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30th Dec 2011
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19th Oct 2018

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Registered 30th Dec 2011
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South Africa
Recent Posts
Model hovercraft plans by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 months ago
Many thanks Boaty Dave. I will certainly follow your leads. Having had to give up all flying I'm trying to maximise use of all their 'innards'. So far two Skimmers and a part made Lippisch boundary layer "plane" so next in the odds box is the hovercraft. I'll geep you all in the loop on this.

Model hovercraft plans by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 months ago
Is it a boat; is it a 'plane? Having made a very simple hovercraft back in 1954 (I think!!), I am now thinking of making another but need some assistance from anyone who has gone into this fascinating aspect, in the form of drawings and whether or not a skirt is necessary. My first model was Baby Bee powered and free running - R/C wasn't as miniature then as it is now!! Pic shows the models I left with friends when we left Kenya in 1963 - the hovercraft is on the left next to the c/l flying saucer!

Outrunner Skimmer by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 6 months ago
Q: What does one do when one reaches the age when hand/eye coordination falters and advancing macular degeneration results in your flying models, overloaded with tape BandAids and superglue, making unexpected 'arrivals'? A: Retrieve the 'innards' of the 'foamie', add a few sheets of balsa and build a maxi-size Skimmer a la Glynn Guest but x 1.4 to take the brushless outrunner rom the late 'Easy Star'! Help please ..... I only have a MP4 video clip of 170 Mb - how do I load that?

Hard chine / multi chine sailing yacht by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 10 months ago
You might try to obtain a book from long time ago (1950), "Build Yourself a Model Yacht" by WJ Daniels and HB Tucker in which there are plans for a 30" Sharpie and a36" Restricted Class. I have made three Sharpie models recently - all converted to radio control. The last two I made by the stitch-an-glue method having taken panel templates from the original built-as-per-plan model. Not competitive but a fun model in all types of weather!

M5 Prop Shaft by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 year ago
Well, I am 83+ and use the Internet extensively - been making models of all sorts (and that includes topographic and architecture models) since I was about 10 :-). Must add that Cornwall Model Boats is the tops - great range of everything and speedy, reliable service.

Twin motor control problem by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 year ago
I wanted total motor control on my large, heavy twin screw harbour tug. The rudder is pretty useless serving only as a sort of trim tab so I went the simple route: Each (brushed) motor has its own ESC and independent power supply so left and right Tx sticks control their appropriate motor. By doing this I am able to have one full ahead, the other full astern, to turn on the proverbial sixpence or for slick docking alongside

Sct. Knud (St. Canute) by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 3 years ago
Thank you. Two more years of active life and we will celebrate her 50th birthday!!

Billing St Canute by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
She looks OK to me but difficult to tell from a smallish pic. Having 'said' that, I'm one of these fellows who hates to see a working ship all bright and shiny like "Daddy's yacht" and so after doing all the finishing stuff and smarting up I then apply chafe and scuff marks, rust and chips and and the rest of the dings and bumps and oil stains that characterise a working ship to unsmarten It ;-) Do you have a motor and battery pack? Regards, Robin

Billing St Canute by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
Bingo Colin! :-) Looks good and well made and you have plenty room In there for all the necessary 'works'. Good luck and please keep us In the loop with progress.

Billing St Canute by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
He he he! Alan - you're soooo right there :-) Colin. Have you tried Googling for St. Canute / Sct. Knud / Stockvik ? Or Billings St. Canute ? Try some of these for Ideas/pics of the Billings kit and the prototype: Hope this helps Robin

Billing St Canute by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
My take as well, Alan. Pic very small and undoubtedly a model helicopter.

Billing St Canute by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
Thought It might be around those dimensions. Far too small for the sort of waters we have to 'sail' In but I did make a Billings Zwarte Zee (similar dimensions to the Canute) and fit this out with drive and R/c but It's a tight squeeze!

