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Perkasa MTB - Posted: 12 months ago by SimpleSailor   >> Permalink

Just want to share the launch of my 24th scale Perkasa torpedo. After various attemps it goes fast and in a straight line. Anyone tried making depth charges?
Response by SimpleSailor on the 11 months ago
Thanks for the info. I thought maybe something like vinegar and baking soda in the DCs them might make them produce loads of bubbles. Making them blow off at a certain depth would be interesting. As for RC on the torp, looking at maybe a tethering system so it homes.
Response by RNinMunich on the 11 months ago
Baking soda triggered some old memories, who else remembers the little plastic subs we used to get in Cornflakes boxes? 😉 I once toyed with the idea of making a bigger version, ca 10 -12 ". more important 'stuff' got in the way. Forgot all about it .... until now 😉

Yep, off the bat I could imagine a couple of ways of triggering them; there are loads of mini pressure switches on the market, or a simple diaphragm at one end of the can coupled to a micro switch or mechanical trigger.
Adjustment would be very sensitive due to relatively small changes in water pressure in the first foot or so of wet stuff. Any deeper would be a waste of time, unless you only want to entertain the fish😲
Might also go off on the surface if the can hit the water diaphragm first😡
Whatever, lot of work (and expense?) for a one way trip🤔
Anyway, with my 1/72 scale DCs, approx. 12x5mm, I would need to resort to nano technology. But we should never stop dreaming!
I've seen model patrol boats launching solid fuel missiles from the stern deck so 'Nothing is impossible' - that's maybe why I drive a Toyota😉
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by marky on the 11 months ago
oh the memories of fighting my brothers for the subs I think the five of us must have lived on cornflakes (other breakfast cereals are available) so we could have one each ,if memory serves I think there was also a baking soda stingray ,not sure if this was a freebie with cereal I seem to remember it being bigger.

Cheers Marky

schumschimmer - Posted: 12 months ago by lesliebreame   >> Permalink
after sellotaping the windows and fitting new electrics it went better !!!
Response by RNinMunich on the 12 months ago
Hi Les, you may be right - if you want to build a drag boat with reactor power! New NATO designation HBN (Hydrofoil Brick Nuclear!) 😉
Just look at some of the fast hydroplane ferries in use - took one a few years ago from Porec in Croatia to Venice - nice! None of them have a displacement hull. A deep V would probably work pretty well, as long as the hull flattens out towards the stern.
There are reasons why the fast ferry builders choose the hull forms they do. Ask me how I know! 😉 Cheers Doug 😎
Response by lesliebreame on the 12 months ago
how you know!!!?
Response by RNinMunich on the 12 months ago
😉 I knew that must come!
30+ years wandering around the world to various navies and shipyards.
Including Intermarine and Fincantieri in Italy. Two of the most prolific builders of fast ferries, huge cruise ships. As well as all sorts of naval vessels from fast patrol boats to ski-ramp aircraft carriers. Similar to the old RN Invincible class.
Somewhere in my vast and dusty archive I have the GAs and specs for a new (then!) fast ferry design from Intermarine.
Used to like visiting these two; Intermarine in Sarsana, just south of La Spezia at the south end of Cince Terra and north end of Tuscany and just round the corner from the Carrera marble quarries.
(That's where the name comes from, not Porsche or the model race cars😉) Also Fincantieri in Genoa further north. Lunches and dinners were good 😜 Cheers Doug 😎

schumschimmer - Posted: 12 months ago by lesliebreame   >> Permalink
Gordon bought this hydro from Ebay and fiddled with it lots to get it going. So we went to Ilfracombe pond for a test. It went jolly well to begin with until a large input of water through the windows made it unstable and the result you can see !!! After we recovered it and dried it out it went lovely as you will see from a later video. Les Breame
Response by Dave M on the 12 months ago
Looking forward to the next video, an on board camera would be very interesting!
Response by RNinMunich on the 12 months ago
make sure it's waterproof 😡😉
Response by John on the 12 months ago
Oh dear! Good job it was shallow water.

