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17th Jun 2018
Last Online
23rd Jul 2018

Member Stats
Member No. 5033
Registered 17th Jun 2018
Last Online 23rd Jul 2018
City Louth
Country United Kingdom
Boats in Harbour 2
Sailing Locations 1
Forum Posts 1
Photos Posted 0
Likes Received 1
Likes Given 1
9 Total Posts
Sailing Locations
Hartsholme Electric Model Boat Club
Since: 2nd Jul 2018
H.M.S. Dittisham
Type: Other
Austin Clark
Type: Pleasure Craft
Petty Officer
Ranks Points
Fleet Admiral 1000
Admiral 800
Captain 600
Commander 400
Lieutenant 200
Sub-Lieutenant 100
Chief Petty Officer 50
Petty Officer 25
Seaman 10
Apprentice 2
Recruit 0
16 points away from Chief Petty Officer!
Activity Worth Awarded
Boats in Harbour 8 16
Forum Thread 5 5
Forum Post 2 2
Event 8 0
Photo Gallery 10 0
Photos Response 3 0
Video Post 15 0
Video Response 3 0
Build Blog 20 0
Blog Post 5 0
Blog Response 3 0
Sailor 8 8
Guestbook Post 8 0
Liked Posts 1 1
Received Likes 2 2
34 Total Points
United Kingdom
Recent Posts
Motor upgrade by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 8 days ago
Guys, hi I came down to hartsholme today to trial run the build and was made extremely welcome thanks greatly. Er motor widthThe motors are T4A from mobile marine they were extremely hot so prop size adjustment is needed. I am building again this time an inshore mine sweeper I have 50 mm graupner props on at the moment and am looking for a pair of motors to run off 12v LAB with 15 amp speed controllers per motor but cooler with out going to big I have 50mm per motor width allowance and 70mm length. I would like to keep up speed as inshore sweepers were fairly nippy 20knots real time. Is there any recommendations please ,apart from rebuild again. Regards Nobby

What transmitter by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 12 days ago
Guys I’m in the market for a new transmitter and after advice. The first boat had a two channel, my new build will have independent motor control, I need some advise please on transmitter/ receiver, for two motors, one rudder, maybe spare etc for sound or cooling fan for motors etc. Any help out there , it needs to be reliable but pensioner affordable if the two go together. Regards Nobby

What transmitter , receiver by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi, I’ve built one boat now I’m building a replica of my ship, what is a good 4 or 6 channel transmitter that’s not too expensive to get please. I’m a novice that’s willing to learn.

H.M.S. Dittisham by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 12 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 34" H.M.S. Dittisham Capable of 0mph and a runtime of 5mins Direct Drive Powered by Lead Acid (12v) Batteries - Comments: Under construction due for launch August.

Austin Clark by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 17 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 29"/4000g Austin Clark Capable of 12mph and a runtime of 40mins Twin Propellors Direct Drive to a T4A - Comments: First attempt at building boat, meant for 15 month grandson, no his dads.

Test run by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 18 days ago
Basilsdad hi just got message been trying to post back but having problems. Any chance if meeting or am I too late. 07984312298 Regards terry

New build by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi basilsdad any chance of still meeting up. Just got message sorry. 07984312298

New build by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi just got message. Sorry for late response is it Too late to say yes please. 07984312298

New build by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi I have just built my first cruiser for my youngest son an grandson. I am looking for somewhere to test sail it this Thursday afternoon as it’s his only day off work. Where is ther local please that is safe in case it stalls that it can be retrieved please. Regards Terence