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17th Dec 2008
Last Online
7th Oct 2018

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Registered 17th Dec 2008
Last Online 7th Oct 2018
City Gloucestershire
Country United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
Recent Posts
Lindow common. by Graham Petty Officer   Posted: 1 year ago
I sailed on Lindow Common from 1963 until about 1967/8. Most Saturdays there was a guy there with a Gannet powered boat that was similar to a Sea Queen, the radio was huge, about a 12inch cube on the floor with what seemed about an 8foot aerial. I had a sea scout with a super fury, but no radio, just a touch of rudder and let it go,and go it did!! I think the whole lake was lined with timber and it seemed huge but when I called in there a couple of years ago it seemed much smaller than I remember. I to progressed to single channel bang bang steering with a number of boats that were really a bit too quick for this type of basic radio, the first had the transmitter housed in an OXO box and the receiver in a soap box. Happy days

How many is to Many by Graham Petty Officer   Posted: 1 year ago
We have just moved house so I (and my wife) are now fully aware of the true situation. I (that is we ) have :- 3-46" fireboats 4-34" fireboats 1-Sea Queen 1-Sea Scout 1-Sea Hornet ,which is unbuilt 1-RM2, which I have owned since about 1964 1-Snoopy hydroplane 1-OS Max 40 powered multi racer from the 1980s 1-54" offshore racer which needs building ...and I just bought a 46" fibre glass crash tender hull A couple are electric but mostly diesel, petrol or glow powered ,including, Super Fury, Racers, Hunters, Frog, McCoy, Merco, a Force 10 and a Gannet. The "problem" would appear to be growing, I recently built a Peacemaker control liner and bought a Pinto 1/2A team racer on Ebay....I can sense the rocket approaching !!

Gannet engine as per forum by Graham Petty Officer   Posted: 9 years ago
Finally took 2 pics of the engine which I will be fitting to a large crash tender Graham

Gannet 15cc engine by Graham Petty Officer   Posted: 9 years ago
HI Peter My engine Is absolutely new and unrun It was tiggy_cat who had the engine refurbed. Graham

Gannet 15cc engine by Graham Petty Officer   Posted: 9 years ago
HI Peter, Including the cost of the refurb on Ians engine making a total of A£50 for his engine In 1972 then the price Increase Is about 1000% to today !! I had a Taplin twin too which was fitted In an RM2 In 1963. I sold the Taplin to a guy In the states a couple of years ago for A£255, I bought It second hand for A£5-00 from Geoff Tipton who at the time worked at Bootle St model shop In Manchester.I was still at school then and bought the Taplin to replace a Force 10 which was a problem to start, the transfer ports were huge, a different piston would probably have cured the problem. I still have the RM2 model although It Is In quite poor condition at the moment. I have also bought another Force 10 engine recently which I was going to fit In My big fire boat until the Gannet came along. Graham

Gannet 15cc engine by Graham Petty Officer   Posted: 9 years ago
Well thanks for that. I have a big fire boat to fit It In Instead of a Force 10 glow motor I was going to use. I collected the Gannet today and It Is just superb, absolutely as new. I will get some pics and post them. Thanks Graham

Gannet 15cc engine by Graham Petty Officer   Posted: 9 years ago
After 48 years of wanting one I have just purchased a Gannet spark Ign engine. The engine Is unrun but has come without the owners handbook. does anyone have one I could get a copy of and any tips they could give me??Regards Graham