SeaBoard - Posted: 12 months ago by Krampus   >> Permalink
I came across this cool concept a week ago while at the beach. Not even there you may escape from the mean marketing folks.
Response by RNinMunich on the 12 months ago
So ein Sch..ß! The last thing you want on holiday.😡 Ugly looking thing :-(
The aircraft banner reminded me of the 90s in Rio. Light aircraft used to tow even longer banners along Ipanema and Copacabana and round Sugar Loaf into Guanabara Bay.
Made we wonder what the whole shebang looked like from up there. So I took a bubble chopper flight from the heliport, in the Laguna behind Copacabana, along the beaches, over the city and up to the Corcovado, where we circled the massive statue of Christ. Unforgettable! 😊One of the few days it wasn't shrouded in fog👍
One of the perks of working on the carrier Minas Gerais (ex RN Colossus class) in Rio harbour 😊 happy days.
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by Krampus on the 12 months ago
You bet. A shocking experience, especially after driving several hours to the destination and spending the big bucks for the hotel next to the beach. But still funny.
Response by RNinMunich on the 11 months ago
Hi Krampus, don't know why but suddenly I thought of your advertising boat, then my eye fell on a digital photo frame and it hit me how to recreate your 'Ad boat' 😉 see attached pics. Temporary mock-up on my Sea Scout.
These digital photo frames run off 5V DC, so attach a simple 5V regulator to the boat's main supply to feed it. A one chip 3 legged item - no rocket science!
Pics you want to display on a USB stick plugged into the photo frame.
set the frame to 'Slideshow' launch the boat and Awaaay you go!
cheers Doug 😎

Sea Breacher - Posted: 12 months ago by Dave M   >> Permalink
Video of the Sea Breacher trials in 2012 at Boundary Park Lake
Response by Captain-Steve on the 12 months ago
Thank you for the video of seabreacher dave....looks great.... running on 11.2 volt must make a big difference as it was nowhere near that fast when I tried it.....its now in bits and I'm going to update it to 22volt and brushless with a 150volt esc ....should be fast or blow up 😱
Response by rolfman2000 on the 12 months ago
Are these models still available ? If So, where from, as I have trailed the web searching for "model sea breacher", with no success. Cheers, Dave W 😊
Response by Captain-Steve on the 12 months ago
Hi ...the model is scratch built.....don't think you can buy them...seems to be based on a gnat aircraft design with fins instead of wings and powered by a waterjet.......well it should be when I get it put back together 😁

DAMEN STAN 4207 - Posted: 12 months ago by RHBaker   >> Permalink
This video supports my concluding blog, # 20.
Response by rolfman2000 on the 12 months ago
Lovely to finally see it on the water. A credit to you. Best wishes, Dave W 😊

Firing Battleship at Wings & Wheels (UltraHD/4K) - Posted: 1 year ago by Dom of Essential RC   >> Permalink
Never seen an RC Battleship that actually simulates firing of its weapons. This was great to watch. Complimented by a submarine crash diving and surfacing!
Response by boaty on the 1 year ago
This brings back memories to when I was a 7 year old in 1959. During the family holiday in Scarborough we visited Peas Holme Park and there was some action on the boating lake.

It appeared to be an enactment of the Battle of the Atlantic with some very large models of ships of the era shooting it out.

I recall that some of boats these sank and I have a vivid memory of a merchant vessel being shelled with flares being set off on the deck to simulate a direct hit.

Does anyone have details, ie did the ships have a person on board or where they radio controlled and I also noted some wires above the lake which dive bombers ran along with imitation bombs

Does this event still take place as I know that at one time persons wanted to stop it due to Germany now being one of our NATO allies.

Response by RNinMunich on the 1 year ago
Hi Boaty, Apparently so! 😊
There was some discussion about this here a little while ago
Naval Warfare event

The Naval Warfare event, Battle of Peasholm,[9] has been played out for half an hour three times a week during the summer season for over 80 years. The model boats used are mostly man powered earning the fleet the title of "The smallest manned navy in the world". All the boats were man powered, until 1929, when electricity was introduced, and now only the larger boats need to be steered by council employees. In the early days, the models were First World War battleships and a U-boat. Then, after the Second World War, the fleet was replaced with new vessels and the battle that was recreated was the Battle of the River Plate."
Pics attached!😉
Cheers Doug 😎 (Don't get shot😡)
Response by liamduck on the 1 year ago
I have been to the park this year and the model display is still taking place and is well supported too.😎

Tsb Capricorn - Posted: 1 year ago by tomarack   >> Permalink
RC model Tsb Capricorn,her maiden voyage in 1st of October 2016.

Tsb Capricorn - Posted: 1 year ago by tomarack   >> Permalink
Model Tsb Capricorn on a lake in the park, in Rožnov p.R., filmed from the deck of the Lulonga model.July 2017

Tsb Capricorn - Posted: 1 year ago by tomarack   >> Permalink
Model Thames sailing barge ( Tsb) Capricorn on a pond in the park, in Roznov p.R, July 2017
It is scratchbuilt model Champion class .
Response by tomarack on the 8 months ago
Sport - camera test.
I cannot find proper video ..

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