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27th Mar 2018
Last Online
17th Aug 2018

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Member No. 4902
Registered 27th Mar 2018
Last Online 17th Aug 2018
City Wrens Ave
Country United Kingdom
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97 Total Points
United Kingdom
Recent Posts
Preparing the Hull Part 4 by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 months ago
Have managed to get some plasticard from a local model shop and have put a strengthening bar at the front of the hull where the floor was cut out that will also act as a locating tab for the control room.

Building the Control Room Part 2 by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 9 months ago
Finally I finished gluing all the windows together on the control room and put the roof on. I found this very tricky to get then lined up and at the correct angle, but eventually after sticking my finger together a few times, I managed to do it and get a result I'm happy with.

Building the Control Room Part 1 by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 9 months ago
Haven't had time to go to the model shop to buy some plasticard so I decided to keep the project moving by starting to build the control room. Firstly I carefully cut out the plastic base and plywood pieces before using some Deluxe Material Roket glue to glue everything together, however some sanding is going to be required once the glue has set to make all the edges smooth.

Preparing the Hull Part 3 by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 10 months ago
I have glued the hull to the deck and smoothed all the outer edges to a smooth finish. Now it time to start work on getting the middle of the deck to fit back to the main deck so it's off to shop for some plasticard.

Preparing the Hull Part 2 by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 10 months ago
Tonight I have cut off all of the excess parts of the hull and deck so they fit together and are ready for gluing. Once the hull and deck are glued together I will tidy up the outer edging as this is only been rough cut at this stage.

Preparing the Hull Part 1 by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 10 months ago
As the kit is designed to be static, the first challenge is to be able to provide access to the hull to install and maintain the electric's and R/C equipment. I choose to cut out the middle section of the top of the boat. A way of fastening this back to the boat will be decided later but this will give good access to the hull to be able to install prop shafts, electric's and R/C equipment.

Billings Waveney Class LifeBoat by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 10 months ago
Waveney class lifeboat was designed in the USA, but after minor adjustments the vessel was used by the RNLI in British coastal waters. I managed to pickup 1/40th scale Billings Waveney Class Lifeboat Kit from Ebay for £25 including postage that had not been started. This kit is designed for static display, but with some modelling skill it can be converted to R/C operation. This is now my challenge to convert this kit to R/C control and put as much detail on to as possible without spending fast amounts of money.