Sct. Knud (St. Canute) by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
Sometime around 1968 I found a small set of drawings, about A4 size, for Sct. Knud In (I think) Ships Monthly. So I enlarged to 1:32 scale and made my model plank-on-frame with GRP overcoat. She Is powered by a 6V Pittman motor driving a self-made scale prop and 2:1 gearbox. Steering Is effected via chain and quadrant as per prototype! Everything bar the anchor, anchor chains and steering chains Is self-made using a variety of materials (brass, plastics, 'Perspex', and copper electro-deposited cowl vents). Recently I fitted her out with LED lights: Interior, navigation and working. One might notice that I abhor a working boat looking like "Daddy's yacht" and so I apply custom dings, stains, oil spills, scratches, wear and tear to my tugboats 😀 My Knud runs as well today as she did 45 years ago and In all that time has only needed one repair to her gearbox!

Billing St Canute by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
ps. The two B&W pics taken back In 1968/9 show Knud towing a youngster In a half 44 gal oil drum and another of a youngster on an Inflatable LiLo. On another occasion I spent a few happy hours shunting floating telegraph poles from one side of our local dam to the other - yep! She has ample power! R

Billing St Canute by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
What size Is your model, Colin? About 45 years ago I came across some small scale drawings of Sct Knud (St. Canute) In (I think) Ships Monthly and decided to make a 1:32 scale model. Plank-on-frame with GRP sheathing. Well, she still goes well on the same old 6V Pittman motor (though I had to rebuild the 2:1 gearbox once) driving a self-made scale prop. Steering Is via chain to a rudder quadrant as per prototype! A few years ago I fitted LED lights with switching to give: Internal, Internal plus nav, and nav plus working! I'll try to post some pics. Regards, Robin

Wannabe Police Launch by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
My son says this Is way off a replica of the Solent police launches of that time: a) It moves too fast, b) It's not billowing black smoke, c) It's not making enough engine noise, and d) It's not towing half the Solent behind! 😀

Wannabe Police Launch by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
My own design deep "V" hull with upper-works loosely to 1:15 scale replica of the Mitchell 31 boats previously used by various Hampshire constabularies In and around the Solent. The Intention Is to fit this model with a working, rotating, radar scanner using the servo motor and gearbox from an old video camera lens system; working lights Including flashing blue police lights and a sound-alike "wee-wah" siren - just for the hell of It (and because I can)! Technical details: Hull length: 867mm. Construction: GRP layup with 1.5 and 3mm ply and balsa deck, cabin etc. Motor: MFA Torpedo 850. Propeller: X50mm plastic. Battery: 2 x three cell LiPo pack In parallel. Speed controller: Mtroniks Viper 25Amp. Radio: Hobby King 2.4GHz.

Launching by Mzee Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 7 years ago
Good day all, As can be seen from the accompanying pic and vidclip, launching boats from the one and only grassy corner of our municipal dam Is something of a mission. It became a matter of either purchasing waders and risking tripping over sunken tree branches and other anti-tank traps or finding some way of getting our boats In the water and staying dry. Eventually I tried loops of nylon cord but the darn stuff simply floated making recovery Impossible. Then, one day when going through my fish sampling gear, I rediscovered a hank of weighted cord - the stuff with little lead pellets every few centimetres and used for monofilament gillnet footropes - 'bingo'. Two loops of this enable us to launch and retrieve any size boat single handed and without getting our feet wet! We too had played with the Idea of attaching the loops to the end of a stout pole but since our boats weigh In at more than 6kg (my big tug Is 60 kg!) this proved Impossible to handle. Now I'm sure not many folk will have access to leaded gillnet footrope cord but a few weeks ago I saw the same sort of leaded cord In a haberdashery shop - perhaps It's used to stop curtains flapping about - I really don't know but It's worth looking out for. This method Is both cheap and effective and above all portable, so there's nothing left to be stolen! Regards, Robin