry and work again.

Model Boat Club's Ponds/Lakes by Gascoigne Commander   Posted: 28 days ago
Vast expanse of concrete at Munich pond when it is drained! Eaton pond was built between the wars primarily for sailing large vane control yachts, hence the long shape,and as such is said to be one of the best examples in the U.K. We have a perennial weed problem-common to any large expanse of fresh water-which is currently controlled with application of chemicals. I am sure most clubs have this problem and I would be interested in their experience with weed control.

Boat Identity by Baggie Admiral   Posted: 28 days ago
Can’t help re identification - sorry but it looks a fine Yacht. Lucky you.

Billings Kongeskibet Dannebrog #410 by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 30 days ago
Hi Allen, she is the Danish Royal Yacht! HDMY Dannebrog A540 - IMO 4537661 Info and photo here Loads more pics here Now fitted with INMARSAT and SATTV/SATCOM so you need to make some radomes! (Kinder Surprise Eggs?!)😉 And two 30/40ft (10 or 12 metre?) HF whips at the aft end of the deck house, with antenna tuning units in the orange cylinders at the bottom mounting! NAV and surface search radars on the foremast. On the outboard ends of the yardarms there are two VHF IMM (International Maritime Mobile) Band antennas, Usual length 1 to 1.5 metre. At the mast heads looks like two GPS antennas. Two of everything for redundancy. After all it's the Kings Yachet!😉 Pic samples attached. Lovely ship 👍 Jealous 😲😉 Oh woe! Where is Britannia??? 😲 Cheers Doug 😎

Billings Kongeskibet Dannebrog #410 by SelwynWilliams Admiral   Posted: 30 days ago
£7? How do you do it? Lovely steam yacht. One very similar to that one came into Weymouth harbour in the 60s and we cleaned the barnacles off her hull, trying to remember what it was called. The Channel Island steamers made a hell of a noise when we were underneath her.

twin masted yacht by SelwynWilliams Admiral   Posted: 30 days ago
Model of a yacht displayed in The Ivy cafe on Weymouth Harbourside

Marblehead Sailboat upgraded by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 30 days ago
Doug This switch is also open to the elements. I agree it is a better switch than the slide version but will suffer the same fate on a model yacht in an exposed position.